Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung in Discord?

The cast of Dangerous Liaisons <危险关系>, including Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝), and Jang Dong Gun (張東健) attended the film’s premiere in Beijing on September 27.

Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung were previously rumored to be in discord due to disagreements in the film’s script. In an earlier promotional appearance for the film, both Ziyi and Cecilia avoided to show up at the same time.

The Beijing premiere event further affirmed their discord rumors. A few hours before the event, the cast were interviewed by various media firms. Ziyi and Cecilia were both interviewed individually, and Ziyi also did an extra interview with Jang Dong Gun. However, Ziyi and Cecilia did not accept the interviews together.

The two actresses arrived at the premiere individually and avoided each other’s paths, causing reporters to be unable to get them to pose next to each other for photos. When Ziyi and Cecilia came upon each other at the entrance of the theater, they smiled awkwardly.

Dangerous Liaisons is a drama film directed by Korean director, Hur Jin Ho (許秦豪). It is adapted from the French novel of the same name, and is the fifth motion picture adaptation of the novel. The film was released in mainland China on September 27, and is predicted by many film critics to be one of the biggest films in Asia of the year.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. “and is predicted by many film critics to be one of the biggest films in Asia of the year.”

    Flop or hit?

    Discord? Why is it always 2 female stars having discord? Why not JDG and one of them? Maybe he can’t understand them so no discord.

    1. laughing my butt off @Funn Lim. You probably hit the nail on the head why JDG has no issues.

  2. That is one really bad picture of Cecilia Cheung. She looks like a crossdresser in the picture.

    1. She looks too skinny!! she needs to gain some weight for real, she’s like a stick wearing a cheongsam which the cheongsam outshined her lol..

      1. She needs to eat up! I remember that article about her having a “flabby stomach” and I was thinking, “what the heck?”

        Gosh, they’re either too skinny or “enhanced curves” these days.

  3. Two primadonnas in one film and neither wants to be #2…excellent publicity or a film gone bad…

  4. disagreements in the film’s script?… can we be more specific? If it’s problem with the script shouldn’t they take it out on the screenwriter or the director? why are they clashing with each other?

  5. rivaly is the key..two pretty woman how to get along,,jealousy fighting to be the number one..anyboth both of them are just as good or bad so what the fuss

  6. there both over-rated and “over the hill” has been… move aside for people with actual talents.

  7. The film is showing in theaters as we speak so do anyone know the box office results so far? Cecilia been known as “box office poison” since returning and Ziyi is not well liked due to her bad attitude.

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