Sharon Chan Sacrifices Her Body in “The Ultimate Addiction”

Known as the Queen of Long Legs, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) exudes an aura of elegance. Evidently, this image was carried over to her characters in television dramas, where she frequently portrays professional roles. In The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手>, which is currently airing, Sharon portrays Inspector Ho Sheung Yee, leader of the Fraud Division of the Criminal Crime Bureau. Sheung Yee and her subordinate Chow Sun Yung, portrayed by Ben Wong (黃智賢), are in a relationship.

Ambitious and fierce, Sheung Yee is a tough career woman, but behind closed doors, she is extremely affectionate in front of her boyfriend. Sharon finds that she is quite similar to Sheung Yee in this aspect.

“I’m very soft. My boyfriend and I are very candid with each other,” said Sharon, who has been dating businessman William Lui (雷偉信) for nine years. “I also really respect him. I let him make the big decisions. Besides, I’m not a person who likes to think. The funny thing is, even though we’ve dated for many years, we’re sometimes really polite to each other. If people didn’t know us, they would think that we’re not close.”

On “The Ultimate Addiction” Role

The Ultimate Addiction, which stars Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), and Ben Wong, is currently two weeks into its broadcast. Sharon revealed that her character undergoes major changes towards the end of the series. “She becomes more brutal and heartless. To reach her goal, she would even sacrifice her body. It’s a very interesting role. It’s like portraying two different characters.”

Sharon Chan to Release Gospel Album

A devout Christian, Sharon disclosed her plans of releasing a gospel album at the end of the year. She is currently in the process of picking songs, and will soon proceed to the recording stage. Releasing an album has always been her dream. “[The album] will be about conveying our emotions. Gospel songs don’t have to be boring. We can turn them into popular songs.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. sharon is indeed classic beauty elegance that attracts men attention easily due to her long leg, fit body and beautiful face which she do not need any plastic surgery to enhance anymore…so natural beauty indeed and not many can attain that naturally

    1. wow, you make such claims as if you know her personally!

    2. Am I the only one who thinks Sharon looks like a walking anorexia lady and her performance in this series is not good enough for her overly allocated screentime?

      1. Same here too. Not just Sharon, but Kate also looks not pretty enough in this drama.

      2. Kate very pretty wo. i like sharon, she’s pretty but not super pretty like sexie described. i however, do think her acting is not that great.

      3. Yup, everything about her is so-so. What’s with the legs? Chopstick legs. 😀

      4. Looks so so. Acting so so. Favouritism by producers top class.

      5. “Kate also looks not pretty enough in this drama.”

        Agreed, Kate’s hair style is too stringy.

    3. I think her body is too skinny and her acting is suck.

    4. her body is thin not fit. I dun see any toned part in fact. Her long legs are skinny and I really prefer J Lo’s legs to Sharon’s any time of the day.

  2. Maybe Sharon and MC Jin can team up together on a duet as he is a born again Christian and starring in the same series.

  3. hi there

    1. hope that Sharon finally makes it good in her performance in ultimate addiction.
    2. looking forward to another ben’s excellent role.

    1. Hi there. I’ve watched the whole two weeks of TUA.

      1.Sharon’s performance is so so. She can’t carry the charisma of a madam. She has the most screentime and storyline dedicated to her in these two weeks and more than Kate and Nancy but others are acting better than her.
      2. Ben is Ben as usual, nothing special but nothing bad either, not much to be talked about. Seeing him with Kate reminds me of Highs and Lows. That series was better.

  4. Sharon and her family members made TUA into a bad series. They should’ve cut her scenes and her family’s screentime, and it is so tiring to watch her going back and forth with Ben. She has more screentime than Kate and Nancy. Her acting is also unsatisfactory and she can’t carry a madam role. Sorry. We need more of the main leads scene, I don’t feel we’re getting enough of Kate, Nancy, Bosco and Elena.

    1. I think we get too much of Kate. She’s been pretty awful so far, not much better than Sharon. While Sharon is unconvincing as a madam, Kate is unconvincing, period. And that kiss scene between Kate and Nancy, totally overrated and overhyped.

      1. I think we have too much of Ben too, can cut some. I rather see monotone Kate than Ben’s sour face and every tiring scene of him clashing with Sharon then get back together then clashing again x10. So wishy washy and hurt my eyes. At least Bosco Cheuk Yuk is watchable and likeable thus far,but true not enough of him huh.

    2. SUPPORT! Lousy family part, shd let us see more of Bosco, Nancy and Kate

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