“Super Trio Maximus” Copies Korea’s “Running Man”

After much anticipation, the popular comedy game show, Super Trio, has finally made a comeback with their newest installment – Super Trio Maximus <超級無敵獎門人 – 終極篇>. The return of the series marks the day where the previous hosts are welcomed back on the show.

Bosco Wong Confident that “A Change of Heart” Will Reach 30 Points

Guests for the third episode features the cast of the upcoming series, A Change of Heart <好心作怪>, which includes Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Niki Chow (周麗淇), Michael Miu (苗僑偉), and Mandy Wong (黃智雯). Due the low ratings TVB’s series has been getting, the upper management team has been forced to call back numerous actors and actresses to save the station. TVB even called back Niki and Joey to film for them, in hopes that newer faces will offer a fresher feel to the series.

In A Change of Heart, Bosco and Niki will be playing a couple. The pair has been seen together frequently and they explained that it was all for publicity. Bosco confidently said, “I hope the response will be good and well received by everyone. If the ratings go over 30 points, we’ll get Niki to wear a bikini and Michael to dress in swimming trunks for the celebratory dinner!” Michael laughed at Bosco’s statement and said that he also has confidence that the series will perform well.

“Super Trio Maximus” Copied “Running Man”?

The Super Trio series started in 1995 and since then, numerous people have pointed out that the program was similar to the Japanese and Taiwanese game shows. However, this time when Super Trio Maximus piloted, many audience members exclaimed that the program was similar to the Korean variety show, Running Man.

Host Eric Tsang (曾志偉) refuses to acknowledge that the show copied Running Man. Eric said, “I don’t even know which parts were copied! We have over 170 different games and there are at least 100 that have been used elsewhere. It doesn’t matter where you go; people will always think the games are similar. We try to switch the games around and to be honest, nobody has ever had a problem before!”

Source: Apple Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I personally watch running man every week and I can see how they are similar, but only in like variety game show style. The games aren’t that similar, running man games are a lot more high budget and funnier. However the only part that is really similar to be is the closeness between the cast…

    1. Lol I thought so too. I watch running man every week and I don’t see much similarity. Plus all show copy other show in some way or another.

  2. I’m really looking forward to watching ‘A Change of Heart’. The storyline is solid and the cast is full of my favourite actors and actresses.

  3. Ppl copy American shows and then what. The person that hating is the group of ppl that like Kenny Wong.

    1. Kenny Wong is who? Is it Wong Duk Ben or Suki Tsui’s husband?

      I’m so confused :/

    2. Kenny Wong the actor? what do his fans have to do with Super Trio copying other network’s gameshows?
      They have admitted they copied over 100 games from other shows, they copied so many Eric lost count lol. That’s pretty tacky. Honest, but tacky. Doesn’t make the show any less enjoyable though.
      I’m not going to be able to see my favorite TVB actors doing stupid stuff on Running Man, so it’s kind of a moot point. Yes they copied, and yes it’s still a good show- as much as I hate to admit it(despise Eric Tsang).

    3. kenny wong who sued oscar leung not ungentleman kenny wong who bashed sheren tang cruelly on weibo

      1. Wow I didn’t know that happened. What did he say? I respected him as an actor before, but if he’s rude in real life, maybe I will strike him off my list. I hate rude people.
        If he bashed her for complaining about the unfinished scripts, I would have thought he would be familiar with that problem himself.
        I don’t think TVB treat him very well, he never gets good roles or anything more than second tier starring roles. Kind of curious what he bashed her for and why.

  4. I agree Super Trio Maximus is a bit similar to Running Man, however, I don’t think it really matters. People find new ideas from others and make it their own. It’s normal and people are just making a big deal out of it. The only thing that matters are the viewers and ratings. Besides, because of their two different cultures, the atmosphere is extremely different.

  5. I have seen a couple of episodes of RM.Some of the episodes I have watched was the ones with SYJ and HJW and the 2 episodes hong kong one with LMJ.They were good but the annoying writing popping up everywhere and the canned audience laughter gets annoying.I like the different soundtracks playing through the episodes though.

    1. Most korean variety/talk shows have writing pop up…so its normal

  6. Doesn’t matter if the games are copied. I will watch because I am familiar with the HK artists playing the games. I won’t bother watching Korea’s Running Man, simply because I don’t know who the heck the players are.

    1. Well said Primrose. I agree.
      Plus… The chemistry with some of the guests because of many years of friendship is not something that one can create easily.

    2. I didn’t know who the celebrities are but Running Man is so entertaining its really worth watching. And I’m not usually crazy over Korean shows.

      1. agree i love the format and entertaining feel of running man. i don’t know any of the stars inside too and don’t care to know about them as long as the show itself is entertaining. it’s something that tvb failed to do!

    3. I agree with u.. I dont watch running men too, and would prefer to watch super trio cos i know who those celebs r and i can understand what they are saying and dont need to concentrate on the subtitles for translation. So what if the games r copied? As long as i have a good time and good laugh while watching it, thats what matters right..

  7. tvb is copycat, now eric tsang also copycat. running man was great and lame super trio can’t compare to it!

    1. “Copy cat this, copy cat that” SO BLOODY WHAT.

      Super trio has been going on for more than 10 years (this series is probably older than you are) and people do want to keep watching so who gives a sh!te if it really does copy games?!

  8. if change of heart don’t reach 30 points i will laugh at dumbly overconfident bosco and michael miu.

      1. nobody should be overconfident. change of heart looks lame and the promo trailers are uninspiring. michael miu is the same one note michael miu and bosco looks ugly. niki still can’t act.

        joey and mandy are awesome though.

      2. it’s just general good enthusiasm. no harm in that

        michael is the hottest oldie in tvb dude

  9. Unless the cast members of Super Trio decides to go to some building and start chasing each other for nametags, I don’t see the similarity. The formatting of both shows are different and Super Trio has been going on for almost 20 years now!

    Mini games played within both shows has been seen over and over again from numerous shows, it’s hard to say switch show is copying which, whether it’s Running Man, X-Man, Japan’s Gaki no Tsukai or HK’s Super Trio.

  10. Try copying 1 night 2 days! I bet NONE of them will even do that show!

    1. Correction: 1N2D, season one. That’s the only one worth doing. The current 1N2D is going downhill and they’re roping in too many celebrity guests… (T__T) We have Running Man for that (although I’m not a fan).

      Oh, well~ At least I’ve got “Appa, Odiga” to keep me company these days.

  11. Wonder if they can copy Tempation Island? 🙂

  12. As long as I’m entertained… I don’t care 😛

    1. Agree! I’ve been watching Super Trio since I was a little girl and still look forward for the new season. And I really love watching Running Man as well! Awesome outdoor high budget games! I remember there’s one epi of super trio when they were in Japan, they played a game of guessing words, and if one fails to guess, their team mates get wet. That’s kinda similar to RM tho.. Oh well, I don’t care about who copy who.. As long as I’m entertained. 😀

  13. why hong kong people like to copy others? no taste at all and i look down on hong kong people.

    1. Why buy clothes then? Your clothes are going to be the same as many other people. Are you copying then? I think so since they’re identical clothes. So therefore, I look down on you.

  14. They copied a specific game from running man. Not the genial format of the name tags etc. It was the game where the girls would answer questions about football and other typical male topics (which the girls would supposedly be not familiar with) and if they got it wrong their corresponding male team member at the back would be splashed with water.

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