[Review] “The Ultimate Addiction” (By Miriamfanz)

The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手>
Hong Kong TVB Drama 2014

Producer: Chong Wai Kin
Genre: Modern
Episodes: 30


Cast: Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Ben Wong, Sharon Chan, Elena Kong, and Oscar Leung


The Ultimate Addiction Kate Tsui 2At first glance, the financial sector is relatively new territory for a TVB drama and has potential for brilliant manoeuvers by power-hungry and greedy businesspeople. The purported lesbian relationship also looked to be a bold move for TVB. But the series tells us “Never forget who you are”, and TVB shows why they won’t be forgotten for their sloppy productions any time soon.

Give TVB 20, 25, or 30 episodes and the result will be the same: slow development in the beginning and then a whirlwind of events towards the end. Kate’s revenge plot is dragged out for at least two-thirds of the series, only to amount to essentially nothing. There’s not much going on in terms of “investigating” Bosco’s misdeeds. Heck, I’m not even convinced he’s that bad. He is blamed more often for things he didn’t do.

The Ultimate Addiction 5The story veers away from the financial theme too often, although the scriptwriters do deserve credit for incorporating some hot financial topics, such as virtual currency and corporate governance structures. Yet there wasn’t the same kind of variety when it came to the types of accidents that happen to the characters.

The costume department needs some serious revamping. Bosco’s wardrobe can only be described as hideous. Sharon Chan’s makeover was ugly. Jazz Lam’s black nail polish was a distraction every time it showed. The casting department had their share of problems as well. June Chan as Stephen Wong’s wife? Geoffrey Wong as Kate Tsui’s father? Clearly, no one paid attention to the age of the characters when assembling the cast.

The Ultimate Addiction Nancy Wu 3The acting was not the saving grace of the series either. Kate Tsui looked weak and dazed throughout the series and it’s not just because she was diagnosed with that disorder. Sharon Chan doesn’t pass for a high-ranking madam and she was way too deliberate as a villainess. Her pairing with Ben Wong was awkward and produced no feelings of romance. Nancy Wu fared better than those two, though this is far from her best work. She seemed to be at a distance from her co-stars. Bosco Wong does a pretty good job, especially with the smugness he showed that is appropriate for the self-confident tycoon. Ben Wong’s unpolished cop character at the beginning was a refreshing role for him, though he was inconsistent with keeping up that image. Elena Kong is a great actress, but didn’t get a chance to shine here. No one challenges Gloria Tang for the worst acting in this series. It was almost unbearable to watch her recite her lines emotionlessly.

The review is written by Miriamfanz, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com. Visit Miriamfanz’s blog!

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  1. This is Gloria first time acting! I give her credit for try but Kate OMG 10 years but no improve

    1. Me too. It seems like Gloria already has received a lot of criticism on here already. I think her acting is emotionless and she’s merely reciting lines, but she’s no different from some other newcomers who started out back then too.

      Kate’s acting bothered me more because I had more expectations for her.

      1. Even for a newbie she is terrible. And that annoying voice…

  2. I think Nancy Wu was the only good one in here. Meanwhile, first-time actress Gloria Tang needs some serious improvement. I know it’s her first drama, but even Eliza Sam did better than her.

    1. What the heck are u talking about first Eliza Sam is ten times worse than her. And she is always rumor in with some one. That’s probably how she got her lead in coffe cat mama

      1. Eliza debuted in 2012. Her first series was Ghetto Justice II, but she only had very minor guest role with probably only 2 scenes. She was boring in there. Then it was her hit drama Divas in Distress. She was accepted by many audiences in there. 10x worse? Have you even seen the series?

        Gloria’s acting is poor, but I wouldn’t compare her to Eliza. There are many starters in the industry whose acting was just as flat. There’s time for improvement, but she’s not my fave newcomer.

      2. @liivvvy
        Eliza Sam isn’t that good either, but at least she wasn’t awkward and emotionless like Gloria. Have u noticed that Gloria’s head was always tilted forwards and upwards in almost every scene? She is clearly lacking in terms of body movement as well.

      3. Gloria is way more talented. She could work on her acting. But I still think she is way too good to be compare to Eliza’s. Eliza does’t put a lot of emotion in the movie only the lips. She doesn’t even deserve most improve. She probably trade it back

    1. “The Ultimate Addiction”

      Which dogs are you talking about? Bosco the ultimate dog or Teddy the dog. The show is all about Bosco/Cosco male egos, the ultimate dog. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  3. yeah, love Nancy Wu, Bosco and Elana Kong. Not a fan of Kate. Yeah, Bosco’s sister in the drama was horrible. But then it’s her first time, we’ll have to give her a chance. Hopefully she will do better next time!!

  4. Teddy upstaged everyone in the drama combined.

  5. Very on point review!

    Especially annoyed by Sharon.

  6. I won’t bother watching this then… Sounds like Waste of time

  7. I haven’t watch the series but honestly, I get the feeling of the same thing with other TVB series. It is always the same thing or quite predictable storyline. Miscasting is also an issue but it could also be the actors/actresses failed to live up and fill the shoes of the roles they hold. Apparently just injecting a lot of money and make it a grand production is like a guarantee to be a hit series. TVB really need to change their mindset. Produce a simple yet great and engaging storyline may be a key and attract audience. Not the buzz or the actors (for me anyway) and maybe continually providing acting classes to all their newbies. Anyway, something needs to change and if us audience something fresh and something that we are looking forward to watch.

  8. Bosco and been was amazing and the script righter were amazing… Don’t like why look why complain this drama was awesome.. Is u can do abetted Job go for it Lol

    1. what was so great in this drama that made you enjoy it? just out of curiosity

  9. Gloria is a great actor, and I am hoping to see more of her dramas and shows. Kate is complete trash- no offense. Kate is trying to hard to make herself look hot. It grosses me out. I got say Nancy Wu, Toby Leung, and MC Jin did a terrific job!

      1. If you think all those crap performances are great, you must work for TVB. Now was that really that difficult to understand? Rofl!

    1. Gloria, Kate, Sharon and MC Jin did crappy acting in dis.

  10. i love Kate,,, but in this series,,, she is terrible..

    Nancy Wu is the best to this series,,, Ben Wong is good,,,

    1/5 for me

  11. Anyone here knows what is elena kong’s driver name in this series?

  12. Kate doesn’t know how to act with her face. She only opens her mouth to recite her lines. No expression

  13. Nancy Wu was the best actor but the plot was crap. The series was poorly written.
    Eleena Kong always gives a good performance.
    Kate was disappointing as well.

  14. 2 stars is too high rating for this show. maybe 1/2 star is too many…

  15. At least you were able to understand what Gloria is talking about. She spoke in a clear accent, her acting skills are very minimal, but whatever, its her first time.

    If you think you can do better, why not apply and join tvb?

  16. At least you were able to understand what Gloria is talking about. She spoke in a clear accent, her acting skills are very minimal, but whatever, its her first time.

  17. We are all human, therefore no one is perfect all the time!

  18. Kate acting is similar with Kristin Stewart face. No expression don’t know how to act. Both of them are horrible actress.

  19. with all the complaints generated by this drama, I’m way surprised by the 2-star rating. Thought it’d get half or at most one star lol!

  20. I had high hope for this drama in the beginning. I thought it was refreshing and daring to have a lesbo couple; but nope tvb chickened out. I thought the focus of an evil main lead actor, Bosco, was a great change; but nope, he turned into so dumbass, love stricken, stupid puppy. If they kept both of those ideas, I was gonna overlook Kate’s fake lashes, none expressive – mouth gaping, rigid acting as a mary sue character. Oh, and don’t get me started on Sharon. She’s horrible! Her character made no sense; not that any othet characters really did. Her and Ben chemistry was… shivering. This was one horribly written script, badly casted, and boringly dragged out series… one star in my book. Their saving grace was the dog -_-;

  21. Wow everything what I want to say are write on this review 🙂 EXCELLENT!! THANK YOU!!
    I hope this is a wakeup call for the producer. Went can we watch the HKTV channel?!?!?!!! GOVERNMENTS PLEASE ALLOW HKTV!!!!

  22. Maybe it’s just me but I love this series. Hope to see more of Kate & Bosco in the future.

  23. I finished the whole series with hundreds of question marks in my head. Sharon’s makeover was confusing. All the while I thought she’s just putting on a show to get revenge in a positive way… like undercover job? Only did i realize on the last episode she really did turned into a villain.

    And all of a sudden Bosco, Nancy became the good people for catching Sharon, and somehow… Kate joined them. Also, i’m completely amused with the triangle love plot between Bosco, Kate, and Nancy. At the end Bosco divorced Nancy, but he didn’t really get Kate, but Nancy has Bosco child, but even though they’ve divorced they’re still together as if nothing happens.

    Credit for the new plot, but everything else is just amusing. Except Nancy’s outstanding acting.

  24. It’s a good show, except for Kate’s really bad acting & Bosco’s shorts…lol…
    Sharon Chan looks very beautiful in this series. Nancy & Elena as usual were good. Bosco is pretty good too, but the script should have been kinder to his character-why the fuss over Kate when you have Nancy???? why?

  25. I give this serial 2.5 stars. I might be the only who think this HK serial and acting wasn’t that bad. This serial is the first time made me fell for Bosco Wong’s acting although his character make an nonsense and unpopular decision in love. I also like Nancy Wu’s acting and character. I failed to understand Gia so I don’t know if Kate Tsui has difficulties in acting or was it Gia’s fault. The main villain Sharon Chan is not effective enough for me to feel her plight. The other players don’t stand out and are sub par.

    The plot is getting nowhere, sure but I’m attracted at the conflict that arises between Damon and Anson. Damon is willing to spend his lifetime with Anson out of gratitude, or so he thought, but when love strikes, it strikes. Nancy Wu did a good job depicting the loyal wife and Bosco Wong leaves you with love and hate at his character. I was team Anson, I was screaming at Damon to get off his high dream of Gia and think back of how he and Anson work hard together all these years. In the end, although it’s bitter to admit it was actually Gia who is meant for Damon – because it was through Gia’s guidance that Damon changes his ways, and the incident indirectly changes Anson too to forgive and let go of Damon, and besides Anson got what she wants so much – the kid and it’s not like Damon is abandoning the kid. He accepts him wholeheartedly.

    This serial is not a financial drama with an evil businessman or it failed to be one, there is little shown on this but what were shown were only some CCB officials chatting about how ‘evil’ Damon is when audience were never shown how ‘evil’ he is. What the serial is depicting is about letting go and forgive and find your true purpose in life. Gia forgives Damon for what should be an accident, Anson forgives Damon for being a big jerk of a husband, Damon forgoes his greed is ambition motto to pursue love rather than money.

    1. Only stupid people give this series more than 2 points. Give me back 30 hours that I wasted on this series!

      1. Why would you continue watching a drama you hated to watch? There are lots of alternatives out there. As for me I found this series watchable if you get rid of all logics and common sense lol. Only Bosco, Nancy and Elena are doing pretty good acting. Others are just wandering around.

  26. My review

    The plot and script = 0.5/5 – Horrible

    Bosco = 4/5 – Handsome and love his acting but minus points for the shorts and his weak in love character

    Nancy = 5/5 – Nancy is perfect and I love her strong woman character!

    Kate = 2/5 – Kate should stop her gaping mouth and blank face

    Sharon = 2.5/5 – Miscast as madam. Unconvincing as madam turn villainess.

    Ben = 3/5 – I expect more from Ben! Disappointing performance.

    Elena = 3.5/5 – Elena is good but nothing special.

    Toby and MC Jin = 3/5 – They do nothing to the plot

    1. Agree with most of what you said, except Gloria Tang should have been added = 0.5/5. I thought Kate’s acting was actually OK, but her character was very lame. Sharon was definitely not convincing as a villainess here.

    2. If it’s me Kate should be 1.5/5
      Gloria Tang should be 0.25/5
      Sharon should be 2/5

      Sharon and Kate got pwned by Nancy!

    3. I forgot the sister, she’s indeed quite bad. I give her a 0.5/5

  27. The most pathetic scene was when Gloria falls into the water and the scene that follows it. So terrible it turned into comedy for me

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