Zhou Xun Brings New Boyfriend Home to Meet Her Parents?

Since getting divorced in 2020, Zhou Xun (周迅) has been rumored to be dating Chinese rock band Mosaic’s guitarist Zhuo Yue (卓越) who is 13 years her junior. The paparazzi snapped the couple holding hands and returning to a hotel in December. The couple has not been seen on another outing, except a CCTV footage taken at a fast food restaurant last week.

Netizens immediately recognized the woman in the video as Zhou Xun, even though she was wearing a big jacket and fully covered with a mask and hat pulled low. Although her face was not visible, her hands resemble Zhou Xun’s hand. The man beside her is said to be Zhuo Yue.

In the video, the pair was seen ordering food. The woman pointed at the menu, and ordered a milk tea and then turned to the man to say something. The man appeared to be holding either a wallet or a piece of paper.

As the restaurant was located in Zhou Xun’s hometown Quzhou, Zhejiang, many wondered whether she had brought Zhuo Yue home to meet her parents. The video ignited discussion among netizens, as they swooned over the couple’s sweet interactions.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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    1. She is 13 years older than him, not 31 yrs older. Not a thing wrong with that. If older men can date younger women, then more power to women for dating y9inger men. At least she is not married and sleeping eith her vlidnt who iz young enough to be her son and who is close to her husband. At least she is not cruelly ripping him apart from someone he loves so that she can have him to herself. Good for her, I salute you Zhou Xun. Let them have their romance life is too fleeting not to grab love and happiness.

      1. I meant at least she is not married and sleepong with her client who is young enough to be her offspring.

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