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Mandy Wong: “Him Law is Not My Cup of Tea!”

By on September 24, 2012

Mandy Wong: “Him Law is Not My Cup of Tea!” thumbnail

Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…> is the fifth time that Him Law (羅仲謙) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) have worked together. Both of them are worried that the viewers may find their image as lovers to be overexposed. While their pairing is not as refreshing as before, Him and Mandy still have a suitable onscreen chemistry, allowing viewers to accept them as a couple.

Him’s real life girlfriend is Tavia Yeung (楊怡), but he has paired with Mandy Wong since 2010’s Suspects in Love <搜下留情>. Their romantic collaborations this year include Tiger Cubs <飛虎> and Divas in Distress. Younger viewers have especially become fans of the pairing over the last two years.

Mandy said, “In L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, viewers are used to the characters that Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) and I played, so they tend to have the image of us being husband and wife. However, with Him, it’s different. We played opposites in Tiger Cubs and Suspects In Love. Although our characters were not madly in love, we gave the viewers the impression of having deep admiration and love for each other.”

Mandy was a bit worried people might find it boring when Him portrays her lover again. However, with help from the production crew and other elements in Divas in Distress, they managed to pull everything together again, and the end results turned out well.

The Husband and the Lover

Mandy jokingly labeled Him as “the boyfriend” and called Oscar as “the husband”. She said, “Maybe I would be better off to divorce or split with them to keep our images fresh. We started our career at TVB about the same time, so it was pretty natural the producers choose the same team for the shows.”

In The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> Mandy harbored a crush on Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and then ended up dating Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪). Hoping to work with veterans and learn from their vast experience in acting, Mandy said she would be excited if given a chance to work with Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Roger Kwok (郭晉安).

“Not My Cup of Tea:

Will the constant partnership with Him turn into real love? Mandy said that is unlikely, as Him is not her cup of tea. She stated, “Him is a good friend, and we get along well. We treat each other more like siblings. I like the more mature and stable type. Him is more like a happy-go-lucky type that someone one would date as her first love. Him is forgetful and goofy, and I want someone more mature to take care of me.”

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (27)

    1. Primrose says:

      Huh? I read a previous article that Him and Mandy dated after “Suspects in Love” but he dumped her and she was so heartbroken that she turned to girls!?! Now, they are good friends! Gosh, what to believe? But I never liked Him Law. I detest and despise men who hit women!

      • Fox says:

        There were a rumour like that. Maybe the truth is like that: They dated, but she dumped him because he is so childish and a woman beater, but Txb forced them to work together and now she has to comment about a more mature men as Him is already one in car shock couple.

    2. Annie says:

      “I like the more mature and stable type. Him is more like a happy-go-lucky type that someone one would date as her first love. Him is forgetful and goofy, and I want someone more mature to take care of me.”

      lool I wonder what Tavia thinks of that comment!

      • Josie says:

        I guess tavia is satisfied w/ HimHim’s looks. :P
        After a yr of dating and they’re still “getting to know each other”.

      • Jen says:

        Maybe Tavia would say “I am mature so I need someone happy go lucky and goofy to take care of.” And maybe also “I see his girlfriend beating tendencies as a challenge to myself.”

    3. Fox says:

      HimHim and Mandy love is kinda cute in Diva, but it’s too Korean, too idol and too violent (from HimHim’s side). Mandy’s acting is ok in Diva and she makes the couple more interesting.

    4. Grace says:

      She seems like the serious kind, he’s quite different.

    5. Hannahh says:

      Hope Mandy find her Mr Right.

      • Ada says:

        yes…I love Mandy so much..I want her to find her Mr. Right. I was so upset for a long time that Him goes with someone else…I worry that Mandy might be heart breaking…I guess I don’t have to worry. Maybe Mandy is not just look for handsome man..she want someone mature…smart girl!

    6. Mika says:

      I liked both HimHim and Mandy in this series. I support Mandy’s responses and her opinions. Best of luck to them both, hope Mandy finds her Mr. Right and HimHim’s success with… TAVIA :D

    7. Pandy says:

      Love watching Him n Mandy together! Both are good n hope that both will find their true love someday!

    8. Linda says:

      Mandy is right. Him is just a young fun gogo boy and easy to date for fun not long term stable man. Mandy has college degree and noble lady so she looks for educate, success man. It makes sense. Tavia has some $$ so she needs young boy for fun :). In case of Tavia, if Him walks away from her once his career is advanced, and Tavia’s one is going down soon she will learn lession. No matter the scandal is true, man will see immature of her in love life. Who dare to date a lady with such news?

    9. Agnes Tan says:

      I like mandy wong and Him Law together as a couple, very good chemistry

      • Annabelle Chew says:

        yeah.. me too .. i like both if them paired up as couple, especially in Divas in Distress.. how i wish they are a couple in real life .. i don’t like HimHim with Tavia ..

    10. LinTheCarToZzZzZ says:

      I found the translation, Mandy said, “Bay ngor yow cheen jai, mmmmaaa yield lan jai.”

    11. Annabelle Chew says:

      HimHim <3 Mandy forever .. !! I don't think HimHim and Tavia is match .. i don't like her anyway especially after the car scandal.. it made me sad these few days

      • AL says:

        me too…i was so sorry for Mandy…thought that might be Mandy missed this handsome guy…but now seem Mandy is looking for mature one…i feel much better…just hope she has a bright silver future and has Mr. Right…who knows…maybe Him will be more mature and back to Mandy…sweet…sweet…yea i don’t like Tavia anyway

    12. elin says:

      hahahha maybe she has say tht incase ty gets jeolous hahahah

    13. Summer says:

      I always think that Mandy has the hot for Him but not the other way around. Even Him mentioned that he knows she always stare at him. Maybe they dated or something but I find Him will act and look awkward when Mandy responds to their romantic rumors. He seems scared of what Mandy will say. I mean he mentioned that Mandy in real life is really goofy/silly and really talkative. Maybe he is afraid she will say stupid stuff and upset his girlfriend(s)

    14. Jac says:

      I really enjoy Mandy acting..her skill have improve by heaps and bounce..no doubt she do have room for improvement.

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