Bosco Wong Praises Costar Eliza Sam: “She’s Cute!”

Portraying a single father for the first time, 33-year-old Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) is currently starring in the TVB drama Coffee Cat Mama <貓屎媽媽>, a comedy concerning a family of baristas. In the series Bosco’s wife, portrayed by Miki Yeung (楊愛瑾), leaves him behind, and he is left in care of their young son.

“I’m pretty good with kids,” Bosco said in a recent interview. “But I never thought about when I’ll become a father, but if I can choose, I’ll rather my first-born to be a daughter, because many fathers ‘die’ in the hands of their daughters!” He then exclaimed with a laugh, “Take Michael Miu (苗僑偉) for example. His daughter really has a way with him!”

A self-proclaimed workaholic, Bosco explained that he is currently too busy for a girlfriend. “I barely have time for myself,” he added.

To train for his role as a barista, Bosco would spend every morning in the studios brewing coffee for the cast and crew. “I am the designated barista for studio 15,” he said. “Every time the studio opened, I would be there to make coffee for everyone. Coffee [Chinese] jargon is not that hard to memorize. Latte art is much harder.”

Bosco praised his costar Eliza Sam (岑麗香), who stars as his character’s love interest. “She had a much more difficult time than me in memorizing the terms, but she performed well!”

Coffee Cat Mama is Eliza’s first dramas as lead actress. Asked for his first impressions of Eliza, Bosco immediately said, “Before collaborating I saw her as a little sister, but after working together I realized that she’s actually really smart, hard-working, and really cute. Although her Chinese is not very good, she would do her homework and translate all her lines before coming to work. She has performed well!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. Yes, agree………she is quite cute in this tv series…….much more cuter and adorable than that Linda Chung that everyone calls Ka Yan baby.

      1. my aunt was watching the latest episode of coffee mama maybe and so unfortunate that my eyes caught a scene of 30 year old eliza try to ‘act cute’ and cry like a teenage girl in her first love! what is she thinking? gross!

  1. no doubt she is currently cute but somehow she has the auntie feel/look, haha

  2. Nay! She is annoying, and not pretty :/ her look is average :/

    1. agree and she’s always act as that bubbly cute girl in all her series! in a few years she will look like mimi chu!

      1. “in a few years she will look like mimi chu!”

        And if as talented then she is one lucky girl. Mimi Chu happens to be the best actress in the series.

      2. without the talent of course. eliza is only good at crying, she’s another linda. her chubby face is easier to go plump.

      3. stop hating. she is pretty. theres a reason why she won Miss Vancouver. Hating ass, you probably never had anyone tell you you pretty, besides family. chill out

      4. Ak24 lol . Eliza is not pretty even the judges called her out at the pageant. Saying she’s not pretty but not ugly Lmao. Her face is so chubby I always see her double chin on screen .:/

    2. I think she’s cute and not annoying at all. She’s a fun person, and it’s hard to find people like that anywhere nowadays. I think she’s a breath of fresh air in TVB. Give her some time to evolve!

      The only thing I find slightly irritating is the fact that she’s playing the lead character despite only being in TVB for such a short time. I feel kinda sorry for Nancy Wu….

      1. agree about nancy vs eliza. put them side by side and nancy will steal the show from eliza but tvb is blind at judging acting skills and promoting mediocrity

      2. selfiwu,you cant compare their acting skills because nancy has 10+ years more experience in acting than eliza. this is just her 3th drama and she is improving quickly,and i think eliza has the character,the audience luck and the face to come far. sorry for your nancy but i think if tvb wants to promote her to be first lead they already done 10 years ago,but dont be sad,she can always goes to movie world and then its a different story,since even someone like sandra ng can get a golden horse award,i cant see why nancy cant.

      3. @kolo

        and why nancy has to wait 10+ years and eliza no need?? because tvb management sucked and promote only the favs of virginia lok and sandy yu and not based on acting! why else linda and priscilla keep getting lead roles one after another even when they did poorly? and nancy keep being excellent in all her series and overshadowing the leads!

      4. there are a lot of actors/actresses who had never been first lead and still got recognition,for example lui kai chi is a very good actor but never been first lead in tvb drama, and in my opinion his fame is not lesser than movie king anthony wong,on the other hand there are a lot of former tvb first-lead that didnt make far in their career,so why bother so much first lead or not first lead?

      5. It probably has less to do with the public recognition they get, but more to do with how TVB value their artists and giving them the status they deserve.

      6. value is something that is different to different persons. the one like this while other may hate it.its all about choices,and there are many choices in tvb now,maybe nancy hasnt the managers luck to value her good acting skill?but for nancy i think co-leading a drama isnt that bad then?

      7. At this point, I’m not bothered over whether she’s lead, co-lead or otherwise.

        1) I suppose acceptance and viewers’ opinion would be more important to an actor – well those serious about their craft… – than what position you serve in a drama.

        2) If they were going to promote Nancy, they should have done so earlier. Not now when the company’s suffering from a talent drain and declining interest in their dramas. Makes one feel like a last resort…

        It just sucks to work for company when you can so clearly see the politics at play.

      8. i dont feel that tvb is going to be a last resort they have enough amunition to make it to a bitter has come this far because tvb has a monopoly in their hands for a long time after the fall of atv.but now tvb have no choice to improve the work conditions for their empoyee’s plus make better drama’s in order to survive.
        you have a point that there are many politics inside tvb,but i think every big company has its politics,if you are working for a big company you have to deal with it no mather if want or not,unless you have a position to chance it.

      9. “but i think every big company has its politics,if you are working for a big company you have to deal with it no mather if want or not,unless you have a position to chance it.”

        Yeah, I think that’s what Nancy is – and many other employees are – doing; putting their head down and working hard, taking whatever opportunities come their way. As an outsider, we’re just stating the obvious and feeling sorry for them. Sucks, but that’s life.

      10. My calling it a last resort might be a bit extreme… And I do believe – or at least hope – TVB can bounce back. But these changes mightn’t have happened had TVB not reached such dire straits. Imagine if things were going swimmingly well, would they have even bothered to improve things (especially for the sake of their employees)? Anyway, whatever. Better late than never.

    3. kylie: she doesnt have a double chin, even if she did, it wouldnt be noticable, so why you over-analyzing her? you probably not that attractive yourself. hatin ass

  3. what’s the use of cute if she can’t act well? i admit i like her in on call 2 and she stole the show from the lead tavia yeung but what warrant her a leading role this quick? while someone talented like nancy waited all along for the lead role that never come? glad i skipped this stupid series!

    1. For the show which you claim that she stole the show from the lead, Eliza was recommended by Louise Lee who starred in it herself. TVB must have valued her recommendation and changed it.

      And as for this drama, I haven’t began watching it. Watching BK and some other tvb dramas before watching this 😛

      1. i was talking about her role in on call 2 as che che which ‘stole the show’ from the lead tavia in the later episodes. who cares about the new fantasy series tvb can’t make good fantasy series anymore unlike the 70’s and 80’s where fantasy series are popular

      2. what @funn what are you smoking? no way would priscilla is better than mandy and in fact are we watching the same series? priscilla is bad in silver tongue maybe her worst performance in her career, the way she talk was so unnatural and annoying! you just hate mandy and can’t accept that her acting is well praised by almost everyone!

    2. Ahhh Nancy yet again, Let me repost what I wrote in my blog about Nancy;

      “As for fans of Nancy Wu crying unfairness why Eliza is the first lead, Nancy has her moments so I don’t see the legitimacy of such petty complaints. Let me tell you another actress who is equally if not a much better actress than Nancy, who looks ravishing even at her age now and but for the fact that she looks mature, she probably would have been highly promoted instead of being shifted to secondary roles which she always excel. Except life as an actress for her isn’t that bad or unfulfiling but I do feel she had a worse off deal than oh poor Nancy. Who is that actress? Akina (if she is still Akina) Hong Wah whom you can see in Return Of Silver Tongue. I was so happy to see her again looking like she has never aged even a day, looking ravishingly beautiful and giving a fantastic performance. She should have been more promoted but Anne Heung got the promotion and she was pushed sideways. I feel she is even a better actress than Nancy and a lot of actresses out there. So please, please don’t weep for Nancy. She is doing fine.”

      1. And frankly Nancy can’t be in Eliza’s role. She doesn’t fit. The role she is given is just fine. And although Eliza is said to be 1st lead, may times Nancy is given a whole episode as a story arc. The truth is they’re sharing the lead.

      2. The truth is they’re sharing the lead.
        ^ That’s what I have been saying the whole time that Eliza and Nancy is co-leading the drama along with Michelle Yim prior to TVB airing this drama.. :3

        And Akina Wah was in On Call 2 as 丘晴樂. Love seeing her and June Chan on screen again 🙂

      3. so nancy may have same screentime and got own story arcs and appear to share the lead but why can’t tvb put her name as the LEAD and why the poster look like that? no one asking for nancy to play eliza role but just want her to get her deserved recognition! i’m not watching and won’t watch but now i see lots of comments from netizens praising that in episode 13 nancy overshadows eliza and michelle totally!

      4. without cheung wing hong and akina hong return of silver tongue is boring and unsure what series it wants to be, only kristal is ok! lead roger kwok is a disappointment for a 2 times tv king veteran his acting so bland and he’s totally overshadowed by new face cheung wing hong who only appear in a few episodes! the best part was the sad scene of jonathan and akina which stole the entire series from the leads! fred is better off singing than acting his screen presence in silver tongue is disappointing and people are rooting for priscilla to end up with jonathan instead of fred! don’t get me started on priscilla she’s a failure, really bad acting and when she acts beside the great jonathan she just can’t catch up to his level of acting and made her acting look worse! and she’s so promoted even though she’s already 31 and has bad acting! what?

      5. really sad that mediocrity such as priscilla and eliza get promoted as LEADS and the real brilliance such as nancy and mandy are still waiting and waiting

      6. Akina was in di jing, and as much as I stopped watching because they make me wait for so long, and because I really love her performance and can’t stand the idea she is the baddie, even though you know it straight off the bat =_= she was magnificent, and I love her. And it is like what you said, funn, she is beautiful and is such a great actress.

      7. “but why can’t tvb put her name as the LEAD and why the poster look like that?”

        BEcause someone HAS to be the first lead and Eliza and Bosco are first leads. Do you hear Vincent’s fans crying how come he is NOT first lead when his scenes are as much as Bosco? What about poor Koo Ming Wah who also shares the leading duties with his male co stars? Someone has to be the lead and the entire story later on will relate back to the younger 2 stars that is Eliza and Bosco.

        And when will this thing stop? I mean what is Eliza’s name comes BEFORE Nancy? Fans will argue how come her name is NOT BEFORE Eliza, how unfair! What is Eliza’s name is in bigger font? They will argue how come Nancy’s name is not in EVEN BIGGER FONT. Etc etc. Best way is to credit the actors alphabetically.

        And imagine the credits in English…

        Nancy Wu … Eliza Sum…S comes before W and E comes before N so in the end of all the hoopla Eliza’s name will come BEFORE Nancy.

        Forget about such pettiness and let’s focus on screentime. As far as I know Nancy is given due credit. HEr screentime may not be equal to Eliza but it almost is.

        Now that fans of Nancy are so upset, I as Vincent’s fan is even more upset! How come he is not in the MIDDLE of the poster? He is the best actor and best character in the series! Better than Bosco! Why Bosco gets first lead? Why? WHY? WHYYYYY??!?!??!

        And whilst Nancy was enjoyable, frankly Vincent trumps her in the confrontation scene. I find Nancy shouting her lines. In fact I find her character beginning to get changed in substance. From Mrs Bean the mature one now she is back to the baby one.

      8. I priscilla better than mandy. Mandy to me is a fluke. I find her acting very very controlled to the point rehearsed. She is not a good example.

      9. One last thing. Priscila is a rather cute actress as well. She is charming in Return Of Silver Tongue and I can find no fault in her performance. She is gaining experience and is improving. And the fact she is improving shows she has potential. And she is not the lead in that series. Kristal is. But someone has got to be the younger girl role. I’d rather her than Mandy who is truly overrated.

      10. I don’t agree with you Funn Lim regarding Priscilla. Don’t get why must you compare her with Mandy which was so unnecessary. Since you speak about those two, then I will reply using them. I find Pris’s acting range to be patheitcally limited. True that Mandy is over-rated sometimes by people but she do shine when there’s a breaker role. Priscilla? sorry she is not quite there yet, her voice especially. Acting is alright but nothing outstanding.
        I don’t find her to have the charm as of now. Eliza and Mandy are shoo in for fadans even if people don’t like them, those two are the likely ones to succeed.

      11. Why? Because they are the two who belongs to the newer batch (2010s) who got most improved first. Just look at Myolie and Tavia. They are great examples. TVB is working it this way.

      12. I can’t stand Priscilla Wong’s voice either …………. very annoying. Her acting is average to me. She will surely be promoted by TVB highly because of Sandy Yu. Priscilla got her 1st lead role “out of nowhere” while everyone else has to move up the ladder gradually or very slowly.

      13. Sigh. Why can’t viewers just watch a drama peacefully nowadays without complaining about another star just because you think your favourite star(s) isn’t getting “enough”? What’s with this constant need for comparisons? It’s not necessary and takes away the overall enjoyment.

        To Funn and Selfiwu,

        Sorry for my harshness, but there is no need to bring down Eliza and Bosco for your beloved Nancy and Vincent. As you have said, they already have lots of screentime and plenty of character development, what else do you want? In my POV Eliza improves well and has great charm(I am a woman), and Bosco is great and has great charm as well. That doesn’t stop me from thinking Nancy is doing a good job(although I can’t like her character) and so is VIncent who has an absolutely loveable character.

        Why don’t just enjoy the drama positively instead of picking on your “non-favourites”? Hehe..

        Yea, Eliza is cute, very cute. I like her charm.

      14. Why Bosco and Eliza are the first leads? Because they have “it” – that screen charisma thing, although yeah some may not see it and will complain and complain on behalf of their “favourite” idols, like our two friends up here. It’s in the eye of the beholders.

        I’m quite tired of quietly reading all these complains against Eliza. The more she gets all these complains, the more I hope she will succeed, better yet if she can branch out one day like Bosco and makes more than just TBB badly-edited dramas.

      15. @Abigail: well said! (: I agree with you completely. There shouldn’t be a constant need to compare who has more of a certain item (eg. time, character development, etc) than ___ all the time, for every drama. And does order of the artistes’ names that important? For me, I can care less. :3

      16. We can care less ………….. but it means a lot to the artistes. Nancy Wu is ranked No. 6 in “Coffee Cat Mama” in TVB’s own webpage, after Bosco Wong, Michelle Yim (米雪), Eliza Sam, Koo Ming Wah, Vincent Wong. If her role is heavy, she should not be ranked No. 6 in the drama character descriptions. It is not fair to Nancy Wu.

      17. this conment should go here actually:

        what @funn what are you smoking? no way would priscilla is better than mandy and in fact are we watching the same series? priscilla is bad in silver tongue maybe her worst performance in her career, the way she talk was so unnatural and annoying! you just hate mandy and can’t accept that her acting is well praised by almost everyone!

      18. Agree that Eliza Sam is very cute, but a successful actress with good acting should not only be good in cute roles, she has to be good in all types of roles. I wish her success in future. She seems to have the potential to be a good actress, but not one yet.

      19. agree with sancherry! the order of the name matters! sure nancy might even have more screentime than eliza but first impression are always the position especially when media keep repeating that eliza is the lead although nancy has muchhh better acting and similar screentime! the longer this goes the longer it’s harder for nancy to break into leading roles since tvb keep making people absorb that nancy is ‘supporting’ even when she has the best acting in the series she’s in and toppled over veteran leads such as in forensic heroes 3!

      20. Ranking is very important to an artiste, especially if she is never a lead artiste. If Nancy Wu is ranked No. 6 in TVB’s webpage, how can she be recognized by her audience that she is a co-lead actress?

        Ranking may not be important to us here because we don’t really care. But it matters a lot in TVB drama series, especially by those tabloids.

        In the new drama series with Kate Tsui, Nancy will still be a supporting actress, especially when she acts with Kate. If Nancy does not get a higher status when she acts with a newbie, how can she get a co-lead status when she acts with Kate Tsui, one of TVB’s top fadans?

      21. Maybe to you and other people, order of the names on a poster or on a webpage matters. But for me personally, it doesn’t hold much meaning. Let’s take the poster of Brother’s Keeper as an example. If you view the poster for Brother’s Keeper, the order goes like “Ruco Chan, Linda Chung, Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin, […]. But although Linda Chung’s name is in its 2nd position on the poster.. Kristal Tin was able to overshadow her..

        I guess what I’m trying to say is that the order of the names on a poster doesn’t really matter. Everyone who takes part in a production is equally important.

        And even before Coffee Cat Mama aired on TVB and simply watching the trailer, I have been saying that Nancy, Michelle and Eliza are CO-leading the drama .. It really depends on the viewer itself on how they view a particular role as a leading role, co-leading role, supporting role, etc.. It doesn’t always need to be solely tied to one actor and one actress leading.. It can be a co-leading production, no?

        And not to mention, Sharon, Kate and Nancy are also starring in Midas (點金勝手) as well.. Hard to distinguish who’s “first leading”.. For me, I would say, they are all co-leading the drama. :S

      22. Actually I was surprised that Kristal Tin was classified as co-lead actress in “Brother’s Keeper”. Even Funn said Kristal is a supporting actress because her partner (Edwin Siu) is not a lead actor. I guess Kristal Tin outshone Linda Chung by so much in her acting, as well as her screen time, that TVB had to take her as a lead actress. Very happy for Kristal that her acting was well recognized by TVB as well as her audience.

      23. I always thought that Edwin, Ruco, Linda and Kristal were the main characters in this drama.. :S

      24. linda’s acting was bad. yes she was classified as lead over kristal in brother keeper but reality is kristal overshadows linda totally and made linda and her weak acting look like supporting actress.

      25. “linda’s acting was bad. yes she was classified as lead over kristal in brother keeper but reality is kristal overshadows linda totally and made linda and her weak acting look like supporting actress.”, which proves the idea that the order and the placement of one’s name on a poster isn’t super important as it is one’s acting that gives them the true credibility/title of ‘leading’ or ‘co-leading’. Generally speaking, a supporting actress whose name may be in _ position can still shine above the leading actress, depending on the viewer. 🙂

      26. but kristal is luckier than nancy, she got the recognition since tvb decided to clean up their rigging image this year because of hktv issue! if the licensing thing and hktv never there, kristal will never got the award no matter how much she overshadows and perform better over linda who was the lead. all the media and promotion up to the award all talk about linda winning despite everywhere people booed linda’s below par performance in brother keeper

      27. True.

        I did not see the poster of “Coffee Cat Mama”, so I cannot say. But I still don’t understand why Nancy Wu is ranked No. 6 in TVB’s webpage of “Coffee Cat Mama”. Why is she ranked after Koo Ming Wah and Vincent Wong if Nancy is one of the co-lead actress? Should she be No. 3 or 4 if she is a co-lead actress?

      28. if the licensing thing and hktv never there, kristal will never got the award no matter how much she overshadows and perform better over linda who was the lead. all the media and promotion up to the award all talk about linda winning despite everywhere people booed linda’s below par performance in brother keeper
        It is very true. As I said, I was very surprised to hear of the results of the Awards ………….. Kristal Tin won Best Actress and she did not even get any other awards in TVB in the past.

      29. agree sandcherrty now this is the most absurd part. why is nancy below koo ming wah and vincent? at the very least she should be no.3 or 4 since the series is supposed to be about the two mothers!

    3. If Eliza was able to steal the show from Tavia – a TVB queen – then it actually says more about Tavia than it does Eliza. While I agree that Eliza’s acting is not great, she has potential and is comfy to watch. She looks cute, and seems sweet, which may be why she got the lead instead of Nancy. Even though Nancy is the better actor, it could be that she’s just not suitable to play the lead role in Coffee Cat Mama.

      1. tavia has bad screen presence in on call 2, eliza and even super newbie tracy chu overshadows her! eliza is mediocre but yes she did outshine tavia in on call 2 and her che che becomes the talk of the town, not tavia’s yu jai!

      2. I have watched THC 2..
        I think Tavia did an awesome job reprising her role as Yu Jai. However, I felt that Kenneth didn’t do an ‘enough’ as Yat Kin. There were some parts where I expected a ‘saddened, about to cry face’ from Kenneth but there wasn’t, just a blank face, especially the parts when lawrence ng and him law had teary eyes.. I didn’t see that Tracy Chu overshadows Tavia but as her first role, Tracy did a good job acting it. 🙂

      3. in most talks about on call 2 among netizens and media, eliza and tracy generate more discussion and attention than tavia, especially eliza who although mediocre in most parts, steal the show from tavia near the end before she died. eliza got praises for her crying scenes but tavia don’t generate talks 😛

        ma ming is fine, the audience acceptance for the awards proven it 🙂

      4. Not defending tavia, just a general statement.

        Almost all leads (male/female) have really safe and boring characters to play. Look at last year, the female actresses that stood out the most were Joey, Kristal and Esther. They are strong actresses and they have a not-so-safe character to play.

        I keep seeing users questioning Wayne’s ability to lead, but look at his leading characters – all safe and boring. But his supporting characters were exciting and different. Tvb should hire better script writers and write better leading characters. Supporting characters are easier to write because they don’t need a lot of screen time to develope.

      5. @Lillian: Very well-said! And that’s exactly the reason why alot of actors/actresses prefer to remain as supporting rather than move on to the lead position. From an acting standpoint, it’s hard to ‘branch’ out and develop because oftentimes, once an artist becomes ‘first lead’, they end up getting limited to certain roles because they are often ‘required’ to maintain a certain image (in TVB at least). Supporting artists are able to experiment with a more diverse range of characters precisely because they aren’t the leads and so the spotlight isn’t on them (in other words, there is less pressure to meet certain expectations that people/audiences may already have of a lead actor/actress, which gives the artist the ‘freedom’ to ‘let it all out’ without worrying about their image). Of course, the way the character is written is important as well, but again, like Lillian said, the scriptwriters tend to write better supporting characters because they don’t have to worry about all the ‘baggage’ that comes with writing a lead role.

        Wayne is a great example. I loved him as a supporting actor and still love him even now….but as I’ve said many times before as well, his roles have been very limited since he moved to the lead position and alot of that is because TVB is going the safe route with him (like they’ve done in the past with many supporting turned lead actors). I have no issues with Wayne’s ability to lead and he’s still a great actor in my mind, but as I’ve said before, I truly miss the ‘old’ Wayne in that I miss seeing him in all those diverse roles (especially the comedic and villain ones)…I feel that he was able to truly showcase his acting skills with those diverse roles, whereas right now, his roles are rather stagnant.

  4. I don’t find Eliza leading at all this moment she has the equal screen time as Nancy so far. In fact I find her acting has improved in such a short time since she tributed and a none understanding in Chinese language.

  5. She def well-liked by the audience. Also, from what I gathered from interviews, Eliza is hard-working. She may suck right now, but at least she’s trying and I’ll give her props for that. She’s on the right track.

  6. Eliza is cute. I applaud her for trying considering she was born overseas and her Cantonese isn’t ‘that good. To be honest, her acting isn’t that great either. I agree everything selfiwu says. It is not fair for tvb to be giving the new actress a new role knowing they can’t even hand it to well. Nancy, Selena, Natalie, Mandy etc waited so long to get a lead role but still hasn’t really gotten one. It is just not fair. This is an insulted. My opinion.

    1. I don’t know, she has been in the industry for at least 3 yrs now? How can she still speak Cantonese so horribly? And if you work hard, you should start on speaking Cantonese, as speaking, delivering line is one of the key assets a great actor/actress should have :/

      1. Her cantonese has improved at least 70%. She speaks clearer, faster and better now. And 3 years is not long, yet. There are others longer and still speak heavily accented Cantonese. There are HK people who live in HK all their lives and speaks heavily accented cantonese. Give Eliza some credit.

      2. I never said her Cantonese was horrible. All I said was it wasn’t that great. I never said it was bad. Funn Lim, You must have misread what I wrote. because I did wrote applaud her for trying. She is a very like-able person and I am sure she is a sweetheart and I do give her credit. Yeah, her Cantonese has improved. But all I am trying to say is that the others hasn’t had must chance given to them like she did that is all.

      3. Funn Lim, I am so sorry for my misunderstand. Please forgive me.

    2. I agree that Eliza Sam has improved a lot in her Cantonese as well as acting, but it is also NOT fair for those 2nd lead actresses, such as Nancy, Selena, Natalie and Mandy, who have worked so hard for so many years in TVB as 2nd lead or just supporting actresses. Eliza is so new and does not deserve to get 1st lead roles after just a few drama series, plus her acting is still very green.

      However, TVB is never FAIR to their artistes.

      1. I agree with you, sandcherry. You have a good point.

      2. Perhaps because I’m from a different generation, I see it a little differently. While I absolutely agree that it’s ‘unfair’ for TVB to put a newbie in a leading role over more established actors/actresses who perhaps deserve the lead position more, I’ve pretty much come to terms with it, since I know that TVB is never going to change when it comes to this. It’s to the point where I don’t even feel it’s a topic worth arguing about anymore. I mean, when I see artists like Wayne Lai, who had to wait 20 years to get a lead role, or other artists who waited 25 to 30 years and not only are they not leading, they aren’t even getting the proper recognition they deserve, it’s hard for me to ‘feel sorry’ for artists who have been with TVB less than 10 years and haven’t made it to the top. Knowing how TVB operates, it’s pretty much a given that things are never going to be ‘fair’ when it comes to the way they manage their artists.

      3. i dont understand why there are so many ppl here that complaints about tvb dont promote actress like nancy,mandy or selena.
        thats life,you have it or you dont,life isnt fair and it will never be,there is always ppl who have more luck than other.

  7. Well she’s definitely likeable and for someone who had almost no experience in acting to come this far I say she definitely has lots of potential.

    Also I don’t get the arguments of bringing Nancy or Mandy into this discussion, Eliza has no say in this either. Besides some artistes are just meant to be supporting ones. Nancy is a great actress but I just don’t see her leading a series, she has more charisma as a supporting one. That’s how I see it and besides supporting characters usually get the more interesting roles, not a bad position for Nancy.

    1. I don’t quite agree. Every artiste, even at a mature age, can act 1st lead roles if the character fits his/her age, such as Sheren Tang, Louise Lee, Eliza Wang, etc. There should be a lot of mature characters in the scripts. Nancy Wu may not have the most pretty face, but she is not ugly at all and she acts well.

      People used to say Wayne Lai, who is not young and good looking, should only be good in supporting roles, but he proved to us in the last few drama series that he could act 1st lead roles with his good acting. A lot has to depend on the age and characteristics of the character. If Wayne Lai did not get cast as Chai Gou and did not win TV King, probably he is still acting supporting roles. I think every artiste should deserve to get 1st lead roles to test the market if he/she acts well. Nothing is impossible these days. TVB should let their audience have more choices of artistes.

      1. wayne got breakthrough in chai gay but remember that after more leading roles netizens criticize that wayne is more suitable as supporting actor! look at the downfall of bullet brain! he’s worse than pierre ngo! what a shame to a tv king!

        same to tavia she was good in moonlight resonance overshadowing lead linda chung and got promoted heavily later but her acting got between over the top to mediocre in her leading roles and letting her supporting actresses gran her spotlight in return! some are better as supporting!

      2. “Character” is the key ………… it is absolutely correct. Some artistes are restricted to act certain characters, probably due to his/her face, built, age, and acting ability. Some are more well-rounded than others.

      3. You can find a more diverse pool for leading actors – where age and looks aren’t always the determining factor – but leading actresses are usually limited to the young(ish) and pretty. The current mature ones (e.g. Sheren, Louise, Liza, Michelle Yim) had already established themselves as popular fadans back in their heydays so it’s much easier for TVB to slot them into leading roles. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they give chances to veterans like Mary Hon or Helen Ma?

      4. agree with sandcherry, that is why nancy does not fit in to be a leading actress, funny i find it so too with myolie, maybe she is more well received with txb management esp aft the travel documentary programme she hosted

    2. I didn’t say it was impossible, I mean not just in the HK market but even in the U.S. it’s the same thing. Sure Nancy may lead one day and it has nothing to do with looks either, she’s a very talented actress. Most of us like her because of the supporting roles she’s been doing. As for Wayne, I have a different opinion, I thought he was more appealing as a supporting actor than a leading one. He’s a great actor sure, but it is always the same type of roles ever since he is leading because of the role he had in Rosy Business the righteous type loud or quiet type. He lost his appeal as an actor ever since then, it’s a shame though since I actually liked him. Which is how I feel about Nancy, if she were to lead one day she will most likely be typecast into that particular role that got her that success, know what I’m saying? Look at Linda Chung, it’s the same role for her during these last 9 years of her career, she can’t showcase her other abilities because of that. Not saying it’s going to happen to Nancy but it would be a shame if it does. Some people just stand out more as a supporting artiste and I think Nancy belongs in that category.

      We all know what Nancy is capable of in terms of acting besides a majority of her roles outshines the leading ones and that is because she is not typecast as a particular role which is a good thing and that’s because she’s supporting and not leading.

      1. I don’t particularly like Wayne Lai in all his recent roles, except Lau Sing in “No Regrets”. However, I did not mind him acting Wilson Yeung in “Will Power”. Personally I think Wayne is more or less restricted to certain characters due to his age and look, but he will shine in those characters that suit him.

        A good artiste should be able to shine in most (though not all) of his/her roles if it is a good casting. What I want to say is give Nancy a chance or two to act 1st lead roles to test the market. Once people get used to see Nancy as a 1st lead actress, they will accept her as she acts well. It may take us some time, and not right away, to accept her as a i1s lead actress because we have seen her in supporting roles all these years. Koo Ming Wah was only a kelefe artiste before he won Best Supporting Actor in “Divas in Distress”, and now a lot of people like him.

      2. True KMW did get a lot of success for DID but you would realized that after that series his role in other series have been relatively similar and being typecast can damage an artiste’s career. There is really no development or point if an artiste is playing the same role over and over again. Only quite a few of them get versatile roles like Bosco and Kate. Besides I think Nancy is co-leading with Kate in Midas so we’ll see then but I don’t see them promoting Nancy anytime soon I just personally think she’s reached the highest point of her career in terms of status.

      3. That is the problem of TVB producers ………typecast the artistes in the same types of roles if they are well accepted by the audience, which will limit the artistes’ acting career. This is very true and I agree with you in this respect.

      4. wayne was better in his supporting roles. he regressed his acting since after winning the first tv king and often got overshadowed by supporting actors nowadays! maybe fame got to him

      5. Agree. Wayne Lai tried too hard to be a siu sang in his recent drama series, but I think he acted well as a little-man-lawyer in “Will Power”. If he acted as a prominent and famous lawyer, I may not think he is good, but he was good acting as a lawyer and at the same time a little-man (小男人).

      6. disagree with that. hard to say this but although wayne is ok in will power, vincent wong who appears so little did a better job than wayne and of course than moses and stole the linelight of the two leads. wayne need to get back his original acting spirit during his supporting role stint where he was spectacular.

      7. With Wayne, I truly feel it’s not his acting that’s the problem, but rather the roles he’s given. The way I see it….the fact that Wayne was able to handle such a diverse range of roles as a supporting actor and do all of them consistently well (‘spectacular’ in many cases) proves to me that Wayne’s acting isn’t the issue. In fact, I’m willing to bet that if right now, Wayne was given the same types of roles he had back when he was supporting, he would still do well in them – bottom line is that when it comes to acting skill, Wayne definitely has it.

        The problem then, really lies with TVB and the way they manage their talent pool – their philosophy is basically: ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’. Many artists end up getting typecast in certain roles because that’s the safest and easiest route to go as far as TVB is concerned – after all, if an artist became popular due to a particular role, why not continue to ride that wave for as long as they possibly can? (in other words, why take risks and ‘fix’ something that isn’t ‘broken’ – the ‘something’ in this case can be the artist’s career, popularity, etc.). This is one of the major reasons why artists choose to leave TVB after awhile….sure, there are many other reasons as well, but one big determining factor – especially for consummate actors/actresses who have a true passion for acting – is because their acting careers have gotten as far as they will go in such a ‘controlled’ environment and the only way for them to reach a higher level of acting is to try something new, which is an opportunity they are not likely to get at TVB. As many of the veteran artists have stated over and over again the past few decades: TVB is a good training ground to build up their acting foundation and skills, but if they want true career development they need to leave the nest in order to get it.

  8. I like “Coffee Cat Mama” more than Silver Tongue. I feel all the roles are appropriately cast – Nancy Wu is more than capable of being Michelle Yim’s equal – I think she would overpower Bosco. Ever since her debut I always thought she played better against older more seasoned actors than her own age group – this goes back all the way to Wan Wan in Twin of Dragons – much better with Derek than Ron Ng.

    Eliza is cute and her “choosing difficulty disorder” makes use of her halty Cantonese well.

    Also it has been long tradition of TVB to promote pageant princesses to first lead going back as long as there have been pageants. I remember my relatives heavily criticizing Maggie Cheung as being expressionless in her early series in the early 80’s.

    Why would this be a surprise to anyone that Eliza would be heavily promoted?

    1. “I like “Coffee Cat Mama” more than Silver Tongue.”

      Me too. I wanted to like Silver Tongue but lost interest around ep10. “Coffee Cat Mama”, on the other hand, kept me wanted more. The father and young son relationship is funny and cute. I think they steal the show.

      1. I lost interest in Silver Tongue about the same time. The plot was just not really going anywhere and I was tired of Krystal Tin’s courtroom shenanigans – funny the first time not so much the nth time.

  9. Wayne Lai – Always thought that is best acting was always colored by insecurity, hunger, humiliation, and under-dog attitude. I found one of his most memorable roles before Chai Ngau was Hong Son in Conqueror’s Story.

    1. and Bat Gai at The Journey To The West

      and Hong Son in Conqueror Story is so awesome

  10. I think eliza is a great actress! Carry on worgig hard eliza!:)

  11. Coffee mama’s plot is pretty bad. And eliza sams bad acting doesnt help. I find her Cantonese speaking very annoying. I think shes being overly promoted. I jus dont see the potential in her. 30 yr old tryna act cute. My god.

    1. A 30 year old can’t be cute? There’s an age limit to these things? So you have to change yourself to appease others?

      If it’s all an “act” then fine. If it’s one’s natural self then why bother.

    2. yo you sound like a hater. you gotta give her time to get better. and yes you can be cute in your 30s, maybe not you, but she can pull it off. quit hating, you hating ass

      1. LOL I agree eliza is cute. But her acting is really bad. Not hating jus stating the truth. Thank god for the fast forward button LOL

      2. lisa c: her acting is gonna take time. you cant go from never acting in your life to taking on as many roles as shes getting. we all know TVB stars arent legit acting pros.

  12. Hi all, may I know how do we submit our drama or movie Reviews to Jaynestars?

  13. linda chung is too big/tall to be considered cute. almost all the tvb actresses are overrated these days.

  14. Linda Chung is beautiful & given time will go on to become very elegant I think- too bad she cant act that well.
    Eliza is cute from the start, very pleasant & likeable. She did well from the start.
    She & Bosco looks good together 🙂

  15. For a long time finally I am watching a TVB drama. And the boy as Bosco’s son is quite an actor too.

  16. I like her. And I especially like her paired with Bosco XD

  17. I find Elisa Sam really cute in this drama too!!!! 😀 will definitely watch her other dramas in the future. And haters gonna hate~

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