Hawick Lau and Tiffany Tang Star in “Lady and the Liar”

Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) will play a romantic couple in Mainland drama Lady and the Liar <千金女賊>. The 45-episode series is a collaboration between three Chinese entertainment companies, and is the latest work of Taiwanese producer Chen Yu Shan (陳玉珊), the talent behind the immensely popular period drama Lan Ling Wang <蘭陵王>.

Lady and the Liar will take place in 1930s Shanghai Settlement. The story revolves around two women: Tiffany, who plays the long-lost daughter of a wealthy family, and Alina Zhang (張萌), a thief who recently made a prison escape. During an accident out at sea, Tiffany unfortunately lost all of her memories. Alina took the chance to become Tiffany and entered her rich family, living a stolen life.

Meanwhile, a confused Tiffany meet up with Hawick, the feared mob boss who controls most of Shanghai. Hawick eventually develops feelings for Tiffany, and in an effort to retain her, kept her true past a secret. While Tiffany is oblivious to her real identity, her former lover, played by Taiwanese actor Tony Yang (楊祐寧), refuses to accept Alina and continues to search for his real love. Despite being blind, Tony is wild and fearless. When Tiffany later recovers her memories, Tony and Hawick both lend their hands to oust Alina and reclaim everything that was forcefully taken. Even though Tiffany finally resumes her true identity, she is left with the tough task of choosing between Hawick and Tony.

Since Tiffany and Hawick’s real-life wife Yang Mi (楊冪) are very close friends, Yang Mi is completely unconcerned with their pairing. When asked to describe Yang Mi’s reaction to the casting, Hawick said, “She is very happy because there will be someone to chat with her when she visits me at the set.” Yang Mi is also not at all worried about possible kissing scenes, though Hawick is a bit more nervous. “[Tiffany and I] are both professional actors. While at work, we would only focus on our performances. However, we probably will very easily break into laughter.”

Source: Hunantv.com

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Is Zhang Meng really the 2nd lead? I thought it was Yang Rong?

  2. another illusion, putting fake flowers on the trees, they wouldn’t have to do that if people in china are more hardworking, think japan and other countries in europe got their breathtaking nature from God? people living there volunteer to keep their forest clean, trimming of trees and also pull out some that shouldn’t be there

    1. lol, people in China aren’t hardworking? Most people are too busy trying to eke out an existence. Sorry that the fake flowers offend you – no one is forcing you to look at the pictures or watch the drama. Or to make broad, sweeping generalizations about China either.

  3. Good God, all the Chinese and Taiwanese TV tropes together in one drama. Can’t wait!

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