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Linda Chung Spotted Dating New Boyfriend

By on June 4, 2011

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Attractive to numerous TVB actors, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) has rejected playboy Raymond Lam (林峯), and “women butcher” Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) interests. Possessing a pure image, Linda had to retain secrecy in dating. On May 10th, the paparazzi discovered  that Linda had dumped rumored boyfriend, Philip Ng (伍允龍) and was spotted on a dinner date with a new love interest in the Stanley district. When Linda realized the presence of reporters, she was frightened and decided to leave the scene and cancel her dinner plans.

Prior to filming Happy House, Hidden Dragon <樂府藏龍> in early May, Linda frequently met with new boyfriend, Mr. Cheung. On May 10th at 6 PM, Linda dressed in an understated manner, wearing little make-up, a black cap,  black thick-rimmed glasses, and a casual bag. Her appearance was very casual and possessed no trace of a celebrity. It was difficult to spot her as a TVB fadan on the street. Transforming herself, Linda was careful to look around when she left her Tseung Kwan O apartment. Prior to boarding her boyfriend’s Audi TT car, Linda looked left and right for suspicious characters first.

Arriving at their dating destination in Stanley, Mr. Cheung parked his car in the lowest level of the parking facilities, which was the least populated with cars. When they were ready to head towards the restaurant, Linda realized reporters were taking photographs. Caught in a moment of chaos, Linda gave Mr. Cheung a signal and the pair went back inside the car. Mr. Cheung quickly drove his car away and ran past several red lights, attempting to get rid of  the reporters.

[During the red light stops], reporters left the car to take photos of Linda and Mr. Cheung. The couple’s faces soured and turned their heads to avoid the camera. Linda pulled down the car’s visors to shade their faces from the camera. Realizing reporters continued to take photos, Linda changed her mind and changed her expression from “Miss Cool” and smiled instead.

Unable to leave behind reporters, Linda asked her boyfriend to allow her to disembark in Aberdeen. Linda’s intention may have been to distract the reporters from following Mr. Cheung. Asked whether she was on a date with her boyfriend, Linda had already prepared her response, “No, we are just friends! Originally, we were intended to have dinner, but now we canceled our plans!” Linda and Mr. Cheung headed home separately. Linda took a taxi home and Mr. Cheung returned to his Park View Court residence in Hong Kong Island on Lyttleton Road.

Mr. Cheung’s Profile

Linda’s date, Mr. Cheung, resembled  Mark Lui (雷頌德) in physical appearance. Mr. Cheung was approximately 30 years old and his family background was quite wealthy. Mr. Cheung’s parents owned a house in Sha Tin, in which the current market valuation was $20 million (HKD).  His parents have an interest in investing properties and often profited from such investments.

Allegedly, Linda and Mr. Cheung knew each other while attending school in Canada. The pair met again in Hong Kong at the beginning of the year and officially started dating two months ago. On Linda’s birthday in April, she revealed that she received a luxury watch from a man. The gift was [likely] from her boyfriend, Mr. Cheung.

Dating Mr. Cheung involved the right timing. Allegedly, Linda was in a 3-year underground relationship with actor, Philip Ng. Over the past few years, Linda was often the target of “hungry wolves” at TVB, including Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, and Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) who were interested in her. However, Linda held onto Philip Ng and did not let go.

According to a source close to Linda, “TVB did not regard Linda and Philip Ng’s relationship highly and felt their [career] distance was too wide. When Linda rejected Raymond and caused him to lose face, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) did not want Linda to be too high profile in her relationship with Philip Ng, which would drag down her image. After three years, their love relationship fizzled. Linda wanted to boost career heights and needed TVB to give her an opportunity. Being obedient was one of the requirements; Linda chose to end her relationship with Philip!” With her relationship with Philip over, Linda started dating Mr. Cheung two months ago.

Excerpt from Next Magazine # 1108

Jayne: Based on Linda’s reaction to the presence of reporters and canceling her dinner plans, it looks rather obvious that Mr. Cheung is indeed her boyfriend!

Again, there is speculation as to whether Raymond did indeed pursue Linda.

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  • Readers' Comments (124)

    1. cinsin says:

      Linda looks gorgeous even being so casual with little make-up.

      I think even if they didn’t try to hide from the paparazzi, they still would’ve made it out that they are dating. I dunno, seems like a lot of work to try and hide when they could’ve just had dinner and let them take pictures.

      I actually think she suits Phillip more than Mr. Cheung. Love that the article has to mention that he is from a wealthy background. Hope they don’t make Linda out to be a gold digger :(

      • Kidd says:

        I thought I’m the only who likes her with Philip Ng. Too bad they split.

        Btw, Linda has blog about this incident in her weibo.


        5月10日 23:39 来自iPhone客户端


        Rough translation for other’s benefit. Jayne, please correct my translation of any error.

        Today, I went to have meal with a group of friends from outside the circle. Initially, It’s a very happy day until my friend drove me to ‘chek chyu’ and suddenly a few reporters very impolitely and dangerously chased after our car and broke traffic law to take pictures of us. It scared the hell out of me and my friend! For safety’s sake, I decided to go down from the car to let the reporters follow me. But, they still follow my friend. I apologise to my friend for effecting him in such a way.

        • ilovehk08 says:

          aww, you’re not the only one who liked her with Philip. xD I thought she looked good with Philip as well, his alivenotdead blog makes it seems like he’s a pretty good guy. On the other hand, I never really liked how the media always rumored her with raymond. It just got pretty boring.

      • Jayne says:

        Even if Linda were truly dating, she would not admit it in the blog. If Linda were just having dinner with a group of friends, wouldn’t it be more of the priority to see those friends rather than protect the exposure of Mr. Cheung’s face from the camera?

        From Linda’s “disguise,” obvious fright upon discovery, to canceling dinner plans, to pulling down the visor in the car, to Mr. Cheung’s twisting his head sideways, and Linda’s anger in her blog, etc. Are all very strongs signs of resistance and an attempt to protect Mr. Cheung’s exposure.

        Despite Linda’s denial, I’ll read between the lines this time. Her gestures seem very protective of Mr. Cheung. If they are truly friends, I think going ahead with group dinner would have been best proof.

    2. jim says:

      there are not very many mutual close friends of both ray and linda.

    3. Mabel says:

      Its possible that they arent dating maybe they really are friends but they were scared that if there photos get taken the reporters would right away say that they’re dating.

      thats just what i think who is Phllip Ng? Is he a popular actor?

    4. Fox says:

      Uhm… A grain of salt.

      BTW, Philip Ng is going to act as a couple with Mavis Pan in a movie (I dun rmb name). So Linda, be aware :P.

      • Kidd says:

        Uh, she’s not with Philip Ng anymore. Philip is her ex.

        • Fox says:

          Ex is more dangerous :P. If he is her rumour bf only, maybe he dun have anything about her. But to an ex, he has a lot of thing.

          If PSS spoiled him and Philip does the same thing PSS did, then Linda is in danger. So just hope Philip is a good guy and it’s a peaceful breakup :).

    5. exoidus says:

      good choice rejecting Ray if it’s indeed true. but she does look great with phillip

    6. Funn Lim says:

      Did her looks soured? All the pictures she looked either surprised or smiling.

    7. iampheng says:

      ::raises eyebrow:: while Linda still looks like on screen Linda…I frown at her style. Granted, everyone has her own style, but she looks so dorky and a bit tomboyish. That’s probably appealing to some people, but I give her two thumbs down.

      Philip Ng is quite good looking and this supposed new guy is quite alright too. I also go out to dinner with guy friends [where there is just the two of us], so I don’t really see the big deal. But if this is not normal behavior for Linda, then I can see why it can be interpreted as something else. I don’t read about her enough to know.

      I feel so strange typing out “Linda” because that’s my name too…it’s like I keep referring to myself in 3rd person rather than talking about Linda Chung Ka Yan.

      • exoidus says:

        Well i think it’s nice that girls dare to show themselves with little or no makeup at all. Yeah sure she looks a little tomboyish in the pics however she still looks better than many TVB actresses with little makeup.

        • iampheng says:

          Little or no makeup is fine, I’m talking about the choice of the combination of her hat, glasses, top n bottom, and back pack for a supposed date…now that I think about it…how can it be a date?

        • Chriselle says:

          Lol, you guys are so funny. You notice the smallest things. Haha, I agree with iampheng though. Linda is not out to impress if that’s what she’s wearing. The guy must not be superficial at all then. Or is Linda in a hurry and didn’t have time to go back home to change after work? Or maybe their relationship is already stable after two months? And there’s no need to impress and Linda can just be herself.

        • Kidd says:

          Maybe that’s her disguise.

    8. HeTieShou says:

      I was just reading this other article where it said that Raymond was trying to pursue her, but I am not sure if it is true or not. However, if she has a new boyfriend then congrats but wished that she would admit it since he doesn’t work for TVB or anything. I never knew that she dated Phillip Ng before and sad to hear that she had to end the relationship due to career. I guess sometimes you have to pick one over the other during certain times in your life.

      • Fox says:

        The article you mentioned is from Face. This one is from Next.

        Lol, being honest, Next seems to have more sources than Face. Face often runs after Next and cook the news from Next or 3.

        Actually, Linda has never admitted that Philip is her bf. Only rumours.

      • Chriselle says:

        “However, if she has a new boyfriend then congrats but wished that she would admit it since he doesn’t work for TVB or anything. I guess sometimes you have to pick one over the other during certain times in your life.”

        I’m glad you understand that sometimes in life, you have to choose one or the other. In this case, perhaps Linda didn’t want her relationship with current boyfriend to surface is due to the same reason.

        • HeTieShou says:

          It is true that I don’t like celebs lying about their relationships or whatever, BUT it also depends if they have a good reason to or not. If they lie just to betray their fans or some other selfish reason then it is NOT ok. However, if they have a good reason(s) for lying then I don’t blame them. It also depends on the situation. IF for example, they promised in advance to tell their fans, then they lie about it, I don’t feel that is acceptable either. But it also depends on the situation. Lying is not good for them either since they constantly have to sneak around and can’t relax or enjoy themselves. Sooner or later, the truth will come out and their lies(if they did lie before) will come back and haunt them…

    9. star says:

      Wow.. i actually never knew the rumours between her and philip was true.

      • star says:

        I really want to hear linda’s side of the story.. denying it or not.

        • Fox says:

          She denied many times but her love rumour with Philip just dun be in newspaper a lot, unlike the Rayda’s.

    10. Aly says:

      If they are dating, then good for her! She’s smart to not get involved with Ray or else his rumors with all the other girls will be become like quadruple relationship, lol!

      • star says:

        plus… ray is prob not linda’s type anyways.

        • Lacey says:

          Linda seems to be “down-to-earth” type of gal, she might look good on TV with Ray as screen lovers but when a girl has to choose a man who really loves her for herself then she is definitely wise not to choose the playboy type. Who knows, perhaps all these rumors about Ray wants to chase her again maybe true because he may come to a realization that he made a mistake in the past and may want to rectify his wrong doing.

        • iampheng says:

          Honestly, Raymond seems like he could be high maintenance compared to Linda. I think Linda is also the down to Earth type, possibly because she just wants things to be simple in life. Ray strikes me as the ambitious type.

      • Fox says:

        Read her answer in Face give me another feeling. She kinda implied that they (Linda + LF) had relationship and now are friends but still can develop.

        • Snow says:

          no matter if they had or not, hate how the magazines always paint ray in such a bad light

    11. jim says:

      i thought the whole linda thing is over, when will the reporter get over and let go this linda and ray rumor, it been too long.

      • Funn Lim says:

        I in fact want it to be true. Don’t you want your idol to end up with someone decent, someone good, someone who will respect his privacy?

        • exoidus says:

          Linda certainly deserves someone better than Ray. He is a player and should continue playing Mavis type of girls LOL

        • Fox says:

          @exoidus: Normally girls like players :P. Boy isn’t bad, girl dun love, haha rmb this idiom?

          BTW, how you define better than him?

        • Kidd says:

          I don’t get this line ‘someone who will respect his privacy’.

          We are talking about Linda, right?

          You mean Ray respecting Linda’s privacy or Linda respecting Ray’s privacy?

        • Kidd says:

          @ Fox

          This idiom is not true.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Kidd, both. Linda doesn’t look like the type who will spill the beans.

          And generally yes girls do like bad boys but there are some girls who likes good boys.

        • Chriselle says:

          “Normally girls like players . Boy isn’t bad, girl dun love, haha rmb this idiom?”

          It also depends on how old the girl is and what stage she is at. I doubt smart girls will find a bad boy marriage material, which is why I think Natalie should stop wasting her youth and time on Amigo and move on.

        • exoidus says:

          LOL some girls have the bad boy complex they want to change to bad boy to a good boy :) In most instances it’s a waste of time.

        • Fox says:

          @ Chriselle: The more smart girl, the more dangerous girl. Smart girls like to be challenged so obedient guys dun fit her.

          BTW, as for Natalie Tong, she dated Amigo when he was in his top of career and she was nobody. So actually she wasn’t dumb when dating him.

          @exoidus: Lol these girls are finding excuses to their love. Change the boy?

        • Chriselle says:

          @Fox, LOL… not to say that Natalie should leave him now that he’s at rock bottom of his career and she’s a rising actress, but she can really do better than spend time with a cheater.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Fox

          “The more smart girl, the more dangerous girl. Smart girls like to be challenged so obedient guys dun fit her.”

          Nice guy does not equal obedient guy. You see to equate nice guys with totally whipped guys who follow everything his girlfriend says.

          This notion is even sillier that the general ‘girls like bad guys’ idiom.

          If a girl is smart, she will look for good guys and good guys not necessarily means boring guys. A good guy can be intelligent, have interesting hobbies, have a lot of interesting thought.

        • Fox says:

          @ Chirselle: Amigo might be a violent bf, a drunk driver but cheater? He cheated who? He broke up with Nat Tong then date Eli. Eli claimed that he still has relationship wit Nat Tong but Nat Tong herself denied that.

        • Fox says:

          Well Kidd, we both understand that interesting guys are always dangerous.

        • Chriselle says:

          @Fox, I think Jayne mentioned that he cheated on her with Elizabeth Kwong (excuse me if I got the name incorrectly). I didn’t follow Natalie’s news before and only a couple months ago did I find out that she was ever together with Amigo.

          It’s even worse if he’s a violent bf.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Fox

          “Well Kidd, we both understand that interesting guys are always dangerous.”

          No. Only you have this belief. I don’t. :)

        • Fox says:

          @ Chriselle: Nope. Amigo dun cheat Nat Tong with Eli. Eli claimed that Amigo still hang out with Nat Tong while dating her but Nat Tong denied.

          As for violent bf, Amigo is claimed by Eli that he beat her. It’s the start of Amigo’s fall in career.

          So Amigo seems not to be a cheater. If he is a cheater, Nat Tong is a third party (not an innocent third party).

          And Eli isn’t anything better, lol.

        • Fox says:

          @ Kidd: :(

        • Chriselle says:

          What was the time frame when Amigo and Natalie dated? And was the Elizabeth incident back in 2009 or 2010?

        • Fox says:

          I dun rmb but can ensure that Amigo and Nat Tong is said to break up long time ago before the Eli accident came out. Eli states that she was with Amigo 3 months before the accident, so of course after Amigo and Nat Tong broke up.

          The Eli accident is 2009

    12. EkinFan says:

      Linda is not very hot

      • exoidus says:

        i guess it applies to all the girls without or with little makeup pal. Tell me a girl u thinks is hot without makeup. I suspect they would look alot worse than linda

        • Fox says:

          Gillian Chung :P

        • iampheng says:

          Me. :P

        • le says:

          I’m so glad there is someone who thinks the same as me, and find Linda not hot at all. I believe she may be a nice person, but for a star status, I can’t put her into someone I wish I would look like. The only quality I would like of her is her teeth. They are really white. But, her acting sucks.

      • cinsin says:

        Does it really matter if she is hot or not? lol

        Evidently Mr. Cheung enjoys her company haha

      • Funn Lim says:

        Frankly she’s one of those very few who looks rather nice with minimal make up. She looks worse with loads of make up.

      • Fox says:

        Yes, Linda isn’t hot type. She belongs to Yuk Lui type, rite?

        • Funn says:

          I think it is obvious she is not yuk lui anymore. I suppose the correct term should be classy type. She gives me an impression that she is well mannered and classy, a rarity these days.

        • Fox says:

          Uhm I think there are a lot of well mannered and classy girls (image only, not sure about the real personality) in HK industry now?

        • Funn says:

          Pretend yes, truly classy, very very few.

        • Fox says:

          So you think she dun pretend?

        • Chriselle says:

          @Fox, I don’t think Linda pretends to be a classy girl either. It never really crossed my mind that she’s faking it and I believe that there is a degree of innocence in her that other artist don’t have. However, ever since entering the showbiz, I’m sure there are instances, events, and people that have disillusioned her and that she has to learn how to deal with. I heard she was quite dependent on her family and it was even her older sister who suggested her to join the pageant which brought her to MCI. Lots of girls today enter pageant for the prize money, to enter the showbiz, to make money, etc. I remember Linda stating that she was very excited when TVB contacted her for the role in VOHII because she really admired Bernice in VOH and she got to replace her when she departed from the sequel. I don’t think she ever dreamed of making it big in TVB while many artists are dying for this opportunity. I do believe that she’s grateful for all that she has.

          Linda seems like a low maintenance girl who values a simple life. Agree with others that she’s pretty down-to-earth. I wouldn’t be surprised that she marries only a moderately wealthy man. I don’t think money is an issue for her.

          Raymond Lam seems to have been getting more boring in recent years due to a lack of interesting characters. Even though I was never a fan of the pair in HOG, I still thought they matched in physical appearance, especially since Linda seemed to have all the physical qualities (e.g., long hair, etc.) that Raymond was seeking in a gf. However, ever since his scandal, I can’t see them as a pair anymore. I also feel that Raymond is a bit too complicated for Linda perhaps. Since he is an ambitious and busy guy, I don’t feel that he has the time for Linda. Linda seems like a person who needs family and friends by her side. When she initially came to HK and didn’t have any friends, she would always have her webcam on when she returned from work just so she can see her family.

          Now I’m even more curious as to why you questioned her good girl image?? Care to share your side of the story? :)

        • Funn says:

          I don’t know if she is low maintenance. But no I don’t think she is pretending to be classy. She seems polite, genuinely feminine, and I find her classy. Classy as in ladylike, well mannered, a certain “breed” so to speak. In chinese is “gou gwai”, not sure in English is called what except classy.

          I like to see a classy girl, as much as I like to see a gentlemanly guy, truly genuinely gentlemanly. I don’t buy all those Miss HK saying “Mummy this, mummy that”. Some I can detect isn’t real, some perhaps. Linda is one of those classy ones. Now classy doesn’t mean she is not prone to scandals though, but it is the way she carries herself.

        • Fox says:

          @ Chriselle: My opinion is very simple: No innocent person in the industry.

          If she/he is really innocent, she/he is kicked out of the industry after few days. Being here and having high status and good relationship with the bosses, she is clearly smart enough to understand the rule of the game.

          And as for simple life, I don’t think any artist want to have a simple life. If they don’t enjoy the light of stage and fame, they didn’t work in this field. They are here, it’s a certain that they want the light, not a simple life.

          Have you ever heard of dolphin is more dangerous than shark? Because everyone can see that shark is dangerous, dolphin is friendly so when dolphin has evil mind, ppl might fall in the trap :P.

          BTW, I wonder if you listened to the prank call of LF to Linda or not. When she first took the call, her voice is kinda tomboy. But after she knew it’s a radio call, she immediately changed her voice, higher, sweeter and more naive.

          Of course, I don’t say Linda is a bad girl. She seems to be a nice idol. She can act that, just like all other artists. I don’t mind she acts nice because it’s a part of her job. I hate artists who treat fans badly only. Linda gives me the feeling that she is an obedient girl, more than an innocent girl. Her look is sweet, not the hot or beautiful type but sweet. It’s my impression. I admit that I like straightforward girls like Kate more, but Linda left a quite good impression on me when I met her. But I just met her 1 time, not sure if I met more, I might change my opinion or like her more :). Lol, watever I still prefer actors than actresses so I don’t think I will meet her again. Maybe bump on her on streets.

          I agree with you that Rayda look good as an onscreen couple. Actually I’m one of rare ppl blv that they had love crush on each other in 2007. Not now, but in 2007. The way they implied about each other gives me this feeling. But the relationship, I blv that ended in 2008. After that, whatever they said about each other, is like promotion for series only. Some of you mention of the Sparkling club. I re-watched it and being honest, it’s nothing more than a promotion. The way he talked about her in 2007 is way way sweeter.

          However, being his fan, I knew she isn’t exactly his type long long ago. Like some of you said, he is hot blood (plz note that not after the PSS matter happen I know that. Before that, when I met him, I saw he looked at a girl with hot body but normal face longer than a girl with very pretty face but flat body. Hehe, from that I know he is hot blood and Linda isn’t his type as her body isn’t hot). His desire woman? I don’t know if you ever heard or not, but he mentioned a lot of time about hot body and big boobs. This is exactly the reason why I said I dun feel shock when he dated PSS. She just met all of his requirements: Long hair, naive face (oh yes, if you dun look at her hot S body you will see her face, quite naive type. However, I blv most of you see her body, her sexy pose more than her face), wealthy background and hot body. Except that she sold her love story for fame, this girl is quite smart and her soul, as wat she wrote in weibo, isn’t bad. However, the girl seems to love the fame too much. She has most of criteria that he wants, closer to his desire than Linda. Oh yes, he is a hot blood man, lol lol. That dun effect me because (1) he isn’t my type and (2) he still treats fans well. I like him partly because of his acting and singing, bigger part because of the way he treats fans. Uhm, I dun listen to anyone, I saw by my eyes. Like Linda, maybe he is acting nice but that’s good for him and for fans. As fan, dun need to care for she/he is hot blood or cold blood, need to care if she/he treats fans well and provides good stuffs or not. It’s my opinion.

          Of course, the way an idol treats fans is also a reason for me to dislike/hate an artist. Being an artists, responsibility of her/him is treat the fans well. If she/he fail to do that, then I dun like.

          As for LF’s acting in recent works, I prefer him in some certain roles but mostly non-TVB’s. Among all his TVB roles, I like Mou Ching the best :). Hehe, I like Alfred as a character in the beginning of HOG, but the Alfred-SJS storyline is kinda failed. GGJ is a bigger failure as a character. So far, my most fave chac of his TVB series is Lai Yeuk Yi in FTF. This chac has layers, not being monotone. As for his acting, I don’t see much problems with acting (not the character).

          Come back to Linda, I started to like her after meeting her and watch Twilight Investigation. She is more refresh when she dun need to act innocent sheep who doesn’t know anything and wrongly maltreated. Hehe, I’d like to see her being more mature, more down to earth and no more “innocent”.


        • Jayne says:

          While I agree with you that there is no innocent person in the industry due to the compplex working environment, most people do agree that Linda is more down to earth and her lifestyle more tame than certain celebrities who frequent nightclubs and bars. In addition, based on accounts from veterans and friends, she comes across as quite frugal and conservative. Everyone who has worked with her praised her personality.

          I wouldn’t call her innocent either due to working in industry for several years. But I wouldn’t call her a plotting schemer with a dolphin exterior either. For the most part, people resort to being themselves; you can’t keepp up the act in the long run and pretend to be someone you’re not. Perhaps it’s easier in short fan gatherings, but what about the TVB colleagues that she has been filming for years. When the cameras are rolling till 4 AM day after day, people get tired and resort to being themselves. Reporters, who follow celebrities day after day for years, must have a good glimpse into what the celebrities are like in real life too.

          In the Next magazine article above, there was also a photo caption that said Linda likes to go grocery shopping in the street markets to cook her own food. She likes to prepare Cantonese style soup.

          To judge someone’s character, including a celebrity, we should look at collective picture. From her own interviews and the accounts of people who know her, she seems nice and down to earth.

          Are there celebrities who are rude to their fans at fan fan gatherings? Perhaps there are event organizers who may be rude and rush the schedule along, but for most part celebrities would comply with photos and autographs.

        • Fox says:

          @ Jayne: The shark and dolphin is just an example, I don’t say Linda is dolphin type. I say in general :).

          As for Linda, I said in my previous post that she seems to be in obedient type to me. Gwuai. BTW, her real personality, all of us can’t know :), just can assume. In fact I heard some ppl commented that Linda isn’t nice to non-fans, but maybe she had a bad day or else. I haven’t faced this so I don’t assume that Linda isn’t nice.

          I don’t mean the fan gathering. In the fan gathering, they’ll be nice. Lol, in a random meeting.

        • Snow says:

          @Fox yes yes u took the words right out from my mouth! i know im biased since im ray’s fan but the thing is, its always written like raymond the big bad wolf who preys on linda the sheep. sometimes the way linda answer questions regarding the rumors between them 2, kinda coyly, it doesnt sound like she’s entirely naive like some ppl claim

        • Fox says:

          @snow: It’s quite ironic that LF did the dubbed for Pleasant Sheep last time lol lol :P. Big Bad Wolf is Bosco’s voice. It’s the dubbing work for Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf (its Eng name).

        • Chriselle says:

          @Fox, I don’t like it when people stereotype others. While it’s easier to put a label on something, there are exceptions to everybody. It’s not black or white. Linda is MORE innocent than the normal celebrity in the showbiz. Agree she’s obedient, and so are many who are under TVB management. They simply have no choice, but to have to adhere to the rules of the company.

          I don’t know if Linda enjoys the spotlight and celebrity lifestyle more NOW, but her intention was not to become a celebrity back then. Through time, maybe Linda realized that she can make more money as a celebrity (especially since she’s promoted by her company) than in any other job since she still hasn’t graduated from college yet. Because of the money and a gradual realized passion for acting, maybe she decided to stay. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a simple life. She may want to stay in the circle for other reasons and not everyone is an ambitious schemer to get to the top. My point is that she didn’t become a celebrity because she wanted to live a certain lifestyle.

          We are similar in that our favorite character that LF portrayed was Lai Yuek Yi. :)

        • HeTieShou says:

          Maybe innocent is the wrong word to use for anyone in the circle??? If you are too innocent, I don’t think you can survive being in the complicated E circle…

        • Fox says:

          @ Chirselle: I don’t agree that she is MORE innocent than other artists. More gwuai, maybe, but more innocent? No. Obviously no. Her status in TVB, her promotion, that can’t come from a girl who don’t know how to deal with other ppl. Linda is way smarter than an innocent girl. Maybe in the beginning of her career, she was innocent but not now, at this moment. After years in E circle, she is mature and innocent isn’t the word for her anymore. You can see that from her interviews. Now her answers are smarter.

          As for the simple life, if she wants one, after having money, she’ll quit the industry. But I don’t see any intention or any plan of Linda in long term to do such thing. She enjoys the E world a lot. And she wants to be in the top, it showed in her interview. She wants to be best actress, wants to be a singer in large stage and wants to be more famous. It’s ambitious, rite? However, I think it’s good for her. Ppl can’t live without dream and hope. She can be a nice girl, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want the chances.

          Overall, I think it’s our own opinions toward Linda. I think she isn’t, you think she is. Whatever, she is still herself. Even we can’t define our real personality, nobody can’t. It’s just the face we show to the society.

          BTW, I agree that it isn’t black or white. I don’t define her in black or white. I said, she isn’t 100% white. Of course, she isn’t 100% black. Maybe 60-70% white? Just an amount to say, nvm.

        • Kidd says:

          I find Linda feminine and graceful. But, I don’t find her classy. She is ‘si man’ but not ‘gou gwai’ to me.

        • Kidd says:

          Ok, need to change my point. Fox reminded me of the prank call. At that time, I did have the same thinking. I detected a tomboyishness in the way Linda speaks and I remember saying I wish she shows this side of her, which I find more appealing, more.

        • Chriselle says:

          I change my mind. Someone used classy to describe Carina Lau and I think that term is more suitable for someone like her who likes designer brands and picks out the best outfits for big events. She is also experienced and well-mannered. I feel that she has the entire package to it.

          However, I still agree with the terms Funn used to describe Linda: well-mannered, polite, and feminine. However, I still sense a tomboy vibe in the way she dresses, but there is that femininity in her speech.

    13. Funn Lim says:

      My god, 3rd picture on th right 2nd row.. is that a bulging bicep?!

    14. Fox says:

      Forget to add, I rmb I read in an article (about Linda and Mr Cheung but not the one from Next aka this article) and Mr Cheung is son of a real-estate businessman. So I wonder if it’s coincidence or not for Linda to have love rumours with sons of real-estate businessmen.

    15. jim says:

      fox, your so right, but i am prefer ray with tavia, she more supportive.

    16. sky says:

      if she’s dating, it doesn’t matter! people have to find love, even for actor,singer, etc…

    17. kim ng says:

      @Fox,I agreed w/ you from both comments,I’m not Ray or Linda fan but until now they still look good on screen together by somehow….

    18. Judy says:

      Her complexion is rather yellow w/o makeup… and here I thought all these movies stars have perfect white porcelain skin! She still looks pretty nice though.

      • Judy says:

        and really nice toned arms!! I want those arms!

      • samche says:

        i remembered from an interview on LInda. She said that she has thalasemia. <—don't know how to spell. But it causes people to have yellowish skin. I thought they have nice porcelain skin too. she's still pretty though. I'm happy for her. I was afraid that she'll be in the circle forever and can't find love.

    19. Tony says:

      Why is Linda dating someone that is so unattractive??

      • exoidus says:

        maybe they click on a personal level. However most actresses tend to fall in love with rich guys. Is it because poor guys don’t dare to approach them?

        • sky says:

          no, b/c poor guys can’t buy stuff they wanted….like LV bag, etc…

        • HeTieShou says:

          Well even the normal citizen would want to marry a well off guy, so it is even more obvious for actresses. But not all actresses are like that. It appears that a majority of them are like that. That is understandable since didn’t a lot of them enter the circle so that they can live the high life??

      • kaye kaye says:

        maybe she aint all about the looks!

    20. jim says:

      anyway ray player or not player, its doesnt bother to me, i loved ray so much, i will be his fan forever just like beyond fans.

    21. samche says:

      Linda is so pretty yet have ugly taste in men. Both guys here are ugly, including Philip Ng. I’m sure she goes for guys with the same interests though. She’s pretty even if she dress like that.

      • exoidus says:

        Phillip Ng has become better looking now than Raymond in my opinion.

        • samche says:

          i do agree with you on that. Phillip dpes look better than raymond. what happened to his face? i think from what a lot of ppl say it’s plastic surgery.

    22. jim says:

      exoidus, maybe in your eyes everything about ray look bad, and to my opinion tavia better looking now than linda.

    23. Melody says:

      So funny when I read the first sentence with a playboy and a woman butcher and that Linda was the target for
      “hungry wolves”. Makes Linda sound like a little sheep. LOL

      Anyway I always assumed the Phillip Ng & Linda was a rumour, if there is any truth in it, then can understand why Raymond backed off.

    24. Pineapple says:

      I am not sure whether classy is the right word to describe Linda. I really like her but I find her to be more sweet than classy. I think people like Carina Lau is definitely classy but Linda, nah don’t think so. I can imagine Linda to have no make-up, running around barefeet in the sand on the beach and look very natural and good. Whoever she ends up with, good luck to her. She’s definitely one of the very few artists I like these days.

    25. iampheng says:

      I disagree with all of you! LOL I don’t think Linda is innocent or classy! I think she’s just…NORMAL. Everything about her is so normal. Which is quite appealing actually. She’s like the girl next door…well not my next door but, ya know. Linda strikes me as being quite worldly actually. She knows what she’s doing and she knows what not to do. I think Fala Chen is more the classy type. Linda is just a nice n normal girl decently good looking girl, and perhaps that is her overall appeal.

      • exoidus says:

        Fala Chen is declining fast since everything about her is based on her looks. But she has already found herself a rich guy so sure she doesn’t care

        • Chriselle says:

          @exoidus, How is Fala declining? In terms of looks or acting? Her career is rising in TVB and I see many improvements in her acting, especially her Cantonese. I find Fala an ambitious woman and even if she was married, she would still work. I remember reading an interview where she said she thinks she’s going to go crazy if she doesn’t work.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I don’t think Fala Chen looks that great and her acting is just average. She may say that but once she is really married and has kids, her views may change who really knows the future??

        • iampheng says:

          I don’t think Fala is declining at all! I think Fala looks so much better than Linda with makeup <– haha. I bet you she's already married or that relationship of her's is pretty much like a marriage already.

        • Fox says:

          Declining? Not climbing?

      • Lacey says:

        Right on! I can also add that she is earthy and healthy. Somehow, she possesses inner beauty that oozes out of her pores.

    26. jayzemine says:

      First of all I don’t understand what is the big deal with her dating. It’s not like she’s doing anything illegal. Every person has the right to go out with friends whether male or female. The fact that she is dodging them and running away from the, just make it so obvious that they are dating. Beside, being chase by photograher is quite dangerous, remember Princess Diana. Is hiding from photographer woth the risk?
      Second, I am not a Linda fan, but I do think that she is your typical girl next-door. Not exceptionally pretty but easy to the eyes, even without make-up. In fact, I think she looks better without too much make-up. After being in the industry for so long, survival skills will kick-in and she will learn to adapt but as long as she is not harming anyone, then who care if she is innocent or not. In order to survive, they all play political games to make it on top, we all do that in the corporate world but as long as we are doing it with a clear conscience, then I don’t see any issue with it.
      Onscreen, I do agree that LF and her make a good onscreen partner, but I prefer Fungyi.
      Fox-thanks for the information on LF. I knew that he liked long hair girl with nice body, which I assume was tone and fit, but not that type of nice body LOL. So, that is why I was shocked with Mavis scandal popped-out.

      • Fox says:

        You are welcome.

        Maybe his face dun give ppl the feeling that. BTW, his zodiac is Sagittarius and its describer is quite true to his character.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree and I don’t see what the big deal is if she was dating or any celebs that date since sooner or later we all have to settle down, right?? The more they try to hide it, the more difficult it will become for them. If they just tell the truth, then there is nothing more to guess or speculate. ALso, IF they wanted to hide it that much then they should not go out and get caught like that. It’s like you are caught red handed and then still try to hide it. What’s the point of that?

        • Chriselle says:


          “I agree and I don’t see what the big deal is if she was dating or any celebs that date since sooner or later we all have to settle down, right?? ”

          They’re only dating for two months. So what if Linda realizes that he’s not the one and he’s not worth risking her career for him? I understand that TVB likes to use onscreen couples as promotional tactics, but I don’t understand why 620 would not like Linda and Philip dating. However, if more stable couples like Bosco and Myolie who has been dating for years, I agree that they should just admit it. It’s getting a bit lame now.

          “ALso, IF they wanted to hide it that much then they should not go out and get caught like that.”

          Uh… like Linda planned and wanted to be caught by the media. She prolly dressed in this tomboy look just so she can assimiliate into the civilian crowd and not get noticed by the reporters.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I guess so but if she was only dating him for 2 months and it is not stable yet, then they should not go out and risk getting caught. If it were me, I would not risk it if the relationship is not stable yet. I think they also realize that regardless of how much they try to disguise themselves, people will recognize them and reporters are constantly following them.

        • Chriselle says:

          @HTS, I don’t get it. What is the risk here? It’s not like Linda is committing a crime. She’s only going out on a date with someone she’s interested in, if it’s a date at all.

        • HeTieShou says:

          If that is the case, then why is she or anyone is trying to hide it then?? Well for idols, they are afraid that dating will make their popularity go down. Also, in LInda’s case as people have been mentioning, TVB may have a say in it about who she can date or not which is why she may have had to end her relationship with her rumoured boyfriend. Basically the point is, IF there is no risk then why is she being so sneaky and trying to hide everything???

        • Funn says:

          I don’t think she was hiding. She was just caught by surprise by the presence of the cameras and anyone would have reacted the way she did. She didn’t cover, she didn’t sulk, she just went about her stuff.

    27. le says:

      After reading some of your guys’ discussions of Linda’s innocent and good-girl image, it makes me think maybe she tries to attain or strive for that image for the whole world to see her as that. Maybe is it’s too contrived?

      • HeTieShou says:

        All artists try to convey a certain image to the media and public, but is that how they really are??? Gillian Chung had a sweet and “innocent” image, however, after the Edison scandal, that all changed. Therefore, no one really knows how anyone is behind the scenes…

        • iampheng says:

          ROFL!!! Yeah, that incident was a total shocker…now it looks like Ah Gil is picking fights with people on Weibo. ::sigh:: I wasn’t even a Twins fan and I was so shocked and in denial for a long time hahaha

        • Lacey says:

          Gillian’s career took a dive after the scandal. Her partner, Sa is also not as “innocent” as she claims to be either. I guess all these juicy news certainly keep us fans entertain.

        • Fox says:

          They all belongs to Yuk Lui image.

          However, Ah Sa’s case is better than Ah Gil. At least she got married.

        • Chriselle says:

          @iampheng, LOL… Gillian picking fights with people on Weibo? What does she say? I expected her to be more mature than this.

    28. annabella says:

      I don’t think she is dating that guy… She just doesn’t want that friend of her to be discuss by people, so she simply go home. I thought I heard Linda talked about it already. What is the big deal? :O

    29. Theresa says:

      No offense, but all these Netizens and Reporters should get a life and stop stalking the celebrities because I think anyone will get annoyed. if everything they do and act always gets reported just because they are popular…

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