Obituary: Actor Wang Wei Died at 70-Years-Old

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Hong Kong actor, Wang Wei ( 王偉) (1941 -2011) passed away at 70-years-old. His real name was Wang Wing Wei (王永偉). Through his father’s friend’s introduction, Mr. Wang started shooting popular Mandarin movies in 1963. In 1971, Mr. Wang joined the television industry, starring in many popular series, both at ATV and TVB, in which his performances were well-received.

Several of Mr. Wang’s performances at ATV were regarded as masterpieces, including his role as Nurhaci (founder of the Qing Dynasty) in the classic The Rise and Fall of the Qing Dynasty <滿清十三皇朝>. His notable roles also included “Lu Pu Wei” in Qin Shi Huang <秦始皇> and “Hung Ding Kwok” in Fok Tung Kok <霍東閣>. After his ATV contract expired in 1989, Mr. Wang joined TVB and acted in countless series, such as Vengenance <火玫瑰> and State of Divinity <笑傲江湖>. Mr. Wang retired from acting in 2002.

Mr. Wang married fashion supermodel, Ho Mung Na <何夢娜> in 1971.  In 1990, Mr. Wang emigrated to Toronto, Canada. Mr. Wang is survived by two sons and one daughter. His eldest son is Wong Chung Yik (王從奕)and his second daughter, Stephanie Wong (王從希), participated in the 2003 Miss Hong Kong pageant. 

Stephanie noted, “Recently, I have been busy to taking care of my father’s funeral. During his lifetime, my father has always been low-key and did not wish for a lavish funeral. Dad has been put to rest. I most respected father: I will always be proud of you and you will always be in my heart.”

Jayne: My condolences to the Wang family and their friends. Mr. Wang Wei was a fine actor who possessed a very dominant and intimidating screen presence. I enjoyed watching him in his old ATV series, especially the memorable The Rise and Fall of the Qing Dynasty.

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  • 35 comments to Obituary: Actor Wang Wei Died at 70-Years-Old

    1. Lily says:

      RIP. I remember him in many TVB dramas, especially the ancient dramas like Journey to the West. He will be missed.

    2. exoidus says:

      I missed him in TV series he was a real fine actor especially in ancient series.


    3. Addy says:


    4. lve88 says:

      I really liked his works from the past can not believe he is gone

    5. 888 says:


    6. Larry 3 says:

      Really a legend, he is mostly played villain or even mean boss roles in TVB. Alao some ancient “king or a higher position” roles in RTV/ATV heydays.

      I watch his earliest works “天龍訣, Dragon Strikes” from RTV, made in 1979.

      Was a potential lead actor once….

      I always wonder around early 2000s, he disappear from tv series, he was really stapled late 1990s… so he did retired, that answers it.

      He has a long career, sad to see he died in his 70s, wish he could have acted more in TVB series in 2000s era, probably on ancient series that most people recognized him do well in ancient roles who has deep voiced…..


    7. Min says:

      I remembered his deep voice the most. His acting was superb, and left many memories in my heart. May he rest in peace. You will never be forgotten.

    8. nath says:

      So sad to hear this news :( I wondered many times what he was up to as I haven’t seen him in any tv series for a long time :( He was a great actor.

      May he rest in peace.

    9. Tracy says:

      Was the reason for his death disclose?

      The last time I saw him was in TVB’s God of Honour. I was wondering what happened to him all these years. RIP.

      He was one of my favorite TVB veterans. He’s usually typecast as the rich, business man for modern series and villain for ancient series. He really gives off that fatherly-figure. Truly a pity. =/

      My condolences to his family and friends.

    10. ping0 says:

      This is super sad, he was such a great actor! I was wondering how come he wasn’t on screen anymore, since I don’t think he looks 70. He will be greatly missed :*(

    11. Josie says:

      Thats suki wongs dad correct??

      • Josie replied to Josie

        Sorry nvmind

    12. Funn Lim says:

      I was shocked to know of his death and very much saddened. Probably the only actor from HK with the James Earl Jones voice, rich, deep and very captivating, with such regalness. Will miss him!

    13. Lady Gaga says:

      auwww!! my deepest condolence to Mr. Wang’s family. May his soul be rested next to his creator. Wht a brilliant star that made such an impact to the viewers themselves and also to the entertainment industry.

    14. Kidd says:

      My condolence to Mr.Wang and family.

    15. loungegirl says:

      My condolences to Mr. Wang’s family.
      He was a great actor – a lost for the entertainment industry.

    16. tammy says:

      OMG..I’m soooo sad by this news. RIP Mr. Wang!!! You are well respected!

    17. Fox says:

      R.I.P :(.

    18. dai si jie says:

      My brother was just asking me the other day where Wong Wai has gone to after watching him in The Change of Time. He says TVB could use more of such commanding veteran actors to help support the much younger inexperienced actors today.

      I didn’t even know that he retired from acting in 2002. His memorable roles to me besides Nurhaci in The Rise and Fall of the Qing Dynasty are his effectively evil roles in the TVB series Vengeance and State of Divinity.

      R.I.P. Mr. Wong Wai.

    19. Lori says:

      RIP may god bless youu ~~
      hope you r living good at heavenn (:

    20. Kidd says:

      RIP Wong wai,i like him acting in wuxia serial .

    21. Mixzkat kat says:

      RIP…he is a great actor watching his movies for more than 10 yr…

    22. kixbaby says:

      RIP legend. I hope he had a happy life.

    23. SDS says:

      I will never forget his role in the State of Divinity.

    24. TK says:

      Condolences to the Wang Family. Wang Wei was a true legend. He really delivered superior performances on screen and had the screen presence. He will really be missed as there are very few actors that can carry the role of emperor.

    25. mulder says:

      RIP Wang Wei… a great actor followed him in RTV\ATV to TVB ..

      Had great screen presence and very manly voice..

      I think he even did some sound voice recording too..

    26. Bridget says:

      RIP Wang Wei – a fine actor with charisma and versatility.

      Condolences to his family.

    27. moon16 says:

      RIP ,,,,, he is one of my favorite actor,,,, He have a very classy look

    28. advo says:

      RIP. He was such a compelling actor to watch.

    29. Larry 3 says:

      It is now revealed that he has stomach cancer. Just sad. :(

      FYI, Stephanie Wong is dating TVB actor Wong Wai Tak.

      • HeTieShou replied to Larry 3

        Thanks for the info. I was wondering what he died of. May he rest in peace…

      • Larry 3 replied to Larry 3

        Unfortunately, another famous star died of stomach cancer as well: Actress Vivi Xu, who portrayed Dao Ming Si (played by actor Jerry Yan)’s elder sister in the Taiwanese adaptation of drama Meteor Garden, passed away at 9am on Dec 6, at the age of 41…..

    30. munkimui says:

      i don’t like to read or hear about such news. makes me sad. but at least he had a good life and enjoyed 9 years of his life before going that path. RIP to Mr. Wang

    31. Larry 3 says:

      Wang Wei’s acting in State of Divinity :

    32. Unknown says:

      I can’t believe he passed away. Wong wai is my favorite actor. I had just seen him in an old series 狂潮 (Hotel) recently. He’s also very good in State of divinity.