The Unsolved Mysteries of Benz Hui’s Character in “Line Walker”

TVB drama, Line Walker <使徒行者>, aired its finale on October 3, with viewership ratings averaging 30 points and peaking at 35 points. Since the drama aired, Benz Hui‘s (許紹雄) triad figure, Chum Foon Hei, was very popular. Mourning his tragic end, viewers pointed out the unsolved mysteries behind his character.

Although Foon Hei was the boss of the triad group, Hung Hing, viewers believed he was one of the undercover police officers. Unfortunately, Benz shot himself while held hostage by the fifth undercover, Samantha Ko (高海寧), and her men.

Viewers were unable to forget about Foon Hei during his dying moments. Perhaps taking viewers’ adoration into account, the ending credits for Line Walker showed a mysterious person deleting Foon Hei’s undercover file from the police database. Foon Hei was assigned as an undercover agent in 2006 and his target was the infamous Mr. Song and his triad empire. Because the case did not have closure, it is unknown whether he switched his loyalties during the operation, or whether he was still an undercover at the time of his death.

Did Foon Hei Truly Die?

Keen-eyed viewers also noted many unsolved mysteries. Foon Hei’s son revealed that his mother did not die due to an illness, but rather, she was falsely arrested and committed suicide in prison. Why did Foon Hei not hire lawyers to defend her case? Also Foon Hei’s body was nowhere to be seen after his death. Did Foon Hei truly die, or did he fake his death to escape the triads?

Despite the heated speculation over Foon Hei’s character, Producer Man Wai Hung (文偉鴻) did not reveal any answers. He said that the character backgrounds were set in the script from the beginning, but the series’ 30-episode format did not allow it enough time to dwell into details for each character, including Foon Hei.  “When we wrote the script, all the characters’ development were all set. It’s just that we were unable to fit all of the details into 30 episodes. Whether or not there will be a sequel, it’s up to the company’s decision and the audience’s reaction to see if there is such an opportunity.”


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  1. Whilst LW was generally good, I felt the ending was way too rushed. It focused on
    spotting the 5th UC and black cop too much and left very little development for the likes of Foon Hei Goh’s ambiguous status and why Lam Hei Mei’s character developed into a turncoat – perhaps good material for movie and series spin offs?

    I wouldn’t mind a sequel to LW focusing on a parallel timeline story of Foon Hei Goh and Lam Hei Mei…

    1. I heard that the orginal script may be more detail…but need to cut to fit 30 to 31 …maybe can not be too long.

    2. I share the same sentiment on the ‘way too rush ending’. I thought this drama is going to be different from all the other TVB’s production. It was really done in a way that everyone just want to end it disregarding logic and details.
      However, Episode 23-27 are stale and boring with too many ‘Music Video’ moments between the love birds. They could have cut these stale episodes to accommodate the development to end the drama properly.

    1. Foon Hei Gor is the next Laughing Gor, but Benz is great. He’s better than Michael Tse.

    2. i have a feeling this is going to be like laughing gor alll over again…
      ex-cop turned gang member, death with unrevealed identity, possible UC, unexpectedly popular character….etc. hope tvb doesn’t milk it the same the way they did with laughing…

    3. Yes laughing Gor all the way to the bank.
      TVB’s unexpected Jackpot — to think they had this series in the FreezeBox for a year..

  2. His character was very interesting it’d be nice if there is a prequel to explain what happened to him…

    I wish they had explained Lam Hei Mei & Mr Pongs death too though! I thought they’d had a flashback to see what happened but it didnt turn out that way… Lam Hei Mei was the most interesting UC to me so it sucks we didn’t really get into her background! All we know is she was a good cop then she was saved by Mr Pong & then she switch sides afterwards wish they could elaborate more!

  3. Benz Hui definitely deserves Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal in Line Walker. He was a character that I disliked at first, but began to truly like with the change of events. Seeing as how Benz received BSA last year I believe, it may be more difficult for him to receive once again this year. But I’m sure he will make Top 5

  4. Glad to see Uncle Benz getting so much recognition lately! He is an awesome actor and absolutely well-deserving of all the accolades! He’s been one of my favorite supporting actors since the 80s and I can honestly say that he’s one of the few actors (including both lead and supporting) who has never disappointed me in terms of his acting (I don’t think there has ever been a performance of his that I didn’t like in some way).

    I’ve never been keen on sequels and spin-offs, but in the future, if there will truly be a spin-off about the character “Chum Foon Hei” and Uncle Benz is cast in the lead role, I will definitely watch (only because it’s him).

  5. Also what happen to the death of the character who was played by Samantha Koo the 5th UC and his Boyfriend? I dont believe that Kiu Sir or bau seed kill them both.

  6. It was point blank to his heart. Dont be a sellout tvb he died and leave it at that. As for the uc part, thats the sellout. Utter rubbish. Leave foon hei alone. He is fine as he is! No need to justify everything and excuse his evilness in the beginning.

  7. they should have given more story behind Foon Hei Gor. Rather watch more of him, wish there was less screen time for Sharon, and Kobe’s death was so random

    1. Benz is the best actor in Line Walker. He should win Best Supporting award

  8. i really want to know more about his character!! i was sooo sad when he died 🙁
    please explain for about his charater!!! hope he is still a uc still lol

  9. After he died the drama went downhill.

    The last 5 eps ruined the whole drama in my opinion when they started talking about the 4 people and the big boss

  10. i enjoyed benz’s breakout character much more than laughing gor. i think it had more layers – he was good, he was bad, he was scary, he was kind, and even by the time of his death, he was very much shrouded in mystery. i wouldn’t mind seeing a film about foon hei gor.

    1. I think Foon Hei is better than Laughing too or it could be that Benz is a better actor. Laughing is more about chokness. I never liked Laughing that much especially in the sequel LOA and in the LG movies. Laughing should just stay dead.

  11. Benz could b a UC too. Theres a scene at the very end during the ending theme song. Some1 wearing gloves deleting his profile. Could it be his UC profile or something else?

  12. What happened to ankie beilke? I kept expecting her to come back in the end…did I miss out on her death?

  13. Dear Jayne Stars,
    If every comment needs to wait until moderated and it takes you hours before doing the job, soon people will stop posting here.
    Concerned Poster.

  14. Benz hui was great but he won’t win best supporting actor as he already won last year.
    I think Sammy shum for Kobe should get best supporting actor.
    I want Michael Mui to win for best actor as his Cheuk Sir was great….

    1. I don’t think SS should win Best Suporting, he has lots to improve. Benz should be winning this but I have a feeling TVB won’t easily award Benz.

      As for Michael Miu, I agree. He improves tremendously in LW and is great in here as Cheuk Sir.

      1. I think it’s possible Benz will win again. His win last year came from left field. I don’t recall any reports suggesting he would win last year. The supporting awards are always hard to predict. I wouldn’t be surprised if TVB shocks us again.

    2. I would have been sold on SS as most improved….but then the more Kobe/Yan scenes I watched and the more the show butchered his character, the more flaws I saw in his acting. Character likeability and acting capability could and should be mutually exclusive, but not in SS’s case in my opinion.

  15. he like the new laughing gor, he was the most loved character in the serie to be honest… I totally want to see a sequel and Benz is like one of the best actor out there!!! please TVB we need a sequel

  16. Benz gor is a great actor i love watching him in all series especially for comedies series!!!!

  17. In my opinion, after the benz hui died, the last 5 eps went downhill. It felt like those 5 episodes let the whole drama down because suddenly everything changed and there want much suspense and mystery

  18. it is a great scripts, great actor/actress, great drama! well done everyone!

    1. I think if it is not protest, the viewing rate maybe even higher!

      1. Well, you could say that or maybe becos of the protest, people stay home to watch TV; otherwise, the viewing rate would be lower. No one will really know the answer.

  19. I believe Benz Hui character is not dead but will be resurrected for the sequel. He feels that his wife’s suicide was coverup conspiracy to harm him while he was an UC.

  20. Although I really like Sammy, they should’ve taken out wasted scenes between Sammy and Sharon to develop Benz more. Would have also like to see how Stephen and Samatha die instead of just one phone call.

    1. Too many love scenes between Sharon and Sammy. Should have replaced about 2/3 of those scenes with Benz Hui and Samantha’s past scenes.

    2. I agree. Too much time for Sammy and Sharon love life. Wish it could be used to develop Benz background.

    3. The worst part of every Sharon and Sammy scene is accompanied by the numerous replay of that annoying song.

  21. I’m still curious as to how ‘James’ and ‘Amy’ died, if Cheuk sir was the actual person that did it..

  22. This series great Benz was great. And to think that TVB kept this drama on hold for a year to show us lol.

    1. No they didn’t, it was filmed earlier this year so it was actually released pretty quickly

  23. From 21st episode onwards, the storyline went too fast. Suddenly all the villians came out and easily defeated.

    They couldn’t nab Foon Hei in 21 episode, what more Foon Hei’s boss. Doesn’t make sense at all. Ending is crap….anticlimax

    1. Finally someone who thinks same with me that the ambulance ending was crap. What was that? LW has gone downhill after Fon Hei’s death, but the ending leave a bad impression. LW generally is a good and enjoyable series especially when Foon Hei is alive but the ending is one of the worst.

  24. From the many comments on this series, it seems that Benz is the one keeping the series afloat. After his death in episode 25, the series went downhill. The ambulance ending was in sheer bad taste.

    1. people choose happy ending…usually happy ending is like that…maybe the sad ending is better!

  25. did anybody notice that benz is still alive as he was the one who deleted his entire file/history the cops had on him in the ending theme.

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