Sharon Chan and Ben Wong Share Love Angst in “The Ultimate Addiction”

Currently broadcast TVB series, The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手>, features Ben Wong (黃智賢) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) as a romantic couple who are both part of Hong Kong’s Commercial Crime Bureau. During a promotional event for the series, the costars revealed they will later be entangled in an intense triangular relationship and hope viewers will continue to enjoy the upcoming storyline.

Since the broadcast, Sharon and Ben’s fresh onscreen pairing has been well-received by the audience. Ben revealed that since he and Sharon are cohabiting in the drama, they share many intimate scenes with kisses and hugs. Although the development of a triangular relationship will create rocky bumps between Sharon and Ben, the two will remain in love and show affection towards each other.

Sharon added that as the plot progresses, it will become more exciting and feature many water scenes. An upcoming scene features Ben rescuing her after she falls into the ocean. In another scene, Ben pulls Sharon into the water while he is swimming. The most intense, however, is when Sharon eventually directs a gun at her own boyfriend.

Happy that viewers like them as a couple and enjoy their onscreen chemistry, Sharon expressed she does not mind pairing with Ben again in the future. Although their height difference is not as apparent onscreen, Ben joked that Sharon is too tall for him. As a result, Sharon attended the promotional event in a pair of sneakers. “I don’t wear high heels in front of him anymore!” she laughed.


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  1. UM is a bore n every play is sooooooooo predictable u know kinda whimsical imagery mann!

      1. Maggie: its boring lol high ratings doesnt mean its not boring. lol after the first week, it might decrease lol

    1. It is boring? Then please explain why the rating for this drama is 32 for the first week. Found that on wiki. And please never say boring. Seems like you have bad taste and everyone loves it except you. Tvb your the best. Keep up with this good work!

      1. It’s boring, slow, and Sharon is wrongly casted. It’s also awkward that you feel worried and supportive for the bad guy instead of the cops and the heroine.Totally bad series.

      2. This drama’s rating is actually 21. It says it on a chinese site.

      3. Maggie,this drama is a little boring. If you like Tvb so much, I advice you to watch tvb dramas year 1999-2006. Really funny those dramas give you a different feeling. Tvb is just somewhat different since 2006. I am not saying their really bad now, but tvb is just different since 2006. Just watch it and you will know what I mean by that.

      4. Yea, I agree with you guys this drama is not that good.Lack of script and total miscast. Tvb is just as nearly worse as mainland and tawian. I think I now have to agree with most others that Tvb declined so much since 2011.

      5. I agree. The drama is so boring and draggy especially on Sharon and CCB part. Aghh. I agree that Sharon can’t act and is horribly miscast! I can’t buy her as a senior officer and Ben’s superior.

      6. Please fire the scriptwriter and Sharon. Even Toby Leung is more likeable.

  2. The ultimate addiction is a great show ! many twists & turns, makes it super exciting xD

  3. Sharon always has great chemistry with her co stars

    1. Personally I prefer Bosco’s subtler style acting and charismatic presence. I do think Ben is a seasoned veteran, but he can be too dramatic and he’s not a lead material. Well, could be just me.

      1. Some actor are good but just lacking something for leading bosco has it… Sometimes it can be better playing big supporting roles

  4. Sharon Chan is the worst female cop in TVB in TUA. I cringed watching her, what a miscast! She destroys TUA.

    Kate is a one note actress wearing one stiff emotion. She and Sharon should be swapped around in their characters.

    Bosco, Ben, Elena and Nancy are stellar, but they can’t save the boring TUA.

    1. Never liked Sharon’s acting whether as cop or otherwise. She’s one actress who constantly seems so conscious of herself regardless of whatever role she’s playing.

    2. I feel the same. Sharon is abdolutely a miscast. Just today some magazine wrote that she has an affair with a TVB high rank producer named Joe Chan. If this is true, that explains why Sharon got too much opportunity.

      1. no can’t be true because she been dating her bf for 10 years now. Her bf supported her when she fell ill 2 years ago. I don’t believe this news. yes I believe can’t act but i did like her last theme song.

      2. No one knows if it’s true or not but it’s weird how Sharon keep hogging the screens in dramas where she’s not the main female lead and with her lack of talent and charisma. It happened in My Prime Lady, it happened in this drama again.

    3. agree,sharon lacks the authority for such role,not convincing as a boss and the serie is boring too.

  5. Nancy is so sexy, and thumbs up to her, she is a good actress.

    Why is she always second fiddle to Kate Tsui? Kate is stiff and all her acting styles look the same in all the roles she plays.

    Pls give more opportunities to Nancy Wu. She deserves it.

    1. Kate is not a great actress, but why mad at Kate? This time Nancy is playing second fiddle to Sharon actually, and so is Kate. Nancy and Kate are only used for promotional, but 80% of the script is about Sharon’s work, Sharon’s house, Sharon’s love triangle. That explains the low ratings.

      1. Aww really -.- I was hoping it will mainly be about nancy and Kate. If it’s mainly about Sharon, it is boring :/

      2. This is not the first time Sharon hogged a show she’s not leading. It happened before in My Prime Lady. Honestly I’m not surprised if today’s fresh rumour of Sharon having the affair with the producer/executive holds some truth.

      3. Can you imagine, episode 1-6 mainly talk about CCB solving some dumb cases and Sharon’s family trouble instead of getting to the main plot about Bosco’s super evil character and Kate’s revenge. Ok they start showing Kate’s agenda starting ep 5. Is it still a surprise people find this series boring?

    2. If anyone here lives in HK, I beg you to help me lodge an official complain to HK broadcasting bereau and TVB about Sharon Chan contaminating this show. What a bad actress with zero charisma.

    3. Yes…I love Nancy in this drama. She has a great chemistry with Bosco too. Please remove Kate. She’s terrible as always. But why always the lead? Come on TVB.

    4. Yes…I love Nancy in this drama. She has a great chemistry with Bosco too. Please remove Kate. She’s terrible as always. But why always the lead? Come on TVB.

      Sharon wrong role man!

      1. Because Kate is the fadan lol. And I love Nancy in the drama too, she’s the most attractive female in it. Bosco is also very attractive, they really match each other in the drama.
        Even though I know Bosco is the bad guy, I don’t dislike him, at least not now.

      2. Because Kate is the sexy MHK winner, and Nancy as much as she’s a better actress, has that staple supporting female face.

  6. This show is trying to imitate Changeof Heart. The loving and cunning wife is Nancy who played the part of Joey Meng and Bosco the bad guy was the inititial Michael Miu character so weird and boring. And yeah. Is it real in HK that young girls who graduate with a degree can be senior inspector whilst the veterans in the police force reports to them? Where is the logic? Experience is less important than a piece of paper ? Totally boring and waste of good talents except Sharon Chan who tries too hard

    1. Not sure about now. But in warm blood, cold heart, chilam was the boss to the old cop dude, forgot his name. So it’s kinda like a test, you take the test and pass, you get the higher position. If you never take it, you will not get to be in the higher position.

      Like my friend, who apply to be the head programmer, get to be the head, and the boss of her team, even though she is young and might not have the skill or the experience to be one

      1. “Like my friend, who apply to be the head programmer, get to be the head, and the boss of her team, even though she is young and might not have the skill or the experience to be one”

        She has the bulls.h.i.t skill, degree and knowing how to put people to good use (management skill). She can’t do wrong.

        Unless your friend is all look, know how to network, know how to kiss ass and when to bend. LOL! 😀

      2. She has no look lol! My point is sometime by applying a higher position, you would be in a boss chair over ppl who don’t apply >_>

      3. Yup, who doesn’t want to be boss. Go for for it if she has what it takes and if not. Thanks to the idiot that higher her. Sometime it takes an idiot to higher another idiot. LOL! 😀

      4. “Usually an idiot will hire another idiot” LOL! 😀

    2. My whole family is criticizing the boring plot and Sharon’s miscast and bad acting. Yeah, feel sorry for the other casts namely Bosco, Ben, etc who are wasted due to the bad writing. Someone pointed out that the settings for the legislation committee seating and the LOL game are huge flaws too and laughable. TVB don’t do research at all. This part is not the actors fault, but the crews who should properly research before writing.

    3. Can I mention the Law Lok Lam scam thing? Is it written by a highschooler? It’s aching to see Bosco looking so smart and handsome for the scene and did his all but the scam was totally predictable and can be seen from a mile away. It only makes CCB and LLL look dumb instead of making Cheuk look clever. Ohemgee. Who is the dumb highschool writer of this show?

  7. Who is Bosco’s sister? She has the looks but horrible acting. Pageant winner?

      1. horrible…. horrible… ai yer y dun they train them more b4 putting them in series ? bleh

  8. Frankly speaking, The Ultimate Addiction is a really bad, boring, poorly constructed drama with lazily written screenplay.

    1. The best and most charismatic actor in this drama is Bosco and Bosco alone. Others not so much. Ben is OK in acting, but unfortunately lack of screen charisma and looks too aged.

      Thanks to Bosco’s mainland fans who spazz over his screen presence and overlooking the poor plot, the online viewing for 5 episodes has managed to reach 50 million and counting.

      To TXB, the producer Chung X Kin, and head screenplay writer XXFeng, I can only say – “WTH????”[ifonlyicanshowmymiddlefingerandwhackyourheads]

      P/S: How the heck can you play League of Legend without mouse???[txbfail]

      1. Ben’s acting is often OTT. Just watch A Great Way to Care, see how he rants and shouts to convey his anger esp at Kate and you will know what I mean.

      2. Ya Ben Wong’s character looks too old and lack any on screen presence. But perhaps that’s how the character is?

        Ben’s character somehow managed to bag a super rich girl when he was young. And somehow bag his boss now that he is old. If anything, he should be more portrayed as a womanizer. A “nice guy” will not be able to get these types of girls. Never in life.

      3. Yeah while Bosco is cool and a lengzai CEO, the series itself is pretty much a snooze fare.

        Ben has that staple big supporting role face. Just like Evergreen Mak.

    2. Hmphh..I haven’t been into TXB and this site for such a long time that I have forgotten my own username here [cry]

  9. Ben and Sharon look OK together but I do not feel anything special between them. I prefer Elena and Ben! =D

    ***crosses fingers*** TVB, please make Ben & Elena a couple in this series!

  10. Sharon Chan must be pissed she can’t show off her proud 43″ legs as police inspector while Nancy Wu is flashing them nice pins in every scene.

    1. Ahhahaha. Now that you said that it’s true, Sharon has always been famous for her bare legs instead of her acting.

    2. Sharon always seems to enjoy having her long legs in the spotlight. I don’t understand why the media likes to emphasise on her long legs every time when there are now more and more artistes being around Sharon’s height so it should not be something so special?
      And her legs are not exactly 43 inches, I remember watching a game show where they invited 2 audience to go up and guess the length of her legs. And 1 guessed 42 inches, the other guessed greater than 42 inches and the first person got it correct.

      1. She specifically said how long her legs were on a game show. Its 43.5″ I believe she said. She’s proud. She should be proud.

  11. I watched the first 3 episodes then I stopped. Garbage.

    1. Why do you think this drama was garbage? It is just very boring and just talks about stocks and policemen.

  12. The sis is miss chinese international? Wah they really have no standard these days. Her jaw looks weird. No even proportioned with the upper part of her face. More like kelefe material. Far away from the Linda Chung and Bernice Liu quality

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