Life After Divorce: Zhou Xun Dates Younger Guitarist

Chinese actress Zhou Xun (周迅) announced her divorce to Chinese American actor Archie Kao (高聖遠) in December 2020. Within less than a year, she has already found a new boyfriend who is 13 years her junior and also an excellent guitarist. 

The 47-year-old actress had a flash marriage to Archie in 2014, in which rumors of marital issues began spreading shortly after. By the end of December of last year, the two announced their divorce individually on their social media platforms, where they also sent each other their blessings for the future. Although they did not explain the reasons behind the divorce, it was speculated that frequent long-distance separations were one of the factors for their deteriorating relationship.

New Beau is a Guitarist

Earlier, Zhou Xun was seen dining at a restaurant with a new beau. The two sat side by side where they laughed and whispered softly close together. During dinner, they would constantly exchange eye contact and grab food for each other like a married couple.  When leaving the restaurant, he was concerned that Zhou Xun would be cold in this winter weather so he put her hand into his pocket for warmth. Zhou Xun was very moved by his gesture, and the couple returned to their hotel room.

After their relationship came into the light, Zhou Xun’s new boyfriend became the hottest search topic on the Internet. The mystery man was revealed to be a 34-year-old guitarist named Zhuo Yue (卓越).

Graduating from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Zhuo Yue is a music producer who is good at both composing and writing lyrics. Aside from music, he loves basketball and was very popular in high school. In recent years, he frequently wears a hat, which made many netizens wonder if he is experiencing hair loss.  

According to sources, Zhou Xun met her new boyfriend after collaborating on Chinese variety show The Big Band 2 <樂團的夏天2> last year. The guitarist also participated in Zhou Xun’s charity events before where they sang a song together. Some netizens also noted that they witnessed Zhou Xun’s attendance at one of Zhuo Yue’s shows, where she watched with admiration. The two even celebrated Zhou Xun’s birthday in Sanya in October.   

Although Zhou Xun and her new boyfriend seem very loving towards each other, many netizens wonder if the guitarist’s financial status and fame can ever equate to Zhou Xun’s, and whether this would pose as a problem in the long run. 


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  1. Why is it that all middle-age women end up becoming Cougars, and getting their physical satisfaction from young boy-toys?………..Guess it’s the next best thing if you can’t find love.

    1. She’s talented and dynamic. The guy probably feels so lucky to be with her. Age is just a number and she may match more in ideals with a younger guy. It may be love, it may not be. Marrying some one her age didn’t work and the love was very transient. So I am all for people enjoying themselves in the moment. You never know how long a relationship may last.

    2. I absolutely love her attitude. She was always authentic and unapologetic. Never playing it up to provincial small town rules. So happy to see new old ‘ways’ of living in China. Oh my how happy to see she is annoying ppl
      like you. You would not say that if man was in her shoes, he would be accomplished and full of life isn’t it? Oh so happy for her and us that she exists!

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