Cecilia Cheung Will Cameo in Stephen Chow’s “The New King of Comedy”

After much anticipation, Stephen Chow’s (周星馳) New King of Comedy <新喜劇之王> will finally arrive in theaters on Lunar New Year Day. An unofficial remake of the classic King of Comedy <喜劇之王> from 1999, the new movie will feature an all new cast consisting of Mainland Chinese actors Wang Baoqiang (王宝强) and E Jingwen (鄂靖文) and will not follow the direct storyline of the original.

Although the film will not feature the old cast, fans were thrilled when Stephen met up with original female lead, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝). Having worked on the movie 20 years ago, the two were happy to catch up and reminisce about the past. Not having forgotten Cecilia’s performance 20 years ago, Stephen revealed that Cecilia will actually have a cameo role in the movie.

Talking about their previous filming experience together, Cecilia revealed, “I wasn’t even scared of him, in fact – I was more scared that I wouldn’t go a good job. But I knew I could do it well if I put my mind to it.”

Despite The New King of Comedy‘s release date only weeks away,  Stephen revealed very little information about this upcoming movie. The trailer was only released just last week and only offered a teasing glimpse of the film’s contents. As director of the film, Stephen revealed the same concept as the original will be maintained despite a brand-new story. The story will revolve around a struggling actor’s road to stardom through hard work and dedication.

Supporting Stephen, Cecilia believes that this new movie was a good choice for him to direct, and thinks that The New King of Comedy will still retain all of Stephen’s original comedic style.

Teaser Trailer for “The New King of Comedy”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Garbage movie. Stephen as a director/producer sucks. He makes tons of money because of his name, not because of his quality work. He was a great actor, and I will forever miss him onscreen, but his style of comedy does not work on the actors he casts. His comedy worked when it was played by Stephen Chow. Offscreen, he’s completely different than any of his onscreen characters that I don’t think he leaves much to desire. As a matter of fact, I don’t think he’s well liked at all by most of his peers in Hong Kong. Most people that worked with him don’t have many positive things to say about him. Which is disappointing because he was my favourite actor growing up.

    1. @anon haha although that mermaid so popular but i jus watched abit. This one i watch the trailer reli like garbarge.

      Because he already a billionaire. His house at hk hill there i heard worth Hkd 800M few years ago.

      He already so rich and just 50++. So he pumps money into movies. And china got billion of people everyone spend 1 bucks also the movie production wont at loss. Somemore the canto not spoken by the mainland dudes. Really annoying to watch and listen.

      And he also smart he dont wan to act anymore so people cannot criticize his acting and compare to the past.

      1. @lam86
        Another Hong Hong acting legend who has done nothing in supporting and breeding new talent in the Hong Kong movie industry. Stephen Chow and Andy Lau have done absolutely zero for Hong Kong movies in recent years apart from building their own bank balance. No wonder the Hong Kong movie industry is dying….

      2. @jimmyszeto

        To be fair, not many young HK’ers are entering the entertainment industry these days due to a variety of reasons, so the pool is slim for the picking. In addition, I may be a pessimist, but I think there’s little to no hope for HK entertainment at this point. It’s an industry that’s as good as gone. It will eventually be absorbed by the mainland industry.

      3. @anon
        The veteran actors with production studios such as Andy Lau are only interested extending the life of his own career as the main dominating lead and offers zero opportunities to upcoming actor/actresses. You only have to look at his past few movies where the script is fully focused on his own character and the rest are just extras with no character development. Even Gordon Lam couldn’t take it anymore and had to leave. Just have to watch movies ‘Firestorm’ and ‘shockwave’ where bombs are going off left right and centre but Andy insists on having his hair combed down as if he has just gelled his hair before a night out proves how much he is obsessed with himself being the centre of attention even though he is past his mid fifties. Stephen Chow is a little better in offering opportunities but he is similar to TVB in that pays them poorly and thinks he is doing others a favour by casting them although in reality the actor/actresses will go on to make a lot more after being involved in his high publicity movies. At least he knows his own sell by date as an actor but the problem with Stephen is that he is only interested in box office records and his own bank balance that he would focus all his Cantonese humoured in the mainland. where I doubt even his cast understands the Cantonese humour. Making a sequel to ‘King of Comedy’ which is a fully Hong Kong movie into a dumb mainland movie is a joke. His new movies are just farces now in my mind. He has forgotten why he aspired to become an actor and director to change the HK movie industry but at least his works over the years has improved HK cinema in comparison to Andy…

      4. @jimmyszeto Actually only HK can produce Asian superstars like leslie, anita, chow yun fatt, stephen chow, andy lau, tony leung, jackie chan, 4 heavenly kings and many more.

        Actually hong kong is legend. China no way can produce such God actor on earth. Even fan bing bing and yang mi are like noobs compare to them.

        The sad part is most of those legend are not contribute back to the hong kong country. They only want to contribute on their bank accounts! But they forgotten their roots. Without HK, they wont became a superstar!

      5. @lam86 totally true like although HK entertainment is dying it used to create so many memorable dramas and actors. China do have a lot of famous actor and actresses but very little can come close to the acting skills that HK produced. I do watch FBB and YM but they are just mediocre in their acting it’s always the same and fans will hype them up to the sky even if they just sit there. The only Chinese dramas I felt were actually good in acting and plot are Legend of Zhen Huan, Bu Bu Jing Xin, Prince of Lan Ling, Battle of Changsha, and Ashes of Love.

  2. Looks crap. Catering to the mainland audience once again to to grab as much money as he can. Using mainland actors as leads in movies containing cantonese humour. Pathetic!!

  3. I miss Stephen work as an actor, however as a director he movies aren’t that appealing its definitely not the same without the original cast and the main actor itself Stephen Chow.

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