Kathy Chow’s Unsuccessful Comeback in “Sniper Standoff”

Although TVB managed to invite many veteran actors back to the station, not all of them managed to make a successful comeback. Unlike Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) and Esther Kwan (關詠荷) who generated media buzz for Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>, and Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) for his return in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2>, Kathy Chow’s (周海媚) return to the TVB was not widely discussed. Most of Kathy’s limelight in Sniper Standoff <神鎗狙擊> was stolen by Kate Tsui (徐子珊), whose popularity has been continuously rising.

Despite losing last year’s TV Queen battle against Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Kate remains a popular candidate in this year’s competition. Due to this, Kate is visibly the most promoted out of the two leading actresses for Sniper Standoff as she stood in the center for every promotional event – leaving Kathy to awkwardly stand off to the side.

Kathy’s character development in Sniper Standoff originally was pegged as having a highly interesting storyline as she is involved in a love triangle with Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) and Michael Tse (謝天華). However, due to TVB favoring Kate, it is rumored that she and Kathy are not on good terms.

Since receiving the Best Newcomer Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2008, Kate had her eyes set on being the next TV Queen. This led TVB to give Kate the role of first female lead where she has heavy screen time in Sniper Standoff. Of course, this renders Kathy’s role in be become merely a supporting character.

Although Kathy denied the rumors, she was dejected at TVB’s arrangements, as she was seen heading back to Beijing immediately after the promotional event for the series.

However, Kate denied the negative rumors and stated, “Of course it isn’t like that. I’ve always thought that it didn’t matter of how much screen time I got, as long as I get a chance to unleash my potential. Working with Kathy is actually a rare opportunity.”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Kathy Chow did not look pretty in “Sniper Standoff” with her “messy” long hair and funny lips. Her makeup was poorly done, very pale in the first 3 episodes and terrible triangular lips thereafter.

    1. Well, I haven’t watched that series so i don’t know but above picture it’s not that flattering either. However, consider her age group colleagues, Maggie Siu or Sheren Teng, I think Kathy Chow still looks ok perhaps the madeup artists are to blame if she does not look good in a certain series. She is 40 something and she has to show her age. No one can escape being older forever. I actually thought she looked pretty OK in that cop series a while back where she has a sister? She looked really good in that series and the one who played her sister looks uglier even if she was younger than her in that series.

      1. Kathy Chow (46) is portraying an insurance agent who is 32 years old only. She looks a bit too old for a 32-year-old female in a modern drama series.

        Actresses can hide their ages a bit in ancient drama series, but not in modern series.

      2. Kathy looks okay in the above photo, but not as much in the drama series “Sniper Standoff”.

      3. @sandcherry,
        I will try an episode just to see how bad she looks then. haha LOL…

      4. whoa, did not know that she was portraying something that is 32! Okay, that is a big stretch. I just looked at the rest of the cast and Eddie (who’s actually 50) is supposed to be 36? At least be late 30s, early 40s to be more believable, or don’t reveal their ages at all.

      5. The ages of the characters are stated in the “Character Descriptions” on TVB’s “Sniper Standoff” website.

      6. @sandcherry, that’s what they call trying to pass off mutton as lamb.

      7. Her hair is not well maintained. It looks very dry.

        Otherwise she will look much better.

        In the series she walks very slowly. I suppose she have to act frail because she just recovered from gunshot?

      8. I actually think it’s more of a makeup / hairstylist issue. The hairstyle Kathy has in the series looks horrible on her and the makeup is quite bad too. Compare how she looks in the series to how she looked in a recent episode of Cook Away Lady May (the episode that aired this past weekend, in which she was one of the guest being interviewed and even cooked a dish or two herself) and it’s obvious where the problem lies…Kathy looked great in the cooking show (she actually had that similar middle-parting hairstyle, except it was combed into a bun in the back)…also, she looked radiant and glowing (as opposed to the ‘old/tired/ pale’ look she had in the series).

      9. Eddie cheueng is 50+ but portrayed also 30+ opposite Kathy chow. That is even worse.

    2. The more I watch, the more I feel that Kathy’s acting is just bad. I thought with time, you actually improve, and not the other way round. Her character is supposed to be poor, and yet she is carrying a bloody Prada bag in the series. Doesn’t make any sense. And the scene where she ran away from the kidnappers, she can even should HELP!!! but help as in talking to herself….bad bad bad….

  2. The story is mainly focusing on Eddie and Michael, and Kathy and Kate seems to have the same amount of screentime to me? Neither stands out over the other right now but that’s also because the series has just started.

  3. The show is so boring. The used the same sets over and over again. The police station is the same.. so boring. KATE cannot act. WHO IS A COP AND WEARS HEELS TO CHASE CRIMINALS. PLEASE be a little logical.

    1. Kate’s expressions is either overly exaggerated or she grimaces a lot.

      1. Kate Tsui is always like that. Her dress code is always the same no matter what she acts. I don’t know if she will dress the same, with long eyelashes, heavy makeup, long curly hair/ponytail and high-heeled shoes, when she portrays a beggar.

      2. @sandcherry, that was lol! She’s really small built IRL so flats wont do for her.

      3. Hahaha! sandcherry – you are so right about Kate’s image! I really liked her when she had her hair cut really short and no fake eyelashes as a tomboy in The Academy 2. That was convincing and that was when she was still a supporting actress. Once she started leading, her onscreen image from a police officer in FH to a lawyer in LoO to a drug peddler in HaL remains the same.

      4. even if you exclude the heels due to her height, her hair and makeup always seems far too glamourised for cop roles…like come on-long ass pony tail that could whip around a flock of sheep and heavy eye makeup and glossy lips?

        whatever happened to ability to convince as a cop when she was in the Academy 2? Not saying she has to have a shortcropped tomboy image with baggy clothes or what not, but no doubt her performance as a cop back then was far more convincing then all the cop roles thereafter. Other roles I wont say, but she definitely has gone backwards with her cop roles imo. She should definitely be able to be convincing after so many times of playing a cop…but why doesnt it feel like the case..

      5. @sandcherry: definitely wrong. Kate obeys her look for director’s request. Rmb Academy 2? He dressed like a boy, no makeup. Or see 13 Blades, she wore snake head and makeup for her role. In Eyes on sky she also dun wear much makeup.

      6. I have also noticed that since FH3, Kate started to have similar heavy makeup, fake eyelashes and feminine made up hairstyles in her characters for example in FH3, LOO, ILHK2013, SS, MPL. She used to wear less makeup and doesn’t mind to cut off her hair for different looks in TA2. It does make people wonder if increased seniority gives Kate more say to keep being ‘pretty’.

      7. ^must add HAL too. I am not against Kate but I can’t help noticing her heavy makeup and fake eyelashes during the times when she’s supposedly messy and unkempt.

    2. It’s a TV series, entertainment. They sell sex, apparently people find it more attractive to see a woman in heels chasing criminals, this also happens in America. Not her fault, she even said the director required her to do so. At least her clothing attire here is much more appropriate than her previous cop roles.

      1. It was Kate Tsui’s decision. I heard that she insisted to keep this image even she was a police officer. I am just wondering if she still keeps this image when she portrays a beggar.

      2. That’s what you heard but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true I also heard a lot of other things about artistes but I don’t assume anything unless it comes out of their mouths. I’m guessing you don’t like Kate? People generally choose to believe any negative news about someone they dislike. From what I know Kate is very respectful and obedient in her work, I doubt she would refuse any direct it’s requests as shown in her previous productions, she works hard.

      3. I got the information from an inside source in TVB.

        Kate Tsui is not my favourite fadan, but is also not my least favourite fadan. She looks a lot prettier now than when she was crowned Miss Hong Kong. She also acts better. Kate definitely can wear long eyelashes, long curly hair and heavy makeup if she is portraying a model, a rich girl, a movie star, or some glamorous woman, but not as a police officer/inspector. She is my second best fadan among the new top 5.

      4. And you believe every single word that so called inside source said? Most employees who work for that company are often too unprofessional. Even I don’t believe some of the stuff my friends tell me about someone unless that person said so themselves. Besides she’s a contracted artiste she don’t get to choose her own attire for the series or make up, that’s not her job her job is portraying the role. I heard a lot of things from ese so called sources about certain artistes but they turned out to be false, it’s common sense. Besides out of all the other FaDans, she’s the one with the less diva type attitude.

        Again this is TV, it’s all about the sex appeal. She’s not the first one to wear heels chasing criminals, it may see, illogical but honestly what is logical in their series these days? Almost nothing, they should fire some of their scriptwriters. Even. First year film student can write scripts better than that or someone who is more creative. Sure Kate may wear the flaws in the series but she is the last person to be blamed for that matter.

      5. Besides her role in the series has duties which does not involve chasing criminals, you see how everytime she does that she gets yelled at by her superiors? It just shows her reckless her character is, she is suppose to be the brains based in her high status in the field and its not like she’s going to change into tennis shoes everytime she makes a reckless decision.

      6. “Besides she’s a contracted artiste she don’t get to choose her own attire for the series or make up…”

        That’s not true. Some artists do wear their own clothes. About her makeup, she’s been having similar looks, so it’s either the makeup artist or Kate’s preference just like how Tavia and Myolie usually layered theirs. Linda and Fala are more neutral from series to series.

        Kate also said that she has to wear heels because of her height, which sounds more like a preference.

      7. The heels may be her preference but it suits her character. I don’t see how things she add is much of a big deal. Linda looks about the same in every series she’s been in and so does Tavia. Honestly none of their make up really change, they all had their fair share of hair styles. They need more professional make up artists.

      8. Teecee
        If you choose not to believe or accept the fact, it is surely okay with me.

        I don’t think any actress wants to admit that it is her fault to keep her pretty image and not to respect the proper image of her character.

      9. Not trying to make it sound like an argument I hope that wasn’t the vibe you were getting lol but I’m just saying it doesn’t make sense. None of those actresses actually looked “ugly” in any way unlike Charlize Thereon who underwent major transformation for her role in Monster where no one even recognize her. TVB make up artistes values image not necessarily the artistes themselves.

      10. A good character should be reflected by:

        1) Image
        2) Artiste’s acting
        3) Script
        4) Co-artiste

      11. Therefore, I don’t think any makeup artistes or stylists have the nerve to ruin a character’s image unless he or she is under pressure to do it. They surely don’t want to have their names in mud.

      12. The flaws have been going on for years, the TVB make up team are just doing what they’re told to do and what they see fit for a character. I don’t think Kate or anyone can say this and that I mean the directors would certainly say something if they don’t believe it’s right for their character. That’s how I see it.

      13. Logically, yes. The producers should have a final say, but I am sure there will be some exceptions. If she is a popular artiste, the producers may have no choice but let her do it. However, if an artiste wants to be successful in her characters, she should respect the proper images of her characters and not to have her own image in every single role. People will find out the truth sooner or later.

      14. I don’t think the producer of the series ever worked with Kate before and it does not matter on popularity, Kate is not the diva type as proven many times. She’s basically a dude like everyone else says, she seems like the most easy going out of the bunch. Her character is the way she is, this is one of her better roles as a cop. At least she seems much more dedicated than her past similar roles.

      15. Actually these make up artists are working for tvb, therefore I do not think they are the renowned make up artists who have a right to determine what gets put on these actress face. I am also including their stylists. I just dont see tvb having the money to hire those class act stylists and make up artists. So therefore they are just anybody on the street who got licensed and got a job from tvb.

        As to kate having the power to wear what she feels and etc, I dont buy it. Causs it doesnt make sense. If she doesnt even have the power to choose roles, something as detailed as dress up… haha highly doubt it. I mean its not just kate… linda cant cut her hair since her other promotional activities and contracts require her long hair. Fala said the samething about how her manager would run after her like a crazy if she did anything to her hair. So really, its not easy for the actresses. All they do is act. Everything else is basically planned and brought out by others. Lol.

      16. but in her other dramas her heels weren’t ugly.in sniper stand off can’t stand those ugly heels she runs around in -__-

    3. Yeah……Never seen a cop wearing high heels to chase criminal . Kate can’t get BA for this series.

      1. I can give you several examples: FH3 with Ah Sheh, Detective One with Michelle Chen.

    4. Kate haters are still soooooo annoying !!! They always I mean ALWAYS find a way to bash or blame her. When they can’t blame her on her acting or fighting scenes they blame her on her look. Give the girl a break !!! I don’t know what this girl has done to a lot of Hong Kong viewers visiting Jaynestars or other HK forums but the negativity towards her his soooo strong. It has been a few days I have been observing people reactions/comments on the drama and the actors performance and in 100% comments it sounds like they gather just to criticize something on Kate. They are so desperate to discuss something bad about her and they found : her eyelashes or high heels. I am like 😮 . They don’t discuss the characters at all for example. I find it so stupid that it is laughable

      1. If Kate Tsui gives us a good image about her character as a senior inspector, no one will criticize her long eyelashes, 4-inch high heeled shoes, long curly hair or long pony tails. People will surely appreciate her acting more. An inappropriate image always affects a good artiste’s acting.

  4. Kathy hair and makeup is a hot mess. Maybe her character need her look like that. Too much blush and nappy hair. They need to fire the makeup artist and hair stylist. Kate makeup and hair is spot on.

    I thought Kate will have a relationship with Michael.

    1. Kate Tsui’s makeup is NOT the fault of the makeup artistes. It is always her insistence.

  5. its almost time for tvbs annual awards… i wonder whos gonna get tv queen and king this year lol

  6. Boring show. Another reused plot and cop theme. I was excited to see Kathy back on screen but even she is not keeping me interested..

  7. Kathy will get heavier screen time later on when she turns into a villain as shown in the theme video. Besides she’s not making a comeback, she’s just doing TVB a favor like Eddie.

    1. Oh, she turns into the villain? I might be interested to watch that. In any case, can it be considered a comeback (or attempted comeback) when she was in EU only 5 years ago?

    2. Yup she turns into one, but I’m not sure if it’s full on or semi but in any case her screen time is not as little as the media is reporting it. She had always wanted to focus her career in China. She is not trying to make a comeback at all and nor is she jealous. Just like the other veterans that came back once in a while like Gallen, Flora, Eddie, Felix and now Kathy. They could really cares less unlike the media.

    3. Yea, Kathy has not been retired or anything. She has just been working in China and is successful there. She is doing TVB a favor so I wonder when she will film for TVB again. Same with Eddie since he did not seem happy with the way TVB treated him. When will TVB ever learn to treat their artists and staff well??

      1. It is like asking when will any big company will ever treat their employees well. The answer is their welfare is not the company’s first priority. Profit is. If you can find a company that treats their employees no. 1, I want to work there. In fact maybe Google will come very very close since on surface looks like a great company but who knows? Deep down politics abound.

      2. I once saw a ranking of which companies treated their employees well and Google was 2nd or third in the rankings. My family’s friend worked for Google and he said that they do treat their employees well. He did not drive so they had a company bus that picked him up for work everyday. He only signed a 1 year contract and they were fine with that.

      3. @Funn: LOL…there are definitely exceptions to the rule. I actually know of several big companies that treat their employees extremely well (including the one I work for). Believe me, there are definitely “smart” companies out there who understand the tenet that ‘a company’s greatest asset is its people’ and base their company’s entire philosophy / culture around this concept (and yes, these companies are very profitable as well). So speaking from personal experience, it’s not impossible to find a company that puts its employees’ welfare first and profit second (since they believe that if they treat their employees well, the profit will come on its own, which is actually very true)…it’s just extremely rare…

  8. Kate’s makeup and hair and heels is exactly the same as the drama she is acting with days wong right now. And her character is not a cop bit some leng mo. Lol. How can viewers differentiate her character if her attire is the same. And its not like her acting is any different either. She probably talks and acts the same way in the new series with dayo Wong.

    1. Even though fala is bad at acting at least her makeup is natural. Could u imagine kate as holiday in TITs2. And having fake eyelashes as a training pilot??! Lol…

      1. i alway wondered what kate will look like without those spider lashes.

      2. yeah. i agree 100%. Kate always wear fake eyelashes in almost all the drama and her expression is almost the same. Though she is pretty but she didnt look like a cop. I think Myolie does better as a cop compare to Kate.

      3. Fairchild TV (Channel 1) is now airing “On the Firs Beat” 學警出更 on Sunday nights at 12:40 a.m. I watched it for 10 minutes last night, and found that Kate Tsui looked so different some years ago. She was a supporting actress in this drama series, and had her real tomboy look with chubby face. She was not pretty at all in her look, but her character was more real and true. The drama series was filmed/aired in 2007.

        If anyone wants to see her old look, you can can watch her in “On the Firs Beat” 學警出更.

      4. I don’t see anything wrong wearing fake eyelashes. It’s beautiful and sexy. Guys love it. Most of the actress wear fake eyelashes.

      5. @MrsTorres
        agree, I think Kate’s eyelash in this series is much better than Pat, at least it does not look like there’s missing piece in the inner of eyes.
        I personally think Kate has a beautiful eyes, the eyelash makes her eyes look bigger, if you watch the end of the episode 3 when the scene stop, Kate’s eyes looks really beautiful, at least I think so

      6. Kate in cute roles is AWFUL. I can’t stand her when she acts cute. I can’t see her as Holiday and Fala was awful as Holiday as well.

      7. Holiday isnt exactly “cute”. She the irresponsible rebellious punk throught most of the series, which I think Kate will surpass Fala in that role.

      8. Can I ask why you bring up Holiday? Is it because there was an article which wrote something about Kate and Fala not long ago?
        I see that article but I can’t read Chinese, so can anyone be kind enough to tell me what that wrote about? thanks

  9. Every time veterans come back to film a series, there is always some kind of report about ‘not enough screen time’ or ‘personal lives — cheating’ or ‘this person don’t like that person’ Like really?

    Maybe if Kathy was like two decades younger she would mind a thing called ‘not enough screen time’ By now, I don’t think she cares. She makes her money from Mainland series. TVB is more like her mother land and she’s doing them a favor. The media needs to think of something else to write about.

    By the way, I saw flicks of Kathy’s short hair and holding a gun in the theme video. Is she going to join the academy or something? Just wondering.

    1. She turns into a villain because she found out Eddie was the one who shot her many years ago, should be interesting.

      1. I believe she set off a bomb as well. And probably something happened to her sister which provoked her to become even more despicable.

      2. Oh k if something happened to her sister, that makes more sense to be a villain. But the Eddie thing shooting her by accident.. that sounds so forced, not very plot worthy.

      3. Yeah but then again we still don’t know the whole story about that Eddie incident, so we can’t really say much but I do know that was the primary reason on why she turn out to be that way and it seems like her sister has some problems and they wrote her into the steps for a reason so something must go on with her.

      4. Hm, do you know the name of the actress who plays Kathy’s sister?

      5. I believe she was part of the girls cantopop group called Cookies, she signed a contract with them last year. Was she also the URL who started as Alex’s daughter in Split Second? I’m pretty sure the actress name that played her was also Miki and was part of Cookies.

    2. I knew she looked familiar but just couldnt figure out the name. Well, from her scenes, she is better than stephy… lol. And she looks so different…

      1. That’s probably because she’s older now since she was about 18 or younger when she first debuted with that group.

  10. Is it really meant as a comeback or rather a special invite? What I mean is does she need a so called comeback?

  11. lol, it’s not a comeback. I guess Sniper needs some news…

    Who does Kathy and Kate’s makeup? So unnatural! Alice and Eliza look a bit more natural. Kate’s fake eyelashes are so distracting. It seems like she has the same kind for many of her series, lol

    1. Kathy’s makeup is terribly ugly (including her hair), and it was probably done by the makeup stylist.

      Kate Tsui’s makeup is her personal choice. I heard that she would not give in even if the directors/producers said “no”.

      1. Wow, you seem really intent on repeating again and again your secondhand insider scoop on Kate making all the makeup, hair and clothes decisions on her own. We get it, we heard you the first, second, third time you said the same thing. In the end, what you heard from the so called insider may just as well be gossip and inaccurate. Perhaps you should give it a rest?? Just a suggestion.

      2. You don’t have to believe it or read my post. It is your choice. It was mentioned again because I wanted to reply to someone’s question.

      3. Of course I don’t have to read or believe your post. You don’t have to read or respond to my post either, but you still did, right?!? I just wanted to tell you my observations about your posts and give you a suggestion. It’s your choice to take it or not.

    2. I think Kathy looks great for her age and it’s only the make-up and the HD filming which doesn’t flatter her looks.
      I also agree with the comments that TVB should’ve made their character in the series nearer to their real age or at least portray characters who’re in their 40s to be more realistic.

  12. To Crystal,

    According to Asianfanatics, the actress who acted as Kathy’s sister is Miki Yeung.

    I agree with all of you here that the make up artist and hairstylist for Kathy in this serie did a bad job. Kathy is a pretty woman and she looked beautiful in The Academy III (Emergency Unit) with Michael Miu, Ron Ng, and Sammul Chan.

    I enjoy this serie so far!! I love the pairings: Eddie Cheung and Kathy Chow!!!

  13. Have you guys ever thought of maybe her character don’t require her to look nice. I mean she obviously has issues from that accident, besides it’s mentioned no where in the character description how she values her image, honestly from what I can tell from her character she doesn’t have much self esteem and is not confident at all which is why her make up is so light. Some people in reality look either older or younger than their actual age.

  14. blame it on the cheap make-up from tvb, kathy chow hoi mei she still looks great for her age.
    kate tsui, i used to think that she had potential, but these days she’s trying too hard to look sexy in front of the camera, to the point that imo she’s mostly focused on her look instead of her acting.
    as for the cop role, Yoyo Mung was and is still probably the best madame imo.

    1. That’s because Yoyo always had that poker face which suits a cop’s image. I thought Charmaine was a pretty decent one too. Kate is the only one out of the other FaDans that can pull off this cop look.

    2. I think Yoyo pulls it off so well because she keeps it real. Tied back hair, jacket, jeans, natural make-up.

      @Hannah I recently re-watched D.I.E. Ying Jing Jing is probably my favorite role by Sonjia as she really dressed down and let go of the “pretty, elegant, sexy” image.

  15. Wow, kk!! Great mind think alike!! I wholeheartly agree with you that Yoyo Mung is the best actress to act as a police officer or madame!!!!

  16. Poor Kate. An actor/actress can’t succeed if he/she needs to retain and keep up a “designated” image. Even as “Pat,” they didn’t make her look ugly enough (for a poor girl and, later, drug addict).

    1. “Poor Kate” is popular in HK, getting lead roles in series, and making loads of money. Not so poor, so save your sympathy.

      1. I’m expressing sympathy for the less superficial stuff. Hearing her speech when she got the award for her role as Pat, I feel like she really strives to become a great actress and is dedicated to her work.

        She used to be pretty outspoken (which ended up putting her “in the freezer” with TVB). To stay in the industry and pursue acting, she learned to hold back and follow the image that management designated. She’s come a long way and has changed a lot, but I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing…

  17. feel bad for kathy. sounds like she’s just being used to push kate and eliza who are the real target of tvb’s promotion and all the bad press and rumours gotten into kathy. maybe she should’t accept tvb’s invitation next time.

    kate’s makeup and heels makes her look fake as a police combating crime and chasing criminals. eliza looks like she never exercises in her entire life with that running and physical form. kathy looks too old to be 32x

    1. Actually don’t mind this series so far even though it literally took a lot from tiger cubs -.- only thing I can’t stand is Eliza >_> she’s not pretty in my eyes, her character is so annoying -.- the way she spoke is kinda like a baby try to speak out one word at a time, you can say tvb gave her a script and she has to follow it but that doesn’t make her more likeable knowing all that. She doesn’t have any charm for me, and I just want to reach out and strangle her. And if you want to discuss how unrealistic Kate’s role is with her high heel, Eliza is even worse with her role, make me miss Mandy >_> and she’s someone who I don’t dislike/like/care much for.

  18. I actually think the plot is ok. Even though nothing new. I don’t really like the cast though.

  19. wow, I just what the first 5 episodes of this drama with english sub, to be honest it’s not really interesting, I don’t know if the remaining 20 episodes could turn out well or not, but the first 5 are so so. Is it just me or this drama focuses mainly on how well the main characters could shoot and not on the cases. also there are too much shooting competitions and training for my liking.
    And about Kate high heel, maybe because I’m a fan of Kate, or I watch too much American series/movie which cops wear high heel chasing down the criminals all the time, or the combination of both I find it not really weird for her to wear those shoes. In fact she doesn’t use those shoes for the scenes involve chasing and fighting. And her clothes are more appropriate for a cop this time, better than in FH3 though. And I like how Kate’s role seems to have different characteristics, serious and a bit crazy at work, then goes all cute and a little bit whiny at home with her father and her supposed brothers – Eddie and Micheal’s role – a daddy’s little girl. Sorry, If this make you think this is just my biased view on Kate, I’m her fan after all
    And I agree with a lot of you guys here about the make up and the ages of the characters. They are all too old to be at that ages.
    usually I don’t complain about a drama, especially tvb, not this much, maybe because of the weather, it affect my mood

  20. Start 1st Episode just now. I’m very confuse with the character they portray. All of them look very old. Not sure it’s make up or..
    anyway, I enjoy it regardless. Seeing them bring lots of memories.

  21. The problem with Kathy is that her foundation wasn’t matched properly to her skin. It’s waay too light and it shows up on HD filming. So if you can see it on HD film then it must look pretty nasty. I bet TVB spent the whole makeup budget on Kate’s false eyelashes……

  22. Can “Sniper Standoff” be considered as Kathy’s comeback series. She was in TA3 and that was not very long ago.

  23. wow, everyone heads “back” to Beijing – isn’t that something? What does that say about comparative livability?

  24. Pretty ridiculous to have Kathy Chow play 32. Does that mean Kate is playing 17 or 18?? I don’t see how it would be hindrance to the plot to stay true to age unless that means Eddie should have retired from the SDU unit.

  25. not sure, is it just me? I feel everybody acting so disconnected and Odd. Even Eddie cheung that normally quite good feel a bit out of place. Eliza lam, she should go back and play cute character, her acting and delivering line just ODD. As for Kate, seriously, police don’t wear 7 inch high heel to work and not to say funky high heel, her shoes looks like she is so ready to hit night club.

    anyway..not going to continue to watch this series. Which is quite sad, I’m waiting this series because of Eddie Cheung!

    1. I have to agree, the story and the cast are disengaged. Let me list down one by one of the main characters of SS.

      Eddie – He’s ok but I feel he’s lost some touch and doesn’t have chemistry yet with the cast.

      Kathy – Nothing special and boring, that’s why viewers can spend time to pick on her age and makeup.

      Kate – Wardrobe and presentation are off, and I don’t think she differs from her tough girl representation in the past.

      Eliza – She’s better off doing desk job than being in the field! I almost afraid she looks so vulnerable to be the character. She’s more suitable for cute characters.

  26. Kate haters are still soooooo annoying !!! They always I mean ALWAYS find a way to bash or blame her. When they can’t blame her on her acting or fighting scenes they blame her on her look. Give the girl a break !!! I don’t understand what this girl has done to a lot of viewers visiting Jaynestars or othe HK forums but the negativity towards her his soooo stron this is ridiculous ‘kate wear this, Kate does that, she has long eyelashes ect…’ Sometimes you want to shout ‘shut up !’. They don’t even discuss about the character recckless attitude or qualities, the character development or fighting scenes her interraction. All they can say ‘Kate has long eyelashes’ just because they are desperate to attack her and they want to bring their fans who sorry are no better actresses

    1. Yes I agree with you. I mean I find so many comments here hypocritical. Like commenting about how kate looks too “pretty” to be a cop and then commenting about how bad kathy looks. Haters will still hate even if kate really dresses realistically like a cop (like in on the first beat)-didn’t she receive alot of hate for looking so tomboyish back then? Find it sad how people pay more attention to her eyelashes then to the numerous action scenes which she insist on doing herself. Personally felt she did a great job in this series.

    2. and i think kate’s fans here so blindly support her and can’t accept criticism from other audience and forgot that part of acting is looking convincing as your role. haven’t even mention my criticism on her other parts of acting yet.

      1. Oh you should look at yourself to see how you react whenever anyone criticize your beloved Myolie, Ma Ming or Ruco. You even go extreme, not that polite like the Kate fans here.

      2. You don’t have to mention what you want to say about her, we know what it is since you mentioned it like a thousand times…you’re basically just repeating yourself. We get that you don’t like Kate, oh and your words aren’t criticisms they’re insults directly towards her. There is a difference there.

      3. Well said Fox and Teecee! If anyone wants to criticize anybody else, they need to evaluate themselves first.

  27. Her rabbit tooth may look cute when she was younger but now with her age it just looks distracting and unsightly.

    1. That may be her trademark tooth…. (just like Maggie Cheung before she had hers straightened).
      I personally feel it makes her beauty more natural and gives the impression nothing is fake about her. She’s confident enough about her looks (rabbit teeth and all) without resorting to change her looks to suit others or the public.
      Bravo, Kathy….

  28. Poor Kate. An actor/actress can’t succeed if he/she needs to retain and keep up a “designated” image.
    I really like the above comment. Kate Tsui has improved a lot in her acting over the years. However, people always criticize her not because of her acting, but because of her image. A good artiste needs to be professional not only in his/her acting, but also in the images of his/her characters.

    1. A good artiste should impress the audience with good acting, not his/her beautiful “designated” image.

    2. Lol too bad you have nothing to say on her acting or charisma, just cling to the ‘look’ to bash her :p

  29. The high heels are that affective to her performance? Personally I dun think so :). Maybe Ive seen a bunch of policewoman in high heels on TV/movie now. For makeup, well, Ive seen policewoman with cakey makeup on face even when she has just taken a bath in Txb series before, so it isnt a surprise to see policewoman wears makeup in normal days.

    1. Exactly, it’s not even a big deal. I’m an intern for the Justice public defender office where I often see female inspectors and they themselves wear make up. It’s not surprising for TV either, I mean even when they wake up in the morning they still look good and yet people are criticizing her for wearing make up because they don’t think someone with her profession should.

  30. Kate Tsui acts well her role, and she is a beautiful who can act and look badass especially during fight scenes (she is very good at that). When I think some people here are the same who ‘trashed’ kate for her look -namely- and acting in ‘the first beat’. They are the same talking ‘eyelash’ or ‘high heels’ BS like children just because they can’t attack her on something. They are so desperate it is laughable. And they bring their fav ‘fadans’ who absolutely have Nothing namely in look department. :p

    1. I am one of the fans, who thinks highly of Kate Tsui’s recent improvements. However, I would like to see her as a real actress ……. more genuine in the image of the character that she acts ……. and not as a barbie-doll actress.

      1. I am not a diehard fan of Kate Tsui like some of you here, but I don’t dislike her. I will support her if she acts well.

      2. I will criticize any artiste if he/she does not act well or dress inappropriately for her character even if she is my favourite, e.g. Sheren Tang. I want my favourite artiste to be a good actress and to excel in her acting, but not just an idol actress.

      3. I also like my favourite actress to be a solid artiste with her acting well recognized and respected by most people and not just by her idol fans.

      4. Yeah yeah… As a ‘fan’ keep talking the ‘eyelashes’ or highheels BS and accusing her of being ‘responsible’ in choosing her make up instead of to discuss the character psyche or the actor performance (which are not bad so far) also. When you are tired you will stop. Seriously I am not a die hard fan of Kate even though I appreciate her a lot. I first did not want to talk here but after a few days observing people overacting the ‘Kate wear eyelashes, she has make up she wear high heels ect…’ I decided to talk. I mean do people know every female cop in the world to think they don’t apply make up or they don’t wear high heels ? And sorry but your previous posts on Kate definitly show that you are not a fan. You focuse too much -sometimes it is extreme and kind of repetitive- on the ‘bad sides’ of Kate or if you like her somehow now one can feel that before you did not like her a lot like a lot people here at Jaynestars or else.

      5. I am just not a blind die-hard fan of a certain idol like some of the people are here ……………

  31. I have always felt Kathy Chow’s acting was quite bad. No one really misses her for sure, therefore, there’s no one anticipating her returns.

    1. While I think she still maintained her looks for someone her age, I also agree with you that her acting is bad (to me anyway). She has this funny look when talking (as if she wants to cry) and I think it’s mean of me to point it out, so sorry 🙁

  32. I miss Kathy Chow and I’m watching this serie because of her and Eddie.

  33. Shes playing someone who is deeply traunmatised and has a bullet in her head – you want her to look like a model?

    Its perfectly logical that she looks older than her age and also that her makeup and hair is unkept.

    Think about the character, not the actress in real life. This is a drama for God’s sake!

  34. Anyone who followed the series would know that shes supposed to play a frumpy lady in 30s who is going back into the work force. Of course shes gonna use the wrong foundation shade as she is totally out of touch with the world. No one is born being able to apply perfect make up without practice.

    And about kathy chow looking old, well, she attended that international china television event with the other TVB stars, and i even see people on weibo and forums, mistaking her for Rebecca chu. She looks THAT young.

  35. At least this article abt Kathy managed to generate 116 comments as if now…hehe..not bad at all

  36. i can’t stand watching this series because of her. ok it might be mean, but i agree that her makeup and hair, plus her teeth, make her look sooo bad. it’s not about old, because earlier when i watched AE, i thought esther was too old, but as i kept watching, i became fond of her. but kathy.. the more i see her, the more i hate her looks. her teeth really bother me, and her lip makeup exaggerates her bunny teeth even more, oh god.. she looks pretty if she closes her lips though, but somehow in this series she always has to show her teeth even when she’s just staring at someone.

    as for kate, i too notice her thick high heels, which somehow changed to flat shoes whenever she’s chasing someone, and long fake lashes. and she basically never changes her outfit lol, always the same blac vest, suit and pencil pants.
    what’s wrong with the makeup artist, the police got too glamorous makeup and the insurance agent looks like she does her makeup in 5 min.

  37. I’m watching episode 15 some of the writing isn’t logical. When Eddie suspected there’s a suspected sniper in the van he starts running towards it instead of alerting the rest of the team. This echoes Kate’s character in a few earlier occasions starts taking things in her own hands. In real life it could have disastrous consequences.

  38. Find Kathy boring and not good in acting. Maybe had high expectations on her since she has been an actress for so many years, but she is slow in her expressions and dialogues etc. Still watching the drama for the action scenes but seriously TVB needs to do better. Some scenes are badly done. And totally agree that Eddie and Kathy are too old for their characters. When I first started watching this, I was like what the heck Eddie is the younger bro of Au Sui Wai!! And it would be more convincing to stay they are in 40s.

  39. I didn’t plan a high expectation on Kate’s acting. Its always the same boring look fishy lips. Now her make up, fake eyelashes, 4 inch heels just totally ticks me off. Really? Police ? Don’t joke around. Beside, I never have a good impression on her since I met her in real life in one of the concert in America. My group said hi to her but she decided to just give us a mean stare and walk away, huge attitude.

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