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Eliza Sam Does Not Respond to Virginity Question

By on October 27, 2012

Eliza Sam Does Not Respond to Virginity Question thumbnail

Grace Wong’s (王君馨 ) recent disclosure of her virginity stirred up interest in whether there were additional virgins within the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Rumor has it that TVB artists and devoted Christians Grace Wong, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Leanne Li (李亞男), and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) are still virgins, and often pray for strength to avoid the temptation of premarital sex. The media even dubbed Grace, Linda, Christine, and Leanne as the “Four Virgins of TVB”.

To some Chinese and Christians, pre-marital virginity is still an extremely important virtue for a female, so it is not a surprise that Hong Kong media are fixated on the virginity status of the artists.

During an event last night, Eliza was asked whether she is still a virginity by the media. Eliza replied that sex and virginity are very private matters, and she will not disclose such personal details with even her close friends. Like many devoted Christians, Eliza believed that the matters should remain a secret and only she and God should know about them.

Eliza also hinted that the media should refrain from asking about such a sensitive and personal subject; all they will receive is an uncomfortable answer from the artist.

Source: On.cc

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  • Readers' Comments (44)

    1. khanh says:

      “Four Virgins of TVB” why does the media care so much about them being a virgin or not. its their choice why care for.

    2. Sarah says:

      Hong Kong news need to just lay off on the whole whose a virgin or not subject. But honestly I live in Vancouver and have hung out with Eliza’s group of friends. She had had boyfriends.. And has had hint hint.. But nonetheless I think her reply is a good one – these matters regarding sex or no sex is private and the media over there is crazy to think these artists will come right out and talk about how far they have been with their current or previous partners.

      • Excuse me! says:

        Having boyfriends and having sex is different. One can have boyfriends and not have sex OR one can even have had no boyfriends and have had sex!

        And just to clarify myself, I’m not saying anything about Eliza having had sex before, coz that is really none of anyone’s business!

      • godess says:

        I do have a Vancouver friend who is quite very close to Eliza. She says Eliza used to hang out very often with white guys until morning 2-3am at pubs & discos and sometimes “in” their houses. Does this imply that she’s no more a clean virgin?

        • Anon says:

          Eliza’s friend’s friend’s friend. Screw your hearsay.

          I went to high school with Eliza and I know most of her close friends. Direct all your questions here.

        • yeungforlife says:

          is that true? Are you guys really friends with Eliza?

    3. Jessica says:

      I don’t believe any of those girls are virgins.

      I live in Vancouver and I’ve gone to high school with Linda Chung and she has had at least 1 boyfriend and has had ***. I know how much she likes to claim that shes never dated.

      I understand the need to promote an “angelic” image especially in the Hong Kong entertainment industry but seriously.. virgins at the age 25+?

      Christine Kuo is almost 30 years old!

      • CLNT says:

        Assuming what you are saying is true, about you going to high school with Linda Chung…but how do you know if she has had sex or not? I think that is a private matter, unless you actually spy on them.

    4. Gia says:

      Here we go again ! The media is on a witch hunt.

    5. Jayne says:

      I found Eliza’s answer to be classy and shows her high EQ. She is fielding awkward press questions like a pro, also indicated by earlier questions regarding her allegedly rivalry with Christine Kuo.

      • sandcherry says:

        I found Eliza’s answer to be classy and shows her high EQ. She is fielding awkward press questions like a pro …….
        Agree. Eliza knows how to speak and present herself well, unlike Christine Kuo.

        • notsurprised says:

          why are you guys always pitting actress against actress? stop putting christine down, she has a right to answer how she wants. nothing in christine’s answer spoke/presented her badly at all. why is she being judged harshly for that? eliza could’ve read comments after the first set of question came and had time to think of a response whereas the others were put on the spot unexpectedlt.

        • sandcherry says:

          I don’t think so personally. I have listened to a few of their interviews, and I found that Eliza presented herself very well every time. It is her natural ability. That is the reason why more and more people were attracted by her personality.

        • sandcherry says:

          Eliza answered this question “virginity” very well and classy. She did not say much but just said it was a PRIVATE matter. It IS a PRIVATE matter and not the business of other people.

        • notsurprised says:

          probably because Eliza has had plenty of intimate experience, didn’t want to flat out lie in case any exes decided to get some publicity, it will be more trouble than its worth. so she avoids the question cause she knows she did and she’s right that its her personal biz.

      • bizzybody says:

        I think Eliza’s answer is a good response too. She’s prolly prepared in advance that some idiots from the media will pop the dumb question sooner or later after Grace’s recent disclosure,

      • lise says:

        They both have high EQ, but Christine is less confident. She mentioned that during the pageant she had to get along with others which increased her EQ. Eliza was confident despite her lack of Chinese knowledge, whereas Christine had a lot of Chinese (Taiwanese) knowledge, but for some reason was stiff probably because she felt pressure from being popular. During Christine’s pageant, she was the most popular, while Eliza was just supper confident and friendly in her pageant.

    6. notsurprised says:

      if you watch videos of christine, she presents herself in a very mature manner. articles tend to add a different tone. she complimented eliza and shifts focus away from any rivalry as well. if anything, i dont feel any is less than the other and no need for anymore christine-bashing here.

    7. goddessofkrw says:

      Linda, Christine, Eliza and Leanne are all from Canada. 3/4 of them are from Vancouver. We’re just missing Bernice otherwise we have all the 4 winners representing Vancouver!

    8. Tegan says:

      Some HK media really have nothing better to report?! It’s none of their business and they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      • notsurprised says:

        self proclaimed “moral ppl” promoting more immoral behavior in this world. while asians introduce creative work like manga and great storytelling for their youth to engage their time in, Americans introduce degenerate lifestyles of sex, booze, awful music, and drugs to today’s teens. well thanks.

        • manglodinho says:

          Yeah, I like Mangas!

          I like Mangas with big boobies lolitas!

          I like how the Chinese beating up their own people for driving Japanese cars.

          Seriously, Asians have their own problems.

        • notsurprised says:

          sorry these ppl dont like you any better even if you bash up your own race.

        • notsurprised says:

          Most Asians experience racism in America, whats wrong with stating that there should be pride in having positive influence in regards to creativity opposed to things that negatively influence others?? We are talking about what Asia gave back to the youth in America, what does this have to do with Chinese ppl in China and their behavior? At least they are doing it to their own ppl and not to Europeans. you may worship whites but whites dont like Chinese here in America, in fact they hate them in the media and want America to go to war with China.

          Lol im sorry what is this about “big boobies lolita,” sounds like another category entirely. stop being idiotic and immature and denigrating asians further.

        • skinnymocha says:

          “…what does this have to do with Chinese ppl in China and their behavior? At least they are doing it to their own ppl…”

          I can’t even begin to make sense of why that seems okay to you.

        • le says:

          chinese people beat up there own people casue they buy japan car and is classified as a traitor
          i would smash any traitor around me

        • mei says:

          what are you talking about, generally speaking i dont think most white america like anyone thats not white anyways, do you think they all love obama or muslims, its a territorial thing for all races, the japanese car thing is a form and sense of pride. it’s like a jewish person buying a german car, nothing wrong with it but some still hold grudges. regarding white worship LOL, i think every race thats non-white that grew up in white society would prefer white because of the media and stuff but that goes pretty much anywhere in the world.

    9. Hannahh says:

      Whether they’re virgin or not , reporter should leave them alone and it’s non of their business. Reporters is trying to milk this topic.

    10. Maria says:

      Disgusting. That’s just low. It is their business, nobody else’s.

    11. TN1 says:

      Are these tabloids so-so naive! But good for them trying to earn a couple more $ for such an ailing business!

      All gals should go back the primitive centuries, had red dots on their arm so they don’t simply loose their virginity as in TVB’s KOT-LUI SEI LEUNG lol

      Give the ladies some privacy, mann!

    12. Kurama says:

      The Hong Kong media are scum!

    13. H says:

      My cousin met her and said she was very nice! :)

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