Stephen Chow Denies Relationship with 17-Year-Old Ukei Cheung

Caught partying on a yacht together, 59-year-old Stephen Chow (周星馳) is romantically linked with 17-year-old Ukei Cheung (張曉祺), a Miss Hong Kong 2021 pageant hopeful who was eliminated shortly after the auditions.

The filmmaker’s love life made headlines last year when his 10-year relationship with  Alice Yu (于文鳳) ended with a legal dispute over share of profit from selling their luxury property. While Stephen may still be preoccupied with the legal battle, he is living the bachelor life and was photographed aboard a yacht with Ukei and two other women.

Stephen and the women were seen waterskiing and playing various watersports. The group had a fun party at the sea that was filled with singing and laughter, and they returned to the dock at 10 p.m. On another date the next day, Stephen and Ukei went out to sea again.

It was reported that Stephen met Ukei at a yacht party in June, and took the initiative to ask for her phone number. Stephen had been cautious and insisted on using WeChat to talk to each other. Stephen was clear that he does not want a record of his conversation, and requested that she not take his pictures.

Responding to the rumors, Stephen’s assistant denies the relationship and shares that the two are not close. “There were a lot of people on the yacht that day. A few days ago, the girl took the initiative to ask Stephen to wake surfing, but he ignored the request and did not respond back because they are not familiar with each other. There were a lot of people at the sea, so I don’t know why the news was written like this.”

Source: World Journal

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  1. Great publicity for her
    Fresh meat for him
    “In Hong Kong we allow girls as young as 14 or 15 to enter bars and nightclubs. At 16 they can also legally practice most forms of non-commercial consensual sex. At age 18, they can be served liquor and prostitute themselves” South China Morning Post

  2. In light of the Kris Wu situation, there is going to be a lot of gossip whenever an older male celeb is seen with a female under 20. There is not enough evidence from reading the article that there is a relationship between Stephen how and the kid. However, if he is going after this child, he is a filthy old grandpa man. I hope if he is after this child, he stop the womb robbing, for as far as I am concerned, she is not even in the cradle yet, still in the womb. If it is not true, he needs to make sure young women seen in his company are older than 17. He is a public figure and he needs to be more careful how he conducts himself publicly. He also needs to be aware that there is something beyond sick for a man of his age to be dating his granddaughter.

    1. @Renren, I agree with you but unfortunately, in HK, 17 is considered legal. Even worse, in almost every single society in the world, an older male and younger female relationship is actually considered normal or the way it should be. It’s so dangerous when people romanticize love like this: “Age is nothing but a number.” If Stephen really rejected solely on the reason that “they are not that familiar”, we’ve got a bigger problem. The response should have been: “Even if we were familiar, I will not engage in any actions except professional with someone 42 yo my senior. Even on television, because men age better, they didn’t think there was anything wrong pairing the 24 yo Tiffany Lau with 44 Joel Chan. For me, it comes down to social and not age brackets. I can’t really see what a 24 yo has in common with a 44 yo but I can see if they were 34 and 54. 24 is like a fresh college grad who doesn’t have a career yet. Brad Pitt, 56, dated Nicole Poturalski, 27, with the later being in an open marriage. I don’t know if I should praise the women for being really mature or the men for being really immature and disgusting.

  3. @teddy and @jessperwang. Whilst I agree with you both, let’s not put the blame solely on the Stephen here. Unless he used illegal means to get the 2 women onto his yacht. Then all parties need to take responsibility. Women have used sex to further themselves financially and career wise. Casting couch and gold diggers are some terminology used. Let’s not absolve her of any responsibility. I would also question her motivations and moral compass if she willingly went on the yacht.

    1. @dramafan,
      I totally agree with you and it takes 2 to tango, unless as you said, he used illegal means to trick and lure her then you cannot blame it all on him. Men can be perverts but women can be gold diggers too.

    2. @dramafan I have to agree with you. It is quite possible that this 17 year old saw the Miss Hong Kong pageant as her ticket to fame and fortune. After being eliminated, who know,quite possible she decided to try and hook up with a famous , wealthy man, despite his grandpa status. There are a lot of young gold diggers out there. Stephen shiukd sfeer clear of such women. If he gives in to the fresh meat, or chases after the meat, then he deserves all the justified karma that comes his way.

    3. @Dramafan 0 blaming on the girl. The point I was trying to get at: he should have said “I wouldn’t go for her even if we were familiar because she’s too young.” What he said was: “I didn’t go for her because we are not too familiar.” You get me?

      1. I get you but no one. No one. would ever actually say or even imply that in a press statement. He did the best here (from his perspective) which is to distance himself from her.
        Anyways, girls should really be more careful in choosing friends and be wary of acquaintances, even after they turn 18 because there will be men like Kris Wu/R. Kelly/Weinstein whatever.
        Being a gold digger has nothing to do with old men grooming girls. It doesn’t matter if the girl is willing to exchange sex for money/status. Underage is underage. Rape is rape. That’s all.

      2. Agree with you. His reply is a bit weird unless it was misquoted by media. To me a 17 year old is still a kid and immature in thinking. Despite there being mature teens of that age, their life experiences at that age may not be enough to make a wise decision unless in a desperate situation i.e. where they have no adults to depend on.
        As someone more than 40 years her senior, he should know better.
        If the lady involved is in her mid 20s onwards and chose to get involved with a man 40 years her senior, then she should be well aware and take responsibility on any consequences of her actions.

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