Stephen Chow Promotes “Journey To The West” in Taiwan

In Taiwan for a day to promote his new film, Journey to the West <西遊:降魔篇>, director Stephen Chow (周星馳) explained his choice to not star in the film, “I want to put all my energy into directing. Anyway, you will see parts of me in all the actors – Shu Qi (舒淇) knows kung fu, Wen Zhang (文章) has ideals just like mine, and Show Luo (羅志祥) is devoid of emotions like myself.”

In an interview with Taiwan’s Apple Daily, Stephen Chow said of Show Luo, “Initially I wanted to play the role of the Persian prince myself, but I see that he looks more empty and more lonely. He’s handsome and comical – of course I have to choose him!”

After almost a 4-year break since CJ7 <長江七號>, Stephen Chow is back with Journey To the West, which will be aired in time for the Lunar New Year. Despite not appearing in front of the cameras, Stephen promised his fans the movie will not be lacking his signature humor. However, viewers may not see the last of him onscreen yet. The “King of Comedy” promised that he will be back, even better than ever. “I am always thinking of something, no matter whether I’m awake or asleep. When my head is empty, I’m uncomfortable and I will look at pictures, watch movies or just talk to someone just to seek inspiration.” It is no wonder that with so much on his mind, he has no time or the inclination to pay much attention to the recent criticisms about his high regard for money.

Still Single

Nor does Stephen have time for romance. Even though ex-lovers such as Athena Chu (朱茵) and Karen Mok (莫文蔚) are already happily married, 50-year-old Stephen is still very much single and in no rush to get attached. Instead, he chooses to leave it to fate. Perhaps reel life reflects real life as most of the onscreen lovers in Stephen’s movies do not have a happy ending. “A sad and poignant romance is the most beautiful.”

Delighted to Be Able to Work with Idol and Goddess

Throughout the interview, Show Luo could not stop glancing at Stephen. Self-confessed to be Stephen’s fan, Show’s biggest achievement in this project is obtaining Stephen’s telephone number. Show said, “I told Stephen I would like to be in a movie with him, even if it’s only standing next to him.” When Show came face-to-face with his goddess, Shu Qi, for the first time, he was too dumbfounded and stunned by her beauty and elegance.

Journey to the West will released before the Lunar New Year holiday simultaneously in Taiwan, mainland China and Hong Kong.

“Journey to the West” Trailer (Taiwan Edition)

[vsw id=”1TDmfkTfVZM” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. SOrry to say the trailer totally did not attract to watch the it. LOL
    No offence…

    1. agree – felt like a mainland film and not something i’m used to from HK.

  2. Not too appealing – just another ordinary Stephen Chow’s film.

  3. The reason why you guys aren’t looking forward to this is because you’ve never read Journey to the West which is compulsory reading in China. The novel is also popular in HK, but at the very least people have watched the TVB adaption of it in the 90’s. I myself read it maybe 2 years ago for the first time.

    It’ll be good. Stephen Chow is good at this.

    1. Uhm, I don’t read it, but I’ve watched many versions, and I think many ppls here are the same? We all know what story about, etc, and most of us feel this movie won’t do justice? From the trailer, it seems to have crappy graphic, not a clear direction where it want to go (since its such an extensive book that 1movie might not cut it, n if he’s only do a segment of it, we don’t know whether it’s the beginning, the mid or the end, or somewhere in between)
      Also, if you read the novel, you should be feeling a 2hrs movie won’t do the book justice? And how could you tell whether this will live up to the book o.o? W.o having seen it?
      We all have seen a few version, and we all find at least 1 version is good. So I don’t think you should conclude that the reason we don’t want to watch it because we never read the book. Reading the book or not really isn’t a part of the decision making process of whether to see the movie o,o? Unless the book has never made into tv/movie (that’s why ppls interested in LOTR and HP), but it has been done before, and done quite well

      1. Apparently none of you have watched the original a Chinese Odyssey, it was one of Stephen Chow greatest work. I can understand the scepticism, but sadly the fact still stands that none of you have seen the final product.

        If you actually bothered to watch the original two films, you would understand that it is loosely based on the classic tale. Compared to the traditional dramas which depicted the same party going through the same generic process so many times already, this is a different approach. It was not mean’t to be an epic arduous journey, the films focused on different themes, characters Eccentricities and overall comedy.

        And OF COURSE A 2HRS MOVIE WON’T DO THE NOVEL JUSTICE! IT CONTAINED MANY ARCS, INTRODUCING A CLUSTER OF CHARACTERS AND DEITIES. Ever thought what it will be like if they shoved The entire Lord of the Ring novel into a single movie!? Even the third film lasted FOUR HOURS! and even then not all the novel’s plot was emphasised!

      2. @fishy

        I…wow. Is this even English?
        I’m not reading that.
        I don’t want to get a stroke or something.

  4. I’ve watched Chinese Odyssey I & II before and it’s a truly different version from the tvb series. The Xuanzang is an annoying old man who sings ‘only you’ so badly and he’s so long winded that even Guanyin can’t resist trying to hit him.
    If you enjoy the kind of slapstick comedy movies by Stephen Chow, this should be quite enjoyable too. Those who don’t enjoy and find his kind of humour annoying should prolly refrain from watching.

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