[STYLE] 2014 Golden Horse Awards Red Carpet Fashions

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The 51st Golden Horse Awards concluded on November 22. Aside from Gong Li‘s controversial statement that she found the judging process to be unfair and will never participate in the awards ceremony again, the other most memorable aspect of the event were the red carpet appearances of the industry’s most prominent film actresses.


Wan Qian 2

Best Supporting Actress winner, Wan Qian, made a fashion statement in this extremely unique black-and-white ensemble. The ash gray pattern cascades down her dress and creates an enchanting design.


Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Chen

Zhang Ziyi glowed in a J. Mendel gown. The black and mint green skirt is elegantly paired with a netted crop top. A thin orange accent adds a pop to her overall outfit. Less is more, and her choice of minimal jewelry added to her sophistication.

Michelle Chen bears the holiday spirit in mind with this red dress. With the black belt accent, her Christmas suit is sensationalized with a leg slit. The faded red strip of cloth adds an interesting touch to the dress.

Angel Jiang 2

Angel Jiang appeared in an elegant Georges Hobeika royal blue dress. The top portion of the dress is uniquely designed with intriguing openings and a large Lolita-inspired bow. The glossy skirt, however, sags and contrasts oddly with the sophisticated lace top.


Gwai Lun Mei in Elie Saab

Taiwanese actress Gwei Lun Mei appeared on the red carpet in a bridal-like dress designed by Elie Saab. The enchanting dress contrasts the white innocence with a sexy open back.

Pink Yang Tiffany Hsu

The sheer, crystal-accented top of Pink Yang’s neutral-toned princess dress skillfully creates a mirage of a skin-baring v-neck opening and back. She completes the sophisticated princess look with pulled back braids.

Tiffany Hsu donned a simple pure white dress by Salvatore Ferragamo. She appeared clean and put together.


Gong Li in Ports 1961

Esteemed actress Gong Li confidently attended the award ceremony in a flowing gold dress by Ports 1961. I love her choice of a drop necklace to pair with the deep v opening of her dress. The thick bondage around her waist accentuates her bottom and makes her appear mummified and bulky.

Award ceremony host, Ella Chen, turned heads in a body-hugging Versace dress. The high neck sweep train dress bares a sensual leg opening. Known usually for her tomboy persona, Ella shocks in a sexy, feminine look.


Rainie Yang 2

Veering away from her usual cutsie appearance, Rainie Yang attended the event in a ravenous black dress with a sleek combover. The large dress, however, consumes her petite frame.

Angelica Lee Tang Wei

Angelica Lee glowed at the event, but her overall look made her appear aged and haggardly. The frame of the dress is too large for her petite stature.

Tang Wei attended the event in a sharp blue Roberto Cavalli dress. The slim black belt accentuates her waist and pointedly strives for the hourglass look. The v-shaped opening of her dress runs dangerously low and her messy hair updo spoils the elegance of her dress.

This fashion review is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

19 comments to [STYLE] 2014 Golden Horse Awards Red Carpet Fashions

  1. kiki says:

    The outfits here are easy better lookinh he ones from tvb ceremony. Tvb artists should dress more like these people.

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    • jayne replied:

      The Golden Horse Awards are internationally recognized so there are better sponsorships for the dresses. TVB should work with more designers to secure better fashions for their artistes, instead of borrowing from bridal shops all the time.

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      • gina replied:

        What joke is that?
        Even Singapore’s star awards can get Custom gowns from gucci, burberry and some couture dresses from paris….

        TVB really have to step up their game in every aspect they can..

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  2. Tess says:

    Is it just me that I think Wan Qian and Zhang Ziyi look alike?!

    I like Rainie’s dress! Maybe it’s too sophisticated on her, but it looks extravagant!

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  3. DramaAddict says:

    That black & white ensemble on Wan Qian, what a big mess! First thought that came to my mind upon seeing the dress: Did she take a stroll through the garbage dump before making her way to the awards ceremony? Far from “enchanting.”

    Zhang Ziyi, on the other hand, rocked in that dress. She actually look very youthful, in contrast to the aging choices she sported in the past.

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  4. Nina Simone says:

    Mainly because of genetic and dietary, most Chinese females(barred boob jobs kind) are flat chested airport runways, so it will really be the dress they don that we are truly appreciating..but when you are flatchested and you wearing a V-cut dress, what’s the point? Huh Huh Huh?

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    • msxie replied:

      At least flat chested females won’t have to worry about a double mountain of boobs sagging down to the waist as they age.

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  5. ... says:

    Love all the dresses!

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  6. windy says:

    The Condor Heroes girl…. no matter how you look at her, she’s still just girl next door look? haha lol…
    Ella Chen – shockingly sexy? i can never call her that haha lol…
    Some looks ok but just not like WOW…Gong Li – wow, she’s still got the figure but nahh.
    Tiffany Hsu – nice but what’s w/that patch in the bottom?

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    • JD replied:

      OMG! Michelle Chen is a total miscast in Condor Heroes movie. I love that movie since Andy Lau version and the girl in 2006 movie (not remember her name). But this Michelle role is so disappointed. She does not have the beauty and the grace….

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  7. bloom says:

    I would say almost all of them dressed very well. Way better than those Hong Kong artistes.

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  8. TN1 says:

    Dis is cool n yea Wan Qian d most charming u know much more so with a retro hairdo from d 20s I suppose.

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  9. sandy says:

    Is the golden horse awards only for the ethnic chinese?How about the chinese actress/actors in Malaysia?

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    • iawnaek replied:

      Malaysian actresses didn’t get nomimated and they are hardly featured in any Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kong production.

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  10. Jenn9 says:

    Worst dress – Michelle Chen

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    • Little fishy replied:

      Add worst pose, too >_>

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  11. iawnaek says:

    Wan Qian looked like she carried the whole dark forest from the Maleficient movie set with her.

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  12. iawnaek says:

    Rainie Yang looked like she could hide a few illegal immigrants under that dress. Somebody please call border control.

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  13. iawnaek says:

    Tang Wei’s facial expression in the photo is rather creepy. She looked like she was about to commit an evil act.

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