[TV Commentary] “Eye in the Sky” Episodes 16 and 17

Eye in the Sky <天眼>
TVB Drama 2015

Executive Producer: Catherine Tsang
Genre: Crime Thriller
Number of Episodes: 20

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Vivien Yeo

The following is not a recap but a commentary on the particular episode in the title. Major spoilers and Ruco Chan-love alert. Originally posted at www.point2e.com.

EPISODES 16 and 17

When it is about Ruco and Kevin, it is always interesting. Add in Tony and it gets very nice.

With Tavia there is always a bloat. But no bloat is more bloated than these 2 episodes and the unbelievable selfishness and treachery of Tavia aka Jan who;

a. asks why she is less important than Ruco, why Kevin gave her up for him. Errrr…because he is his 30 years long lost twin brother? Because “I don’t want him to hate me”? Why can’t Jan just say “I will wait for you. Settle your affairs, I can wait” but no, there she is crying “WHY WON’T YOU ADMIT YOU LOVE ME?! YOU SELFISH BASTARD! YOU GAVE ME UP< GAVE :LOVE UP, SACRIFICE YOUR PRINCIPLES FOR HIMMMMMMMMMMM”. Seriously, what was that piece of crappy dialogue I was watching?

b. Talking about principle, Jan had no problem telling Kevin Ruco is a thief, Kevin a man of principle, a man she so respected, should just go arrest his thief brother, and why won’t he? Because he is the brother, because he is selfish and playing favouritsm. What about the arson case? Why not arrest him? Well well well.. so that she gets to play sex sex with the man she loves and knows he loves her, she has absolutely no problem selling out Ruco whose worst crime at that point was stealing things (hence a criminal is a criminal no matter what??) and encouraging 2 brothers to kill each other? How more Shallow Jan can selfish Jan be? And guess what? Not long later, her own father was caught releasing crickets into his former assistant’s shop and there she cries “You are my father! I won’t give up on you!!” when he got arrested. Excuse me, isn’t Kevin taking the same attitude as she? Why can’t she be as principled and say “Father you did the crime, you must go to jail because I am a principled person”?

What a piece of crappy writing! I so hate Jan. If Rachel (Princess Rachel from Brother’s Keeper) is incredibly naive when it comes to finances and unforgiving when it comes to her man and her need to hero worship her guy, Jan is incredibly shallow and now displaying the calculativeness. She deserve Ruco. Both can sell calculators and be in accounting and start calculating one another.

As for Ruco and Kevin’s cat and mouse game, quite interesting and poor Tony realised he was used by Ruco not to steal painting but for revenge. Ruco got his revenge when he thru the hands of others got Vivien killed in rather dramatic fashion. I tell ya, Vivien Yeo is the only female character given an interesting role with an interesting beginning (naked yoga) and interesting end (bullet ridden, face scarred, betrayed). But I don’t recall seeing the scene of a masked woman ponytailed holding a big gun on some roof top. I am now confused.

Tony is the voice of reason and he realised he was used by Ruco ton get to Vivien and quite justifiably he berated and then ended his friendship with Ruco. I bet it won’t be so simple and he will be back to help Ruco in the end.

Right now Ruco is money hungry. He wants revenge (check), he wants the necklace (would be check), he wants the blind man dead (soon) and he wants everything the blind man keeps in his vault (ahhhhh blind man was smart to remove them all before Ruco could get to them I bet!). So for now Ruco is pretentious in front of his family (oh nice shirt man!!) but real faced with Kevin. Kevin knows his plan, and I think Ruco thinks he has outsmart his brother when we all know in the end the only man he outsmart is his own arrogance. Those self satisfied smile, scary! He is not evil. I feel he has his reasons, justifiable at times, but rather cruel. But evil? Nahhhh not yet. So we shall see what Kevin does other than frown, warn Ruco never to do crime or he will have him arrested and look conflicted when with Tavia.

As for Tavia, what a thankless idiotic role she got. If it wasn’t Tavia, if it was someone else, I bet I will immediately throw my crab ball that I was holding at the TV. Tavia made it bearable but just a bit. Her Jan is simply the most selfish naive silly shallow character on TV and she is supposed to have my pity that she didn’t get Kevin to start loving her when we all know he already does except… between a man and his long lost brother, between loyalty, family, brotherhood and love, how can any woman look reasonable when demanding her love to give up and arrest his one brother that is not beyond redemption so that they can play couple, hold hands, watch movie, make love and play girlfriend-boyfriend? What sort of unreasonable woman could ask that and how can any man fall for such a woman? Is the writer trying to sabotage Tavia?

The rest of the content of these 2 episodes if deleted would have made the 2 episodes into 1 tight episodes. I really don’t get the part about the father. I get the part about Samantha and Tony but again it is about women asking men to do some not so brotherly thing.

Anyway Ruco is getting unreasonable and since we have 3 more episodes, I suppose his downfall will be fast, will be swift, will be a footnote in the end.

I suppose Eye In The Sky which had a great premise that was never made and when made was good at the beginning is now insipid despite having a great cast consisting of 2 hot men and arguably Ruco’s best wardrobe in any series.

I still can’t get over the incredibly stupid dialogue Tavia had to deliver. Sometimes I wonder does Tavia think “This is incredibly stupid dialogue I have to deliver”?


This commentary is written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com and was originally posted at www.point2e.com.

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  1. The script is so stupid: Complete face change, eyeglasses to make a blind man see, plant a spy camera+tracking device in Tony’s forehead, and etc LMAO
    And the fighting scene when Ruco’s arm was shot, as if a fully fit man (Kevin) cannot outwrestle an one armed injured man and need Tavia’s help…
    Anymore impossible things you want to throw into the script, TVB writers?

    1. this was one of those serie i was looking forward to watching and it disappointed me. the writers want so much but end up creating a mess. now i just watch it because there’s nothing to watch. tvb really need to change their writers or just get on egood writer who can lead the team

      1. The problem isn’t the writing team, it’s TVB putting too many creative stifling and playing politics all around. The Menu has many ex-TVB behind the scenes on the helm and it blows away anything TVB could possibly be capable of producing in its current state. So this pretty much confirms my suspicion that management is making a mess of things which is quite typical in most industries.

        I recently heard that FOX plans to produce mini series with $1 million USD budget per episode. The important thing that annoys me more though is that they’ve already prepared an exit strategy by focusing on mainland more rather than compete so they would rather see the pie be destroyed than give it to someone like HKTV who wants to make television for HK. I can’t say I blame them though, they’re acting like a typical monopoly but business interests is certainly pulling ahead and skewing the balance of what a responsible company should be doing. Though I guess it helps that the government sides with them so they have impeccable control on the situation.

      2. I wouldn’t fault the writing team too much, a lot of it is TVB management getting in the way of things. The Menu currently broadcasting has ex-TVB on helm behind the scenes and they’ve created something I don’t think TVB is even close to being capable of at this time. So the difference in how each of them approach in creating a drama has a huge impact. My guess is that they don’t want to step on any toes now that they’re preparing to jump ship and exit into China.

    2. I remember it was one HUGE camera! Thought it was funny. I did not mention it. Should have been some contact lense.

  2. I dont know what the script writers are thinking all smh…….this series is kinda of dissapointing wasted 3 great artist to film this drama that goes for Ruco Tavia and Kevin

  3. The script is really badly written and it is really a waste of 3 good artistes. They didn’t stick to the title “Eye in the Sky” and deviate so much from it. A little romance adds padding to the show but too much makes it draggy. Tavia’s character is poorly written and she is just a vase and what a waste of talent. Sigh.

    1. tavia’s character is really wasted here. she is just like some calefare, put in to kick start jealousy and anger between the 2 brothers…the number of times she adjusted her glasses is irritating.
      I would have expected excitement with Ruco and Kevin.

  4. This series is a total bust. What a complete waste of time and resources. Not only is the script bad, Jan’s character is comopletely stupid. She’s not a sidekick, she’s more of a useless dropkick.
    And ep 19, what a stretch. All of a sudden, Kevin loses complete control of his mind, logic, rationale and calm and collected self. Typical TVB stupid ending.

    1. yeah initially I had thot wth why did Szeto suddenly gone nuts…but it then struck me that Nik was deliberately causing his own insomnia so that Szeto would have insomnia too. There was a scene where Nik told himself not to sleep and injected something into his arms, probably some kind of drugs to keep him awake…but his twin would feel the effects of insomnia as they have “telepathy”…Nik is just pure evil. He was revengeful from the very onset, with the lady who sold him. But he has no excuse to hurt his brother who only wanted to help him. I don’t sympathise with his character, especially when he kniefed Jan, whatever for? Anyway finale tonight…drama started well, drifted midway, hope for an acceptable ending 🙂

      1. I understand that twins usually have a special kind of connections, “telepathy” in this case, but this is out of control. I mean, in real life, when 1 person gets hurt or sth, the other one will sense it (like the 6th sense, that sth bad happens), but I don’t think they can actually “FEEL” it.

        In epi. 19, it seems like Ruco totally take over control of Kevin (Kevin’s thoughts, senses, even Kevin’s behaviors). That is IMPOSSIBLE. I don’t care what drugs Ruco took, but it’s very hard to believe so. I mean, why not the other way around??? What happens if Kevin take over???

    2. I think it’s more that Kevin can sense Ruco’s bad intention, because ruco keeps thinking of a plan to bring down his brother. Couple that with being untrusting on other, add on the lack of sleep, it just keep mounting up to Kevin losing his mind, being paranoid, and losing his usual calm self. This effect is later seen on ruco when until the end, he couldn’t get out of the thought that life has been unfair to him, and he must revenge/hurt others. It’s the lack of sleep over extended period of time that cause these weird irrational behaviors. For Kevin, remember there were a stage where he stayed up a few nights to watch ruco. So all up, ever since Kevin knows ruco, us sleeping is a lot less :p

  5. If TVB don’t change the production in to the good way , they may end up just like ATV soon

  6. Yup. TVB screwed this one up big time. With such a strong cast and combination and yet TVB reduced the series to just another run of the mill, though the first ten episodes were alright. Kevin, Ruco and Tavia deserve better, TVB!

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