Stephen Chow Takes Legal Action Against Ukei Cheung

Stephen Chow (周星馳) has always been low-profile about his romantic life. With recent talk of  romantic links with 17-year-old eliminated Miss Hong Kong 2021 contestant Ukei Cheung (張曉祺) making the headlines, the 59-year-old quickly shot down the rumors and issued a lawyer’s letter to Ukei. Saying “someone has violated the confidentiality agreement,” he also requested the photos taken at sea be deleted or further legal action shall be taken.

Yacht Party Participants Had Agreed to Rules…?
According to reports, the press snapped photos of Stephen heading out to sea with Ukei and two other female friends, and the entire group returned to shore only at 10 p.m. Stephen and Ukei then appeared again at the harbor the next day for a date out at sea. After the news went public, Stephen’s assistant denied the gossip on his behalf, adding that Ukei and the star were “not close at all.”

Sources added that the two had taken many precautions on their secret date, such as Stephen insisting on only making calls using WeChat to avoid leaving his call history behind, while requesting that any photo or video recordings made should not have his voice or presence captured.

Netizens React with Aghast
According to reports, Stephen’s concern that “someone is using the opportunity to self-promote” led him to issue a lawyer’s letter to Ukei. The letter pointed out he had explicitly mentioned that no photography or videography of any kind was allowed prior to the yacht meeting, and this was agreed upon by Ukei and the other participants. However, many of Ukei’s selfies taken on the yacht surfaced along with scandalous rumors last month, leading him to suspect that “someone had violated the confidentiality agreement,” which he termed “lowly behavior.”

Netizens were mostly aghast at Stephen’s follow-up move, and questioned the need for a confidentiality agreement on the outing in the first place, with many wondering what kind of outing it was exactly. Some even brought up disgraced star Kris Wu (吳亦凡) , who also forbade the taking of photos, and commented, “please don’t take down Stephen Chow’s films and series as well!”

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Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Sounds fishy, Stephen… Low profile does not mean a good profile… a confidential contract for his ‘dates’, no wonder his profile is so low… his morals are low too..

  2. what did I just read…..
    Maybe don’t invite underage people on your yacht in the first place?
    If you don’t trust someone that much you need a confidentiality agreement in the first place, then what on earth is going on on that yacht???

    1. I agree but just because anyone invites anyone anywhere, does not mean they have to come. But yes I wonder what is going on on that yacht. My late parents would never let me go to any place like that at any age.

    1. Be careful with your comments or he might sue you too! It’s obvious what was going on and there’s only one one thing a confidential agreement is needed for..

    1. Technically, she is still a minor in Hong Kong until she turns 18. And while the age of consent is 16, if she is being pimped out, the it’s all back to being illegal.

  3. Maybe I am naive or maybe I just want to give him the benefit of the doubt but I don’t think that just because he wants a confidentiality agreement, he is up to anything pervy. As a really private and low key person, maybe he just doesn’t want any type of misunderstanding or news about him at all regardless if his meetup was business or private in nature. Like the girl posting up her yacht photos is exactly what he doesn’t want to be affiliated with since he is low key. But when you are young, you are attention seeking and he knows that, hence the agreement.

  4. I wouldn’t go too far to thinking he committed similar crimes as Kris Wu without significant evidence, but his follow-up move does appear doubtful. This is just a thought, but I think the rich make contracts all the time when they date young girls or anyone, but since Stephen is also famous, the paparazzi is targetting him.
    However, taking legal action just shatters his low profile image and only confirms that there is something going on between them. If he didn’t take a step further, people would’ve taken it as simply an age gap situation. There wasn’t even a picture of him…(at least not that I know of) so what’s the fuss?

  5. A couple of possibilities…

    1) He night be a petty AF person (which he is) and doesn’t like to be used for others’ benefit, thus he issues a lawyer’s notice to remove these photos. Also he doesn’t want to be rumored as a lecher.
    2) He is guilty of dating a 17 years old and doesn’t want her to spill any more beans, hence lawyer’s note.
    3) He is trying to prevent future occurrences from happening, so is using her as an example and warning to others.

    1. Imagine being given a confidentiality agreement to sign upon reaching the place. Was any of the guest in grave danger once exposed of his/her whereabouts? The whole situation is just so unusual.

  6. It is normal for people to start wondering why and how a confidentiality agreement can get involved if it is only a normal group activity of mingling, enjoy the sun, the sea breeze and good food.

  7. OK…………..and the report sez it all so fast to give details on how it should be and he lawyered up pretty fast to prepare the case is something fishy here kinda cringe just thinking about young ladies and old grandpa on the yacht

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