Nancy Wu: “Opportunities Knock at the Right Time”

Joining the entertainment industry in 2002, it took thirteen years for Nancy Wu (胡定欣) to work her way up and secure her female-lead status at TVB. Despite the many claims that she receives opportunities but lacks luck, the 33-year-old actress maintains an optimistic yet persistent attitude. She is in no rush to quicken her career pace.

Nancy expressed, “Everyone has their own path. Some people start the run faster, but this entertainment industry is a race of endurance. A step-by-step approach works well in my favour. Opportunities will knock when I’m prepared. Isn’t it better than having them arrive before I’m ready?”

The past two years were considered prime time for Nancy, when she starred as female lead in The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手> and Overachievers <名門暗戰>. She admitted she has finally moved away from the unfavourable third-wheeler and evil concubine characters. “I used to receive roles that the audience weren’t quite fond of. Although I never worried about people hating on my characters, I realized that it really does make a difference. In recent years, everyone got to know me a lot better, and I can feel that they like me more too,” Nancy said.

The actress emphasized that opportunities are meant to come at the right time rather than inappropriately early. Despite the fact that many TVB newcomers have been heavily promoted recently, Nancy believes she would not have been able to handle it if she was in their situation. She remarked, “I truly think they are much smarter than I had been at the time. It wouldn’t have mattered if I received good roles, because I wouldn’t have handled them well anyway. That’s why it’s okay if opportunities come late. It’s more important that they come at the right moment.”

However, Nancy is not against the idea that one must sometimes strive for opportunities. She revealed, “As long as you don’t hurt others in the process, of course it’s okay to try for more. When I was still a newbie, I also once knocked on a producer’s door. Honestly speaking, not many are brave enough to do it. It’s only because I’ve tried it that I know how much courage is needed. It was very awkward indeed.”

Waiting for the Right One

To the media’s surprise, Nancy broke up with Patt Shum (沈柏淳) last year, contrary to speculations that they were planning marriage. Having moved on and currently dating music producer Terry Chan (陳明道), Nancy shared, “I’ve been so busy lately, and although I have a boyfriend, it takes time to build up a relationship. You don’t just click with someone over a meal.” She added, “Of course all girls hope to get married, but don’t make us sound like we’re desperate. We’re not waiting for marriage itself; we’re waiting for the right person!”

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  2. Well, I actually enjoyed her performance more and more each time. She looked prettier as she mature too. Just that TVB should give her more challenging and impressive roles. TVB seems to not promote her at all. In UA, kate parts were promoted more. And even for Overachiever, TVB choose to promote Grace so called raping parts instead. And for GoR, she is second lead to Kristy.
    I want to see more of her as a real female lead role!!!

    1. @dramadrama Agree. Though Nancy Wu shared the 1st lead role with other actresses, TVB always promoted the other 1st lead actress, even if she is a newbie (Grace Chan), more than Nancy Wu. Unfair to Nancy.

      Also agree that Nancy gets prettier and prettier as she matures. She needs to wear a good hair style in order not to show off her narrow forehead.

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