Yu Zheng Pardons Rapist Character in Upcoming “The Condor Heroes”

Above: The violation of Little Dragon Girl in “The Condor Heroes”.

The Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶> has been the subject of widespread derision since its inception, due to producer/screenwriter Yu Zheng’s (于正) track record of rewriting characters so that they no longer resemble their original counterparts. Though his previous reinterpretations have been confusing at worst, none will raise the audience’s ire like his newest character update, which seems intended to pardon a character for raping the female lead.

Based on the classic wuxia novel Return of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong (金庸), The Condor Heroes is the love story of rebellious Yang Guo (Chen Xiao 陳曉) and his martial arts teacher Little Dragon Girl (Michelle Chen 陳妍希). Among the many characters who disapprove of their relationship is Daoist priest Zhen Zhibing (Song Yang 宋洋), who himself is in love with Little Dragon Girl. He later takes advantage of her when she is immobilized, causing a misunderstanding between her and Yang Guo, which leads to their temporary separation.

In previous interviews, Yu Zheng faced criticism when he reported that his version of Zhen Zhibing would be “more adorable.” However, his interpretation of the character appears to be an attempt to not only to make the Daoist priest more likable, but also to completely absolve him of any guilt concerning the rape scene. In fact, in The Condor Heroes, Zhen Zhibing rapes Little Dragon Girl not out of lust, but because he was forced to after being poisoned by another character.

“Zhen Zhibing, extremely good scene, with an absolutely flaming rhythm!” gushed Yu Zheng when he posted stills of the related scene on his Sina Weibo account. Although the photographs may look aesthetically pleasing, netizens are less impressed with Yu Zheng’s changes to the original storyline, calling his adaptation “a hideous mess.”

Sources: QQ.com; Apple Daily 

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “In fact, in The Condor Heroes, Zhen Zhibing rapes Little Dragon Girl not out of lust, but because he was forced to after being poisoned by another character.”

    Yu Zheng perhaps does not understand the definition of rape. It is not whether that daoist guy was poisoned or otherwise, forced under duress or whatever, it is what XLN was doing at that time. XLN didn’t want to sleep with him, so that’s rape since no consent. BUT what Yu Zheng is doing now as I have read previous translations was that XLN herself probably was so virginal she didn’t think what he did was right or wrong. Or rather she liked it. If that is what he is intending, oh dear, ZLN has been blackened into a wanton woman. Yu Zheng, you are a destroyer!!! But not that I care since this XLN herself is wrongly cast and story probably changed so much, this is not condor heroes. By the way is he still writing it as CONDOR HEROS?

    “gushed Yu Zheng”

    Wow this is the first I have ever read of any producer/director/writer who gushes about a rape scene. BUT to his defence, he thinks it is not a rape scene.

  2. I don’t care about a rapist’s motivation. If you have sex with someone without his or her full consent and use deception and/or force, that is rape. there is nothing excusable about rape.

    I feel bad for Louis Cha and for those who have to put up with this crap. I was open to watching this adaption but this scene change is disgusting.

    1. You should not need to feel bad for JY because he has a choice of whether to allow these changes or not. He can ban or stop anyone from doing anything with his woes but I think in this case, he allowed it. Therefore, there is no need to feel bad for him. I just feel bad for the cast who have to go through filming since it is their job and they have no choice. Viewers and fans can choose to watch or not to watch.

  3. ultimately, no one will be outraged on the behalf of Little Dragon Girl who spent most of her life in seclusion and isolation at being violated like this – why are we so concerned with the nobody rapist who is just a stinking taoist! So what if he gives Taoism a bad name – it is more important that the audience is given the opportunity to be outraged at the rape!

  4. I took a good look at this story and I honestly have no idea why this guy thinks rape is what he needs for it to progress. I am pretty sure there are other things that could fill the same function. I think that unless the writer has a very good reason to include rape in a story, they probably shouldn’t. Using sexual assault as a motivation-in-a-box or an equivalent trope will do nothing but steal credibility and respect from a really serious, really important subject. Plus, it will make authors look like a vermin.

    1. I think in Jin Yong’s story – it was about how a silent danger can be nearby spying on you who will rape you given the opportunity – its about hidden danger.

      1. and social hypocrisy which is a theme in Jin Yong’s stories because the Stinking Taoists are respected in society but he is a rapist.

    2. Perhaps yuzheng empathize with the taoist priest and want to give a “better” reason for the daoist priest for the act.

      Ps: even he is poisoned, there is no need to choose XLN. He could go to a brothel.
      Another thing that idea of being poisoned, and the poison can only be released by having sex is quite weird. (i assume this is the reason for him to rape XLN – quite common in old movies but nog logical at all and yes the plot would be way below jinyong standards). But the only thing getting out of his body would be sweat and sperm. Forgive me being direct.

      He could finish the job with his right hand and do some sport.

      1. Unless it is meant that the poison made him lust and rape out of unconsiousness (rather than raping someone just save himself). Either case, it’s inexusable and pardons is a disgusting attempt to pardon a rapist.

  5. I am sick of remakes and was going give this a skip anyways. But reading about this just makes me sick.

  6. YZ never fails to make my blood pressure hit the roof.

    I basically grew up watching TVB’s JY adaptations, my heart broke everytime YZ landed his hands on each classics wuxia.
    YZ, I truly hate you to the moon and back.

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