Ben Wong Leads in “Food for the Slaves” After 16 Year Wait

After waiting for 16 years, Ben Wong (黃智賢) is once again leading a TVB drama. Due to Raymond Lam (林峯) declining to film Food for the Slaves <食為奴>, 45-year-old Ben Wong stepped in for the role of Emperor Yongzheng. At the costume fitting yesterday, Ben has already shaven his head and will cherish the opportunity.

In an earlier sales presentation filmed for Food for the Slaves, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng (吳卓羲), and Fala Chen ( 陳法拉) had appeared in the video clip. Due to hectic filming schedules, the featured actors are now replaced by Ben Wong, Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), and Joey Meng (萬綺雯).

After starring in A Kindred Spirit <真情> and attaining high recognition, Ben Wong’s former leading role was in 1997’s Triumph Over Evil <真命天師>. His screen time in TVB dramas slipped in the following years, prompting Ben to leave TVB for better pay. Ben returned to TVB in 2004 and appeared in minor roles, having to prove himself for the last 9 years before the company decided to cast him as lead once again.

Food for the SlavesBen looked forward to generating new sparks with recent audience favorite, Wong Cho Lam, and is unafraid that viewers will compare their performances.

Although Cho Lam’s Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!> was a critical and ratings success, he will not be involved in developing the script for Food for the Slaves. Cho Lam joked, “Haven’t I been scolded enough already? This time, I will only act.”

Joey Meng will portray a 25-year-old Lu Siniang in the drama. “Don’t say I’m a middle-aged woman anymore!”

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  1. It’s Ben Wong’s turn to get promoted again. Will Eric Li have to wait until he hits his 40-year-old mark too?

    1. Well, Eric is going to need to win BSA. That’s when TVB will consider promoting him.

  2. Co-lead or lead in name. I believe the emphasis is on WCL and Joey. Either way, congrats! It’s a start, and perhaps it will propel him to first-line siu sang.

    1. perhaps it will propel him to first-line siu sang.

      Should be propel him to first-line siu sang again since he has played lead role before.

      1. True. Forgot about “Triumph.” I guess it’s more appropriate to say it’ll secure his spot as a first-line siu sang.

  3. Emperor Yongzheng and Lu Siniang, reminds me of the drama “King of Yesterdy and Tomorrow” starring Kong Wah and Maggie Cheung. I liked that drama! This is a comedy, right?

      1. LOL they’re probably reusing the same costumes from Happy Ever After.

  4. Am I the only one more excited about this cast then the sales presentation cast? If its comedy, these guys seem more suitable than Raymond, Ron and Fala. Raymond seems too chok, Ron a bit stuff and Fala is a bit bland. These guys seem brighter.

  5. Is this going to be based on the same storyline as the old series Lu Si Niang with Dodo, Ray and Simon?? I still remember that series back then. Glad that Ben gets the chance to play leading roles again.

    1. omg – i love that series too!!! the song by sally yeh was the perfect fit 😀

      any chance u remember the series name?

  6. Even in that accompanying picture alone already has 3 cast from ‘Inbound Troubles’.

    I like Chiu Chiu (Louis Cheung) after watching IT. Hope to see him as a good role in this ‘Food for the Slave’.

  7. ben wong is briliant as a villain but i doubt if he also can be good as 1st-lead in a comedy,i dont think he has the face for comedies,not that kind of charisma.i mean for example dayo wong has that natural feel or stephen chow,nat chan,also has it.

  8. IS this series going to be a comedy? Does anyone know why the English title is “Food for Slaves”?? At first I thought it was a modern series for people who were starving..

  9. Sadly! Im not excited for him to lead! It’s prob just going to be one of those series they have to fill in a time slot!

  10. I’m really glad for Ben Wong. At least and at last he has the chance to prove that he can do it, that is, take the lead. All the best to him!

  11. Joey is supposed to portray a 25 years old? Oh come on now.

    Happy for Ben Wong, though I never thought the show’s vague premise show much promise. But I think Joey is relatively selective and WCL will maybe help the show be actually funny so who knows.

      1. Agree. She looks too old to be a 25 years old lady.

  12. Good luck to him for being a lead after all these years. TVB is starting to change which is good i mean they hardly give them to do leads even if they have been their forever. I love his character in that Damien w/lots of wives series. The crying, the old aged look of him, it was very convincing for me more so that cop series he was in.

  13. I definitely like this cast more than the sales presentation one. I will be looking forward to watching this. Good luck to Ben, and I hope this drama will be worthwhile!

    1. I’m more excited about current cast than the presentation also. I’m weary of Raymond Lam dramas now because he always has the baggage of never allowing his image to be tarnished in any way which really limits his characters – even Kevin Cheng scratched his butt wearing flip flops as Law Ba.

      1. Maybe you haven’t watched much of LF’s stuffs. Vincent Kok mentioned that LF is the type that do everything he is requested without caring for his image. Ronnie Yu said the same thing in 2011.

  14. Happy for Ben! although isn’t he a co-lead in A Great Way to Care 2 since he’s paired up with Tavia?

  15. Ben is no doubt a good actor, but I’m not sure if he has the “it” factor that makes him pop. There’s certain actors/actresses that excels brilliantly as a supporting cast, but they lack the charisma as the lead. Hopefully he gets a good script where he can show his potential as the main lead or else this would be another blow to his career.

    1. i personally think he’s just lacking a good role, one like wayne lai in rosy business.

      never thought wayne had that “it” factor either; never thought he would be leading!

      1. Agree. An artiste does need some luck to get a good character, backed up by a good script and a good co-star.

  16. I wonder how Ben is going to film On call 2 now when he shaved his hair for this drama? Wig ? Hmm

  17. I hope this one will turn out good and push him to the next level. I hope he can win tv king ( probably light years away from happening) one day cause the guy freaking deserve it.

  18. My favourute actress, Joey Meng, is here again, yeah!!!

    Ben Wong is a good actor.

    Can’t say the same for that perverted, cross-dressing transvetite shorty!

    1. Calling Wong Cho Lam perverted is totally uncalled for. He is short, but it’s not his fault. But I do agree with you about Joey, I love her, too!

      1. Pervert does not refer to him being short.

        You conveniently forgot the rest of the description,.. too much of cross dressing, female impersonations transsexual has done him in. One day, he may not know where to draw the line on his gender and sexuality! LOL

        It is you who lambast me for all the wrong reasons, that is totally uncalled for!!!!!! duh!

      2. Actually it is uncalled for. He is a comedian, an actor and all that is part of his act. Unless proven otherwise, all news point to a decent hard working intelligent man who is unafraid to make a fool of himself and a woman who cares more for talent than his looks or cash. And he isn’t ugly, just short and short is not a crime because everyone is not that tall anyway.

    2. Please don’t impose your code of morality. Not all people who cross dress are perverted, let alone those who do so to entertain and be comedic.

  19. I hope Ben Wong will showcase his acting again. He has improved a lot over the years. He was just a handsome artiste many years ago, now he is a real actor.

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