Kevin Cheng and Jade Leung Film “Eye in the Sky”

TV King Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) focused his efforts in Mainland China and was absent from TVB dramas last year. Amid TVB’s declining ratings, many of the station’s top stars were called back to star in upcoming series. After a year-hiatus, Kevin returned to Hong Kong to film for new crime series, Eye in the Sky <天眼> opposite Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬). Shortly after filming started, Kevin is already caught trying to seduce co-star, Jade Leung (梁琤), with his electrifying stare.

Not new to rumors, Kevin was always romantically linked to his female colleagues during filming. Laughing at the accusations, Jade joking stated, “Kevin has a lot of fans, and I just have a lot of scenes opposite him. I don’t want to anger his fans!”

Both Kevin and Jade appeared highly professional during filming. Off screen, they were friendly towards each other as well. Kevin expressed that he is happy to work with Jade, despite earlier allegations. They posed easily together for press photos.

Although TVB is known for its long filming hours, Kevin was in a good mood throughout the day. He is glad for the familiarity of working with TVB cast and crew, as he was surrounded by old friends. Kevin said, “It’s like going back to school on the first day after a summer break. I’m in a great mood. I’ve worked with most of the people on this team, and I’m so happy that I can see them again.”


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  1. awww so nice to hear him enjoying the filming process! kinda cute how he compared it to going back to school ahaha, but it’s quite true, one of the strengths of tvb really is their ‘one big happy family’ atmosphere.
    i’ve definitely missed seeing him in tvb dramas, looking forward to this already!

  2. Glad to see Award-Winning Actress Jade Leung return to TVB. She should be lead role. Hope the TVB will promote her.

  3. Jade is so pretty. haven’t seen her in tvb for a really long time I think her last series was war and beauty

    1. Oh yeah I loved her in there. She was the prettiest actress in that series. So glad to see her again.

    2. I was so young back then when I watched War and Beauty. I remember asking my mom why the Emperor didn’t like her because I thought she was the prettiest in the drama. Later on I realized she had asthma so she lost favor from the Emperor :P.

  4. From this photo, Jade has aged very well and look even more attractive than her younger days…

  5. jade is okay but how she looks is a bit usual like her eyes
    are a bit different to other people i just found out about that>.<

  6. and i don’t really know all about her details so
    i hope she will film good and people would like it

  7. Jade is still beautiful at 44. Looking forward to seeing her in dramas again.

  8. “Kevin was in a good mood throughout the day. He is glad for the familiarity of working with TVB cast and crew, as he was surrounded by old friends…”

    Yes, Kevin. The grass is not always greener on the other side! All these TVB artists filming in China. It’s not that easy.

    1. Grass is not always greener…but I bet the number on the paychecks are just a bit higher. He’s working for money, not for the sake of acting and not for easy. Get it?

  9. So am I, that is, glad that he’s back and working with his old friends again. Having worked in the Mainland for some time he would have garnered a lot of actiong experiences and that should improve his acting further.

  10. miss kevin so much i hope this is a good role…. kevin has had so many boring blank face roles…. kevin is an incredible amazing actor with awesome charismatic and extremely enjoyable to watch.. kevin is the best like roger gallen and bobby acting legends

  11. Michelle Yim is another good veteran actress playing difficult roles but please do not ask Liza Wang to do the same. From most of Liza’s recent roles, her age and acting has been too exaggerated or unrealistic.

  12. I read info from tvb drama, it will be 30 episode but according to the info now, it just have 20 episode. I am so disappointed.

    1. The number of episodes shouldn’t matter too much. As long as every episode is plot-tight and amazing acting from everyone, then it should still do fine

  13. I want to watch this for Jade Leung and if Jade pairs up with Kevin, I would ship them (in drama or real life). Jade is gorgeous and she’s such a great actress. She was doing so well in mainland China series back then, “Legend of Yung Ching” with Adam Cheng and “Fairy tale at the end of the century” with Ren Quan (and I shipped them knowing she’s 7 yrs his senior.) Then she entered TVB and TVB killed her career. She should have been main girl in Burning Flame and paired with Louis Koo. They looked so good together for the short time they were in love. Then they made her married this ugly guy who played Louis’ brother and killed her. She should have been main girl in War and Beauty. Instead, they killed her again. Ba$tard$.

  14. Miss Kevin a lot and glad he comes back for new series with TVB, looking forward for this drama, specially Kevin and Ruco in the same drama…so exciting.

  15. LOL its true Kevin is always romantically linked to whichever actress he is currently acting with. But Jade doesnt need to worry, the rumours usually will die down once filming ends.

  16. I loved Jade back in the 90s and am really anticipating her return. She is so elegantly beautiful and is definitely ageing well. I think I was the most fond of her action scenes back in the day, she was so badass when she fights!
    As for Kevin; he is such an overrated actor, mediocre at best but each to their own I guess.

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