Qiong Yao Takes Legal Action Against TV Plagiarism

On April 15, novelist Qiong Yao (瓊瑤) publicly accused Mainland TV producer and scriptwriter Yu Zheng (于正) for plagiarizing her work from 22 years ago, The Plum Blossom Brand <梅花烙>. The main plots of historical television series, Palace 3: The Lost Daughter <宫锁连城>, which is Yu’s most recent production, seems to strictly resemble Qiong Yao’s renowned novel.

The accusation via Weibo garnered several comments by netizens, who eagerly voiced their opinions in the heated controversy. On April 28, Qiong Yao made an additional announcement that she has officially decided to sue Palace 3 through a lawyer. In order to maintain The Plum Blossom Brand’s copyright interests, she has resorted to the law.

Deeply upset, Qiong Yao wrote, “Effective as of today, lawyers Wang Jun (王军) and Wang Li Yan (王立岩) from Pacific Century Law Firm will speak on my behalf, since I am forced to embark on legal proceedings. In regards to this case, I will no longer accept any media interviews. Thank you for the solidarity and love. I believe the law will give a fair account of the matters.”

When Yu Zheng was reached for comments, he exclaimed everything had been a pure coincidence with no intentions to hurt Qiong Yao. Denying he had plagiarized, Yu explained the ideas for the plot of Palace 3 emerged through a conversation with artiste Zhang Ting (張庭). According to Yu, the script for the series was also once approved by Qiong Yao’s company based in Mainland China, Chong Yi Culture.

Regarding Qiong Yao’s statement on April 28 about opting for legal action, Yu no longer wished to comment further on the issue. He also trusts the law for bringing upon justice and expressed, “I believe the court will give a fair judgment. I will leave everything to the lawyers.”

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. If he think it was a coincidence, then why did it had to be approved by Qiong Yao’s company???

    1. Not surprised, as that’s Yu Zheng’s underhanded way of boosting himself, something he does all the time. He does the same with Jin Yong too….he always brags about how Jin Ying supposedly “approves” his remakes when that’s not true at all…he simply has someone he knows who works for Jin Yong or the third party company that manages his affairs “approve” the work and he can then ‘claim’ that Jin Yong approved. It’s that bastard Yu Zheng’s way of riding other people’s coat tails to fame.

      1. Agree! This case in particular, he says that the idea came to him during a conversation, claiming he came up with it, if it was so originally his, why did he have to get approval lol! He talks to much crap!

      2. If Yu Zheng really thought so highly of himself, then why plagiarize?? He is actually indirectly degrading himself by copying others’ works.

      3. Let me put it in my perspective;

        He thinks he is god’s gift to tv world that it is him doing the authors or other series a favour by taking the story and making it his own that he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

      4. How is he doing the original creators a favour if he does not credit them with the original story??

        Sure you can say turning it into a tv series is adding value, but please give credit when credit is due.

  2. I hope justice will be clear. But how fair will the trial be? If Yu Zheng can get away with this, he will think he is invisible and just take the law to his own hands. This case will be interesting. Will Qiong Yao go all the way with the lawsuit? I wonder?

  3. Yu Zheng is ridiculous, he copied the story Xiao Ao Jiang Hu from Jet Li version years ago,,,, and I am sure the lost daughter was from Qiong Yao… coz I seen her version 90% same story,,,

  4. Wat a copy cat..ride on people hardwork for fame & moni. Dare to do but dont dare to admit!.

  5. OMG!!! If he has spoken to Chang Ting, the actress, don’t we all know Chang Ting’s hubby is one of Qiong Yao’s favourite actors in the 80s, 林瑞陽?

    So could have the idea comes up when Chang Ting thought of the show her hubby acted in before?

      1. Yes,her husband is Lin Rui yang and they have 2 kids together.

  6. Lost Daughter is officially rubbish. Qiong Yau, I hated yours but his is absolute rubbish.

  7. Pure coincidence? What a funniest joke! Who is he fooling? Yu Zheng picked on wrong person this time.

    1. Yes, he did cross the wrong person. Hopefully QY can teach him a lesson.

  8. Jayne, is there any particular reason you chose this rather bad photo of Yu Zheng? Because if yes, let me say *clap*clap* well done!

    By the way how old is Qiong Yau? In her 70s? She looks great.

    1. Jayne, is there any particular reason you chose this rather bad photo of Yu Zheng? Because if yes, let me say clap clap well done!

      By the way how old is Qiong Yau? In her 70s? She looks great.

      1. Agree. Qiong Yao is 76 now, and she looks great in the above photo (if it is her recent photo).

      2. I just did a search on Google, Qiong Yao is a pretty looking woman of her age.

  9. I find it a cross between The Switch and Plum Blossom. The leading lady in Palace 3 was abandoned near a brothel (The Switch). Her foster mother died (Plum Blossom). She sings! (Plum Blossom). She is bratty (The Switch).

    I wonder if Yu Zheng is the only director/screenwriter because he has done quite a few works that were similar to others and they were bad rendition of it lol

  10. Is this guy that popular, same horrible producer of swordsman and the dreadful upcoming roch series. I just want this guy to go down. I predict something will happen with him with his unethical ways. Sue him for plagiarism!

  11. Is it bad that I feel happy he’s getting into trouble? Lol. He’s so arrogant when he talks, I want his ego to deflate after this.

    1. No, most of us loath him and are happy seeing him getting punished lol

    2. hahah ur not the only one. i bet everyone wants him to go down 😀

    3. I agree too. He just try to beautify others people’s work with good looking cast and fancy costumes. It is like just a surface makeup but the substances is very weak. I do not know why he always copies others? He has the money to be original, doesn’t he?

  12. Oww.. I’m actually quite enjoying Gong 3 right now 🙁

  13. Yu Zheng is a hack. He had “borrowed” (i.e. stole) liberaly from other people throughout his career. Heck, one of his very first series (Rose Martial World) was a re-imaginging of the Liu Bang-Han Yu story. This is OK in itself since re-imagining history is an acceptable/well used method in fiction. Except less than four years later he released “Beauties of the Emperor” a remake of “Rose Martial World” except set in a different period. And I don’t think he said a word about it being a remake – just passed it off as being something new and original. While there is nothing wrong with revisiting your own work, this really demonstrate how lazy, unoriginal and greedy this man is.

    Fortunately for us (unfortunately for Qiong Yao), this time he stole from the wrong person. Qiong Yao is not some helpless, powerless nobody that he can just steam-roll over. She is a well-known, well-established novelist and producer. More importantly she has the financial means to take this all the way. I hope she does. And I hope that her example will help those who he had stolen from in the past or will steal from in the future to step forward instead of letting him get away with such blatent plagiarism.

    1. Indeed, and who can forget that Gong is a plagiarise version of BBJX, of course he said with his twist! It’s unbelievable that he’s gotten away with being a copycat for so long. I hope Qiong Yao will put up a tough fight and take him down.

    2. QY is Taiwanese, YZ is Chinese. Where will the case be fought in? In China, will the law side her. I really wonder if the law will be fair? We knew who is guilty but fake imitation is such common practice. Yu Zheng is banking on his homeland to get away with this thief.

  14. yes! go qiong yao! sue his ass! this guy needs a lesson..

  15. Sounds like she’s going to get big bucks. If he contacted her management to get approval that means he knew about her novel. This guy is screwed!

  16. ” Yu explained the ideas for the plot of Palace 3 emerged through a conversation with artiste Zhang Ting (張庭)”

    If that is the case, the idea for Palace 3 might initially come from this series starring Zhang Ting.


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