Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui Hope “The Ultimate Addiction” Ratings Rise in Finale

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) promoted their drama, The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手>, in Hong Kong in hopes of raising viewership.

Although the drama has been garnering mediocre ratings in Hong Kong, episode 15 managed to gain over 200 million hits in Mainland China. Bosco shrugged at the large difference, stating that the team has done their best in promoting The Ultimate Addiction. “It can’t be helped, we already tried very hard to promote. Mainland’s reception has been very good; a lot of series don’t even get 100 million viewers in the 30th or 40th episode. I hope we’ll get another 100 million during the finale – that’ll be very good indeed!”

Bosco remained very friendly with reporters until the mention of his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Yeung (楊崢). When asked if he visited her when he was working in Mainland, Bosco curtly answered, “It’s been so long! Why talk about it? It’s enough!” Immediately afterwards, Bosco excused himself and stated that the event was about to start.

Kate just celebrated her 35th birthday last week. To commemorate the occasion, she treated herself to a short vacation to Turkey along with a couple of close friends. On whether she received any special gifts for her birthday, Kate laughed, “I didn’t even get a single flower, I really need to re-evaluate myself. But I’m happy that I received a video of my two nieces singing Happy Birthday. It was sweet and cute.”


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  1. This show is so boring – it is painful watching Kate.
    Nothing against her, but she really needs to improve

    1. The only one who redeem themselves is Bosco, Nancy and their 2 staff in that company.

      Kate and the rest of CCB -just terrible, painful to watch like you say.

      Bosco’s sister is terrible too.

      1. so true bosco sister is horrible!!! likewise is kate…. zzzz. please find people who can act to play leading roles….

      2. haha, yeah bosco’s sister has just a pretty face. ccb…can’t stand it when they say they are buddies. can’t stand how tobby keeps speaking in english…i think the guy, think his name’s jin speaks fluent english even he doesn’t show off his skills as much as she did….

      3. @m0m0

        yeah, it’s MC Jin, he’s from America, so of course he speaks fluent English. I know what you mean, I have that feeling as well. When MC Jin speaks English, it comes out very naturally, but when Toby does, (even though her pronunciation is very good) I have a very forced and unnatural feel with her

      4. Totally don’t get what you meant by force. If you could flaunt your fluent english, why not? Don’t be envious because she has the ability to speak fluent english. What is painful to look at is the hatred and negative comments you all could give. Glass half-empty as per say?

      5. Hey, John Madison

        I think you’ve totally missed the point. I don’t think people are unhappy with Toby Leung and MC Jin because they speak fluent English and hence the jealousy as you say. I think people are just annoyed by the way they flaunt their English when it is not necessary in this show. Toby’ s character is not some ABC or CBC, or studied overseas. If she was any of that then it would make more sense. But she isn’t. So it’s very distracting for us viewers. Let’s say you’re watching some western sitcom or show where everyone is speaking English. There’s an actor/actress in this show, who in real life learned to speak fluent Mandarin, thumbs up to her. But she every now and then says her lines in Mandarin in this and that scene because she wants to flaunt her multi-language skills, throwing everyone off in the process. Wouldn’t you have a WTF reaction, too?

    2. Agree with you. I find Kate’s crying scenes very annoying. Those falsies are so annoying ! yes everyone wants to look prettier and everyone is wearing them but Kate always chooses the overly dramatic ones .everyone else like Toby Sharon and Nancy looks way more natural with their falsies

      1. I like Kate’s falsies sometimes. There are times when I notice they are lengthier and maybe they don’t suit her smaller eyes. I haven’t had an issue with them here though.

      2. The drama so bored. I don’t understand the c coin parts and the police parts are so boring.

        Nancy Wu acting
        Nancy Wu purple-pink dress
        Nancy Wu fit body
        Bosco Wong acting
        Bosco Wong handsome
        Helena Kong acting
        Helena Kong perfect skin

        The plot
        Kate Tsui fake acting
        Kate Tsui fake eyelashes
        Kate Tsui bad English
        Little sister Ginnie acting
        Sharon Chan acting
        Sharon Chan plastic face
        Sharon Chan brother acting
        CCB police fake acting
        CCB police ‘Who are we? We are CC Buddies!’ Buwekkkk…
        The too many English in canto dialogues

      3. Those CC buddies with their slogan are ridiculous dumb. Serious professionals with their childish ‘we are CC buddies’. That’s why Bosco’s character thinks he can outsmart them anytime hahahaha.

    3. Series is terrible they needed a better veteran beside Ben wong. And TVB has been cheaper lately they have alot less actors/extras. 3-4cops at ccb and 1 head really? Back then there would be like 8 polices and 1 head.

      1. And side note Kate can’t play undercover roles. And when kate has a coma why would she be wearing eyelashes?

    4. Totally agreed Chloe.. It’s very painful to watch Kate Chui every night especially our relax time watching drama time… 🙁

    5. Kate’s acting is fine. Idk y all u guys keep repeating “”OH, KATES acting SOOOO ANOYYING””
      She can be a lil but give it a break guys! Like come on!

      1. No, her acting is terrible. Being in the industries as long as she has, Kate’s acting is horrible

    6. This show is so bad, I cannot even force myself to finish it. Kate and the girl that plays Ginnie are horrible actresses. The writers of this show must be messed up. The people who are bad and deserve to die/put in jail does not get what they deserve (Kate & Bosco) and the people that are good are not getting what they deserve. The “good” people are too good and not even human-like. The only person I like watching is Nancy Wu. This is a terrible show!

      1. This show is so bad! This is a terrible show! Gloria Tang is a horrible actress! Kate is a fake and bad actress! Sharon Chan only know posing! I hate them all! Toby also bad actress hate her english dialogues. I only support Nancy totally! Nancy is so poor! I hate Bosco why is he so bad husband at Nancy and choose the irritating fake eyelashes Kate?? Ben Wong and Elena are boring keep acting the same character in all dramas. What a horrible show!

      2. Support Nancy! I hate Bosco and Kate because they can be together happily and not getting retribution for being bad! Why only Nancy need to suffer and left alone! She’s a great wife! Kate is only a horrible third party! Hate Kate

  2. The drama is good but i wont say its the best, i get annoyed each time when i heard Toby speaking English in this drama it lost the touch of authentic HK drama. I hope tvb can try to minimize the necessity of using too much English in their future drama.

    1. Toby’s voice is excruciatingly annoying to begin with. And when she tries to up her image by throwing in some english here and there, it annoys me to the bone! It’s distracting, ruins a possibly good scene. I wonder sometimes, what the heck is that director doing not shushing her. But then, her dad is some big producer w/TVB.

      1. Toby never improves her acting. She and MC Jin very fake in this show. If not for her dad Toby wouldn’t make it as an actress.

      2. Yeah, it’s so annoying right! geezzzz sometime i just wish they dont include Toby in this drama..No doubt Toby has no Chinese education background (hope i got it right) but doesnt mean in every scene she can ‘squeeze’ in her English. HELLO its a HK drama okay, not CSI.

    2. i dont get that either. dont see why they need to incorporate english words into an otherwise perfect cantonese sentence. unless you’re saying the characters grew up overseas/from overseas and could not string a perfect cantonese sentence. funny how toby or mc jin gets a line whenever that line requires pronunciation in english

      1. HK’ers like to inject English words into Cantonese conversations to show how cool and modern they are.

      2. Yep msxie. Until you hear them raping the proper English pronunciation.

    3. It’s not Toby’s fault that the script writers decided to throw unnecessary English words and phrases. At least she sounds natural when she speaks English, and she can’t help having a raspy voice. Kate on the other hand sounds awful, both in terms of her English and her wanna-be-seductive-voice.

  3. Well Bosco you are marvelous but it stops there because the story is boring and Kate’s character and acting a little annoying at times, and those CCB team are acting like school kids with some cheesy slogan.

    1. There is absolute no creativity in the storyline. A lot of it is copied off of the rise of bit coin in the US. And the parts they made up was just so bad.

      And what’s up with the theme of revenge in TVB series all the time. What a waste of time.

    2. Haha yeah indeed the story is nothing new. I expected more thrilling financial wars and stock games but they can’t write about it at all but instead write boring story about some ccbuddy cops. Yeah the slogan chanting we are ccbuddy thing was totally lame and pretentious. So childish and uncool.

    3. Agreed. I hate the CCB and their ‘who are we?….’ OMG!

      1. “one heart, one mind!”
        i grimaced when they said that

      2. Omg I’m watching this. The cc buddy team is probably the most lame cop team in TVB history!

  4. I rarely watch tvb ever since 2 years ago. But this show is not bad. I actually find myself eagerly waiting for the next few episodes.

    Bosco’s acting is superb!! His facial expressions in the show are just wowww…

    1. Yh I think this series is great and Kate’s acting is preety good cuz it’s different to all her other roles

      1. Finally! Thx ! Most comments up there says Kate is annoying but u ACUTALLY look on the bright side

    2. I disagree that this show is good. The first half story was bad and boring. It only starts to get better this week, buy I agree that Bosco has superb control of his expressions.

    3. Yes I like to watch Bosco’s acting the most. I like his assistant Tiger too. Actually they are not really cold blooded imo, could see that Tiger felt bad for Stanley’s accident. I’m thinking that the death of Kate’s dad might be due to Nancy instead of Bosco, by seeing his reaction when Ben accused him of killing her dad.

      And Kate’s role in this drama reminds me of her role in Highs and Lows. Both had hatred towards someone who caused the death of their loved one and wanted revenge. Her portrayal of the 2 characters gives me the same feeling.

      1. Stanley’s death was an accident wasn’t it, only those CCB people accuse Mr Cheuk of everything when it was Zhi Nga who exposed Stanley and Zhi Nga again who manipulated the C-Coin and made lots of innocent people suffer so she can get her “revenge”. Why don’t they arrest Zhi Nga? Cheuk(and I believe so is Tiger) is not a cold blooded villain, he held compassion to those he loves for instance Ginny, but at the same time he doesn’t want them to get in the way of his money and career growth. Greed is his motivation. That might have changed a bit when he met Zhi Nga and when he knew she is his mentor’s daughter and guilt trip kicks in. He shows a very tender side of himself to Zhi Nga(eps 17).

    4. I agree, but then again, Bosco is always great in his dramas… I usually just watch that particular drama cause he’s in it. LOL, no shame in admitting it.

      Tbh, I never really liked Kate, but somehow this drama made me like her a bit more?! I don’t know, she wasn’t excessively annoying in this drama and I think I’ve grown to like her. I’ve got to say that Sharon’s acting should be commended as well, because I feel like she never gets acknowledged for her acting often.

      Back to the story line, if we’re being completely honest here, I’ve got to say that I got bored quite early into the drama – around episode 10-20? But now I love it again, because there’s less unnecessary drama occurrence. I’m just praying that Kate and Bosco FINALLY have a happy ending.

  5. This series is so bad and even worse than the regular serious tvb dramas, makes me miss M Club so much.

    1. “The series is pretty good compare to most TVB dramas nowadays”

      I don’t really think so. While TVB dramas do seem to be declining in quality over the years, this one in particular is not really an exception. To name a few recent ones, Storm in a Cocoon and Never Dance Alone are much better than this imo.

    2. “The series is pretty good compare to most TVB dramas nowadays”

      I would probably say this last year and the year before that.

      I think TVB series this year improved. My three faves this year so far are Gilded Chopsticks, Storm in a Cocoon, and Never Dance Alone. I would watch them again.

      1. Agree to your best dramas so far this year, but not something I would watch again. I still crave those TVB dramas from about 5-10 years ago (eg. Heart of Greed, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion, Emergency Unit…) which I have rewatched quite a few times and still want to watch again and again.

  6. This series is not good. It doesn’t have a good flow to it. Can’t wait when this is over.

  7. The plots is just… going nowhere and made no sense. Boring series.

    1. Totally agree with you! I quit watching it three episodes ago. Can’t even explain it, but the plot is just extremely boring even though the synopsis sounds good. When you actually watch it, it’s a total letdown. I don’t understand the whole point of the series.

      1. The point of the series is Bosco is seeking for more power and money. People are trying to stop him and Kate is trying to get revenge for his dad. How complicated is that to understand?

      2. That is the plot of the series, and I never said it was complicated. I just find the drama really draggy and boring. Like Funn said, it seems like it is going nowhere at all.

      3. It’s not complicated. It’s just poorly executed.

      4. And excruciatingly BORING! But it’s okay. Some people like boring series, and find a need to defend them. It’s their right to think boring, repetitive, unoriginal and cliche TVB dramas are good.

      5. I don’t undestand why some people like this show. If I didn’t like Nancy+Helena great acting and if Bosco wasn’t so handsome or good acting I would’ve dropped this long ago too. Bad plot, bad and fake main heroine, horrible fake police team – Ben, MC Jin, Toby, etc. Gotta agree on Kate eyelashes too when she’s wearing them during her coma.

  8. I don’t watch this drama not because of Bosco or Kate, because of the story

  9. While I also do find Toby speaking a little too much English on a TVB Cantonese series, audience have to remember that Kate’s character supposedly grew up in America. However, it isn’t clear if Toby’s character’s childhood years were also spent in an English speaking community. BUT I do have to also say that Kate should speak more English – though, her English wouldn’t sound as fluent as Toby’s. Either way, Toby and Kate should discuss prior to fliming.

    1. Cynthia, I am absolutely agree with you. I feel so annoy with Toby converse in English. Well I had enough say of this. Hope in future TVB can re-consider having ‘English-Cantonese’ scene in their future drama.

  10. The drama started out good and interesting but the over exaggerating acting by Kate and Bosco became brutal to watch.

    1. Cannot agree more. That scene where Kate says ‘I dare you’ to Bosco about drinking coffee or something…that’s when I stopped watching the series.

    2. Gosh~ I thought I was the only one who hate this part! I can’t understand y on earth bosco fell in love with zhi nga… I can’t accept that coz that painful to see nancy character as a wife still stand by him…

      1. “can’t understand y on earth bosco fell in love with zhi nga”

        Cuz, they do fun things together (hang gliding, dirt bike motor racing, etc.), she brings success to his company, provides him with Stanley (the mole), C-coin, etc. And, her injured physical condition stemming from her seeking revenge for the death of her father (Jiang Zhi Cheng/蔣智誠) “got him good”.

      2. They do fun things but she’s not like Nancy who stayed with him when he had nothing. Compare with what Nancy did for Bosco, Kate is nothing compare. As a woman, it’s painful to watch a husband left his wife for a woman who didn’t have anything to do with him. Nancy becomes bad because she did nothing wrong. From a woman point of view, I really respect her. Who will accept their husband sleep with another girls and clean the mess after?

    3. I agree with you. I just don’t know how Bosco fall in love with Kate because throughout 24 episodes, they really didn’t show anything between them beside Bosco felt so guilty toward her after he found out she’s his mentor’s daughter. In the beginning of this series, I just really love the way Bosco with Nancy. The way he love her make every woman in this world jealous. And she has the right to get mad because she loves him so much after many things she sacrificed for him and his career. They spent many years to grow the empire and just because a girl come from nowhere, he gave up his career. I just wonder that if he mistook his guilt toward Kate as love?

  11. The tv ratings are low but the drama extremely popular

    1. That’s just Bosco is popular in Mainland. He’s so over in HK.

    2. Its good for bosco he will hit a new level in mainland and it bosco has the highest crazy army based fans

    3. Only popular in mainland because of Bosco’s fans but in HK ratings on average 22.

  12. So many negative comments! This drama must reallllllly suck! Agree that the synopsis sounds interesting so what actually happened to make it so bad? Well, i won’t bother watching to find out or I’ll probably end up demanding a refund for my time spent to watch it.

  13. Agree with the others that this drama is a totally flop right now. I don’t know if it will get better, but there is still something about it that makes me keep coming back. The problem with the show is that it seriously is lacking a plot and comes off as too show-off and pretentious to me. It is an empty story that doesn’t go anywhere and doesn’t have any consequences. After 17 episodes, I still feel as nothing has happened. Sucks because the premise really has potential to be interesting and popular.

    Despite the lame story, I still look forward to Bosco’s performance. I think he’s doing better as the show progresses.

    On the contrary, Nancy who I normally feel like I can back on, is lacking. It may be because her character is cold. I also didn’t think she did that well in the kissing scene with Kate. Maybe I missed something, but I don’t remember why she began so untrusting towards Kate. One minute Kate was her right-hand woman and next, her ultimate enemy.

    Kate, I still don’t know what to say. She can be stiff and unmoved at times, but that’s also her style of acting. Sometimes, it’s acceptable and sometimes it’s awful.

    My impression of Sharon is still the same. She really hasn’t done anything to get promoted to the next officer level. She has sacrificed a lot for a her family, I can see that, but that shouldn’t be the criteria for going up the ladder. Her bf, Ben, has done more work.

    I really enjoy watching Elena and Ben scenes. Their story makes a little more sense and just enjoyable and serene to watch among all that financial and tech junk that doesn’t make any sense.

    Celine Ma and Cheng Chi Seng are also funny.

    It’s unfortunate that I only find the smallest tidbits of the show enjoyable haha.

    1. Lmao, what you wrote “The problem with the show is that it seriously is lacking a plot and comes off as too show-off and pretentious” perfectly sums up another tvb series. I could hv sworn you just described TITS2.

    2. The most pretentious is everyone in the ccbuddy thing. They sound like tvbuddy. So uncool.

    3. “After 17 episodes, I still feel as nothing has happened. Sucks because the premise really has potential to be interesting and popular.”

      “Kate, I still don’t know what to say. She can be stiff and unmoved at times, but that’s also her style of acting. Sometimes, it’s acceptable and sometimes it’s awful.”

      Agree with you! That’s exactly how I feel about the drama’s plot and Kate’s acting. Half the series is over, and yet I feel like nothing happened. Okay, I know a bunch of things actually did happen, but it was uninteresting and didn’t make much impression for some reason. As for Kate, she is a great actress sometimes, and at other times, she is very stiff and lacking. Despite that, I still like seeing her onscreen and hopefully her character development and acting will be more promising in the upcoming episodes.

  14. Boring and can`t get pass kate fake eyelashes. Very distractive…

    1. I don’t get why Kate has to wear obvious false lashes, in every drama in recent years. Other actresses don’t seem to wear them, or even if they do, they look natural. For some time, I enjoyed Kate’s acting, but now it seems like she is the same character in every series. Not sure if it’s her acting or the poor script.

      1. Maybe she got lash extensions so they’re semi-real.

        I actually like her lashes quite a lot in dramas, especially in roles where her character are likely to be more fashionable. I like Kate’s eyes in general and thinks the lashes adds to it haha.

      2. Sorry, I dont know if I have been to attentive to this drama but I realise that, Kate is wearing almost the same heel until yesterday episode. Same heel she’s been wearing in CCB to Brainman. Then the same lacey top. The one that she wore when she is working at Brainman until she was held captivate by Nancy in the icy bathtub also the same BF checked shirt she wore when she meet up with her reporter friend.

    2. Sometimes I find kate acting so boring
      It’s like the most boring drama
      Even bosco’s coffee cat mama got a higher rating than this drama
      Bosco’s acting is superb but just because of the plot and Kate’s acting just ruined the drama

    3. Kate even got the fake lashes on while she’s laying in bed at the hospital. LOL

      1. Cos she’s a plain Jane without her spider-legs lashes. Her duck lips will takeover the rest of her features. Hence she needs the extra extra long lashes to draw away the attention from her big lips.

  15. Just skip the boring first half and watch from episode 16 onwards guys. Trust me it’s better this way because the story got better now although CCbuddy still stupid as always. Bosco is getting superb. Nancy is awesome last night. Elena is solid.

    1. I agree nancy can play any role! Love that scene when she was being super mean to Kate and the scene when she pushed bosco aside her crying scene was so natural compared to Kate’s Whitney crying scenes. Bosco is such a good actor he made me hate his cheuk yuk character

  16. I’m so addicted to Kate and Bosco. Love to see them! So far the drama is pretty good.

  17. this drama is definitely lacking. stopped watching at episode 6….i tried..but just couldn’t continue..they just keep dragging everything..and this being a 30 episode series too? so sad…
    and my god, bosco’s sister is so bad at acting…i understand it was her first time acting but even eliza sam was way better than gloria if we have to compare both series…. T.T what a waste!

    1. Yar only Nancy, Bosco and Helena are watchable. Ben Gor is forever a bad guy in my eyes and he’s annoying here.

      Kate is too bad. I don’t know what happened to her. Everything about her looks fake. I used to like her character in Moonlight Resonance.

      1. I hate her character the most in Moonlight Resonance. It even made me hate the real Kate cause I was too into the character, who was so annoying. It was until many shows and dramas later that I started to like her.

      2. @ Star
        Isn’t it a good thing that Kate in Moonlight made you too into the character. Shows that her acting was really good, so good that you hate her every time you see her. I personally started liking her from Brink of Law onward.

    2. Eliza is a good actress I love her in THC2 and Coffee Cat Mama! Her first time in Distress Diva compare to Gloria’s first time in this show like sky and earth.

      1. is this a joke. Eliza can act?! WTF LOL MY TOES ARE LAUGHING.

    3. “my god, bosco’s sister is so bad at acting…i understand it was her first time acting but even eliza sam was way better than gloria if we have to compare both series”

      AGREED! Gloria Tang’s acting sucks. We all know she’s new and everything, but so far I can safely say that she is the worst first-time actress I’ve seen. Her movements are really unnatural, and it seems like she doesn’t know where she’s supposed to stand and what she’s supposed to do. Plus, there’s something weird about the way she talks and looks at people in the series. Her head is almost always tilted upwards or something…

      1. and the talks so slow!!
        why can’t tvb promote actresses that can actually act (hence, we get the word ‘actress’) instead of promoting new pageant winners

      2. gloria talks so slowly!!
        why can’t tvb promote actresses that can actually act (hence, we get the word ‘actress’) instead of promoting new pageant winners

      3. Elaine Yiu used to be really bad too. I think they need to give more training to these newbies. I mean, Elaine’s performance in that Steven Ma drama as the female lead was so horrible that now she’s still stuck at playing supporting characters. She improved a lot now though, so Gloria Tang probably just needs more time too.

  18. Agree everything around Kate. Something wrong with her acting and styling. Those 5 inch heels make her look like she couldn’t even walk properly. Like she had to concentrate not to tip over. Just go back and watch u will see.

    Toby. Omg. So pretentious. I am an ethnic chinese person who speaks English as a first language. I can tell you that people don’t just add a sentence here and there so abruptly. It has to flow or maybe a word or two would be more natural. The rests of the cast except mc Jin probably doesn’t understand English much. Sound so so bad. Mc Jin grew up in NY? Sure. More like those who never had Caucasian fiends.

    Goosebumps when I watch this. Only nancy and Elena are watchable. Even Ben. He is always angry and shouting.

    1. Agree that the English added in did not flow with their dialogue. It sounded so intentional, might be because of their tone. They changed their tone so abruptly when they switched to English, probably because they wanted to sound like English speakers.

    2. Toby’s random English phrases are really annoying, especially the “Come on! We’re CC Buddies!” I just feel like it’s awkward because no one else really responds to her in English. TVB should have given Kate more English dialogue to make things flow better if they wanted Toby to speak like that.

  19. The first episode bored me, which was a pity because I was kind of looking forward to this series. The plot failed to capture my interest. Bosco and Nancy are good as usual. Haven’t watched enough to comment on Kate but I preferred her girl-next-door look in Bounty Lady than in this series where she looks like a flower vase.

  20. Can anyone tell me what happened to Kate? Her face looks differently weird in this drama, but I can’t really tell what is the difference. Or it is her hair? Or.. what??

    1. Ya she looks bloated. Even in the picture above. Makes it look so round and eyes so small..

  21. I love Nancy & Bosco and Helena & Ben in this drama.

  22. If you say kate is bad at acting. Are you sure you can act better than her?

    1. You can critique someone’s acting without having the ability to act. Although I’m sure 80% of this community can act better than her.

    2. Agreed with Jan. Just because people here aren’t actors, it doesn’t mean they can’t judge those who are.

    3. Kate Tsui is a paid and professional actress, of course we expect good acting. We are not professional actresses, of course we are not supposed to act better than Kate Tsui.

  23. Can someone explain why CCB did not investigate Kate who is responsible for the C Coin?

    1. Cause she is a spy of CCB? Her mentor is ah yung.

    2. Well, Sharon’s character did suspect Kate and kept an eye on her, but the reason behind Kate’s actions was soon revealed before CCB took further action.

  24. I like Bosco but whilst Kate looks bloated he looks overly skinny.

  25. Anyway to Steven Hyunh, he is good looking and decent in acting. But I don’t understand why he always get to play some irritating character? Tvb is weird.

  26. This storyline is just sloppy and rather uninteresting. The only redeeming thing about this drama is the acting from Bosco/Nancy/Elena/Ben (only when he is with Elena) It’s a shame because this series was so hyped. Makes me miss Never Dance Alone.

    1. another Kate hater.OH BTW nancy can’t act for nuts lol 🙁 she’s so stiff & dry . but it’s bearable since there’s bosco . and Kate . lol

      1. you are just mad that everyone is hating on your favorite actress. I can say at least 85% people in this forum would disagree with you about nancy.nancy’s acting is so much better than kate. nancy is not stiff and dry at all. kate on the other hand needs to improve on her acting. I admit she somewhat improve through the years, but she is no way a better actress than nancy

      2. Totally disagree that Nancy can’t act. She is imo, one of the best actresses in TVB at the moment. In what way is she stiff and dry?

      3. @tsete
        How you got the figure 85%
        Did plus minus those same person using different account ?

      4. @cloud
        I assume that you live in Hongkong. Did you go to the K party last week? :))

  27. Basically something for me to watch after the surprisingly good drama “M Club”, and before the interesting/exciting “Black Heart White Soul” airs, since I like Kate and missed her after Highs and Lows.

  28. Miscasting of Jazz Lam and MC Jin. Either one could work as an undercover or a mole for either CCB or Bosco’s company or just deleted. However, ICAC covers a lot of the same responsibilities that CCB covers so it is a duplication of effort. TVB’s version of CCB just focusing on one case is too far fetched and unrealistic.

  29. Ultimate Addiction now banned in mainland after becoming an online hit, probably due to political sensitive content

      1. Political content is a protest banner that appear in one scene. I didn’t even notice it. Now the drama is banned and the mainland fans are angry.

    1. What? Banned in where? I don’t see anything political in this drama The ultimate addiction

  30. Nancy and Bosco don’t match. She looks more like his older sister than his wife.

    1. Not really. They’re probably about the same age. Nancy doesn’t look older than Myolie neither. Bosco has more wrinkles than Nancy. Girls can still look older than guys a few years and still match. Just be more open-minded. Guys dating with girls ten or twenty years younger are worse because they are like sugar daddies.

      1. Nothing to do with open minded or not. I’m just saying that physically they don’t match.

      2. Bosco looks too young n dresses too trendy to be a serious ibanker.

  31. About Toby’s speaking English here and there. Actually, I don’t mind Toby speaking English but it is not convincing for an average HK resident to speak the whole sentence in English so frequently when everyone replies to her in Cantonese. Unless her character was born or raised up overseas and doesn’t speak Chinese well. I don’t mind if Eliza Sam speaks English because her Chinese is really bad. But Toby’s character is not an ABC or CBC, since her whole family was born in HK and speak Chinese well. It is so awkward to watch her showing off her English for no reason. Will a typical HKer behaves like her? Not very convincing.

    1. Agree! I didn’t follow the entire series. Only catch a glimpse of the show here and there as my family watched. I had a hunch that Toby’s character was not ABC or CBC or even the ones that studies overseas, and I was right, thanks to your confirmation. You are right on how awkward it feels to watch her show off her English. There were so many WTF moments for me when she suddenly injects English into an otherwise good dialogue. So. Annoying.

  32. It sounds so bad that people might just be tempted to watch…..just to see how badly it sucks! I for one will tune in cos this has made me very curious. So yeah, they’ll probably get their wish granted.

  33. I didn’t know bosco and vanessa broke up? When was this?

  34. Even though Nancy’s acting is great, but I enjoy watching Kate more 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t call Nancy’s acting great but I think she’s better than those tvb flower vases type. I liked her in Gloves come off. As for her other roles she’s mostly competent, not particularly outstanding. Something about her is boring. I can never really get excited over her participation in any drama but I wouldn’t avoid it like I would some actresses like Selena Aimee or Eliza.

    2. Although Kate’s acting is lacking at times, I still like watching her onscreen as well. Nancy is definitely the better actress though.

  35. what a flop!

    so many kate-hating comments… yeh best actress you wish …. her pout is annoying still…. can she just stop opening her mouth and sticking out her fat lips? just asking to be hit

  36. Love Bosco and Kate together, hopefully, they will have a happy ending 🙂

      1. For some reasons Bosco and Kate have really good on-screen chemistry , I know it’s a little biased…lol

      2. I go for Bosco and Nancy! Nancy is a very good and supportive wife why does he keep thinking about Kate all the time? Kate is a third wheel!

      3. I don’t think Bosco and Kate have good chemistry. They have nothing make ppl feel they’re in love. But the way Bosco and Nancy are together make myself really jealous as a woman. Look at the way Bosco protect Nancy in secret, every woman in this world want their husband to treat them like that,. Nancy’s acting is awesome because watching her on screen, I could feel the pain of a woman after her husband fall for someone else. A woman like Nancy, who doesn’t want as a wife? Independent, capable, wise, take good care of household and help husband in workplace. She’s a perfect example of a good woman behind a successful man.

    1. Me too! as much as I pity Nancy’s role, love is something that cannot be controlled . & I prefer kate & bosco more so yeah, bosco & Kate FTW!

      1. Like nancy character say~ what if one day your husband fell in love with someone else and need your approval? divorcing? After all this long you putting effort to help him standing up after he’s falling down.. He can’t even take good care of his wife and makes her happy.. Or after he’s sleeping around with some chicks and spending money on them.. His love is like butterfly.. wouldn’t stand on flower for long.. I happy finally they’re get divorce.. It’s so painful to see nancy character in such pain.. Nancy deserve someone better like tiger

  37. Not a bad one! Hopefully the rating goes up!

  38. I don’t understand why people hate Kate so much…sure her acting can be hit or miss depending on the character/drama she’s playing, but for some reason I really like her. The role she takes has been diff more of the time. I don’t know why people complain about her lips and stuff. What do you want her to do? Get plastic surgery? I mean some criticism is fine but to criticize and hate on someone for their appearance can be too much sometimes.

    Love Nancy in this drama. Her acting is on point in this imo. And Bosco is amazing like always 🙂

    1. I think Nancy deserves to be in more leading roles than Kate.

    2. I am not hating her on her appearance (I think she can be pretty) but I am hating the fact that in this series she seems to be more concerned about looking (in her perception of) pretty than genuine acting.

      Because to me, she seems unwilling to make her character Gia more real by forgoing the fake eyelashes (as noted by many, how can she still have them on first when in coma and next when she had trouble coordinating her hands but can still apply these lashes?!) and the vanity long tresses (she rather wear a beanie than getting a haircut or at least trim her hair to get it to fit inside a wig?). Why couldn’t she be real about being a head injury patient by maybe wearing a short-hair wig, a scalp hoodie or something? Rather than with this hoodie and the obvious bulge of her carefully kept tresses?
      Plus when she was a banker in the series, I understand she had to look professional at work and wear heels but this actress chose to wear tottering heels that she obviously could not manage, as could be seen from her tottering walk during that part and that was so distracting from the actual acting to see her trying to balance as she tried to stride confidently across Brainman office. Again, she allowed vanity to distract from the actual acting.

      Like many, because of Kate’s seeming personal vanity (does not want to make herself ugly/look too different from her usual), I feel no sympathy for her character Gia (tvb loose plotholes not withstanding) nor am I even swayed by the romance storyline and fine acting her co-actor, Bosco has produced in trying to win her character over.

      Kate, you’re so disappointing that you rather be vain over trying to be a good substance actress. And end up you truly fail at both.

      1. Word. Word. Kate should get rid of those fake eyelashes, or were they implanted permanently on her eyelids? Is such thing possible?

        Good note on Kate’s acting, she’s not connecting to any character in this drama, it’s almost like everyone is reaching out for her but she’s acting in her own world. Almost like Bosco and Nancy have to accommodate Kate’s un-acting. Nancy on the other hand was hands on fantastic especially on her scenes with Bosco although in character I want to hail the good wife Anson and scold that selfish jerk Damon. This must be the most mature characters and acting I have ever seen for both Bosco and Nancy. They have grown so much from the two fresh kids in Triumph in the Skies.

      2. Buy still the worst actress -minus newbie Gloria Tang- is not Kate but Sharon Chan. Her acting got worse after her character changed overnight to be villainish in an unconvincing way. Her fashion and her body language are awkward to watch. Is she trying to act like a supermodel?

  39. Only just started watching this series –
    I’m assuming this is Gloria Tang’s first acting role? It’s painfully obvious – she speaks soooo slowly in the same monotonous voice and her facial expressions are always the same dopey look…I grind my teeth every time she comes on screen! Her eyes portray no feeling at all – just a blank look. UGH

    Kate I think has improved since her first role – although she still does that annoying pout all the time – is it meant to make her look cute? sexy? vulnerable??!! I dunno! hahaha

    The series itself is ok, fairly watchable.. Many plot holes as is usual for TVB! For example, at the very start when Bosco had someone investigate Kates background – SURELY he would have found out who her dad is straight away??!! So stupid.

    But so addicted to TVB series – cannot stop watching, hahah…

    Love Bosco and Nancy!! Only really watching it for them.

  40. I think Kate is unable to walk properly with the high heels she wears. It looks almost as if she is struggling to walk especially the office scenes. Is it just me or what?

    1. I agree, she looked unable to balance, teetering about. Can’t she just opt for lower heels? I think Nancy’s were a good comfortable height. I googled quite a bit to read comments and sharing abt this series and seems like it’s Kate Tsui’s personal preference for such five inch heels.

      1. She wears these high heels even when playing a cop in the sniper series. What a joke….

  41. Hi,

    Can someone pls tell me what is the name of Florence’s driver?

    He is very good looking. Hehehee…

  42. Hi,
    Can someone pls tell me what is the name of Florence’s driver?
    He is very good looking. Hehehee…

  43. This whole drama is a pain in the ass.

    Kate is horrible!! Everytime i see her on tv i get angry. She isnt pretty and her acting is heeeeellll fake!!!! Sometimes i really feel sorry for her. No matter how hard she tries she is still annoying lol.

    Sharon is also annoying. She wants to show off her long legs wayyyyy tooooo much.

    I dont even wanna talk about Tobys overdooooing english.

    But the most awful one is bosco’s sister!! I get headache everytime she talks. Just OMG! Happy shes dead now!

    The only one who can act is nancy! She should be the mainleader and not stupid kate tsui!!!!

  44. Support Kate and Bosco!!!! Way to go Gia and Damon!

  45. This drama has illogical plot and overdramatic sequence of events and fake props. TVB should fire the director and scriptwriter. The moral value as at episode 28 is badly represented, how can the main character Cheuk Yuk can easily be accepted and gain everyone’s love just because he turn over a new leaf and become angel Cheuk Yuk? At least put him in jail for his shady business deals which affected the poors! Chi Nga the stupid Mary Sue characte(badly acted by Kate Tsui) sacrificed many people and break many laws and destroy a happy marriage for her own personal revenge but she’s immne from the law? Gimme a break! Seung Yee transformation is ridiculous and she looks like a chicken instead of a ruthless business player. Bad representation by Sharon Chan, only showing her legs and change clothes and make constipated fierce faces isn’t enough. That Ginnie should quit acting, she can’t even speak properly. Seung Yi’s brother should receive more retribution for his $hole behaviour but he’s all fineee. Ben and Elena not even worth talking about, stagnant all the way.

  46. I think most of the characters died too easily. Ginnie tripped and fell into the lake for few seconds or a minute. By the time Bosco got up, he had enough time to save her!

  47. In episode 29, Kate attacked Bosco and he fell into the lake. Wth! It made him look weak and easily targeted. Yeah, probably the director wanted to show it’s “deja vu or karma” for Bosco. I feel like they are rushing to end the drama!

  48. LOL…Overall, this is Bosco and Kate’s drama. It would be nice if they have more screen time together…. Looking forward for their next collaboration!!!

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