“The Ultimate Addiction” Reaches 50 Million Hits

Filming in Mainland China, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) missed earlier promotions for currently airing TVB drama The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手>. Recently completing his Mainland drama, he now has more free time to help out with promotions. He appeared at the Shanghai TV Festival yesterday to promote the drama with co-stars Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Ben Wong (黃智賢) .

Bosco portrays a ruthless CEO in The Ultimate Addiction, which centers on human greed in the cut-throat world of Hong Kong’s financial sector. The role was a new challenge for the 33-year-old actor. “[The drama] has been getting great reactions. So far, it has reached over 50 million views online.” In its first week of broadcast, the drama averaged 27 ratings points and peaked at 28 points. Bosco joked that if ratings increase, his costar Kate would have to reveal more skin.

Kate interjected, “What? I already revealed a lot of skin for my weight loss commercial. I also revealed my back in the drama. If ratings do get better, I’ll just ask the producer to air an extended scene of my bare back.”

“Oh, if that’s the case then I’ll reveal my chest,” said Bosco.

Even without further skin exposure from the stars at promotional events, The Ultimate Addiction features titillating scenes ahead. Nancy Wu (胡定欣) forces a kiss on Kate, who flashes her nude body before Nancy while pretending to be a lesbian. In a bedroom scene with Bosco, Nancy will strip down to a black bra while trying to seduce her husband.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy  for JayneStars.com.


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    1. It started out kinda good then got abit boring and then got better after Nancy ex came in the series.

  1. Bosco so yeng and shuai man. Other than that a boring series.

  2. Actually, Kate is the only boring thing about the series so far, with her monotonic tone of voice and expressionless expression. Nancy is good as usual, and Bosco’s okay. Ben is good of course, but Sharon overcompensates a bit probably because she is not convincing as a cop whatsoever. Anyway, the series is entertaining enough. Nothing spectacular, but good fun to watch. I just wish they’d stop trying so hard to throw English phrases into the script. It sounds awkward and unnatural and it makes me cringe to hear them speak like that. Oh, and will someone PLEASE rip those fake eyelashes off Kate’s face already.

    1. Mt:

      You are right about Kate…too artificial and her fake lashes is just too out of place and unnatural. In a workplace with a lot of officeplace movement and the constant need to go out on impromptu assignment, “normal” employees would not wear 5 inch platform shoes to work in the first place. Yes, Sharon’s acting as a CCB supervisor is too forced and unpolished. Ben should be the supervisor with Sharon following…

      1. lol Toby wears fake eyelashes & high heels too I don’t see anyone hating on her? yeah my usual line, haters gonna hate lol . but still at least hate on people with a logical reason ? It’s a DRAMA, it’s NOT real. they have to look good in dramas duhhhh!?! her acting is convincing & that’s what matters lol. anyways no one gives a flying fk about your opinions lol what matters is that Hk viewers are satisfied lol

      2. Because nobody cares about Toby. She is a non entity.

    2. I • SMELL • JEALOUSY •
      LOL srsly erm sorry for bursting your bubble but ……. EVERY SINGLE TVB ACTRESS puts on fake eyelashes during filming lol. maybe because of the camera angles, Kate’s ones are more obvious OR maybe it’s just because people are creating stereotypes & judging Kate for the sake of doing it just because you’re some crappy hardcore fan of another artiste and you HATE KATE. wow I bet if someday kate shaves even her real eyelashes off haters will still be like “OMG she should get her disgusting over exaggerated fake eyelashes off!” Ew haters FK OFF

  3. The devoted wife role of Karen Wu to Bosco Wong in this series is simular to the Changing Hearts with Joey Meng and Michael Miu.

  4. yawn, the so-called sex scenes are nothing more than cheap gimmicks, so typical of tvb.

  5. I want to see the same recycled product. Same actresses and actors, same type of scriptwriting. Miss M Club.

    1. Why Kate everything is bad?…hahaha..could be 2008 Moonlight Resonance Kate as Lo Ka Mei ?

  6. Wow this series is not that good. Kinda reminds me of the series with Michael Miu and Joey Mung. The only good part is Ben Wong looks cute with lil bit of facial hair and a tan.

    That’s good tvb gave Sharon and Toby’s mom more screen time.

  7. I think this series is ok so far hopefully it will get mor interesting next week

  8. The ratings were 22 points peaking at 25 points…stop lying Jaynestars.

    1. yes, you’re right; rating is not high as the article said.

  9. The ratings for last week averaged 22 and peaked at 26. The ratings in the article is misleading.

    1. Ratings for last week:
      Avg: 22 points Highest: 23 points Lowest: 20 points.

      1. Sharon Chan’s fault. Lots complaining that she has too much screentime. My sister almost shouting and crying in my ears that she wants to watch Bosco not Sharon and Sharon’s family again but Bosco only appears here and there to move some plot. CEO must be too busy.

      2. 29 Complaints filed for TUA for last week

        7 : Bosco has too little screentime
        2 : Storyline digress too much
        20 : primetime series has [email protected] content and p-rn-graphic material

  10. All you guys watch it, if rating hits above 28. We all we see Kate and Bosco reveal more skin and back.

    1. 22 points is pretty low for bosco’s series. i guess 25 points are above benchmark level

  11. How does TVB calculate their ratings?

    As far as I know, the TV ratings reported are pretty low. I know the drama is available on various Chinese video websites and on TVB’s myTV, and on a couple of other illegal sites. I think they calculate myTV ratings, but views are definitely highest on Chinese video sites. Wonder if they factor that in too?

    1. nope, I think they only calculate ratings from mytv? not sure though 🙂

  12. I hate Bosco shorts with suit! Kate is pretty bad in this series, her cop character is always have her hair done and make up done lol! Yes and what is up with the added english lol

    1. the “added english” is great imo. love the hongkong English accent hehehe but the Hk accent isn’t that strong here, probably because most of theme studied overseas lol. LOL & srsly, name me a TVB series where the female cop isn’t looking glamorous lol. they are actors/actresses , obviously they have to look good? & anyways kate RESIGNED, so her hairstyle & outfits suit the current financial professional now HAHA

      1. Arm and Reaction 1 , 2 , 3, 4 Didn’t see Ester or Ada coming to work with hair curled up nor full blast make up on. E.U all the ladies there were pretty plane Jane. Niki Chow sergeant tabloid, hair comb to the side suitable for work oh yes and no high heel shoes. To think of it I can’t remember when I seen glam up cop such as Kate. hehe.

    2. oh sorry but the people you mentioned are so insignificant I totally forgot about them lol. oops. but anyway erm it isn’t Kate’s choice? It’s the makeup artists for the drama , costume directors etc. soo… yeah. & also oh puhlease lol every TVB actress puts on false eyelashes it’s just a matter of whether it’s very obvious or not lol. and as I was saying in my previous comment, SHE RESIGNED AS A COP SO HER STYLE SUITS THE FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL ROLE OKAY BYE

      1. LOL I never blame kate for the make up and choice of clothes. Of course it is the styles fault and the people who Okay-ed it. I don’t think anyone blamed Kate for the styles. They just choose eye lashes that are to extravagant for her eyes. I don’t know where they are getting at on this. Look at how they style Bosco, what is up with his red suit, and them shorts lol. Anyways don’t be made, I am not putting down the artist looks.

      2. LOL I never blame kate for the make up and choice of clothes. Of course it is the styles fault and the people who Okay-ed it. I don’t think anyone blamed Kate for the styles. They just choose eye lashes that are to extravagant for her eyes. I don’t know where they are getting at on this. Look at how they style Bosco, what is up with his red suit, and them shorts lol. Anyways don’t be mad.

  13. I’ve only seen one episode of this so far and I agree that it’s not spectacular, but I’ve been a fan of Bosco, Nancy, and Kate at one point in time so there is something about their series that I still try to catch. TVB also hasn’t done a drama centering around the financial industry in a while. I think I might have wanted to see Ruco in Bosco’s role a tad bit more as the financial shark, hehe.

    First impression thoughts are as follows:

    Bosco – He’s okay. I like seeing him onscreen so even if his acting is never perfect, I can’t really complain. But what is up with the ridiculous full on red suit in the first episode? I know he’s fashion-forward, but he wasn’t really that hot in the red lol.

    Nancy – I’ve always liked the way Nancy presents herself onscreen and she pronounces all her Cantonese so crisp and clear. Not much to say about her, but I guess she’s my favorite female in this drama so far?

    Kate – Is she wearing hair extensions? Her hair is awfully long and doesn’t really suit the cop look, but I’ve looked past the fact that TVB female cops never look the part. I’m also not a fan of her ties. Too bulky. She’s also a little boring atm, but I’ve only seen one episode and the focus seemed to be more on Bosco and Ben than the females.

    Ben – I think he’s the strongest cast member among the leads. He’s the cop that doesn’t look like a gentleman (chewing apples while on operations wth? but it’s hilarious), but has good morals. His relationship Sharon is also sweet, but he seems to care more about the relationship than she does.

    Sharon – Not really a fan of how she’s Ben’s superior, but like the TVB female cop being all glammed up issue, I’ve came to accept this as well. For an inspector, she sounds more like a cheerleader when she tells her team to get to work lol.

    I will still continue watching regardless of all the flaws, however.

    1. After watching the ultimate addiction for 8 episodes:

      Bosco as Damon- Best thing and actor of the series. Without him the drama will be even more lacklustre. His acting is natural smooth, well contained and he has the right charisma for the role.

      Nancy as Anson – Her acting is good as usual. She’s exceptionally elegant in this series although it makes her look older and love how her and Bosco’s dress sometimes color coordinated. She has good chemistry with Bosco.

      Kate as Gia – Kate is extremely monotonous and her eyelashes and curls are in the way. She’s hotter if she’s more natural.

      Ben – Ben is stellar as usual, but I agree with some others that he looks a bit too dark and old.

      Sharon – Worst actor of the series. Miscast for the role. Unconvincing as the cop.

      1. Elena – Best Actress of the drama. She has good chemistry with Bosco and Ben

      2. Lol tbh I think Kate was alright in this drama lol. yes I’m a fan of her, but in all honesty & without being biased, I think her hairstyle & outfit is fine? hmm opinions differ though no hard feelings. her acting is fine & im looking forward to her chemistry with bosco xD

  14. I find this serie ok , i watched for Nancy and Bosco. Kate sure very mono and her character is boring lol

    1. are you jealous or are you another hardcore nancy/bosco fan so you hate everyone else lol

  15. So far, I’m getting the impression that Kate’s character in this series is not too different from Forensic Heroes 3 – same hair, same attire, same expressions. Her acting never really stands out, no matter who she portrays. In her dramas, there are always instances when I feel like she’s playing the same person.

    1. Lol how is it “not too different form forensic heroes 3l when she isn’t a cop anymore? the feelings of both dramas are totally different lol I don’t see any similarities? but watch on, maybe it’ll become more exciting yeah? :))

    2. Basically what you mean is Kate is playing herself in every single role.

  16. Kate’s Engrish is amazing. I Actually had to read the chinese subtitle to comprehend her engrish

    1. Agreed, And i thought she studied overseas? For someone who has studied in the States to enunciate how she does… it’s pretty hilarious!

      1. That’s just not right. I’ve seen her interviews with Singapore TV and she may try to put on an accent, but after a while hers is HK accent which they have a peculiar way of saying things. That being said, she carried out the entire interview in English, no cue cards, no ehmmmm or errr or ahhhh. She spoke clearly and in a chatty way in English/ So I beg to differ. She was grammatically correct and she enunciated clearly so her English is actually very very good.

      2. Lol yes she did but she’s from Hong Kong after all. maybe it’s just the accent. but IMO her accent is fine. it’s understandable :)) & for someone who grew up in Hong Kong, her English is better than some other TVB artistes who GREW UP OVERSEAS & can’t even speak proper English lol lame (not mentioning who though) . and once again, Kate’s English is great lol

  17. Bosco’s sister’s acting in this series is terrible. Why does she always have to tilt her head up when she is speaking? Very unnatural. A newbie should not be given so much dialogue.

    1. ifkr HAHAH her acting sucks but give her a break, after all it’s her first drama and she’s probably nervous and everything in front of big stars/ more experienced ones like bosco Kate nancy etc :)) but nevertheless i agree that her acting sucks lol

  18. TUA plot is terrible as usual TVB often fails to write flawless script :p

  19. Nancy Wu’s acting skills are good, I personally find her body is nice.

  20. Same old cast again and uncreative plot, I have skipped the series even though I like Kate and Bosco as actress/actor.

    This series makes me miss M Club even more than I already do.

  21. Just started watching.. Omg, it’s painful to watch. What’s up with the English?? And kate! Urgh… Urgh.. Just painful.

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