“Sniper Standoff” Airs September 9

Revered as one of Asia’s top tactical teams, the Special Duties Unit is no doubt the elite of the Hong Kong Police Force.  When it comes to the best of these elite, there is no contesting that the unit’s highly-trained snipers are the ones that deserve the most credit.

TVB’s upcoming Sniper Standoff <神鎗狙擊>, produced by Kwan Wing Chung (關永忠), stars Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) as Ko Chun Kin and Michael Tse (謝天華) as Lee Ho Yeung, two top SDU snipers trained by former SDU drillmaster, Sheung Koon Tin (Joseph Lee 李國麟). Kin and Yeung consider Tin as a father-figure, and the trio work closely on field missions.

Kin is calm and disciplined. Yeung is impulsive and ambitious. In one mission, Yeung violates a law and is investigated by the internal affairs. Kin testifies against Yeung on court, causing Yeung to be dismissed from the police force. Kin and Yeung went from friends to foes.

After leaving the force, Yeung is hired to work at a yacht company by Ting Sheung Sin (Chun Wong 秦煌), a famous businessman. Yeung and Ting’s daughter, Ting Hau (Alice Chan 陳煒), become close colleagues.

Meanwhile, Wong Yeuk Ling (Kathy Chow 周海媚), a seemingly average career woman, becomes involved in a money laundry crime. She gets shot in the head during an SDU crackdown operation, and although Ling survived, a bullet remains lodged in her head. Kin is determined to help free Ling from her troubled past, and although Ling is innocent, Kin’s good friend Inspector Sheung Koon Ming Chu (Kate Tsui 徐子珊) of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB) believes that Ling’s involvement in the case was not of ignorance.

Chu, the daughter of Tin, admires Kin and is good friends with Yeung. Though dearly loved by Tin, Chu finds it difficult to please her father, who holds a traditional view of valuing men’s skills over women’s. Chu works hard in the force to garner acceptance from her father.

Obtaining high marks on marksmanship competitions, Lai Chun (Eliza Sam 岑麗香) becomes the only female SDU officer in the team. Although she is an exceptional sniper, team leader Kin refuses to send Chun to the field. Yeung, however, admires Chun’s endurance and proceeds to train Chun himself.

Closely collaborating with the OCTB, the SDU officers engage in several life-threatening missions throughout the series, such as countering terrorism and protecting prominent political figures. Action-packed and thrilling, Sniper Standoff includes many extreme car chases, fast pursuits, and explosions.

Sniper Standoff premieres on Monday, September 9, on TVB.

“Sniper Standoff” Trailer #1

[vsw id=”Hyy4MwVP2mc” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]


“Sniper Standoff” Trailer #2

[vsw id=”t-EPLt6DDDI” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: TVB Zone # 845 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Good God, Kathy looks nothing like Kathy! Too much Photoshop…or botox…or BOTH! Love Kathy though!

    1. I just watched episode 1 and she looks her age and not pretty at all. So far, 1st episode is entertaining. But will be better if there are less spoilers from TVB.

      1. I would be watching just to see Kathy and remember the good old days…1990s… 😀

    2. agree kathy looks weird and old! too much botox or photoshop?

      kate’s role sounds bigger than kathy!

      why does eliza has a very prominent spot in the poster and is the only sdu trainee highlighted!

    3. That’s my first thought. She has always been good looking but that promotional pic didn’t do her justice? haha…She was looking really good in that other series a little while back.

    4. aAl these actresses who have retired shld remain retired instead of making a comeback. Better to let the audience remember you in your heyday than allow them to have a field day commenting abt how old you look now or how much botox/plastic surgery you had. Good examples are Idy Chan, Cherie Chung, Joey Wong and now Kathy Chow.

      1. Cherie Chung and Joey Wong never ‘came’ back, they know their place in the scheme of things.

        But why are the men back and nobody said they are old? Bobby Au Yong, Eddie Cheong, etc looks old too.

        Anyway, if Kathy chow is back to pair with Eddie Cheung, who are you guys to say she’s old? ‘Old’ woman pairing with ‘old’ man, fair and square.

    5. Kathy make up is too much. Not natural. And Kate Tsui is a cop, but she’s wearing at least 3 inches heels to catch the bad guys. Hmmmmm………makes me wonder do real life policewomen wear 3 inches heels and chasing bad guys?? anyone can give me an idea?

      1. “do real life policewomen wear 3 inches heels and chasing bad guys?”

        Obviously not.

      2. haha i remember her leather pants and knee high boots in FH 3 but she totally rocked the look. I’m actually rather surprised that IRL she’s really petite. She definitely looks better onscreen.

  2. 20% into the synopsis I can’t remember who’s Yeung kin whatever. Very confusing. But looks like a series that emphasises on veterans babysitting the newcomers or somewhat newcomers. Not interested.

  3. How come Alice is getting small roles? She’s even behind Eliza in here. Thought TVB tried hard to win her over.

    1. i think its because eliza is much younger and prettier,she can become nr1 fadan in the future if she can improve her acting.

    2. if i remenber well, Alice has no more drama after this one… nothing confirm with her after this drama…

      that why they don’t promo her

      1. My point is why isn’t she promoted? Didn’t Vlok spend years trying to get Alice to sign with TVB. If so, then why give her small roles? She’s a capable actress. If not 1st lead, then 2nd. Not super supporting or making cameos. She deserves better!

      2. Agree! Another stupid choice by those TVB execs. Alice is such a great actress!

      3. Alice will be filming a series in November. It’s supposed to be a grand production with Myolie, Ron, Him Law, Eliza Sam, Louis Cheung.

  4. i love how tvb put on 2 pounds on makeup on Kate before she went on a hostage situation in episode 2 preview.

  5. I’m both looking forward to this show and dreading it.
    I love Eddie Cheung and wish he would do more tv, and Michael is good in action roles.
    I’m dreading it because of the really lame plot it will invariably have, and the really stupid looking shootouts with bending bullets.
    I’m also not a fan of the female SDU-member trend that TVB are on lately. It’s stupid and unrealistic/laughable. – More so considering the girls they pick are all whiny, whimpy, losers with tween emoqueen drama problems. – But hey, they are all young and pretty with fans so of course they are qualified! lol

    Oh TVB, how I love to hate you and hate to love you.

  6. I’m emotionally drained from watching TITS2. Don’t think I have it in me to be that forgiving for another terrible TVB show so soon, even if I’m semi interested due to Eddie/Kathy being in the cast.

  7. The only reason why I’m going to give this show a shot is because I love Kate. She’s gorgeous.

    1. not agree,she is still hot for her age,hotter than kate tsui and alice chan in my opinion.

    2. She okay for a 40+, she still has the sex appeal, still glamorous, still beautiful, but too much powder on her face dy.

  8. Pfft.. Still puffing over the TITS2. The synopsis for this is so uninteresting. I’ll pass on this and watch Galileo 2 instead!

  9. Kathy looks over-photoshopped and that hairstyle just doesn’t work for her.

    I look forward to seeing Kate kick-ass though.

  10. Kathy Chow looks like Fennie Yuen in the picture. If I haven’t read the article first, I would have tought she is Fennie Yuen.

    1. O mann I just watched episode 1 dont y KCs face gave me d creeps I suppose its her hair huh!

  11. Watched the first episode – it sucked. Too unrealistic, the 3rd/4th line supporting actors are all the same from TITS2. At least, work with a different combination. The bending bullets and competition between michael tse and eddie cheung is stupid and unrealistic. I cringe everytime they get cheesy and it happens so much in the show. I can’t stand it anymore. All in all, this is gonna be another dumb series. Pass!

    1. agree,especially the part when michael tse throws all the coins into the glass,its so lame.

  12. I’m only watching this cause of old man Vincent Lam. I still got a crush on him after Highs and Lows. Too bad he probably a kelefare actor.

    1. He’s a pretty good actor, but tend to get typecast. Maybe it’s bc he has that villain look, lol

      1. @Hannah: So true! Even back in the early 90s when Vincent actually had second lead roles, he still played some variation of ‘the bad guy’….

  13. Why is Eliza Sam always given good roles? I can’t stand her, Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Probably Eliza is new and have lots of potential. Maybe that’s why she has a role that is so good that she has everyone’s attention of liking her act.

    2. its just her 3rd role for tvb till now,the previous roles are not as good as you said,tvb is promoting her just because she is very popular by the audience.

    3. Eliza sum cant act at all but she continues get heavy roles. What is tvb thinking.

  14. there is a hk movie made many years ago with similar story line where the both male lead are originally from SDU then 1 got dismissed due to fire against his senior order though did ended up killing the crook but received complain from the richman who was held hostage at the time. the story unfold into the one got dismissed working as a professional assassin and the one remain in SDU slowly found out his best mate is the one he has to hunt down for justice and a standoff between the two in the end.
    So, nothing new from tvb, just adapt an old plot from movies and remake, think of something new for godsake. TITS2’s beginning was good but was a drag in the middle, too much on Fala, she can’t act, not enough screen time for Myolie.
    Kathy looks old in here with her long hair, looks better with short hair later in the series.

    1. @tem: Yup…I think the movie was Double Tap (鎗王) starring Leslie Cheung and Alex Fong. I recall reading a few articles earlier comparing the movie and the series and how similar the storyline was.

      Of course, it’s not surprising, since TVB is pretty notorious for ‘lifting’ ideas from others and not giving any credit (and even going so far as to say the idea is their own). That’s pretty much the way they operate…

  15. haha does anyone else notice kathy’s “dragon claws” in that poster?

  16. At first i thought the people here were just being super harsh to kathy but after watching ep 1 i cant help but agree with them. She looks really old now :

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