Archie Kao Deletes Zhou Xun from His Instagram

Taiwanese American actor Archie Kao (高聖遠) has seemingly cleared out his Instagram with pictures of Zhou Xun (周迅), leading to speculations of divorce.

The couple met and fell in love in Hong Kong. In July 2014, Archie and Zhou Xun tied the knot in Hangzhou after attending a charity event. Archie and Zhou Xun are extremely private, and their last known public appearance together was when Archie attended Zhou Xun’s birthday party in 2017.

Perhaps the language barrier and long distance really took a toll on their relationship—their quiet marriage has led to rumors claiming that their relationship was starting to fall apart, and that divorce was imminent.

The divorce rumors cemented this week when a netizen discovered that Archie had deleted photos of Zhou Xun on his Instagram. An earlier screenshot of Archie’s Instagram page was shared for a comparison. Most of Archie’s more recent photos were mainly selfies, with Archie sharing that he has been social distancing. The past few months of travel bans would definitely challenge any couple.

Rumors say Zhou Xun is currently in the midst of writing up a statement to announce their divorce.


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  1. He is just social distancing in his photos. Just trying to stay safe. Nothing wrong with that haha

  2. i wonder has there been a relationship that worked where a woman is more successful that the man. look at ah-gil and zhou xun, both more successful then their partners.

    1. @m0m0…I agree very few and far between…but maybe Miriam Yeung and Kelly Chen?

  3. How a marriage can survives when they don’t speak common language?? ZX doesn’t speaks English and AK doesn’t speaks Chinese, it’s a miracle they can got married in the first place….

    1. @niangniang
      It depends as my great aunt married a French man and she barely spoke French. However, they had 5 kids together and were happy until their final days.

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