“Journey To The West” Sees Rise In Ratings Close To Finale Week

Controversial Mainland epic Journey To The West <西遊記> has finally redeemed itself just days before its series finale. Last week, the fantasy drama logged an average of 23 ratings points and peaked at 26, achieving its highest viewership figure since its TVB debut in April.

Suffering from low ratings during the first quarter of the year, TVB made a sudden decision to air Journey To The West, which was first broadcast in China in 2011, during its golden 8:30 p.m. time slot in order to raise the numbers. Unluckily, viewers blasted the show after its first day and filed hundreds of complaints with both TVB and Hong Kong’s Communications Authority over the drama’s poor production value and asked for the show to be taken off the air. Despite the uproar, TVB continued to keep Journey in its prime time line up though edited the lengthy 66 episodes down to just 45 episodes as a compromise.

Although viewers still criticized its choppy editing and sub-par Cantonese voice-dubbing, the series somehow managed to retain a steady base of viewers. Hovering in the low 20s in its weekly average ratings, Journey surprisingly gained more viewers last week despite TVB’s non-stop World Cup coverage.

Happy that the company’s decision has finally paid off, TVB executive Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明) said on June 23 that his company was confident that the timeless Chinese classic will appeal to all demographics. He also backed up this point by acknowledging viewers who have praised the show. “The ratings this time proves that TVB has made the right choice. There are even viewers who emailed upper management just to say that Journey is a good show!”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “There are even viewers who emailed upper management just to say that Journey is a good show!”

    Like one email vs the 1000+ complaints?

    1. Funny… I only watched 1episode and it sucks.
      I feel like asking refund from Astro on Demand.

      1. Funn, personally I think ultimate addiction is better, I lasted 4 episodes before taking a break.

      2. Ultimate Addiction was spoiled by poor acting by Kate Tsui. She comes out wanting to evoke sympathy and crying and all, but she sucks.

        She failed completely to bring out her character.

        Nancy wu is good, really good. TVB have no sound judgement, always promoting the wrong stars

      3. Much better quality than TVB make. I don’t think TVB can make better than this. Sceneries and backdrops were superb. Real character makeup rather than TVB’s monkey king which look like a normal human than a monkey.

      4. Ultimate Addiction was spoiled by poor script. 80% of the characters are dumb and very prejudiced.

        But Bosco is great and super yeng here. That ending scene in episode 17 or the entire episode itself made me look at him in another light, you know that scene where he consoled Kate and said sorry or something and let her bite his arm. That shows some actors can be brilliant given the material to act.

        Nancy has acting chops but her role isn’t that pleasing. Kate is given the material but lacks the acting chop and why does she only wear two or three clothes throughout? Cheap TVB.

      5. You all need a refund on TVB paid subscription channels. TVb series these days are not worth to watch at real time.

      6. @Larry 3: You are absolutely correct! Luckily, the TVB subscription channels here in the U.S. air alot of older series, so to me, it’s still way worth it — otherwise, I would be knocking on TVB’s door for a refund. Like right now for instance, they are currently airing Untraceable Evidence II on the weekends — despite having watched and re-watched that series at least a dozen times (and that’s low-balling the number), I still make it a point to catch every episode (and enjoy every minute of it!). Even if I skip the 2 new series, there’s still plenty of “old” stuff to watch…

  2. Stop lying. The numbers and complaints proved your decision is wrong. So happy it’s almost over.

  3. hi there

    1. just flush the damn thing down the toilet bowl.

  4. You know what will be funny if this series hits 50 points

    1. I actually LOL’ed at your comment. That would be hilarious

      1. But it will be really funny if it reaches 50 points

  5. “The ratings this time proves that TVB has made the right choice. There are even viewers who emailed upper management just to say that Journey is a good show!”

    super thick skin !!

  6. What the heck? Untrue… and they made the wrong decision! The viewers must be people from China who came to Hong Kong.
    No taste!

  7. Having watched a few eps recently I have to say it is filmed quite well. I still don’t agree in tvb airing this in place of their own production however. That is just pure laziness.
    And skipping the fact that the majority of the show garnered extremely lukewarm reception is just being ignorant too.

  8. I watched almost every episodes I find them very funny and hilarious especially the monkey king very adorable without him I think it will be boring.

    1. Same, despite all the negative comments about the drama, I actually like it. The monkey guy acted his role really well imo.

  9. Agree w/ @soo & @megamiaow
    I actually don’t mind the drama that much. Of course it is not on par w/ the originally but seriously, originals are usually unbeatable anyways. The editing and filming is actually quite nice. Drama goes on and on about the monk getting captured and creatures wanting to eat him but other than that I didn’t think it was that bad. Not aaaamazing but not as bad as some people have claimed.

  10. “The ratings this time proves that TVB has made the right choice.”

    To be honest, 23pts is nothing to be celebrating about

    1. For this series where everyone expects a single digit? It is worth celebrating. MAybe people tuned in to make sure it is ending.

  11. wow are they like blinded by their thick skin ?? perhaps its ‘high’ rating beacause its almost over and people want to see how this poo show ends.

  12. Woooohoooo….its FINALLY ending this week what a long wait!!!!!

    TVB does have a thick skin for saying they have not made to worng choice to air this series what a JOKE……

  13. amazing…people actually watched the show…huh….

  14. Talk about white-washing! This takes the cake, hands down!

    1. Really curious to what you mean by white-washing? To me white-washing means acting like white people.

      1. ‘white washing’ means giving reasons and excuses and support to defend a bad incident. The ‘bad’ incident is widely acknowledged as bad, and those reasons to white wash it lacks validity and credibility.

        I wonder where you get the idea that white washing means behaving like white people. That is so entirely out of sync.

      2. Thx TV russ for explaining to Lemmiwinks.
        cwsdmc is also right, there are 2 meanings. In this context, the explanation by TV russ is correct.

      3. Oh wow I didn’t even know it had a second meaning, thank you!

      4. Whitewash definition to assimilate with the white culture is a very North American based term and meaning. We use it all the time.

    2. There seem to be two meanings for white washed. 1 – to adapt a western thud “white culture”. 2 – to cover up. Feel free to look it up

  15. I skipped this series, but my dad actually loves it.

  16. “Although viewers still criticized its choppy editing and sub-par Cantonese voice-dubbing,”

    Please, their TVB series dubbing in Mandarin is far far worse.

  17. Kate and Bosco both did an outstanding performance on episode 17. Love their onscreen chemistry.

    1. Kate has her ups and down in this series but she was good in today’s episode. Bosco gives off a yeng aura and his what do we call low profile acting style is great and effective in episode 17. I don’t know how to describe it but his acting has really matured.

  18. It seems like the HK audience is bias against mainland series.

    1. it seems like it doesn’t it? I didn’t like this version of Journey to the West but some other ones aren’t bad. Huan Zhu Gege was a Mainland/Taiwan production and did okay in both HK and China.

      1. Yes,even Korean series Dae Jang Gum did really well in Hk. I guess part of the reason could also be that Journey to the West is a remake and HK already had their own version which is why they are so bias against this version.

  19. i really miss TVB series from 1995-2004 they were amazing.

  20. I remember those times when ratings above 35 are considered good ratings. Now TVB celebrates even when they get 25. Imagine what would happen in the next 5 years. Maybe their rating will drop below 10 lol. Never know

  21. I actually watched this drama. I don’t know and why because whoever took part in the scripting needs a slap.

    It’s ridiculous how they ALWAYS get help from the “Guan Yi Pu Sa” on every single obstacle. And they ruined the Monkey character because he seems to be having trouble fighting off the monsters by himself EVERYTIME. And the story isn’t logical….

    I don’t know man. I’m glad it’s almost over.

  22. It is one of the best Journey to the West show ever.

    Good cast and story.

    Cute faces.

    Good Acting.

    1. Do you happen to be from China? Or a sell out by chance?

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