“The Ultimate Addiction” Cast Did Not Celebrate for Finale

The finale of The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手> received moderate ratings at 24 points last week. The 30-episode series garnered mediocre reviews and unimpressive viewership ratings in Hong Kong during its run. Despite the results, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) expressed that he is still satisfied with the series.

Bosco, Sharon Chan (陳敏之), and Michael Tse (謝天華) attended a function to promote for an upcoming friendship concert that will take place in Manila, Philippines on August 16. When asked why the cast of The Ultimate Addiction did not gather to watch the finale together, Bosco explained it had nothing to do with the series’ ratings; several artistes were not in Hong Kong at the time. Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) are both abroad, and even Bosco just returned home a few days ago.

Regarding the series’ mediocre ratings, Bosco tried his best in his performance and viewers’ reception is beyond his control. Although Hong Kong viewership ratings were quite low, Bosco pointed out that the series attracted an impressive number of online viewers from Mainland China.

Sharon Chan to Postpone Wedding?

Earlier tabloids claimed Sharon Chan plans to marry her boyfriend, William Lui (雷偉信), this coming October. However, her upcoming work schedule may signal otherwise. Sharon needs to film a drama for the rest of the year, and will not have time for a wedding until early 2015.

In addition, Sharon revealed she recently signed a two-year contract with a music company. When asked if she is afraid it will affect her marriage plans, Sharon replied, “It won’t matter, because these things can occur at the same time.”

Source: stheadline.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Was it that bad that the cast did not even come together to celebrate its finale?

    1. Nancy on vacation. Kate I think too ashamed because many audience blame her annoying acting for the low rating?

    2. Yes, Kate was annoying throughout the drama until to the last 2 ending episodes where she performed a little better.

      But Sharon is also as bad, her model-like walking in tight-fitting short skirts, and her dismal performance as a woman turned bad is just so irritating to watch. She’s just not believable at all.

      The only saving grace is Nancy. She is superb in every aspect.

      1. I don’t know why Kate Tsui has to wear the same outfit and tie all the time episode after episode. It feels like she sleeps in that outfit and comes back to work the next day in it. Doesn’t she realize that if the story tells the audience another day, don’t you think she will change into different outfit going to work. I just don’t get it. I don’t think it is cool in any way but annoying.

    3. Yes, this show is horrible. Nothing to celebrate about. The only saving grace is Bosco and Nancy.

      Kate, Sharon and Genie (the sister) is horrible to watch. The storyline is not going anywhere.

      1. Haha I have to agree with most of you here about Kate, Ginnie, Sharon and Bosco/Nancy.

  2. It is low rating because it is one of the worst series. And maybe online numbers not counted?

    1. The rating is not too low for the year 2014. It averaged at 22 while the highest is only 25. Sooner or later, 22 will be the rating of celebration. If I read right, Cold Mountain with the same rating of 22 is celebrating?

      1. Selena Li shines and praised in Cold Mountain nothing wrong celebrating but Kate don’t want to maybe because she got criticized all over and Nancy take her limelight.

      2. Cricisms do not have any work to do with celebrations of rating.

  3. same old plot, unexciting cast.. after five eps, I stopped watching.

    1. cheap quality, the plot doesn’t make sense.

      1. The plot too slow and cheap. Not connecting at all.

      2. I haven’t completed a tvb drama since the greet of heart. I decided to give tvb a chance this time with the “Ultimate addiction” but oh boy, the first few chapters I’ve wanted to give up. I forced myself to finish the whole drama and of course it was very disappointing. It took forever for me to finish the entire series.

      3. I watched the whole drama, the plot was badly scripted. I can only continue because I want to know what will happen to Bosco(Check Yuk) and Nancy(Cheuk Tai)

    2. exactly. the actor/actress were not really acting but playing themselves, almost the same as all their other series.

      1. The settle was really cheap they kept reusing old buildings from other series and the ending was so predictable and I guess the budget was cheap and casts weren’t that good.

      2. Yaya the part when Steven Wong want to suicide the barrier was too fake like a kindergarten stage play!

  4. Kate should have been jailed for her c-coin scam. The drama started out good but got very boring after the first few chapters.

    1. i agree, it stopped making sense after episode 15 so something

      1. yeh i stop at ep15 , getting boring with kate lol

    2. Ya ya agree the show so bias to Kate so annoying she can make many suffer with c coin but not getting punished by law

  5. The series wasn’t soooo bad…(IMHO) I really liked Bosco and Nancy together… didn’t care for Bosco and Kate…their chemistry just isn’t the same…or maybe it’s all Nancy… I find that no matter who she is paired up with…she can bring the character to life

    1. Agree! I watch this drama because of Nancy. Kate is too fake.

      1. Totally Agreed, Nancy so much better.
        Kate boring and fake, no wonder she did not get any award for the past year.

    2. It’s Kate. Her acting is horrible in this show. Nancy should’ve been the lead and end up with Bosco.

  6. In these series Sharon acting is much better than Nancy Wu. Nancy stills can’t be a leading actress yet she has alot more to polish on her acting skills.

    1. You got to be kidding me!
      Sharon’s acting in this drama was so exaggerated and unnatural that it made her look like a rookie. Nancy’s acting is levels above her, as a matter of fact, she was arguably the best actor in this series. There’s no reason why she’s still a supporting cast. She’s better than many actors/actresses in TVB.

      1. i agree with this too. most of the time she always gets the evil or annoying role, yet she always finds a way to make the viewers appreciate her and actually sympathize with her. I’ve liked her acting since she started at tvb!

      2. I agree, Sharon always have that constipated look when she gets upset. LOL Sharon was ok when she was still at CCB but when she went evil after jail, her acting was horrible and walked funny. Nancy by far is a more natural actress but the worst is Kate. SMH not sure why she is even a lead actress.

      3. I agree with you too that Nancy is much better 🙂

      4. Sharon was modelling in the drama instead of acting.

      5. Sharon’s clothes and walking style inappropriate and pretentious as heck.

      6. 7 people, including me disagreed with you.
        Hahaha, you sure must have said something wrong!

        I had written this in the above comment:

        “Yes, Kate was annoying throughout the drama until to the last 2 ending episodes where she performed a little better.

        But Sharon is also as bad, her model-like walking in tight-fitting short skirts, and her dismal performance as a woman turned bad is just so irritating to watch. She’s just not believable at all.

        The only saving grace is Nancy. She is superb in every aspect.”

      7. Im d 8th person..it so obvious that Nancy can act much better than Sharon.

      8. Nancy is the best and only good one. Kate and Sharon can’t act.

    2. lol you’re kidding @soo? Nancy acting are way better than Sharon and also Kate too.

    3. Okay both of them suck and should be a supporting cast. I didn’t like both but Nancy character made her seem like such a good and strong women. Same with Kristal Tin in brothers keeper her role got her TVB QUEEN. I didn’t like her acting at all and she really look like shes in her 40s-50s. In the new drama she trying act like shes in the 20s but she really look like aunt in her 40s. And of course she gets the role where she the leader and where she always help people and willing do anything for her people.

      1. Uhm, nancy is good actress, but her role is not a good woman. She is willing to do anything and everything for her husband. Sure, she loves him, but doing illegal stuff for his sake still make her bad, not good. She’s a strong woman, but not a good one 🙂

    4. You must be kidding the ranking is Nancy is wayy better she’s a pro than Sharon and last place is Kate.

    5. Did Sharon has plastic surgery? Yaya her face always look constipated

      1. Sharon Chan’s nose definitely went through PS. The cartilage between the two nostrils has obviously been cut.

  7. This series is So/so it was kind of boring to start of with it got a lil beta alomost towards the end

  8. I think the series wrapped up very well. Everyone has a closing. Kate and bosco= excellent!!! And kate did a great job with the subtheme song!

    1. Oh no no no 🙂 not excellent!!! May be must Kate to be a full time singer or dancer. She is good in that way. But acting with another stars you can see how low her level is.

    2. You must be a hard core fan of kate and bosco…

      They KILLED the show…

    3. What? No way I don’t even notice Kate falling for him bad acting by Kate and not enough chemostry. Bosco and Nancy have tons chemistry! Nancy is awesome!

  9. Can sum1 tell me the ending since i stopped watching lomg ago

  10. I like the ending part where Ben Wong will always love and miss Sharon.

      1. Yep, I noticed that too. He paid more attention to the ring than Sharon’s character. haha 🙂

      2. I saw that too Lmao Ben care more about the ring than Sharon. True ya

  11. Uhm, I went in and thought this series will be really bad like everyone made out to be, to my surprise, I was ok with it :0 it’s not the greatest, it’s not the worst, it’s watchable 🙂 bosco’s sister was pretty bad, but didnt seem to have significant amount of screen time like I thought she would, same with Sharon’s family. The only thing I felt a bit choking and yawnage was Ben, Sharon and the other chick love story. It’s so cliche -.- and predictable in term of who ends up with who. Love story between bosco and Kate is unexpected in development but expected in result 🙂 overall, it’s watchable, a lot more than the new legend of sword series… Maybe because I have high expectation for that one >_>

    1. Also, Ben and Sharon… Chemistry what :/

      1. Sorry, phone stuffed up. It posted the last comment I made before I could even see where the chat box is to type -.-
        Anyway, I like the love hate relationship between bosco and Kate, possibly the first time I actually like bosco. Bosco and nancy, I don’t see much chemistry, I see a husband knowing his wife and respect her but not love her. In a way, nancy loves him but does everything for him instead of telling him what’s right and what’s wrong. She let him do whatever.
        Kate, however, refused his help, refuse his love, refuse to acknowledge her love if it is wrong. She made him realise what’s important and in a sense that force him to see who he truly love. True that there is no kissing scene between them prior to their acceptance, but you can feel how they draw to each other. In a way, Kate does thing very considerately, just like bosco. Even though for her it was to buy their trust and for him, it was to save Nancy’s face.

        All in all, it’s not as bad as everyone make out to be and I love Kate and bosco pairing 🙂

  12. Everyone has different opinions and point of view, to me this series was good. Especially, my favorite couple was in this one…. Love Kate and Bosco!!!

    1. I thought I was gonna read complaint after complaint, until I skipped all the way down here.

  13. The cutest ending ever…. I was surprised that TVB finally gave Bosco and Kate a happy ending 🙂

  14. They should have gotten someone older to play Bosco’s role. How could there be so many bad actors/actresses in one series? Besides Nancy, Ben, and the lady with the dog, everyone else’s acting was subpar at best.

    1. I think Bosco and Jazz were great. Nancy obviously rocks. I found Ben and Elena boring and bland and on
      Y rehashing their normal acting. Ben could’ve done better at the part where Sharon died, he lacks emotional punch there. Waste of a huge and climax emotional scene.

      1. Bosco character is handsome but so stupid to choose Kate and leave Nancy. I hate his endong. All the guys in this show cannot be liked. Only Nancy is a character to root for everyone else is bad or no excitement at all.

      2. I never thought Ben could act. He’s so stiff. Didn’t get why he won an award a couple years back.

  15. whenever I see him, I think of park hae jin. anyone?

    1. it’s the lips. Bosco reminds me of his old dog, Kapun…

  16. please stop giving lead roles her kate.
    she is a horrible actresses. and im bored of seeing the pair kate and bosco. isnt there any other people left??

  17. i stop watching at Ep15 , what happened at the end, did Bosco n Nancy get back together?

    1. No no nope they make Bosco end with Kate in a super rushed and horrible ending! They make Nancy encourage Bosco to go to Kate how stupid is that? Yup everthing good leave to lead actress #1

      1. WTF that’s horrible ending lol lucky i stop watching half way.

      2. the whole love triangle between them is stupid. who came up w/ the idea? there was no logic!

      3. Yaya very stupid love triangle Kate character why suddenly got that much love from Bosco? Too pathetic

  18. The Ultimate Boring Generic TVB with casts that have no chemistry drama

  19. started out with the quick pace and interesting plot, then in a typical manner…it got sloppy and dragging to a point of nonsense.

    Talk about exaggerating acting: point to Sharon. Her portrayal of madam look is cringe worthy. seriously.

    Talk about annoying acting: point to Kate. Seriously. If anything is her acting young ‘princess’ and post accident. actually, scrap tat, her performance in this series is just too superficial.

    Got to learn from Nancy. Superb control of her emotions and deliverance of her lines. Please give her a nomination already.

    And what’s with the rushed & ridiculous ending?!!!

    1. Agree and agree. Why Kate and Sharon are promoted too much over awesome Nancy?

    1. There is reason why Kate got awarded Worst HK Actress of 2013

  20. Sharon can get the marriage license in between the series anytime…as for the lavish wedding, I guess it can wait.

  21. Plot started off strong but as in many TVB series, it faded badly…

  22. Just curious… Why an actress get criticize the most always get leading roles and being most popular among her peers? However, the one that get praise the most, still remain at supporting roles? Tvb will not promote an artist that doesn’t bring good revenues to the company. There must be a reason why she get promoted, there are so many factors like tvb, media, advertisers, and the audience love her. Of course not all of the audience love her, for a fact that even though they dislike an actress but they still watching all of her dramas so that they can give unfriendly comments. She can generate so many noise doesn’t matter the drama is good or is a flop, people still watching and pay attention to her the most. This could be a reason why she is getting promoted and being so popular.

  23. Sharon and Kate’s acting make the low ratings! They can’t act only want to look pretty and catwalk like model.

  24. Besides Bosco and Nancy, everyone else are bad cast and acting especially Kate and Bosco’s sister. Ben and Elena’s acting are deathly boring and need to try new characters though Elena is classy. Toby has the nicest character but her acting is flat and her English is irritating.

    And why does Sharon has the most screentime and plot over everyone else? She’s sub par at best.

    Bosco is fantastic but I love his character better in Young Direnjie and his martial arts and acting are cool.

  25. Are we sure about Mainland ratings?
    I heard it has been banned…

    The plot is interesting but the acting of selected people sucks…Never find them good but never realised its that bad

    1. I disagree I think the plot is illogical and did not flow properly. Sharon’s transformation and conviction to jail was unbelievable. A joke. Genie’s death was horrible and illogical. Kate never got in trouble for all her bad deals, unbelievable. Too many boring scenes of certain characters. I agree that selected people: Kate, Sharon, Genie, Toby acting are sub par to horrible.

      1. Uhm, Kate character did get punished, for 6 months she was handy cap, and useless and a while before that she was literally live like a beggar. Sure, it might not be enough, but in a sense, she got her karma, and the series promote seeking redemption, rather than straight punishment, I.e jail time. It seems everyone think Kate don’t get punished… But she kinda did. I agree Sharon’s transformation is a bit of a rush, it was not built strong enough

      2. although i don’t like toby, but i think her acting skills overall is not too shabby

      3. Lol Kate deserve to fall down the cliff and hurt for her own stupidity. She never paid for her C-coin involvement and selling her friends and so stupid wei the CCB all cannot find any evidences and bad guy need to turn themselves in by volunteer

      4. if you are going to critique Bosco’s sister, at least get her name right.

        It’s Ginnie, not Genie.

  26. I found it unprofessional for TVB and the drama crews to leave Bosco defending the drama alone. He did what he could. The bad SCRIPT and illogical PLOT was the real perpetrator. If this is a movie the director is the captain who should be the frontline. I suffered through 30 episodes, but the drama managed to make gain Cheuk Yuk’s cool hairstyle idea for the summer break.

  27. I was extremely glad & happy Bosco sister died, she was THAT bad.

    1. with the “lah” or “ah” sound endings in each line… I was fed up with her.

    2. Gloria make Eliza sam and Tracy Chu look like TV Queen

      1. Winkie lai first time acting too in m club and better than all 3 above.

  28. I really don’t know what’s up with Sharon being the main villain after halfway thru the series. I almost want to demand an explanation from TVB. Worst plot twist ever to save the main character.

    1. Sharon so pretentious as heck to be the villain. Why I’m not sad at all when she died must be bad acting

  29. I liked this series despite a lot of negative comments. Prefer the chemistry between Kate And Bosco.

  30. I don’t think Kate acting is bad in this drama. It’s just her character is a third party. People criticize her because they don’t accept the truth that Damon is truly love Gia and they end up together…. Lol …Again, there are always pros and cons, I do see Kate gets a lot of compliments too 🙂

  31. To me, Selena li herself beats Kate tsui and sharon chan in acting. Never gonna watch a drama with Kate tsui in it. So boring

    1. Yaya agree Selena is better than Sharon and Kate.

  32. I realized that all of the current TVB Fadan got lots of harsh criticisms. However, the second line actresses got all the praises… Lol

  33. Plot started well but ended horribly. How can he choose Kate over Nancy? It’s just so illogical. He had no chemistry with Kate. I don’t see the relationship happening but it suddenly just happen with such a quick heart change. Stopped watching.

  34. Both Sharon and Katy acting skills are unnatural, but due to their looks, TVB give them the leading actress. That’s way they unable to win an award.I agreed Nancy is much more better than both of them.

  35. I was so hyped for this drama, but it didn’t impress me too much due to the amount of plot holes and the bad script. However, there is way too much negativity about the cast (besides Toby, MC Jin etc). I don’t find Kate to be a horrible actress but she can only play specific roles and people seem to hate her poker face. Sharon simply had too much unnecessary screen. time. Both Ben & Elena’s characters were “boring” but both actors are superb and always have been. The main cast were fine, Bosco/Nancy/Ben/Elena’s acting was great.

  36. Let’s cross our fingers the apostle will turn out okay….

  37. Can nancy finally get some respect from tvb. She’s always given the supporting role yet she’s probably one of the best actresses tvb has. Promote the girl. She’s pretty and is a brilliant actress. Stop the madness!

    1. Agree. How many times now Nancy is the supporting but overshadow the main lead? In this show people root for Nancy and hate Kate because of Nancy acting very awesome. Nancy is one of the best actress TVB ever had

      1. Totally agree. Nancy Wu just does not seem to have much luck and favours from TVB!

  38. Ben’s acting didnt have that excitement. I mean yeah his acting is fine but somehow it just stops at being ‘fine’

    1. Ben need a breakthrough character now he’s only playing himself the same roles over and over again. Ya ya no excitement only generally ok.

    2. Ben lacks something. His acting is fine but he still gives off the supporting actor vibe, just as usual but I don’t like watching him much.

  39. I love Nancy Wu. She’s the only good one in here

  40. Why don’t you guys stop commenting on how bad Gloria is and instead, join tvb to make changes.

  41. I think Kate outshines all the casts in this drama… Based on the comments about Kate’s acting, it proves that people love to watch her… Lol

    1. I agree with you. Her (Kate) facial expressions deliver the emotions and messages. Love her on screen chemistry with Bosco. They should have more screen time together

  42. I can’t believe I let myself watch the full crappy drama with a disastrous script. I can only stand Bosco and Nancy. I give TUA 1 star just because of Bosco and Nancy’s acting.

  43. Why would they celebrate the finale? Because the drama was total crap? Kate sucks at acting that’s final. The rest were eh. And the plot is so damn predictable.

    1. I have seen worse Tory line. TUA is not bad, financial theme refreshing. It’s easy to play one monotonous role, but Kate playing 4 role – mysterious role in CCB, then pretend to be someone she is not to win bosses trust, becoming someone with brain damage , then back to her own self when she let go off her past. Not easy I think so please be fair and reasonable to Kate.

      1. You’ve got a very good point there. Kate’s playing different roles in this drama. To me, Kate does a very good job transforming each character’s emotional very well. Before her father’s death, Gia is care-free, cheerful, simple and bubbly girl. Then, she become mysterious, emotionless and calm woman in order to get revenge. Her next character transforming is portraying an agnosia sickness person caused by a severe brain injury. Great performance on episode 17, her emotional scene with Bosco is fantastic. Last but not least, love-hate relationship between Damon and Gia. I can feel that she is confused, stressful, anger, and frustration in this romance. Overall, Kate has improved a lot through-out the years, she puts a lot of efforts portraying her character and bring it to life. We’ll done Kate!

      2. Have you seen Kate acting in Sniper Standoff? She was absolutely faking her acting skills in every episode. Kate became a terrible actress, after Highs and Lows came out. And also, many actors and actress have played different roles in one drama, and they did a very great job. For example, Bobby Au-Yeung, in Always and Ever, he did a great job playing, a modern day cop, a 50s cop, and a judge during the Song Dynasty. Why couldn’t Kate do a better job? It is because she is newer than Bobby Au Yeung? Absolutely not!

  44. just because kate is always acting as a slurt or a third party in almost every drama, does that mean she is one? and you have already had a bad impression towards her thats why you think her acting is bad. so you’re trying to say tvb simply accepts ppl who cant act and simply give them awards too?

    1. I fully support what you say.There’s always a reason for you to dislike someone, it’s ok to dislike an actress for her character, but not too personal. It’s so unfair to criticize Kate bad acting because you don’t like her as an actress in general. Nobody is perfect, but to me Kate is a perfect and a best actress that no one can replace.

  45. how is kate annoying? its called acting. her charater was given the role to be like one. so how do you expect her to say no? and theres always a reason why the director chose her to play that role.

    i know some just cant accept bosco and kate being together at the end. but from the whole drama, it is proven that bosco still love his wife nancy and has fallen in love with kate. and he is rich. so whats wrong with having two ladies? you can also see how much bosco has saccrifice for kate in the drama. unless you didnt watch the whole drama ( every single part) … so theres no right for u to complain or comment on TUA.

  46. What!? They should really count the ONLINE viewers because I believe MANY more viewers are from online and also who are those that LIKE this series! It wasn’t too bad like most of you are complaining… I like its plot.

  47. Like many others I can’t believe I sat through the entire crappy script of a drama until the unbelievable ending. Eiw at the ending when Cheok Yok chooses Zhi Nga how can they end it like that. I hate Kate. I only go on because of Nancy and Bosco. Everyone else are below par in their acting except Elena. Ben is disappointing he’s usually good, what happened to him?

    1. The ending is like that because the producer must’ve love Kate and need to give her a good ending at the expense of Nancy.

    2. Ben is bad because he’s working with Sharon most of the time. They have no chemistry.

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