Stephen Chow’s Ex-Girlfriend Takes Him to Court Next Month for HK$70 Million

In 2012, Stephen Chow’s (周星馳) ex-girlfriend Alice Yu (于文鳳) sued the comedian for around $70 million Hong Kong dollars, an amount she claimed he had owed her due to commissions on the sale of their luxury house. She received only HK$10 million, which Stephen referred to as “gratuitous payment.”

Over the years, while they were in a relationship, Alice acted as Stephen’s financial consultant and helped him make profits through real estate investment. Stephen would pay her a salary every month, and they had made an oral agreement that Stephen would pay Alice with a 10 percent bonus from the after-tax profits made in successful investments as commission.

Stephen, however, had denied owing her commission.

This case will be officially taken to High Court next month.

Meanwhile, Stephen is also under financial pressure from investors of his film production company. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cinema release of Stephen’s The Mermaid II <美人魚II> is indefinitely postponed. Rumors say that investors are demanding at least HK$200 million from money lost due to the postponed release.

According to a report, an investor bought HK$1.3 billion shares in Stephen’s film production studio Star Overseas Ltd., and signed a contract which specified that the company has to earn at least HK$1 billion in four years.

However, the company has not met any goals set forth by the contract in the past three years, earning only HK$600 million in total, not including the current COVID-19 pandemic, which had struck the film industry hard.

Source: TOPick

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  1. It’s sad to see one my favourite HK actor of all time has such a lonely existence outside of his film work, and seems to only care about money. You can’t take all that with you when you are gone Stephen. I think building relationships that you can treasure is more important.

    1. @theyenman
      It’s not that uncommon to see great comics have a loner personal life. Some of the greatest comedians of all time are introverts and loners.

      As for his chase for money, I think his very poor childhood upbringing impacted his personality a lot growing up to the point that it shaped his adulthood.

      1. @anon Introverts are people who draw their energies while being alone but they aren’t necessarily antisocial. With people they are comfortable with, introverts can exhibit extroverted like behaviors.

        In contrast, Stephen seems more like an antisocial person who doesn’t trust others. That’s a lot more depressing because it means he doesn’t have any meaningful relationships or connections with people. No matter how much money he gets, he will never feel secure and contented because he doesn’t have people to share the happiness with.

      2. @rika

        Antisocial is a person who can’t differentiate from right or wrong, therefore he has no feelings towards others as he/she lacks a moral compass.

        This is not the same as having the inability to trust another, although you can be antisocial and lack trusts. You need to be a criminal to be anti-social, as sociopaths typically break laws and are criminals.

        Which from what I gather, he is not a criminal.

    2. @theyenman
      I agree but the relations you have with people cannot be taken with you when you go too. But yes, building relations is more important than money.

    1. @wm2017
      He hasn’t been an actor for 12 years. He works primarily behind the scenes as a director, producer, CEO and political figure. I don’t think he needs to keep up with a pretty boy image as he was never an idol, to begin with.

      1. @anon Have you seen his ‘Fight back to school’ series? He was a pretty boy back then, it must be the smoking that have aged him

      2. @moonmist

        Stephen Chow started his career as an EXTRA, a behind-the-scene actor. When he reached fame, he was known for his comedy (mo lei tau) – NEVER his looks. Unlike his peers, he was never marketed as an idol.

      3. @moonmist he looks pretty much on par with his age. He just doesn’t do the botox or whatever other beauty procedures that other actors around his age does. Hell, he looks younger than Andy Lau. Now that guy looks worn out.

  2. Haha I’m guessing the “investors” are probably a bunch of ccp /prc gangsters wanting to wash their money in his company and can’t get the returns back from it.

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