Bob Lam Impressed with May Chan’s Kissing Skills

Bob Lam (林盛斌) stole May Chan’s (小寶) first kiss of her life in TVB comedy Come On, Cousin <老表,你好hea!>.

In an intense make-out session between Bob and May, the pair kissed from the streets, to the house, and into the bedroom. It is noted that their kissing scene was quite similar to the memorable two-minute kiss shared by Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) in the classic 1979 TVB drama The Good, the Bad and the Ugly <網中人>.

May said she repeatedly brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth to make sure she did not have bad breath. May was very professional during the scene, and Bob was surprised to hear that it was May’s first kiss. “It didn’t seem like it was her first time. She knew the right places and we finished it all in one take! We both bit the dust! If no one wants her a few years after the scene airs, I promised her I will take care of her!”

Bob then joked that he is actually very capable of taking care of May, his wife, and their two daughters at the same time, expressing that May is currently on a diet and would not need much food.

Asked if he believes that viewers would find the long kiss scene to be too heavy, Bob laughed and said, “That has always been my style! I don’t mind what others have to say.”


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  1. They’re the cutest pair. I love this storyline. Had a great time laughing and feeling rather romantic and all. I know perhaps their size is supposed to be a joke but I don’t think that’s the intention. What a pair!

    1. Today’s episode was just unbearable. I like both of them, but this series has gotten crappier

      1. Oh come on. Same story with slim actors and many will claim oh so romantic. It is better than the few episodes before.

      2. It has nothing to do with them being slim or fat. It is just so long winded – it is the same thing over and over again for 45 minutes. It is unbearable for me.

      3. Sorry Funn, but I have to agree with Toby. The series is just not living up to its predecessor. Very much long-winded, with WCL saying “I want my father’s inheritance” over and over again.

        BUT, I did like the twist where Cai Chau Sui (Mimi Chu) had a relationship with You Jeong (Wu Fung) and the daughter is Cai Jing Man (Joey Meng) is theirs.

  2. Hahaah LOL..this Bob guy sounds so damn funny. Hahaa LOL… May is cute even thou she is overweight but her face really is cute and even if Bob guy isn’t married, they would actually made a great cute pair hahah LOL..i didn’t watch part 2 so I don’t know how they are but bob guy was already very funny in the first one. This sequel is not my cup of tea, I couldn’t even finish the first episode.

  3. Bob have three daughters not two. He joked that he is capable of taking care 7 women. His wife, 3 daughters, 2 maids and May (if after 5 years she still can’t get anyone to be with her due to the kissing scene).

  4. I think they are so cute together I like Sui Bo alot she’s adorable but this make out scene for them is a lil to much to watch

  5. May lost a lot of weight. She looks good. I’m happy for her. She can find a bf just like that. Hahaha

  6. I kept watching this show mainly for her and Bob … im getting bored of the rest of the cast already and were only half way through the serie lol…

  7. I’ve not watched this but looking at the pics and reading the description, i think it sounds icky! It’s probably an ordeal for both to have to do this scene. I think it’s an ordeal for some viewers too.

  8. Too bad this series is going downwards. May & Bobs character are boring. I feel the supporting cast is given too much screentime than Roger

  9. 2 porkys that have no real stardom to anything finally get a break…

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