TVB to Air “The Ultimate Addiction” to Boost Viewership Ratings

When TVB aired Mainland production Journey to the West <西遊記> in the prime-time 8:30 p.m. time slot on April 28, angry viewers demanded the show to be terminated. In hopes to save the terrible reception, TVB has decided to air The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手> starring Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) in the 9:30 p.m. time slot, after Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部> completes its run.

Although Journey to the West averaged 25 viewership points on its first day of broadcast, ratings plunged to all-time low of 19 points by April 30. The first week of broadcast ended its run with an average of 22 ratings points.

As of yesterday, Journey to the West has already received 1100 complaints, making it the most condemned show in recent years. Viewers heavily criticized the Mainland production for its poor special effects and the characters’ vulgar makeup. They claimed the computer graphics were unconvincing and the monsters were hideous and scary.

In response to the heavy criticism, TVB reportedly held an urgent meeting to discuss upcoming plans. TVB initially decided to air Journey to the West due to low ratings and poor feedback over Hong Kong dramas in recent months, hoping the Mainland production would be a fresh taste for viewers. Despite loads of complaints, TVB decided to continue airing the 50-episode drama. Deputy Director of Corporate Communications, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明), claimed the low ratings were likely due to an overlap with the recent horse racing events. TVB believes that with greater promotion of Journey to the West, more viewers will tune in. They will soon be recruiting artistes including Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Evergreen Mak (麥長青), and Samantha Ko (高海寧) to promote the show.

The despised Journey to the West has also taken a toll on viewership ratings for the currently broadcast Never Dance Alone, which airs afterwards at 9:30 p.m. To attract more viewers and hopefully recover from the dropped ratings, TVB will air Kate Tsui and Bosco Wong’s The Ultimate Addiction on June 2, after Never Dance Alone completes its broadcast. The Ultimate Addiction features a tantalizing plot in which Kate Tsui pretends to be a lesbian in order to avenge her father’s death by approaching Bosco Wong.

In addition, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) Lady Sour <醋娘子> is said to replace Journey to the West after its run, since comedies have been well-received in the past.

Sources:; Ming Pao

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  1. When will tvb air Rear mirror starring Wayne and Louis so? It isn’t fair that the other dramas are airing before rear mirror, it should be air instead of the stupid mainland journey to the west. Not interested in bosco drama nor myolie upcoming dramas

    1. And Kate and Nancy are old and overused. It’s time to promote fresh pretty faces like Anjaylia Chan, Venus Wong, Kandy and Annice Wu.

      1. I have no idea who does people are, but their acting won’t be as good as Kate & Nancy. The fresh new people can’t act

      2. You should watch Never Dance Alone. I’m surprised to know that the girls are all ranged from little to no experience. Very natural acting and very unpretentious fresh performance! Getting tired of repetitive TVB ‘fadans’

      3. Agree with Wingsan. Those girls can act! TVB should promote them more.

      4. I’m surprised to know that the girls are all ranged from little to no experience. Very natural acting and very unpretentious fresh performance! Getting tired of repetitive TVB ‘fadans’
        Absolutely agree if you just want to watch good acting and not your idols.

      5. Based on pictures, Venus Wong and Annice Wu are the hottest. Maybe I should try on this series, butI’m afraid it will be too girly. I do love Carmen, she’s the most attractive Xiao Long Nu ever.

      6. Anjaylia and Kandy Wong look like cute little girls, sorry haha.

      7. The problem with promoting those girls is that there’s no sex appeal. Kate and Nancy on the other hand…

      8. Some of the young girls mentioned have more sex appeal than Kate and Nancy, especially Venus. She’s young, sexy, nice body and is a good actress. Kate and Nancy have went past their primes and have appeared in too many dramas. Kandy Wong has babyface and sweet smilr but her legs and body aren’t pretty.

      9. I get what you’re saying but when I look at Kate and Nancy I see “women” with curves. Not young “girls” that can only act the part of a teenager. Maybe I’m just into older women… lol.

      10. Nancy and Kate are too thin and not exactly what I’d call women with curves. Kate had to wear a one or two size smaller bikini top recently in photoshoot to give the illusion that she has boobs. Eliza Sam, Samantha Ko and Bernice Liu are more fitting as women with curves.

        But you can be right, maybe I’m not interested in older, mature faced women.

    2. How is the rating apprehend? How do they know which tv household is watching or not>?

  2. Sucks that JTTW is affecting the ratings for Never Dance Alone cause it’s honestly a pretty good show so far. They should just switch time slots, air Never Dance Alone at 8:30 and JTTW at 9:30.

    1. Yea but the male leads aren’t that strong. They only got 1 good male lead. And the drama has a crony sub theme song and they keep playing some corny music and scene in the drama out nowhere.

  3. This series actually looks really good, a thriller…looking forward to it! The cast is full of talented artistes.

    1. Your not talking about Journey to the west right? The mainland remake of it was the worst ever remake. The effects are terrible and the custom sucks and ugly. You can’t even see the mouth or nose move they talk or get angry. I was watching the first ep and it got me mad. It was a horrible idea to continue broadcasting the mainland china remake of journey to the west even with the 1100 letter complaints. Wtf TVB there are 50eps in the bad remake of jorney to the west. And Tvb didn’t even add the new Bosco series at 9:30. They said they going add it at 9:30 after Never dance Alone ends.

      1. I’m referring to The Ultimate Addiction.

  4. Why are they airing “the ultimate addiction” and “Lady Sour” before “Tiger cubs 2”??!!! Hurry up already!

    1. ‘Cause their ratings are still going to drop, so they’re saving ‘tiger cubs 2’ hoping to save them when nobody bothers to create ratings anymore

      1. Without Jessica and replacing her with Linda already fails

    2. TVB is saving Tiger Cubs 2 for safer times nearer to anniversary awards. Right now ratings is still troubled.

      1. Tiger Cubs 2 is an inportant production, there’s too much at stake to air at unstable time now. With Lady Sour and Ultimate Addiction, TVB doesn’t have much stake to lose.

  5. Eww. Not interested in a lesbian oriented series. Is TVB that desperate? I got turn off by Kate stripping again and again in her tv series.

    1. Please. No one. I mean, NO ONE, can get tired of Kate stripping. Her acting abilities are another can of worms.

  6. I highly doubt this drama will boost the ratings…

  7. Tiger Cubs 1 or 2 is too artificial as they only have the same one tactical vehicle going to various locations when there should be three or more vehicles with different teams as they are used for contingency A, B & C. Unfortunately, it is the same one handling all calls for the entire Hong Kong which is too ludicrous even for a novice scriptwriter anywhere but TVB.

  8. “TVB has decided to air The Ultimate Addiction starring Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) in the 9:30 p.m. time slot, after Never Dance Alone completes its run.”

    Notice that this series is REPLACING Never Dance Alone after its full run and NOT replacing JTTW which will continue its run. The article is too dramatic.

    1. That’s what I said I thought Never Dance alone aired before 9:30 and then they air The Ultimate addiction at 9:30. But after Never Dance alone ends then Tvb going air The Ultimate Addiction. AND JORNEY TO THE WEST IS 50 EPS WTF AND IT ONLY AIRED 6 EPS SO FAR.

      1. Hopefully people complain more about the series. And Tvb will have to broadcast The Ron and Moyile series and take down Journey to the west.

  9. i know people from australia will like this series

  10. tvb manager mr tsang is really pig-headed,the ratings droped till 19 point and still not replace it.hope the ratings will drop to 0.

    1. Ik they should have drop the series once they saw it. But I doubt TVB really watched a Episode of the series.

      1. They paid for that show already, there’s no way TVB will take Journey to the West mainland ver off the air….

        Typical of TVB, They sux0r.

        Recently series all crap except Ruse of Engagement.

    2. He is not pig headed. He just works for the Chinese government.

  11. Does it really matter what comes after? They can put the most amazing lineup after but it doesn’t make the present journey to the west show any less bad.

  12. exactly i agree megamiaow!!!!!! they are putting a film to
    just make people to watch it and love watching it
    at least u guyz like it and keep on watching it>>>>

  13. Kate and Nancy, both actresses I like. I’d prefer nancy over Kate though. I am actually looking forward for this lesbian type of series. I have never seen any series plot like this one in all of the previous tvb series. Something new and hopefully the Hong Kong people dont get too harsh on the homo content. As a foreigner from the US, it is quite diverse over here. I am just hoping Kate and Nancy don’t disappoint the audience. I am quite surprise Tvb kind of got the nuts to film this type of ethical series lol. Oh well, looking forward to it. I support lesbians and gay so, no offense at all.

    1. I prefer Eliza Sam and Linda Chung than Kate Tsui or Nancy Wu. As a guy, I found Kate tried too hard to make people think of her as sexy and went too much with her eye makeup and career lines. Eliza Sam is what I like, she’s sexy but it’s as if she doesn’t realize she’s sexy and doesn’t try to show it off. Au naturale 😀

      Kate and Nancy having intimate relationship doesn’t turn me on, sorry. Unless they can look like Isabella and Rainie Yang back then, those two were hot.

      I’m skipping this lesbian series. TVB should’ve found more attractive and higher calibre actresses. It’s about time TVB go back to traditional thriller where the hero and heroine can have a normal heterosexual relationship. I don’t oppose gays, but I don’t feel that Kate Tsui and Nancy Wu can carry a lesbian series, are there no more attractive actresses? and isn’t that a waste of Bosco Wong’s actor status to put him in a lesbian centric series? TVB management is nuts, this is why I haven’t watched much TVB nowadays. Bring back DIF4 and BF1! My childhood.

      1. I must add. The lesbian movie was called Spider Lilies. It wasn’t that great actually but it’s deep and subtle. Rainie and Isabella has amazing chemistry and steaming kisses. Both surprised me with their effective acting. Rainie Yang is a sensual cute doll and Isabella at that time was gorgeously gloomy. Maybe I’m too judgemental but I don’t see Kate and Nancy giving the same steaming and hot kisses/touches and chemistry. However I’d like to see Eliza Sam getting one of these lesbian roles and see how she’d fare. How about Eliza and Carmen in a younger vs older woman relationship.

      2. Same taste here. Heung Heung is my favourite but Linda is okay I guess. Her body is unattractive although she’s sweet. I like Priscilla better. She’s sweet and approachable looking. I don’t get why many girls dislike her.

      3. I am not a Kate fan. I have doubted her acting skills compare to other actresses out there. I would prefer Linda or Myolie. If there’s Myolie in this series, Bosco would not agree to sign the series.

  14. Omg, has TVB gone nuts to make a lesbian series? I feel sorry for Bosco Wong. He’s too big and charismatic of an actor to be stuck in a series talking about lesbians. I recall Chow Yun Fatt saying that Bosco should just leave TVB because he’s more of a movie person, not tv person.

  15. Are you kidding me? They are blamming horse show ??? Clearly they have ignored the 100S of complaints and decide not to own up that it was a mistake and take the bloodly thing down!
    I clicked onto this article thinking that they were replacing. but instead just telling us whats next? oh my god and not to mention its a 55 episode drama !

    Rant over! i love u all 😛 LMAO!

    1. The horse racing thing is indeed a lame excuse. Perhaps TVB thinks audiences are stupid or something….every Hong Konger knows that the horse races take place every Wednesday night, so the ratings for every single program, no matter which channel, is going to be low that night. Besides, one day of low ratings will not pull down the overall ratings by that much (22 points average for the week is LOW), so why even use that as an excuse anymore? It just makes those TVB execs look dumb and desperate.

      So does this mean tomorrow and next Wednesday they are going to use the horse races as an excuse again?

      1. lol,they must have an excuse to disguise their fail.

  16. Gosh! TVB despite the low rating you still consider airing Journey to the west? I am so agreed with what the other viewers highligthed the monster were hideous and scary even lil kids also dare not to watch this. Seriously TVB please take into deep consideration to remove this drama and replace with the new drama…and this drama has 50 episode,so how long more we should wait until the next airing? An another 11 more weeks? this is real torturing!

  17. I have no clue why they would think JTW would bring up the ratings for them itz filled with mainland artist which nobody really cares for!!!! TVB u have failed our viewers once again!!!! SIGH…………

  18. I want to watch Wayne Lau an Louisa Lew series.

    To make it up, they need to move JTTW to midnight.

    1. I also want to watch Rear mirror with Wayne abd Louis so. Definitely should move JTTW to midnight

  19. I’ve watch not even one ep of JTW and I’d already cringe with dislike and they said they have recruited the cast members of THE LORD of the RING make-up artist to help them with the get up on there faces I say its full of bologny lor…….

  20. Haha. Serves them right! I wonder will TVB cancel JTTW since it’s slated for 43 episodes.

  21. Just cancel the drama already very bad CGI and ugly characters.

  22. they need to stop showing journey to the west. i think there’s some political affiliations with this show being broadcast in the first place and their decision to not take it down after the complaints and bad ratings.

  23. I think people misunderstood the plot of the series, it’s not lesbian oriented it’s not the main focus of the series it’s just a subplot. The plot revolves around stocks and murder. Kate and Nancy’s relationship is just on the side, I highly doubt it would be the main focus but it will be for controversial viewers.

    1. I agree with you, people need to stop thinking it is. I was once thought it was, but after re-reading the description, the main plot isn’t really aiming for that.

    1. I loved her in the four, moonlight reasonnance and speech of silence and a Great way to care and I liked her tandem with Dayo in my bounty Lady 😀

  24. I just have read that TVB is considering a remake of hit Korean TV-drama “You who came from the stars”.

    Bosco or Raymond is considered to play the role of professor.

    I don’t know if this remake will be a success.

  25. Why don’t they save themselves the trouble and axe JTTW now? No one wants to watch it and no one will watch it. They’re wasting money by broadcasting it and it’s affecting other TV shows. If it’s got this many complaints, maybe their “urgent and important” meeting should’ve been to axe this show and broadcast something else.

  26. You know your series is pure junk when horse racing events can **** with your ****. TVB dude admitted this series sucks. Nice moves genius.

  27. i really enjoy ‘Never dance alone’ sad that rating is not great. i watched 1 eps of JTW mainland version last year it was quite boring and too much graphic.

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