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Kate Tsui Wins “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award” @ JayneStars.com!

By on November 10, 2012

Kate Tsui Wins “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award” @ JayneStars.com! thumbnail

Kate Tsui (徐子珊) has been voted as the “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China”  by JayneStars.com’s readers! With her sultry lips, cat eyes, and confident moves, Kate mesmerized audiences and triumphed more than 100 female celebrities from Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan to win the Sexiest title!

Kate received 942 votes (or 8% of total 11,928 votes) in a closely marked race.  The 33-year-old ignited screens last year in Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> with her passionate kissing skills, but it is recently broadcast Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> that has caused her popularity to soar. The 2004 Miss Hong Kong pageant winner is also this year’s hot contender for the TV Queen title. Although rocking one red carpet after another in her elegant gowns, Kate is at her sexiest when she is dancing onstage. When Kate is in motion and gyrating her hips to the beat, there are few that can challenge her hotness!

In second place in our online poll is Tavia Yeung, with 869 votes (or 7% of total votes). The 33-year-old beauty is on fire recently, dating muscular hunk, Him Law, and also the strongest competitor Kate Tsui faces in this year’s TV Queen race.

Linda Chung has an angelic face, but the body of a devil. The former beauty pageant winner recently shot a lingerie ad, pushing her inner sexiness to greater prominence. Fans certainly gained notice, placing 650 votes (or 5% of total votes) for the former Miss Chinese International winner.

The complete results of the “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China” poll at JayneStars.com are available here. Thank you to all the fans that voted and supported their sexy female celebrity!

Celebrate the Sexiness:
Kate Tsui Wallpaper Contest @ JayneStars.com!

To celebrate Kate Tsui’s victory, JayneStars.com will be holding a fan wallpaper contest. Celebrate Kate’s charm and sexiness by creating wallpapers to share with the fan community!

Rules: One wallpaper design entry per person. Fans can submit their own wallpaper design featuring Kate, with the caption, “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China @JayneStars.com” in it. Please also sign your work on the photo as well.

Format: Each person can submit one unique wallpaper design of your own creation. Please submit the wallpaper design in a “JPG” file in a total of three size formats: 800 x 600 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels, and 1280 x 800 pixels.

Prize: One lucky winner will win two DVD copies of Kate Tsui’s hit dramas, Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> and The Four <少年四大名捕> from JayneStars.com.

Judging Criteria: The winner will be chosen based on overall aesthetics and creativity in the wallpaper design.

Deadline: All wallpaper entries need to be submitted by November 30, 2012 midnight EST. E-mail entries to [email protected] The winning submission will be announced at that time.

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  • Readers' Comments (169)

    1. Katy says:

      Relieved that Tavia didn’t won and Kate is the winner! This implies what’s coming for the TVB TV Queen award? I’m excited to see Tavia’s confidence crushed because to be honest she is flat and her Kwan has no breakthrough in SSSS! Praise for Kate because Kate’s Pat has improved a lot from Forensic Heroes 3’s super fake madam! I’m now started watching LOO and Kate is equally impressive as Paris!

      • Katy says:

        To be honest Tavia needs to improve her acting! Now her junior Kate in HAL has speed past her and if we look at popular websites in HK and China most TV Queen polling are won by Kate right now! I support Pat and Ben. If not for Pat and Ben Wong I admit I can’t finish HAL too because the other characters are outrageous and hard to relate to them but Michael Miu improved a lot! Why is Michael Miu not nominated but Raymond is? Unfair!

    2. hot says:

      how come kate looks different from her previous photos, she into plastic too? she’s not that old to be needing correction done onto her face, don’t fancy this western trend, isn’t there natural beauty anymore? like lin feng chiao, she’s pretty compared to teresa teng who had plastic surgery when she was very young but too bad has done wrong.. heard that she used some dirty trick to snatch jackie from teresa, i think its written in a book or something like that

    3. light says:

      Did I say Kate is very pretty on the second pic. Girl has mesmering eyes. I just can’t take my eyes off them. Sexy eyes and lips.

    4. Eunice says:

      OMG, Myolie is in 4th place, just 5 votes behind Linda. I wished Myo is in top 3. But nevertheless, congrats to Kate, she is more deserving to win than Tavia IMO.

    5. AhQue says:

      i think the poll result is suspicious.,.

    6. Kidd says:

      What happen to congratulations only? I remember last year, when Tavia and Ruco won, Jayne said good comments only. Even Tavia page which many here disagreed on the results also have congrats massage only. Please give the same courtesy to Kate.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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