“Triumph in the Skies 2” Ending Revealed


Hong Kong magazine Oriental Sunday recently provided a sneak peek at the grand finale of popular TVB series Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>. A highly anticipated sequel, the drama has received positive reviews thus far and has attracted over 2 million local viewers every night.

Currently half-way through the planned 43 episodes, the series has finally switched gears from establishing background to developing the complex relationships between its large cast of characters. In its report, Oriental Sunday revealed the conclusion to the show’s major love triangle between Skylette Airlines pilots Sam Tong (Francis Ng 吳鎮宇), Jayden Koo (Chilam Cheung 張智霖), and Holiday Ho (Fala Chen 陳法拉). Although Holiday became Jayden’s official girlfriend and the two have moved in together, Jayden apparently could not let go of his playboy lifestyle. His flirtatious behavior hurt Holiday deeply, but Holiday is unable to completely pull herself away due to Jayden’s magnetic personality.

Holiday’s hesitation gave Sam the opportunity to enter the fray. With Holiday’s help, Sam is able to finally move on from the pain of losing his wife Zoe. Sam and Holiday eventually develop mutual respect and from there, romantic feelings. Despite this, Holiday cannot cut ties with Jayden which further complicates their relationships. Jayden later changed for the better but it was too late. Holiday ultimately decided to spend her life with Sam.

Meanwhile, Sam’s younger brother Issac (Ron Ng 吳卓羲) realized his feelings for aircraft maintenance technician Summer (Myolie Wu 胡杏兒). Since Summer looks so similar to his sister-in-law Zoe, Issac chose to put aside his love out of consideration of his brother’s feelings. When Sam discovers this, he reassured Issac that it is okay and encouraged him to pursue Summer. Issac won Summer over and the two became a couple. Later, Josie (Kelly Fu 傅嘉莉), the coffee shop barista who was in love with Issac, was revealed to be suffering from a terminal illness. Josie asks Issac to help her fulfill a wish by taking wedding photos together. Issac agrees but this almost destroyed his relationship with Summer. Issac and Summer eventually overcome this incident and remain a couple at the end.

Air stewardess Heather (Elena Kong 江美儀) suffers from extreme loneliness after her divorce. She and pilot Roy (Kenneth Ma 馬國明) became involved in a physical relationship to cure her boredom. The two will share a heated scene, kissing each other passionately as they move from the balcony to the room, and onto the bed. Their sexual relationship slowly turns into true love, and the two eventually become an official couple.

Coco Ling (Nancy Wu 胡定欣) recently broke up with her fiancé Nick (Hugo Wong 黃子衡) after revealing her intent to become a surrogate mother for good friend Colby (Candice Chiu 趙希洛). Even though she voluntarily chose a lonely road, Coco later meets Jim Jim (Him Law 羅仲謙) and falls in love. The two will be married at the end, with a wedding in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, witnessed by all of her close friends.

Source: Oriental Sunday #818 via ihktv.com 

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i really wanted see if sam went to the airport where holiday met zoe sam’s wife before zoe died
    i wonder if zoe was buried sam never talked about where zoe was buried

    1. Episode 23 (Wednesday’s episode) will reveal the last part of the Sam/Zoe story (what happened to Zoe and why she was alone when she died and how Sam found out about it). So definitely stay tuned for that episode….

      Frankly, after the Sam/Zoe story wraps in episode 23, not sure how much more of this series I’ll be able to tolerate. All the subplots/side stories and unnecessary characters are really starting to get on my nerves….

  2. Boring, everything is revealed and pretty much expected from episode 1

  3. how can sam end up with holiday when he was sooooooooo in love with zoe, this doesn’t even make sense…. like over 10 years of marriage, and it took holiday 1-2 years to change him. I get it if holiday helps him move on but I expected her to end up with jayden, not with sam.

    1. I read somewhere that only three years have passed in the series.

      1. When Sam married Zoe he was 39 as zoe was 24.
        In this series he is 45.
        So probably they’re married for 4 years?

    2. they finally made the series after 10 years, but it doesnt mean their marriage is 10 years lolyeah i think it”s only 3 years

      1. No marriage was 10 years or so. somewhere earlier in the series Tony chatting with Sam mentioned about the long marriage.

      2. Or maybe minus a year or 2. This series isn’t too specific on the timeline. I am still not sure when Zoe died.

      3. No I don’t think it was 10 years. Originally it was mentioned that Sam was grateful that Zoe and Sam was married even for a short time.

        I think they were only married for a few years ago before she died. Then I don’t know how long Sam was in London grieving.

        Maybe if you add it up between the end of series 1 and the beginning of series 2 it has been 7 or 8 years?

      4. When Sam married Zoe he was 39 as zoe was 24.
        In this series he is 45.
        So probably they’re married for 4 years?

        The comment should be posted here instead

  4. Oh no!I want Holiday to end up with Jayden. Oh so sad.

    1. It is like given that she will end with Sam. Look at the poster for the series. Who is at the very front? But maybe they may go for the alt ending where she ends up alone.

      1. And in the previous series, Francis’s character didn’t end up with Flora so this time they decide that Chilam doesn’t get the female lead…

    2. 奇怪了
      一个够疯癫 一个够稳重
      稳重的能控制疯癫的 疯癫的能取悦成熟稳重的

  5. How come Him Him looks like he is alone in the picture above?

    Whilst the ending is this way, I notice in the series sometimes the reaction isn’t as described. Anyway except for Nick not dying as the reason for Coco being with Jim Jim, the rest is as predicted like a mile away. By the way notice how Kenneth’s story is one paragraph but essentially is a description of quite simply sex?

  6. This drama seem to say that Fala Chen is the lead, and Myolie is only second lead, pairing up with the other second lead (and always failing to be the first lead, Ron Ng).

    Fala gets to date movie king, Francis Ng, and another movie idol, Chilam.

    Where is my Myolie???

    1. Myolie is not getting her fair share of prime time.

      Fala is nowhere near Myolie in terms of acting skills, and looks and personality and fan base.

      Where is my Myolie???

      1. Ya I’m thinking the same thing. Myolie screen time wasn’t a lot and her role is boring. But I do enjoy her time with Isaac. I stopped liking Ron Ng, but TITS2 makes me likes him again. He is enjoyable to watch. But I just wish that Joise isn’t in the picture. And also reduces Fala screen time. That will be ideal.

    2. Ron seems to be getting the most screen time and, in my opinion, great dialogues too.

  7. Personaly.. Holy you can end up with who you want except Sam! Even Francis doesn’t know how he can end up loving another woman, so how can we understand it?!

  8. Issac’s story with Josie is like another Coco & Nick, except Summer can actually tolerate and forgive.

    I’m dreading those scenes of Holiday “struggling” between her love for Sam and Jayden. It’s a tough enough character to write (difficult to be likable and not viewed as an indecisive airhead that you want to shake), but you add a group of writers who haven’t been able to make her a likable/admirable character thus far and then an actress who can’t pull off emotional scenes…yeah, not something to look forward to.

  9. LOL…when I read the word ‘spoilers’, I actually thought that the article would reveal something I didn’t already know…turns out Oriental Sunday was just rehashing “old news” (the so-called ‘ending’ described in the article was already revealed way back when, even before the series aired).

    Anyway, watching this series and reading about all complicated love relationships makes me want to ask the question — is it really necessary to have so many complicated love relationships in this series? Of course I know that TVB ‘specializes’ in this whole love relationship / triangle / conflict thing, but to me, they go a bit overboard in this series. Can’t we have even ONE ‘normal’ relationship in this series that’s free of any 3rd party struggle or dramatic element?

  10. Boring… TVB and the artists always reveal the ending even before the show ends and it’s so predictable. Prefers Korean and Hollywood where they normally filmed the drama along side broadcast… Development of stories are according to audiences’ reactions and you won’t know the ending till the ending. They keep u guessing all the way,

  11. Not really spoilers the ending is pretty predictable! Only the whole Sam-Holiday-Jayden relationship was what needed to be solved.

  12. blahblahblah 43 episodes looooooooooooong n ending is such!!!!!!

  13. Please do the alternate ending where the 3 of them end up alone.

  14. Another cliched character in the form of Jim Jim. Rich, famous dude turns out to be oh so humble and turns down fame to do something he suddenly becomes passionate about. What a load of BS.

    1. He is at the end of his career as a sportsman and whilst in reality he may become a coach, a spokesperson, etc but it is believable that he choose a different career path. He is humble because he lived a very sheltered life with his much more controlling but in the end well meaning big brother and he explained that he wanted a totally different career so that his big brother can have a life of his own, and so that he himself can find a stable career. And he happens to love flying when he saw those flying fish which is his nickname. He isn’t that passionate, it is practical and amongst the younger ones, I find his story the most entertaining and down to earth. So it is not a load of BS.

      He could be rich though but in Asia, sportsman may be rich but not as mega rich as in USA.

  15. I don’t think JimJim is unbelievable – he isn’t rich but a famous sportsman who decided he shld quit at his prime and give his bro a life. I don’t think he suddenly became passionate – more of he got inspired thru his earlier encounter on the plane. No doubt Him Law was def added as extra eye candy and in light of his popularity – the character is however, believable.

    I don’t see how Holiday and Sam can end up together though. He is too paternal for her – and I don’t see how the personalities can gel lol! Holiday and Jayden def seems a better match – but unlike the spoilers, it doesn’t seem as if Jayden hurt Holiday w his playboy ways – it’s was coz Holiday realised she has used Jayden as a stand-in for Daniel. I thot Jayden was really sweet abt the whole thing but I guess he really found out he had deeper feelings for Holiday later on.
    Am I the only one who quite like the side stories? Haha! It’s a bit different – I don’t think it’s draggy – as there really isn’t much to tell in this sequel where Sam is concerned. I think it shows how ppl meet/interact and how their lives intersperse with each other using the platform of the airport – a place where ppl meet and part etc etc:)
    I still enjoy the series so far – and I think especially so for viewers who haven’t seen the prequel – they like it. Awesome performances fm Francis, Chilam, even Ron and HimLaw. Can say the same for most of the girls, except maybe Myolie and Nancy Wu still pretty ok. Fala’s character is just hard to like lol

    1. “I don’t see how Holiday and Sam can end up together though’

      I can because

      a. Francis is the lead actor, see his position in the poster

      b. Holly is like Zoe except older

      c. because Holly tells Sam her feelings and she knows his, and to share deep feelings on such personal level in TV terms means they are bound to be an item. Moreover Jayden doesn’t share that level of deep meaningful conversation with her.

      d. Yes he is kinda paternal, but so was he with Zoe and he ended up marrying her.

      I hate the side stories. They are the reasons why this series is draggy. And they don’t connect the dots, just appear for appearing sake.

      And my number 1 issue is why TVB must almost always kill off their lead character(s) in a sequel. So when I heard there is a sequel to Hippocratic Crush, I fear for Tavia and Kenneth. So it depends who is expendable. But TITS 2 solved that by getting MYolie back in a different role which I feel is one of the reason why this series is not epic great. I was hoping for continuity, not the reappearance of characters.

      1. I don’t think the side stories were supposed to be there to connect the dots – it’s just to show a small facet of each character’s life:) Although I thot the Jayden/Summer background story could be developed more with some half-siblings or stepmom in the picture haha!
        Just sit back and enjoy the series lol! Nice scenery, dashing male leads, lots of young stars all in one series! I am not being shallow but it’s just a TV series – why so much nit-picking? 🙂

  16. I meant – can’t say the same for the girls lol – typo haha

  17. just want to comment that as the female lead and as an actress fala gives a fake and horrible performance in her plane scene with chilam. episode 22. just HORRIBLE

  18. I wish the romantic relationships weren’t so complicated.
    So many love triangles, it’s too much for one series and it’s not like this drama is like the ones in US where they film seasons.
    Why can’t Coco and Nick be the one couple where they stay together from beginning to end with just small, normal arguments that your average hk wedded couple would have. I like Jim Jim but he could have been paired up with say the coffee girl or Heather’s daughter…

    Roy’s character is a pain in the ass, his flirty behaviour is a major turn off.

    Lastly, why, why ,why can’t it be Jayden and Holiday?? Sam is more of a life mentor, a confidante, a friend, an older brother than a compatible lover for Hol.
    Jayden didn’t even hurt Holiday, his play-boy personality is what attracts her. The problem between them was that Holiday used Jayden as a replacement for Daniel, perhaps unintentionally. She hasn’t moved on, he reminded her of Daniel…
    TVB just has to make relationships complicated in every one of their dramas don’t they?

  19. WHAT!! tvb should make the ending so that holi and jayden get tgt!! her ending up with sam is just tooo… incompatible ): mann how I wish holi will end up with jayden, still

  20. Nothing surprise, as expected happy ending for all cast (except the playboy Jayden). Really weird, why all TVB fans eager to watch TITS2, just an ordinary romance drama which took shooting location in London & Paris 😛

  21. Just a drama; no need to have so much fire over who ends up with who, or what things can be done different. The filming is done and all I can be happy for is that Francis Ng is back onto HK television. TVB never really gave a flawless drama, even with or without amateur actors/actresses.

    I didn’t expect much from Triumph in the Skies II because sequels almost always pale in comparison to its predecessor. Just happy that a widower got to move on, a playboy pilot matured, a lost girl found her way, a surrogate mother didn’t end up alone, and a pair of new love birds who go through hurdles to be together. Not unusual from the typical HK romantic drama… it is from TVB afterall.

  22. Actually Holiday is as scattered brain and wilful as Sam’s mother. In the first series she threw a hissy tantrum and ran away from Sam and her husband but got back together with her husband 20 years later! So Holiday is really very much like Sam’s mom is charecter! Like they say you will always look for your other half that is similar to your parents in some ways. Just as Jayden because of his casanova father, he became one himself although he hated his father for his philandering! The irony!

  23. This series has bad acting and editing from episode 1. Francis Ng and Fala Chen’s lack of chemistry is so apparent. They also have really acting to the point of annoying. Fala Chen’s portrayal of Holiday is absolutely atrocious and Francis Ng’s portrayal of Sam Tong is horrible as he mumbles throughout the series and shows lack of expression, not to mention the absolute lack of chemistry with Holiday. If these 2 get nominated for awards for their portrayal of Sam and Holiday respectively, it only indicates Tvb’s desperation to please viewers.

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