Kate Tsui: A Hot-blooded Cop in “Sniper Standoff”

“She’s crazy!” exclaimed Kate Tsui (徐子珊) on her role as Inspector Sheung Koon in the TVB drama, Sniper Standoff <神槍狙擊2013>.

The 33-year-old actress stars as the hot-blooded Sheung Koon Ming Chu, an inspector of Hong Kong’s Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB), in the forthcoming action-packed crime drama. Although this will be Kate’s seventh time in portraying a cop onscreen, it will be her first time to portray a member of the OCTB unit.

Kate had complained once before that she was growing quite weary of her cop roles, but she gushed that her role as Madam Sheung Koon is unique and had exceeded her expectations. “This time, my role is a bit crazy,” Kate told TVB Zone. “She is both hot-blooded and competent. She will sometimes get too tied down to a case and will jump to the front lines like the rest of her SDU colleagues.”

According to Kate, Madam Sheung Koon is a multi-dimensional character. “The first half of the drama will talk about how I am a very courageous and tough madam, but in the second half, there will be a very emotional father-daughter story. It is a very big change from the beginning! This role is actually very interesting; she used to see her career as the most important thing, but after the death of her father, she will learn to understand the importance of family and friends.”

Kate Enjoys Fighting

As the head of the OCTB unit, Kate’s character will have many scenes with the Special Duties Unit, a paramilitary team headed by Inspector Ko Chun Kin, portrayed by Eddie Cheung (張兆輝). Kate said, “I treat him as my elder brother. I admire him a lot in the drama.”

Kate revealed that the cast was given real guns during shooting, “It feels more realistic, especially for the actors. Using real guns helps us immerse into our characters.”

The former Miss Hong Kong winner did not request for a stunt double to help her in the action sequences. “I quite enjoyed the fighting, but I cannot run for too long. I am very scared of those scenes that require me to chase down a criminal!”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. A little reminiscent of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft..

    1. This what I was thinking years ago, she be good role like Lara Croft, lol..Asian Lara Croft ?,,lol

  2. I still kinda wished she was still playing the first SDU member instead of Eliza Sam.

    1. Me too, she looked so cool in that SDU’s outfit, just like the above picture

  3. Looking forward to this series. Will this be released this year?

    1. That’s at least better than her cop look in FH3.

      And eliza looks weird…

  4. Eeeekkk Kate Tsui glad Eliza Sam replaced her!!!

  5. Maybe if she actually held the weapon higher like a real policewomen, this photo would be more convincing.

  6. I hated when she whines and talk trying to look all goody goody barFFFFss……….

  7. I’m looking forward for this drama to coming out.
    I thought Kate’s character would have an one-side love for Eddie Chung, but then she just think of him as an older brother, that’s good because I don’t like to see her heartbroken

  8. They full rushed filming this series. Apparently all them had to film for 30 hours straight.

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