Stephen Chow In Talks to Renew Contract with Lin Yun

Stephen Chow (周星馳) has contributed to the discovery of so many actresses that the media has dubbed all actresses who started off in Stephen Chow films as “Sing girls.” While some actresses parted amicably with Stephen (like Cecilia Cheung), and others not-so-friendly (like Huang Shengyi), there are still some actress that are more than happy to continue working with the famed Hong Kong filmmaker.

Such include 24-year-old Chinese actress Lin Yun (林允) who, with little acting experience, got selected to star as the lead role in Stephen’s 2016 comedy The Mermaid <美人魚>. Becoming a box office hit in China that year, Lin Yun was thrusted into stardom, and has since starred in a string of successful films, most recently Fall in Love at First Kiss <一吻定情>.

Lin Yun is doing so well that Stephen is looking to extend her contract with a lucrative offer. At only 24 years old, Lin Yun was a runner-up in the list of “30 Under 30” list by Forbes China, and was voted as the fifth most commercially successful actresses by netizens last year.

According to reports, Stephen is eager to keep Lin Yun due to her earning power. He allegedly treats Lin Yun liks his own daughter, and most recently provided a “voice cameo” for a Chinese variety show, which featured Lin Yun calling him on the phone.

Lin Yun also shared tidbits of her own life while appearing on a Chinese variety show. One morning, she woke up receiving 22 packages at her front door and received a complaint from her neighbor for blocking the road with her packages. It was also revealed in another program that Lin Yun’s total spending amount last year was an eight-figure sum, which definitely reflects Lin Yun’s high-earning status.


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    1. @anon She accepted many other jobs without the consent of his agency. For example, her doing a very a provocative photo shot (almost nude), which his agency believed it ruined her innocent image & hence will affect her career.

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