Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi Pair Up in “Who Rules the World”

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Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi Pair Up in “Who Rules the World”

Working with Yang Yang is likely to push Zhao Lusi to the rank of A-listers.
After starring in The Legend of Tiger and Rose <传闻中的陈芊芊> and The Long Ballad <长歌行>, Zhao Lusi (趙露思) has been on a hot streak. At the end of 2020, Tencent signaled that Zhao Lusi landed the female lead role in Tencent drama Who Rules the World <且試天下>. The male lead was finally confirmed to be heartthrob Yang Yang (楊洋), and filming commenced in February.

Heroine in a Dual Role

Adapted from a popular Internet novel, Who Rules the World narrates the decade-long romance between Princess Xi Yun and Prince Lan Xi, who go through much tribulations during their marriage. A key plot is how Prince Lan Xi, a prominent and respected jianghu figure, eventually gives up his country for love. Zhao Lusi takes on two roles, as the candid and forthright Bai Fengxi and the generous and dignified Feng Xiyun respectively.

Who Rules the World will feature exciting career trajectories for Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi. Collaborating with Yang Yang is also expected to boost the 22-year-old’s actress’ career and solidify her frontrunning position amongst other post-95 actresses in her league.

In addition, director Yin Tao (尹濤), who was behind popular period dramas such as Love and Redemption <琉璃>, The Glory of Tang Dynasty <大唐榮耀>, and Under the Power <錦衣之下>, is especially adept at romantic storylines and expected to skillfully adapt Who Rules the World to the screen.

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  • 4 comments to Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi Pair Up in “Who Rules the World”

    1. littlefish says:

      What is with the same hairstyle for the female lead of a wuxia style drama??? First, Bai Lu with the legends (though this was the first one, and fantasy, and she meant to be a evil strong female lead, and when she goes soft toward the end, she has her hairstyle change). Then ZLY, strong female character again in a wuxia series, and now ZLS >_> strong female lead again. Worst yet, the colour scheme of this and ZLY isn’t much different either…. are they running out of idea how to portrait strong women in a wuxia series >_>????

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      • littlefish replied:

        @littlefish my point is the legends has a purpose: showing the character’s growth with hair and clothes. In a sense, she acts like that to scare people off. Whereas with ZLY’s recent drama and ZLS, it seems they just do the style because ZLY did it (for princess agent) and it was iconic >_>

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    2. coralie says:

      I’m a bit offended by the comparison to Yang Yang as if Zhao Lusi isn’t already a top actress in her own right.

      No, Yang Yang is not boosting ZLS. In fact from what I’ve seen, ZLS has been boosting all of her costars’ career. She’s like the fortune kitty; come and I’ll bestow you with popularity! I know the intention of the article is more to say that Yang Yang is going to increase coverage for ZLS because he’s popular…but it could definitely be the other way around too.

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    3. hohliu says:

      If this drama does badly…Yang yang will be most affected by it..

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