Kent Tong Rapes Natalie Tong in “Lord of Shanghai”

Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) shared that she had stolen the first rape scene of Kent Tong’s (湯鎮業) acting career. Natalie and Kent are currently in Shanghai filming for TVB period drama Lord of Shanghai <梟雄>, which also stars Anthony Wong (黃秋生) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥).

Natalie, who portrays Kent’s maid in the series, revealed that her character gets raped by Kent. The rape scene was filmed in Hong Kong. Natalie revealed, “He said it was his first time filming a rape scene. I have experience with [these types of scenes], so it was done very smoothly and quickly. Maybe it was because we were not very familiar with each other at the time, so things weren’t too awkward when we filmed it.”

Natalie further praised Kent for being a good senior who takes care of the cast members. Kent also likes to joke around to lighten the tense atmosphere.

While filming in Shanghai, Natalie found time to visit the country and the film studios. Her costar, Alice Chan (陳煒), was in charge of bringing Natalie around and introducing her to local delicacies. “The streets [of the film studios] are very beautiful, and I felt like I was stepping into old Shanghai. I was very excited.”

Natalie said she has developed a love for Shengjian mantou, Shanghai’s pan-fried baozi. “We would all take a walk whenever we don’t have to film. Alice was also my photographer. We took so many pictures!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Lol, Natalie has filmed so many rape scenes.
    – A Fistful of Stances
    – Bullet Brain
    – Lord of Shanghai

    1. LOL I think Natalie & Charmaine Li has filmed the most rape scenes I remember there was an article about it a while back

      1. Tina Shek too… Brother’s Keeper, A Great Way 2, Tomorrow Is Another Day.

    2. Maybe she was raped before. TVB came to know about this and thought she had the “experience” to film such scenes.

      1. Wow! That was COLD!

        Maybe she’s just a really good actress?*

        *I haven’t a clue who she is btw lol

  2. Okay, surely this article could’ve done with a better headline.

    E.g. “Kent T. and Natalie T. share graphic scene in ‘Lord of Shanghai'”

    1. I was gonna say that too lol or “Kent T. And Natalie T. screen characters share graphic scene in ‘Lord of Shanghai'”.

  3. Looking forward to Kent performance my mum said Kent acting skills is very powerful

  4. Rape is a taboo word, but sex sells…guess they are just trying to make the headline catchy.

  5. Kent looks like a deadringer for Zhang Yuqi’s director husband (the one caught with 3 hookers)

  6. He did film a rape scene before. In Palace, he raped Maggie Sui’s character.

  7. TVB is really hypocritical. They always try to promote their good image but are using rape scenes to lure the audience in. How strange is that? Also, their soul called rape scenes are nothing but a big black out and that is it. Therefore, there is nothing for them to rave about.

  8. He must be seriously desperate for money, if:
    1. he comes back to film for TVB, and
    2. agrees to do a rape scene.

    He was always my least favorite Tiger, but this is still depressing news.

    1. Sorry just because you dislike Kent does not mean that you need to say that. Kent is far from being desperate for money. He has a very successful business in China which is is why he rarely has time to come back to HK. In fact he is so busy that he does not even act much in China although he always gets invites to act in various projects,which is why he often makes guest appearances due to his limited time. He also produces as well.

      Just because anyone comes back to film for Tvb does not always mean they are desperate for money. Are you saying that Anthony,Sharon, Steven,Ada,etc.. or anyone who films for Tvb is desperate for money? Many who come back are doing it as a favor to Tvb which is the case with Anthony and Kent. They still remember what Tvb did for them back in the days when they were just starting out. Therefore,they are trying to repay that. Tvb needs them not the other way around. Also,if it were fit money,Tvb is the last place anyone would want to come back to as we all know how cheap they are and how little they pay.

      1. I don’t dislike him at all, I just said he was my “least” favorite (I still like his acting).
        And seriously, why would ANYONE do a rape scene voluntarily? It’s just vile whether acting or not. I honestly lose respect for anyone who agrees to do one.

        – There are just as effective ways to use it in the story without actually “showing” it.

  9. I wish I was in Kent’s position 🙁 Natalie , I will do ‘almost’ anything to have her on top of me or vice versa!

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