Niki Chow’s Boyfriend, Jeremy Tsui, is Rich and Handsome

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After several relationship failures later, it looks like Niki Chow (周麗淇) is finally ready for a new romance. She was recently photographed with her new boyfriend Jeremy Tsui  (徐正曦) when they spent the night together at a hotel.

Niki and Jeremy met on the set of mainland Chinese drama, The Virtuous Queen of Han <大漢賢后衞子夫> and instantly clicked. Jeremy rose to prominence after My Daughter <夏家三千金> and Waking Love Up <愛情睡醒了> where his salary per episode rose to a whopping 250,000 RMB. Possessing good looks, he receives numerous endorsements and pocketed over 20 million RMB in the past year.

Jeremy comes from a wealthy background and is dubbed the second Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), for his soaring popularity in mainland China. Jeremy was born in Shanghai and his parents are government officials. The family’s hardware stores are well established, with family assets valued at 100 million RMB. With superior family background and a rapidly advancing career, it is no wonder Niki has fallen for Jeremy despite him being five years her junior.

Relationship Exposed

Last week, when Niki’s flight landed in Shanghai, Jeremy was seen waiting for his girlfriend patiently and both headed back to the hotel casually. However, the next day when they exited the building, Niki and Jeremy were photographed holding hands. To further confirm the speculations, Niki, who attended a promotion with Richie Ren (任賢齊), Edmond Leung (梁漢文), and William So  (蘇永康), did not stay at the hotel sponsored by the event, but instead, chose to stay elsewhere, presumably to spend more time with Jeremy.

Later in the evening, Niki and Jeremy were spotted dining at a nearby restaurant. Seeing that it was raining after the meal, Jeremy dashed through the rain and purchased an umbrella to shield Niki from the downpour. Unfortunately, as they were heading back to the hotel, Niki found out that they were followed by the paparazzi and in order to keep their relationship from the media, Jeremy chased after the paparazzi and demanded that their photos to be deleted.

Niki Chow Admits New Romance

Flying to Singapore yesterday, Niki admitted her new romance with Jeremy. Niki said, “I’m very, very happy. Thanks everyone for being attentive over my relationship. I hope this time, I can enjoy a normal dating lifestyle.”

Niki was impressed by Jeremy’s mature and ambitious personality. They share a mutual interest in UFOs and space topics. Jeremy initially hesitated in pursuing Niki because of her age, as she is interested in dating with marriage in mind. Jeremy finally felt that it was not easy to come across someone he liked, so he decided to pursue Niki although she is five years older than him.

Niki In Rush To Get Married

After falling in love and three short months of dating, it is said that Jeremy already proposed to Niki. An insider revealed, “Taking advantage that they were both still filming The Virtuous Queen of Han at the end of August, Jeremy offered to meet the parents. Jeremy’s parents praised Niki to be a good girl and they also knew that Jeremy really likes her. So, his parents approved that they should get married soon, causing Niki to be even happier.”

At 34 years old, Niki already feels the pressure to get married. After two failed relationships, Niki even mentioned that she would not even mind having a child before marriage.  “I was too picky before, but now I give people a lot more opportunities. I can feel the pressure now, and hopefully I’ll see something positive in the next couple of years.” Now that Jeremy has successfully wooed Niki’s heart, it would not be surprising if wedding bells followed soon.

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  • 69 comments to Niki Chow’s Boyfriend, Jeremy Tsui, is Rich and Handsome

    1. windy says:

      Wow, I don’t really know mainland stars but I saw clips on utube here and there n he is very cute. Too damnnn cute for her actually n not the mention younger. haaha LOL…go cougar woman.

      • Vel replied to windy

        lol, well… mainland is lacking girls so any type of girl is considered DIAMOND up there. Finding one in HK is even better for these mainland guys I guess XD…

        • Vel replied to Vel

          Oh yea, from what my mother told me, if you’re born really pretty in mainland, you don’t even need to work or study anymore; you’re totally eligible to marry a wealthy guy…like right off high school or something.

        • lol replied to Vel

          But then when u start to age sometimes men go find someone younger

        • Vel replied to Vel

          yes, which is why some women tend to look for guys who are 5-10 years older. But I don’t think all guys are like that. I’m sure some will stay faithful to their partner/spouses even when age is showing.

        • lol replied to Vel

          What about guys can they find a rich wife easily

        • bunny replied to Vel

          diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

      • Yen replied to windy

        6 years different and u called Nikki “Cougar”
        Not only the most important is that she is happy being with him, Nikki looks so pretty, she looks in her late 20s!
        Both look so good, bless them!

        • sophia replied to Yen

          I think she didnt mean to it as an insult. Older gal with younger guy is called “cougar”. Its definitely not a nice term but its really what it meant cougar is older gal with a younger guy.
          And yes she looks very young. They look good together. Happy for her. Wedding bell soon hopefully.

        • msxie replied to Yen

          If older women with younger guys are ‘cougars’ then old guys with much younger women should be codgers.

        • Funn Lim replied to Yen

          Codgers? I call them “Heart attack waiting to happen”.

          But then what better way to go eh?

          I think the better term is Sugar Daddy?

          I did read somewhere they’re called Panther. Not sure.

        • tris replied to Yen

          She is a cougar. Any woman who dates younger guys that is the term I think. she didn’t say anything that was offensive, she was just stating an obvious term of the relationship. It’s a trend it seems right now w/women dating younger guys so if she wants to do it, ppl will bound to put a label on it whether she cares or not.

        • tris replied to Yen

          I like the heart attack thing. haha..LOL…
          Let’s see if Hugh Hefner will be heading there soon huh? ahhaah LOL…sick old man.

        • HeTieShou replied to Yen

          When an older woman and a younger guy date, I just call it a “jiedi”(older sister younger brother) type of relationship which is what it is referred to. I heard about this but am not sure, however, it seems like they are dating. If so congrats and good luck to her. I think Jeremy is mixed since heard that his official name is Jeremy Jones.

    2. she hot no.2 says:

      She is pretty.I like her white bells soon lol.

    3. thuongan says:

      wow! she is so beautiful. Her boyfriend is handsome too. Hope they will have a good ending.

    4. Quynh says:

      He looks like a younger version of Yan Kuan…cute couple!

    5. lol says:

      I wonder if his related to Kate tsui

    6. I LOVE MUSTACHES says:

      He looks better than her last ex, but he got nothing on Kevin. It’s hard to top that.

    7. HaHa says:

      I found Kevin complicated… I’m glad she found someone more suitable.. Yeah, she looks young:)

    8. Applelim says:

      Good for Niki. Hope this relationship becomes a permanent one. Good luck to her

    9. Melted says:

      Jeremy sounds like a really sweet guy from the article. Though I don’t really know who he is. Haha nonetheless, happy for Niki :)

    10. P. Tan says:

      Yes, at last Niki has found a boy friend she really likes after Kevin. Hope this time it works.

    11. wooo says:

      Lucky her. Rich and also young and handsome. A rare combination

      • sophia replied to wooo

        Haha very true. Best of luck to her. Happy forever.

    12. Yum says:

      Can she even speak mandarin properly? lol

      • tris replied to Yum

        Haha, I know but these days all these HK men marries china woman and vise versa. Most of them are not fluent or anything but i guess communicative will suffice.
        But these days you still see barely spoken english marries foreigners thats even more baffling but then again those are probably for legal status. haaha so lots of situtions i guess.

      • ha replied to Yum

        Niki’s background is Shanghai. From interviews she seems to speak Mandarin fluently.

    13. mi says:

      omg i’m so happy for her!!! And if you didn’t say, she doesn’t even look like her age. As above, she looks like she’s in her 20s! I hope this time Niki has found her true love and gets married soon :)
      Also, love Jeremy Tsui especially in that drama, Waking Love Up. o god they are a great match!
      Wish them all the best!

    14. jc says:

      If I’m not mistaken both sisters like younger guys, happy for Niki.

    15. sel_fi_wu says:

      great now go get married with your rich boyfriend and disappear from acting. so that we can be saved from niki’s bad acting.

    16. Jang Dong Gun says:

      what is the name of the background music? any1 know?

      • sophia replied to Jang Dong Gun

        Jang Dong Gun? Haha. You must be a huge fan of him. I like Lee Young Ae a ton with him in Doctor Brothers.

    17. Icetea_td says:

      Happy for Niki, I hope she finally finds the man of her life, not like Kevin.

    18. ita says:

      Good to hear that. I don’t think 5 years age gap are that many. Mark chao and Gao yuan yuan also 5 years age gap.
      Look good together!.

      • Rainbow replied to ita

        I think he’s 6 years younger than her

        • celin replied to Rainbow

          Yup. To be exact. 6 years gap. He was born in May, 1985

      • tris replied to ita

        Come on, Mark Chao is much younger and u can tell straight way but it seems the trend right now so go cougars.…

    19. Hannahh says:

      Happy for her!

    20. celin says:

      She has to be ready to take the pressure if she married into the family especially when the parents are government officials in China and they are rich too.

    21. Funn Lim says:

      I think being young is a plus point too. Interesting how the article did emphasise about spending a night at a hotel. Ahhhh rice is cooked!

      Rich also.. government officials.. what government officials? And since a government official can be so rich, it means only that C word. Not a wise family to be associated with.

      Niki may sound eager to get married but still let’s not settle for just anyone. He is still young, I doubt he wants marriage. And she is like what? 34? Still young or rather can find a better candidate around perhaps 38 or 37 years old?

      • Celin replied to Funn Lim

        The letter “C” also pop out in my mind especially in China if you are government officials. She can still go for a better guy with her look. Why pick a younger guy and yet he is so much younger then her. Look like she is desperate to find a husband.

        • Fox replied to Celin

          One hand cant clap. If Jeremy Jones himself dun wanna date Niki who is older than him, how she can force him? Desperate to find a husband? More ridiculous because in such case, she wont find a younger, handsome and rich guy to date. Those guys are hard to get.

        • Cali replied to Celin

          Why not pick a younger guy? Nobody bat an eyelid when men marry/pick younger women, but god forbid a woman date a younger man than she’s obviously desperate. What a ridiculous assumption.

          Besides, this particular younger man seems like quite a catch – goodlooking, good career prospects, shares her interests – so why assume that she’s only dating him out of desperation.

        • tris replied to Celin

          To tell u the truth, if she is desperate then she has HIT the JACKPOT this time? haha…hes younger, rich, and cute what else can she ask for?

      • Cali replied to Funn Lim

        Unfortunately Funn, in Asia once a women hit 30 she’s consider “on the shelf” or “loeftover” or whatever other demeaning terms used to desribe women no longer in the first flush of youth. Heck, once you are 25 and haven’t at least got a steady boyfriend and on your way to being engage your relatives starts to worry and ask really intrusive questions.

        The idea of youth as a woman’s most precious commodity is common in many societies. I can only speak as an Asian woman who grew up in a Western society, but Asians place more emphasis on this than Westerners do.

        • Lee replied to Cali

          I think Western women are just more shrill about decrying the double standards while still going for face-lifts/botox and bragging about getting carded in their 40s. The association of youth with beauty is a tough one to break, if it can ever be broken.

        • Cali replied to Cali

          I’m not talking about women wanting to look young and what’s not – Asian or Western this is common to most – but more about how Asian society deemed a women is “leftover” by the time she is 30. There is more lead way in Western society compared to Asian.

          I have a friend whose parents were looking to introduce her to the son of one of their friends. This potential date’s father straight up told her parents that she’s too old and he want his son to be introduce to her younger sister instead. My friend was 28 for goodness sake (her sister was 25) hardly old and decrepit. The son was also 33 so is not like my friend would have been a “cougar”. Age wise she’s perfectly compatible with him, but she’s “too old” according to the father. Of course this father didn’t see any problem with his son dating a 25 years old woman (8 years younger than him), but I bet he would have thrown a fit if the woman was even a year older.

        • Lee replied to Cali

          @ Cali, I see what you’re saying. There’s definitely more freedom in terms of how Western women are able to live their lives without as much pressure to meet certain ‘deadlines’

        • TVBFanatic replied to Cali

          30 is better than what it is in Japan.

          In Japan, if you are female, older than 25 and not married you are termed “Christmas Cake.”

          Why “Christmas Cake?” Because who wants “Christmas Cake” after the 25th? No one (or so the idiom goes….)

    22. happybi says:

      Good for her. It’s only a 5 yrs difference so not that bad IMO. She look young so all good!

    23. Celin says:

      I just read the news that this guy dated a mainland actress two years ago and they broke up early this year. The mainland actress is one year older than him.

    24. Terminator says:

      In a positive way, the Mainland Chinese seem to have long outgrown the stigmatization of the younger men/older women coupling. Only in HK it seems that this double standard still applies as many “Si Ni” fans gushing over their favorite “screen uncle” hooking up with girls young enough to be their daughters while deriding their female counterparts for “robbing the cradle” and warning that “they won’t last”.

      For crying out loud, is six years that significant of a gap? Did anyone grasp when geezers like Aaron Kwok hooking up with someone 20+ years to his junior?

      • Lee replied to Terminator

        I think that the mainland is more tolerant of age gap relationships in general, maybe? I’ve heard of some really staggering ones where the man is older. But you can still see people getting up in arms over women dating guys more than a few years younger (we’re not talking decades younger) – heck, the same thing happens in the West. The way I see it, live and let live. I don’t view Aaron Kwok as any more of a pathetic geezer than I do Niki Chow a ‘cougar’, which is to say that both are free to do whatever makes them happy.

        • windy replied to Lee

          You might be right. Recently, it does seem most china man marries OLDER HK women?

          The two that my colleague always tells me are:
          Nadia Chan – dude is way too cute for her haha. at least 9 years older this woman.

          HUNG YEN – She’s so pretty and then guy is ok too I think. at least 10 years older but they look cute good together.

          We don’t really see any HK men marries older women huh? Yes, they dated/married china women but most of them are way younger? Esp that Marco dude who dumped tvb actress i don’t remember what’s her name. Haha…

    25. MK says:

      im sooo happy for niki:)
      if theyre happy then let them be! people need to stop with this whole “cougar” stuff

    26. azndoraemon says:

      I wouldn’t call this desperate, love is sometime could be bonded quickly. I wouldn’t called her gold digger b/c younger guy has higher expectation and a lot don’t want to settle down at an early age. With Nikki – I’m pretty sure Jeremy must have a very strong feeling for Nikki for him to propose. I’m sure Nikki could married to a rich guy easily b/c her sister Kathy has lots of connection. I wouldn’t called mainlander girls gold diggers b/c hk actresses are the same. – you get this in all countries and not just female. I really think mainland is way better than hk – they have real talent when it comes to making movie such as acting and singing. Hkgers are weak but they always think highly in themselves.

      I believe Nikki to be a very good girl too and I’m happy for her. I love Jeremy too. She has made the good choice this time. Best wishes

    27. Profile photo of jayne jayne says:

      I see a glimpse of a really young Kevin Cheng in Jeremy Tsui, whom I just saw in “Waking Love Up” (爱情睡醒了). It is the aloof manner that they both carry themselves in and the detached smile.

      • Rainbow replied to Jayne

        He does look like a younger version of Kevin

        • HeTieShou replied to Rainbow

          Oh yea, he does look like a younger version of Kevin!!! No wonder I was thinking of who he looked like.

      • ughhh replied to Jayne

        i think he looks better than kevin cheng. jeremy has more boyish looks and a lively face. kevin’s face looks like a mouse.

    28. Jessica says:

      Hope Niki will be happy. She should marry soon! ♥

    29. Samantha says:

      Niki Chow isn’t a stunner at all. Even with the glam up photo, she is still a plain Jane.

      • windy replied to Samantha

        Haha.. Yup, both her and her sister can be called pretty but certainly NOT like WOW BEAUTIFUL hahaa…She is lucky, I mean he is young, rich and not to mention quite cute and handsome. I don’t think he resembles Kevin Cheng at all as some of the people are saying in this thread.
        I don’t think she is plain plain but she’s cute and I dislike her wooden acting even more. NONE of her roles stand out IMO.

    30. AL says:

      happy for her…:)

    31. help says:

      handsome is not the best word to describe this guy

    32. SY says:

      His side view looks abit like Lam Fung

    33. ha says:

      Happy for Niki!! She looks young for her age anyway so imo they look quite compatible and is a good looking couple. But looks aren’t everything and if Niki was desperate I’m sure she would’ve hooked up with someone already. The mention of UFOs and space was funny because I remember Niki totally nerding out on some show about spaceships before so they really must share this common interest.

    34. M says:

      Happy for her, but he does look much younger….