Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu Film “Eunuchs Leave the Palace”

In Eunuchs Leave the Palace <公公出宮>, the sister production of 2012’s The Confidant <大太監>, Wayne portrays a eunuch who leaves the palace after the fall of the Qing Empire, and tries to adapt to “normal” lifestyle in the city. His character has a relationship with Nancy Wu (胡定欣), who portrays his controlling housekeeper.

Nancy shared that there would be a scene in the drama where they accidentally consume aphrodisiac and she tried to strip off Wayne’s clothes. Asked if Nancy is also this extreme in real life, she said it is good to have a bit of both sides, “The extremity is out of love.” Although Eunuchs Leave the Palace is Wayne and Nancy’s seventh collaboration together, Nancy does not find their team-up boring, as they are able to portray different roles each time.

Wayne was asked if he would need his wife’s permission to purchase new cars, he said, “When it comes to big toys like that, of course! I don’t want a break up!” Wayne joked that he is “very obedient” and have never tried to secretly hide anything from his wife.

Unlike Nancy’s character, Wayne said his wife actually wants him to buy a new car. “She encourages me to get something for myself. We work very hard in this industry with unstable work hours. It’s very difficult to find the time for some entertainment. The only thing we can do is to buy a nice car and show it off when we go to work, so we can feel that we at least accomplished something.”

In regards to the news that Evergreen Mak (麥長青) is having financial problems, Wayne said, “I don’t believe it. I also won’t call him and ask. I don’t want to bother him.”

TVB veteran Louise Lee (李司祺) also announced that she will not continue her contract when it ends. Wayne said it is a pity for the actors and the audience. “I hope she won’t retire completely. I really want to work with her.”

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This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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