[STYLE] TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014 Red Carpet Fashions

TVB artistes were received enthusiastically at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014 on November 23. The annual awards show recognizes popular artistes and dramas, in which the winners are determined by fan votes.

Charmaine Sheh 2a

My Favorite Actress winner Charmaine Sheh attended the event in a uniquely elegant white dress. The assembly of the dress and the floral prints are reminiscent of a pagoda under a cherry blossom tree. Although jewelry would have accented her dress even more, Charmaine’s overall look is sophisticated and tasteful.

Sharon Chan Nancy Wu

Sharon Chan’s red lace dress embodies the spirit of a Chinese wedding dress. The high-low leg skirt and v-neck opening are both suggestive. While the design of the dress is lovely, her hairstyle made her appear haggard.

Nancy Wu is demanding attention in a bright Toni Maticevski orange dress. Well-aware of the intensity of her dress, Nancy restrains from wearing any excessive jewelry or setting her hair in an extravagant manner.

Selena Li

Selena Li sported a unique Kev Yiu ensemble that blended glittery crystal accents and a chiffon train that ran up to the side of her thigh. Offset by the pureness of the white dress, the sheer view of her thigh is stimulating.

Safe in Black

Tavia Yeung in Viola Chan

As usual, Tavia Yeung plays it safe in a simple black Viola Chan evening gown. Her hair is sleekly combed back. With the deep v-neck opening of her dress, the extravagant neck piece is suiting.

Linda Chung’s fit and toned physique is consumed by this loose-fitting, shimmery metallic dress by Moiselle. The dark blue top and black skirt are a dull ensemble.

Kate Tsui Bosco Wong

Kate Tsui wore another tube top bodice evening gown. The lingerie-like lace top of the dress is unfitting for such an event. The odd ruffle mid-gown is also bizarre.

Innocence of Pink

Samantha Ko 3

Unlike her usual wardrobe choices, this dress does no justice to Samantha Ko‘s busty figure and makes her appear worn-down instead of like a rising star at TVB.

Jinny Ng’s ensemble seems to be inspired by the currently popular zombie theme, with its cuts and openings. The bottom portion of her gown is designed to open and appear as if the dress is becoming undone.

This fashion review is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Yea it does doesn’t it…it’s weird but she looks like she gained weight but I don’t think she did…hard to understand but maybe she gain weight on her face only…idk

  1. TVB should get a proper professional stylist for them and should work with some local jewellers for sponsorship of jewellery.

    1. Don’t they have their own jewellery collections if no sponsorship?

  2. I like Nancy Wu’s bold orange dress; it would be nice for her to accessorize with either a thin gold necklace or gold drop earrings though. The look is too minimalist.

    Charmaine Sheh’s dress is a bit too bridal.

    1. Don’t like Charmaine’s dress at all, the bottom look like a thick blanket/table cloth, and just make her dress weird, not elegant, or nice in the eye… Out of everyone, selena did it best, then nancy, Kate’s ruffle dress is a bit odd at first, but she wore it nicely, or it seems to go well with her. I would put Sharon’s dress on third if the bottom was nicer/or if she wears it better

  3. Why they all lack jewelry? It makes their look incomplete. All the dresses look horrible. I like Charm’s top but the bottom O_o; Gaawah? As matter of fact the bottom of all the dresses are so strange. That’s what they call fashion?

  4. Tavia is looking weirder by the days. I love Sharon’s dress but her hairstyle ruined everything. Not a fan of Charmaine’s dress though.

  5. Not all hits, but more interesting looks that at the Anniversary.

    Charmaine’s dress is quite unique, very sculptural. But again, combining an ultra feminine look with such a modern, boyish hairstyle… Some people might enjoy the contrast but I prefer keeping to one (theme) style.

    Sharon’s dress is tacky as hell. Bold red, low cut and short hem?! WE KNOW YOU HAVE LONG LEGS. You don’t have to flash them at every opportunity you get. Sharon’s legs are like Blake Lively’s boobs.

    I love love Nancy’s dress. Such a refreshing bold colour. I do agree that it’s a tad bit too minimalistic – she could have worn a bit more accessories or done something about her hair.

    Selena’s dress is just a mess. It’s so busy and cheap looking. But her makeup and hair is flawless, she looks so pretty.

    Tavia and Linda… boring as always. They both don’t seem to have much imagination and always pick the most boring dresses. Tavia is slightly worse that Linda, because big bling is taaaaaaaacky. Also, wtf has Tavia done to her face? She looks horrible and should lay off the fillers or whatever she’s using.

    Kate looks good for once. Hair, makeup and upper bodice is A+. But the bottom is strange. It does keep the dress interesting which is good since otherwise it would just be a boring black dress (i.e. see Tavia) but it’s just not particularly flattering on a female body.

  6. Urgh so sick of seeing Sharon Chan’s legs >.<

    Love the colour of Nancy Wu's dress, don't like the design though.

    1. total agree with you Jadio Sharon always shows her legs it getting kinda of boring

  7. Tavia best dressed and Samantha a close second for looking sweet and classy. Charmaine’s unique and no, jewelry would have been too much.

    Sharon worst, she looks tired.

    Best colour is Nancy but yes the design is weird.

    Overall wayyyy better fashion than in the gala because look at the men. At least normal.

    1. Yes, totally agree Tavia best dressed with elegance, glow & sexy.

      1. There is a beautiful photo of her in instangram giving her award acceptance speech. Go see.

      2. Tavia Yeung’s dress is okay, but her hair style is weird. It makes her face long and narrow.

      3. She usually dresses in fashion that is a decade old. This one is almost, ALMOST contemporary and she does look good. But if the dress is too tight maybe she should go for flowing looks like Samantha.

  8. I still prefer Charmaine’s outfit the most it looks very elegant and outstanding choice for her to wear!! And also I really like Jinny’s outfit it looks cute on her in Pink! 😉

  9. I like Selena’s dress best of all then Charmaine’s. As for the men none seems outstanding. Totally eclipsed by the women. Maybe that’s why they don’t bother.

  10. nancy could have worn a pair of pearl earrings or something…way too plain.

  11. No surprise at all ppl! Super chic can only b Kate Tsui n Tavia yeung!

  12. For a change Tavia looks best, what an improvement! Then I really like Nancy’s simple look, in this case I think simplicity is elegant.

    I like Charmaine’s top part of the dress, would have been a close best dressed but after seeing the bottom part… Well it’s just weird… So no longer on the top of my list

    1. I also like Charmaine’s dress …… the top part but not the bottom. It would look nicer if it is plain A shape ….. a bit flare but not that complicated.

      Kate’s dress also looks good. Since it is plain black in colour, it can be a bit sophisticated at the bottom. She looks nicer with a matching necklace.

      Tavia’s dress is okay, but her hair style is weird. It makes her face look long and narrow.

      Nancy’s dress is pretty, but I don’t like her hairdo. Nancy does not look good in that kind of hair style since she has narrow forehead. Nancy also needs to wear some kind jewellery (ear rings and matching necklace). She looks too bright but bland.

      Sharon’s dress is too heavy at the bottom. It is okay at the top.

      Selena’s dress looks too busy with that kind of design.

      Linda’s dress is too ordinary, and it makes her look chubby.

      Samantha’s dress is okay, but not pretty.

      Don’t like Jinny’s dress at all ….. it looks unfinished!

    2. Totally agree with you Puff! At first when I saw the top part of the dress I really liked it until I saw the bottom. The bottom just looks totally strange. I like Nancy’s dress but do not like the color since I do not like the color orange. I like Tavia’s dress but that is so typical of her to play it safe. Yes being simple is elegant instead of trying to get all fancy and weird.

  13. Nancy looks the nicest. She always has great taste. Simple elegance and bright color. What’s with Tavia’s ton of jewelry? She always overdo in that aspect.

  14. I personally like Kate’s dress (especially the top part) but not the bottom.

    Linda Chung’s dress makes her waist looks big though.

    I dont like Charmaine’s dress, to me she doesnt have good dressing sense.

    Nancy’s dress is simple but elegant.

  15. I like how Kenneth Ma is holding both Tavia an Selena hand(Good Match) =) Benz Hui dressing seems to be how his character dressed in Line Walker.

  16. The pic of Samantha above, makes her look like an escort for the entering artists.

  17. My fave is also Nancy’s. I love that vintage kinda style. Very vogue like.

  18. i like charmaine and nancy’s dresses.

    charmaine’s haircut looks much better with this dress than the one she wore to the tvb gala, which was a mismatch for her trendy hairstyle. The color combination really brightens her up.

    nancy has been dressing really well recently, she tends to go for basic looks that can be rather striking.

    i dont like all the other dresses. they either look too matronly or too fussy. tavia’s dress looks like something my mom’s friends will wear to a dinner party.

  19. some are very nice 😛 at least they are better than tvb awards and stuff lol

  20. I like Charmaine and Tavia dress Selena dress is ok but too much of the shinny stuff on the top part if it was a few it would look alot beta

  21. So wait, what’s the point of this “award show”? It’s all TVBs, so why they have one in HK and then one in Mala. It’s dumb.

  22. I know that Sharon Chan gained recognition for playing that character known for having nice sexy legs, the sexy leg queen, but purrlease, it has been quite a while ago now and yet in like every major celebration event, she wears dresses with thigh high splits to reveal how long her legs are.

    Yes we know you own a pair of nice long legs, but it’s getting repetitive and boring, and also there were some dresses that she wore in the past where the splits were so high up almost revealing her crotch area, which gives off this cheap kinda feel. Every time when I see a picture of her wearing those thigh high split dresses, I’m like: BORING!

    I think her and her pair of long legs are just too overated. Her acting isn’t as good as it used to be.

    1. Totally agree with u. Wearing thigh high skit dresses make her look so cheap. And yeah I remember last year she exposed herself too.

      I like TAvias nancy and Kate’s dresses. Selinas dress looks a little too busy for me. The worst one is once again Linda’s .

    2. Hi Panda,
      I never find Sharon has sexy legs. Yes, it’s very long but nothing sexy at all. But she is surely proud of her long legs. And her acting is somehow boring.

  23. Tavia’s face seems to get longer and longer as the year goes by…

  24. Tavia’s face seems to get longer and longer as the years go by…

  25. I like Tavias Nancy’s and Kate’s dresses. And what is wrong with Linda? She is always wearing all of theses ugly shapeless dull boring dresses. She got no taste at all

    1. Hi Vann,
      Fully agree with you on Linda. Some ppl just dont have dressing sense. She needs to hire someone to help her dress up a bit.

    2. Me thinks that she was trying to dress conservatively as that has always seem to be the style that she goes for. I think she’s the type who gets cold easily and would rather dress up in less revealing and less eye catching dresses so that she can stay warm than to be cold for what would be a long evening for her. She doesn’t seem to care about dressing up in a really daring and sexy kinda way like Kate Tsui to get media exposure.

    1. Agree, she looks slimmer and so beautiful in real life. Did you attend the award?

  26. Most of these actresses have terrible taste of hairstyls.. shit what’s going on!!!!

  27. I like Selena Li’s dress the best, second is Nancy Wu, and I don’t like Sharon Chan’s red dress,that red color is ugly, and her hair looks ugly too, doesn’t match her at all. After she married, she seems put on some weight, and her face looks puffy. What do you think?

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