Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi’s “The Oath of Love” Gets 700 Million Views in 3 Days

After two grueling years, fans can finally watch Sean Xiao Zhan (肖戰) and Andy Yang Zi’s (楊紫) romance The Oath of Love <餘生,請多指教>, which premiered on March 15. A testament to the cast’s star power, The Oath of Love broke 700 million views within three days of broadcast.

Marked as a popular IP project, The Oath of Love already has a large fan following due to a successful novel. Since it completed filming in 2019, it has released five teasers which accumulated 450 million total views to-date. The show is expected to continue its popular run due to the inspiring romance between a doctor and celloist.

Watching Guidelines Issued After Indefinite Delays

According to insider sources, The Oath of Love faced repeated delays due to “Operation Qing Lang,” which targeted celebrities with large and often chaotic fan bases. The drama was believed to be delayed just to force fans to be on their good behavior.

To ensure no issues will occur during the broadcasting period, both Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi’s studios attempted preventative measures by jointly issuing watching guidelines that stressed fans should stay calm, focused on the drama, and respect Internet rules. They also asserted that any malicious attacks and attempts to illicit fan wars will not be tolerated, as both studios will cooperate with production and broadcasting platform partners to collectively protect their rights.

Additionally, advanced spoilers and leaked episodes concern copyright protection and will be dealt with in a serious manner. Both sides issued the guidelines hoping fans would support Operation Qing Lang, while watching the show in a civilized behavior.

“The Oath of Love” Trailer

Sources: World Journal, HK01

This article is written by Minna for Jaynestars.com.

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  1. This drama is not perfect and the storyline is really not full of excitement. I can see Yang Zi is a more experienced actor then Xiao Zhan but their chemistry is undeniable and so believable.

    I watched the first eps just to get a feel of the drama…Thru not perfect, I find myself really enjoying the drama…and I ended up following it daily… I have a habit of only watching a drama after they get completed.

    This drama is not a idol drama…it is just a drama between 2 grown ups. I like the simplicity of this drama…the chemistry between this 2 leads. I bet some may find this drama boring… But I really enjoy the pace of this story..

    1. I agree. I actually had a hard time getting through the first episode. I didn’t like their first meeting, and I didn’t really like her friend. The second leads’ relationship is sometimes nauseating to be honest. But once I got through the first 1-2 episodes, I started to enjoy it. The romance between Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan is very simple and cute. I actually quite like the quirky character Xiao Zhan plays. It’s not by any means a well written drama, but it’s a low stress watch for me. Sometimes I need those candy dramas after a hard day at work!

      1. Lol, @lilseemonster I find the second pair very awkward. I feel they are misplaced. And forcefully added for the sake of it…

        Yes, I agree the writing is not one of thee best but it is simple ….thus easy to watch. Xiao Zhan is natural in his role. YangZi is portray the role of a Uni student very well. I am very glad after all the delays this drama undergo, it finally aired.

  2. It is nice and relaxing drama, worth following after a hard day’s work. Yang Zi is really cute and lovely, as for Xiao Zhan no complains for sure and really an eye candy, although it would be good if he look more meaty. But in reality XZ would have suited the lady doctor more compared to YZ, guess love is blind. As for the other couple, is really hard to watch and kinda annoying.

  3. Couldn’t finish the first few episodes but started again later. It’s amusing watching how she misinterpretes his intentions.
    Have to say that I am biased since I may not have given this drama the second attempt if not for the cast (YZ especially).
    However, I do hope YZ will venture into different types of roles. Not that she is bad in them but it’s getting repetitive.

    1. @BearBear I believe YZ have since left her previous management company… I read she wanted to move away from accepting too many typecast roles, including her Xianxia roles too.

      I am excited to watch her new projects under a new company. To be very honest, I think YZ was left dry for many years….Now she will balance her roles with those audience enjoy watching her in and those more complex character she wants to try out…

    2. I was actually looking forward to the Golden Hairpin, but who knows if that will ever see the light of day now 🙁

      1. There are talks of replacing the main lead with computer…and refilming afew parts…but they will need to get a very tall guy with similar built to be replace Kris…

  4. I’m on episode 5 now and find myself looking forward to the subsequent episodes. Cute couple.

  5. I like this drama. It’s so fun to watch Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi. It gets better and better, but it got so much more fun starting at ep #9. I can’t wait to get new episodes every day.

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