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Ending Spoilers for “The Confidant” Revealed

By on December 8, 2012

Ending Spoilers for “The Confidant” Revealed thumbnail


The Confidant <大太監> is quickly approaching the finish line, with the finale to be aired on December 16. In the coming episodes, we will see An Dehai’s (Raymond Cho 曹永廉) execution, Princess Wo Shek’s (Aimee Chan’s 陳茵媺) death, Li Lianying (Wayne Lai 黎耀祥) becoming a father, and Emperor Tongzhi’s (Oscar Leung  梁烈唯) failure to practice safe sex.

The End of An Dehai

Against the palace’s rules, An Dehai possesses a special drug that will allegedly help a eunuch regain his manhood. Empress Dowager Cixi (Michelle Yim 米雪) manages to save An Dehai from punishment, so he proceeds to meet with Cixi to thank her. When An Dehai becomes emotional, Cixi even allows him to cry on her lap.

Instigated by Empress Dowager Ci’an (Maggie Siu 邵美琪), Emperor Tongzhi confronts Cixi and calls out her tyrannical behavior. When he arrives at the scene, he sees An Dehai burying his face on Cixi’s Lap. Tongzhi immediately declares that An Dehai and Cixi are having an affair.

Knowing that death is the only way to save his master, An Dehai pretends to go insane in front of Cixi, who proceeds to order An Dehai’s execution. Cixi also ordered that An Dehai’s body should be hung naked after his execution. An Dehai’s plan is for people to see that he is truly a eunuch hence there is no possible way for Cixi and him to have an affair.

Lianying and Sin Yung’s Baby Girl!

After An Dehai’s execution, Li Lianying and palace maid, Sin Yung (Nancy Wu 胡定欣), decide to leave the palace to live a normal life. Together with Lianying’s mentor, Lau Dor Sang (Chung King Fai 鍾景輝), the couple starts a small business and lives happily for the time being. Lianying and Sin Yung even become parents to an abandoned baby girl.

However, after learning how his ex-apprentice, Ling Tim Sau (Edwin Siu 蕭正楠), is ruthlessly running the palace, Lianying and Sin Yung decides to drop their personal lives for now, and return to the palace to stop Tim Sau from his evil deeds.

Death of  Princess Wo Shek

Princess Wo Shek, who has been ill for quite some time, manages to be kept alive by Yiu Sheung Hei’s (Raymond Wong 黃浩然) daily care. However, the rotten Tim Sau devises an evil plan to shift Sheung Hei’s focus towards Ci’an instead. The princess soon dies without the needed medical attention.

Yiu Sheung Hei, learning about the princess’ death, becomes extremely emotional and vows to take Tim Sau’s life even if it means giving up his own.

Tongzhi Has STD?

In order to step up their attack on Cixi, Ci’an and Chan Fuk (Elliot Yue 岳華) decide to recruit Tim Sau. The two have Tim Sau bring in prostitutes for Emperor Tongzhi’s pleasure. Later on, Tongzhi is infected with a disease that shows syphilis-like symptoms, and Cixi mistakenly believes that Tongzhi received a sexually transmitted disease from frequent visits to brothels. Tongzhi starts losing his will and spirit to run the country.

Momentum has been building towards the exciting finale of The Confidant, as several of its characters will meet their tragic ends. Ending episode # 33 will be aired on Sunday, December 16, one night before the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards!

Source: Sudden Weekly #906 via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (28)

    1. cloud9 says:

      Sound interesting although no history value.

      Looks like gonna be The Confidant 2 or even 3 ??

      The Confidant 2 – Guangxu Emperor era

      The Confidant 3 – The fall of Qing Dynasty & Puyi era

      • yoyo says:

        The confident 4,puyi become emperor of manchuckuo and get arrest in russia in 1945 and deport back to china ,died in 1967 mark the end of manchuria era since it started from mongke timur to puyi.

    2. Kidd says:

      ” An Dehai possesses a special drug that will allegedly help a eunuch regain his manhood. “


      How will the drug helps? The drug will make him regrow the missing part? Or the drug act as a glue that can attach his ‘bao bei’ back to his body?


      • Gar says:

        My exact thoughts when I was reading the article. Regain manhood?!?! They have got to be kidding….

      • TVBfadan says:

        To look at a common sense and logical perspective, perhaps the drug is used to help the male reproductive system produce sperm again…that’s the only way I can think of. LOL @ your comment about gluing back or growing back it. Impossible.

      • Funn Lim says:

        The so called tonic was a fluke set up by Chan Fuk and Cian to trap An De Hai. There was never such tonic or drug.

    3. RaySimpson says:

      Regrow the part… Sort of like Rogaine.

    4. asdfjkl; says:

      Sigh, AnDeHoi, I pity you the most.

    5. Funn Lim says:

      How on earth can Seung Hei survive his betrayal of An De Hai and especially the slander of Cixi? What does Seung Heo have to do to get beheaded?!

      Poor Poor An De Hai. I wronged him. I thought he would turn evil. I should have known.

      • Funn Lim says:

        “Momentum has been building towards the exciting finale of The Confidant, as several of its characters will meet their tragic ends. ”

        Momentum? What momentum? More like a sudden jump. I laughed at Seung Hei and poor Princess. It was an unintentionally funny scene. Seung Hei has no balls for his betrayal. Indeed, he has none since he is an eunuch. He is even more despicable than Chan Fuk in his own special way. The one with balls? An De Hai and Linying. Even Sam Shun. But Seung Hei? Despicable.

        • sandcherry says:

          It just did not make sense for an eunuch to fall in love with a princess in Ching Dynasty. It just wouldn’t have happened!

        • Funn Lim says:

          It makes sense, he is human too, but it doesn’t make sense for everyone else to be so accepting and encouraging.

    6. Charbydis says:

      I’m going to bawl my eyes out when An De Hai dies!An De Hai is officially the most pitiful character in TC, he gets castrated, parents gets killed, sister gets sold to a brothel and dies, becomes a eunuch, marries a terrible woman and then dies for his loyalty to Cixi.

      I hope Raymond gets more important roles after this! I really enjoy the non-romantic relationships in TC. The brotherhood between the eunuchs is very good to watch.

    7. itasoen says:

      From all of those eunuch, an de hai is the most tragic character. Not sure why Seung Hei character was there. The character just like a vase. Poor Raymond get such character plus have to pair up with Aimee some more.

    8. Poppy says:

      I really feel sorry for poor An Dehai and Sheung Hei. The latter being wrongly accused and will die a senseless death. What tragedy!!! Also feel sorry for Sheung Hei as the princess does not deserve his love – he is much too good for her. I have never liked Aimee Chan and thinks her acting has much to be deserved but I don’t even like her character in this series. I have been watching this religiously since episode 7 and thinks its great but a shame that it will come to an end so soon. I am not sure about Maggie Siu’s character in this as she doesn’t seem to be that good as a villain. Think I prefer her to be in modern series again. I love Michelle Yim and thinks that she really plays her role well.

      • SD says:

        I think it’s the other way around with Sheung Hei, that character is so pathetic in his own way. He should’ve died a long long looooong time ago. From a romantic’s standpoint, his unwavering love probably deserves some points but I’d say the princess is actually way too good for him. She understood what was necessary when he unwillingly gave her up and moved on with her life, that speaks volumes about her character. Seung Hai got himself stuck in some hopeless delusion for x amount of years, was ready to take in lies about the princess and betray his good friends without a second thought. Bear in mind, LLY actually saved his life too. He’s probably one of the most deserving of death and I hope we don’t have to see his character in a sequel.

        As for An Dehai, well, we knew he was going to die and it was just a matter of how. Kind of sucks he turned into such a weak character who fell head over heels for an unfaithful wife. Felt kind of force given how rational and cool-minded he was when dealing with Cian’s little group. If anything, it felt kind of forced the way his demise happened. Could’ve been written better for his death, something that made more sense given his character’s past. I would’ve accepted a plotline where his unwavering loyalty to Cixi in a power struggle between her and Cian eventually leads to his willing sacrifice after Cixi becomes cornered. He does so because he knows he’s the target of Chan Fuk and his death will become a turning point after he entrusts the rest to LLY which in turn will spark him off towards a darker path.

        I agree Michelle Yim plays her part well, she has the elegance and commanding presence of a monarch. Cool-headed, extremely intelligent in the ways of politics and is firm when she knows what needs to be done. She has her flaws too of course and isn’t all knowing as evidenced. Much more realistic portrayal from Cixi’s point of view then automatically making her out to be the villianess.

      • TVBfadan says:

        Aimee Chan…haha at first I thought that was Christine Kuo because of their facial resemblance. Turns out it was Aimee lol.

    9. Djojs says:

      Tongzhi failure to practice safe sex???

      LOL – didn’t know safe sex existed back then. The only form of safe sex would be NO sex!

      • Funn Lim says:

        I think they mean safe sex as in no sex with prostitute. Imagine that. 1000 concubines and he needs prostitutes.

        • SD says:

          Same reason why men cheat on their wives or hire escorts for comfort. There are some things you can’t talk about with your wife or can’t find from her. 1000 concubines or not. Happened in the past, happens now, will continue to happen in the future. Human nature.

          I’m pretty sure that’s the meaning of safe sex as prostitution was rampant with Syphillis back in day.

    10. RAYLEILAFAN says:

      Has anyone watched the finale of TC? How was it? Was it great to watch?

      • Funn Lim says:

        Sad sad end for poor poor Sin Yung. Was it great to watch? I suppose. But come to think of it, it was too small scale a drama. And Seung Hei didn’t die. Nope. He is invincible.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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