Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, and Natalie Tong Fend Off Love Rumors at FILMART 2014

The Hong Kong International Films & TV Market (FILMART) convention entered its second day of exhibition on March 25. TVB once again called upon their top artists to promote this year’s headlining series. Rumored parties of the latest celebrity love triangle, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), were present to promote their latest drama All That is Bitter is Sweet <大藥坊>, previously known as The Apothecary. Appearing friendly on stage, the trio used humor to dispel their current romance speculations.

The second half of TVB’s presentation showcased many anticipated series including Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎II>, Lady Sour <醋娘子>, and Black Heart White Soul <忠奸人> (formerly Semi-Evil Man). Linda, Ruco, Natalie, and Raymond Wong (黃浩然) took the stage during the preview of their early Republic-era drama All That is Bitter is Sweet. The four initially shared a romance rectangle in the story, though Natalie revealed that the relationship has since been revised.

Just like their onscreen counterparts, Linda, Ruco, and Natalie have been embroiled in an alleged real-life love triangle. Ruco, who has been linked with many of his female co-stars, reportedly won Linda’s affections while promoting Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>. The rumors continued while the two filmed All That is Bitter is Sweet, though more recently, some believe that Ruco may actually have eyes on Natalie.

Although the trio have previously denied these speculations, they once again fended off the media’s curiosity on today with witty responses. Wanting a simple, committed relationship, Linda admitted that she is closer to rumored boyfriend Philip Ng (伍允龍). Responding to speculations that Ruco had rejected her, she joked, “Why is he the one rejecting me? Why can’t I do the rejecting? Haha!”

As before, Ruco took a casual attitude when addressing his rumor with Natalie. Dismissing any love sparks between them, he praised Natalie as a committed person and joked that these rumors may just be their red string of fate. Natalie played along though also tried to put the focus back onto their drama, saying, “Fate is unpredictable, I am still waiting for my Mr. Right. First, I want to develop some sparks [with Ruco] within the drama.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. If this is a recent photo of Linda C, then she must have had cosmetic surgery as she has lost her innocent facial features…

    1. I don’t think so, maybe it’s just the camera angle. Though I do agree this photo of Linda makes her look funny.

    2. This website always uses the wrong pics all the time lol. She still have her innocent look .

      1. yup jaynestars always pick the weirdest, not-relevant-to-the-article pictures. -hands them award for doing so-

      1. Who does not age and get old? If you do not age and get old,then something is terribly wrong. But the most important thing is to age well and gracefully. Of course that would not be possible if you have had too much PS.

  2. “Ruco may actually have eyes for Natalie”

    I hope not cause I believe Linda and Ruco would make a good couple… If only she dumped Phillip Ng.

    I also think she is the hottest out of all the actresses in the industry. But in terms of acting skills, she’s not so great. Though if I was to choose between Linda and Natalie, I’ll choose Linda cause at least she can do a crying scene.

    1. “I’ll choose Linda cause at least she can do a crying scene.”

      That’s about all she ever does.

    2. I prefer Nat more than Linda. At least Natalie can act better

      1. Disagree, Natalie makes every heavy drama heavier and every light hearted drama like the world’s most tragic moment. In fact she and Linda can have a go at who can make a scene more tragic.

  3. “Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, and Natalie Tong Fend Off Love Rumors at FILMART 2014” …

    by fighting one another for the affection of Ruco.

    Yeah right!!

  4. Some of the dramas’ names are oddly named! Nevertheless, I am mostly anticipating 忠奸人, 飛虎II, 大藥坊 as well as Line Walker 🙂

  5. in some other tv film that she had film is quire good
    and i really like her voice when she speaks
    it sounds very cute

  6. Looking fwd to Ruco n Natalie’s on screen chemistry again. I’m not really convinced by Ruco n Linda’s chemistry in BK.

  7. I saw an interview on TV and he actually said he treats Natalie like his little sister.

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