[STYLE] 2014 TVB Anniversary Awards Red Carpet Fashions

The 48th TVB Anniversary Awards concluded on December 15 with little controversy, as popular artistes Roger Kwok and Charmaine Sheh won TV King and TV Queen respectively. However, the red carpet looks were less well-received with room for improvement.


Natalie Tong Myolie Wu

Edwin Siu appeared gallant in all-white suit by Dorian Ho and contrasting sheer black bow tie. The washed out champagne-colored accents on his blazer added an interesting intonation to his outfit.

Natalie Tong appeared youthful and demure in a champagne-colored gown by Mikael D. The thread-like design of the dress looks similar to a curtain, but she pulled off the dress well.

Myolie Wu wore a difficult mermaid dress with a sweetheart neckline. The body-hugging dress by Kev Yiu embraced her hourglass figure. Although the busy design of the top half of her dress is slightly distracting, it adds an interesting and eye-catching emphasis to her overall look.


Jinny Ng Nancy Wu

Jinny Ng wore a sexily sheer, gray-colored gown by Kev Yiu. Though chic and modern, the busy dress distracted attention away from the wearer.

Nancy Wu stepped on to the red carpet like a walking disco ball in this metallic dress. The high neck halter and black waist belt accentuated her figure though.


Tavia Yeung Sharon chan

Tavia Yeung played it safe in a wedding gown-like dress by Viola Chan. Although she held back on excessive jewelry by not wearing earrings, the already-busy long laced sleeve of her dress deemed her bracelet accessory pointless.

Sharon Chan’s beautiful Alex Lam dress was sensual and soft. The sheerness of the bottom half of her dress timidly displayed her long legs. The softness of the dress is enhanced by the feathered bottom.

Priscilla Wong Linda Chung Charmaine Sheh

Most Improved Actress Priscilla Wong glowed in a simple Pius Cheung white dress. Although the sleeves of her dress seem to look like a little girl’s sleeping gown, her side ponytail hairstyle and overall look made her appear gorgeously demure.

Linda Chung embraced her jade girl image and appeared fresh in an off-shoulder white dress by Marco M Chan. While the sheer sleeves are lovely, the Victorian-style dress is loose and lacks cutting, appearing like a borderline sleeping gown from Victoria’s Secret.

As opposed to Linda’s white dress, the design of Charmaine Sheh’s dress is body-hugging in the right places and is appealing to the eye. The neck-piece, however, is awkward and resembles the “cone of shame.” Her makeup also makes her appear washed out and tired.


Eliza Sam Mandy WongYet again, Eliza Sam exudes her innocent and youthful charm in a princess ball gown. Her magenta-colored lipstick, however, throws off the elegance of her overall look.

The usually elegant Mandy Wong appeared in a childish lavender-colored princess ball gown. Her matching lipstick color makes her look worn out and sleepy.


Kate Tsui Leanne Li Samantha Ko

Kate Tsui’s current color of choice seems to be black, as she is seen here in a bodice-hugging black dress that is extremely similar to the gown she wore at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014. Although similar, the difference lies in the floor-length navy blue ruffles of the dress.

Appearing with a healthy tan, Leanne Li wore a black trumpet gown from Galia Lahav. With the extremely low V-cut neck of the gown, a necklace would have suited fittingly.

Samantha Ko’s overall appearance was slightly reminiscent of Dracula. In a Kev Yiu dress, slicked back hair, and popping red nails and lipstick, Samantha appeared bold and daring. The sweetheart neckline of the dress and waist belt highlighted her figure.


Josie Ho Kristal Tin

Best Supporting Actress winner Josie Ho appeared in a futuristic attire. The overly shimmery dress and thigh high boots were unfitting for the sophisticated event.

Is Krystal Tin promoting for Ada Choi’s TVB drama, Fly With Me? Although unique, the white overlay and black shimmery shorts underneath seem gawky.

Lifted by the holiday spirits, Louisa So attended the event in a glossy red dress with green, blue, and gold colored flecks that resembled Christmas wrapping paper.

Wayne Lai appeared short and squat in the long blazer and a pair of dress pants that seemed too small for him. The Michael Jackson-inspired shiny dancing shoes threw off his refined attire completely.

Selena Li 2

Selena Li’s petite frame was consumed by the large flowing ball gown dress. It seemed to take a lot of effort to haul the heavy dress around.

Liza Wang and Carol Cheng looked like walking stripes in their color-coordinated gowns.


Kenneth Ma Roger Kwok

Kenneth Ma was dashing in a traditional white and black suit. But why does he have a tendency to not wear socks?

Although Vincent Wong is tall, the trench coat was too big for his lanky figure.

Showing off his love for his family, Roger Kwok wore a custom-printed suit with impressions of his son and daughter. His outfit had just the right bling for a TV King.


Ruco Chan him Law

Ruco Chan, Him Law, and Bosco Wong were determined to dress hip at the 48th TVB Anniversary Awards, but failed miserably.

If Ruco swapped hats and shoes, his outfit is still salvageable.

Him Law may have mistaken the invitation to model at a fashion runaway in the heavily plaid ensemble from Avenue 1218 with loud jewelry.

Rolling his eyes at the camera, Bosco Wong did not seem to want to be at the Anniversary Awards. Camouflaging himself in a patterned Valentino suit; did he plan for a quick getaway in matching sneakers?

This fashion review is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I liked Nancy Wu’s shimmery dress the most among a sea of Snow Queens this year. It’s quite daring with a slit nearly up her waist.

    The details on Charmaine Sheh’s dress are exquisite minus the ruffled collar.

    Leanne Li should have saved her black lingerie dress as a honeymoon surprise for Wong Cho Lam. This belongs in the bedroom more than on the red carpet.

    Among the men, Kenneth Ma looked the sharpest in a simple contrasting suit.

    The bridal looks have become overwhelming at recent TVB formal events.

    1. In total agreement with Jayne.
      I love Nancy’s look, really great.
      Ignoring the outfit, Charmaine’s face, hair and make up looks perfect, but that collar of shame is just bad. Tavia should really use Charmaine’s make up artist!

    2. kate looks sexy in that dress.

      as for Leanne, that dress looks more like a nightgown.

      just wondering why Sharon couldn’t have worn a dress which shows off her figure instead of her long legs all the time.

    3. Totally agree, loves Nancy’s dress. She’s the most outstanding in all of them. Myolie’s dress is also pretty. It’s kinda like one of those dress that Hollywood Stars would wear to Oscar.

    4. Nancy dress is pretty but Charmaine dress is like a table cloth and stop being mean to Linda her 4 everything she wears she have to complain about it

      1. What is so special about your Linda Chung. If she don’t want to be criticuzed dont choose that weird dress. Her sleeves look like transparent mosquito nets used in rural areas for sleeping. I agree with admin that Nancy look great. Her bff Myolie too she don’t look that good on TV during the show but that pix above look better and great.

    5. Kenneth ma looks great and sharp until I see his a tad short pants and no socks. Looks like a deliberate move. Please this doesn’t belong in formal wear; wear socks and proper pants.

  2. I like Natalie’s and Nancy’s dress the best. Eliza’s dress is a pretty print too while Myolie’s look edgy.

  3. Ruco isn’t that bad. Take note that he rushed to attend the event from Hengdian and may not have time to pick out his outfits. He’s tired enough to go back and from from mainland-HK!

    There was a year where Bobby wore his sporty jacket to attend the awards and Fiona Sit wore daily work shirt and pants, those were worse than what someone on the go like Ruco had.

  4. Out of so many more proper photos out there, a photo where Bosco was probably blinking was used. How classy of this commentary, yeah right. How about using photos where he laughs his heart out during the show 😛

    1. Polaris,
      Just a little jab of humor to lighten the fashion commentary a bit. Bosco has been very low-profile at recent TVB events, so the “quick getaway” comment is not unwarranted.

      1. Jayne, nope. I was commenting to the photo and this commentary “Rolling his eyes at the camera, Bosco Wong did not seem to want to be at the Anniversary Awards.” What an ill meaning “joke” based on one bad picture purposely picked out of hundreds of other normal and clearer photo of the subjecy during the night. Heheh forget it.

  5. kristal tin and josie ho look ugly.
    kate look like she know she won’t win and don’t want to dress up at all
    charmaine look like wearing a dog collar

    1. Kristal used to look so chic at awards events (save for last yr tvb awards). Her fashion sense seemed to have vanished at this yr’s tvb anniversary show where she wore her curtain and this is even worse! She looked tacky and ch-eap with the lace stockings and showing off her underwear. Her chest seemed to be droopy like an old grandma’s. Definitely one of the worst that nite. Also didn’t like the severe matronly looks of Maggie Siu and Josie. I thought Maggie looked like a man!

    2. Kristal looks too weird. This is not halloween. To be honest yes she does looks ugly. Same here I didn’t like Maggie’s look either. So does Louisa So based on the pic. Is she wearing a tablecloth?

  6. Kenneth look so adorable. I wanna marry him.
    Eww Himhim look gross. Tavia look like grandma that night too. Kate Tsui must have bought her gown at ladies market and Eliza Sam used her curtain to make the dress

    Worst look ever: Himhim, Oscar Leung, KRistal, Linda Chung, Kate Tsui

    Best look: Kenneth, Roger Kwok, Nancy Wu

      1. really? kate wasted her money! she look like a plain bridesmaid in black wearing cheap black dress! no effort to look elegant at all! she should learn from myolie and nancy!

      2. I doubt Kate bought it. Normally the top stars got sponsored by fashion labels. That’s why they often thank the label in weibo/fb/ig after an event.

      3. She said it in her own words in an interview, she bought her dress online lol. Yeah, normally celebrities do get sponsored though.

    1. LOL at Kate bought her gown at ladies market but the gown does look cheap on her. High school prom dress look better.

      1. Yes, it looks so cheap but the rumpled Tee and oversized pants look much cheaper. Fail to be casual for a red carpet.

    2. agree! look at the black comparison up there! myolie look gorgeous, glowing, slim, tall and elegant! kate look plain, cheap bought at reject shop! leanne look like wearing sleepwear!

      1. Based on the pics above, your comparison is perfect. The same colour but different outcomes. I’m surprised to hear that Kate’s outfit is that expensive

      2. It is very hard to wear Moylie Wu’s dress. The person has to be very tall and slim, and Myolie has that kind of body for it. She looked very nice in her outfit.

  7. Myolie looks the most gorgeous up there among the ladies! She looks so slim and tall and love her pose! on the contrast bosco face look ugly up there! glad myolie broke with him he’s not handsome and too short!

    wayne look so short!

    1. You really seem to still be bitter over the whole breakup of Myolie amd Bosco. It has been how long and you still cannot let it go? I find that sad.

      Anyways,I personally do not like Myolie’s dress and like Kate’s better. It is all down to a matter of opinion. I also do not like Nancy’s dress very much while many here seem to like it.

      1. I think only you has the same opinion as me. Personally, I don’t like Nancy’s dress either, as it seems to flatten her figure and made she look like a flat board. Myolie’s dress is rather a big blob to me, which doesn’t scream pretty either. The dress is not bad, but it does nothing to the wearer, it screams big statement, but delivers very little. Kate’s dress is minimalist, not most outstanding but to say the worst look? Sound more hateful than a subjective comment. Same with its being cheap, it’s not as extravagant as myolie, but with myolie trying too hard, it’s kate trying little. each has flaw. None of the above dress hit the mark for me. Only parts of the dress is nice, or the wearer just don’t wear it right, in term of makeup and hairstyle, especially hairstyle.

      2. Me too, i like kate’s gown. It’s simple and elegant. I think Myolie’s gown looks weird too especially around the waist and above it. Don’t really like Nancy’s gown too cos it emphasises her flat chest.

      3. I don’t like Myolie’s dress when I first saw it on the show but in this picture the dress look better.

  8. Thought tavia and Nancy were best dressed for the girls. The pics above does not do tavias dress justice. The detailing low cut and cutout in the back looks very nice. It accentuates her figure, although it looks a bit Bridal.

    Nancy’s outfit was edgy but her hair could of been better.

    1. Yes, I think Tavia’s dress looks like a wedding dress but I think it looks nice. However,Tavia seems to always play it safe.

      1. Yes agree with HTS. But her make up somehow just does not flatter her. Tavia should consider changing make up artist!

    2. Nancy looks great but Tavia looks old in that dress. She’s not tall or having the right shape to pull it off

  9. Josie Ho look so fat and horrible. Mandy looks fat too. Vincent Wong looks bored and his coat too big. I hate that fashion of Oscar Leung, he always try too hard in everything.

    I think I saw pics of Sammy Sam and Pall Sin who attended in casual street clothes. Tony Hung also wearing plastic as coat. How disrecpectful! This is not your family gathering!

    1. Josie always lacks fashion sense. Yes, Oscar always tries so hard. Do you notice how he always wear sleeveless tops? He’s always trying to show off his arms. So annoying.

  10. i liked what roger and charmaine wore this year, although i would have preferred her to remove the lace ruffles around her neck and just stick with a plain lace collar. i also like eliza’s dress. nothing else really stood out for me.

  11. Charmaine’s dress is another really horrible one. Looks like either plastic bags or bandages topped off with a dog collar lol! The cut out shoulders plus the dog collar made it look like her head was detached from her body. Really weird. For guys i think oscar’s and Sammy’s outfits were the worst. Oscar really tries too hard to stand out. Big fail!

    1. Can’t agree more about Sammy and Oscar! What were they thinking? You’re right about Charmaine too.

      1. Charmaine’s gown is unusual,graceful n beautiful. She looks damn good n young..Haha

      2. Agree. Charmaine’s dress is “unusual”, but elegant. I did not like it when I first saw it, but after looking at the details, I think it is pretty nice and elegant.

      3. I also like Raymond Cho’s tuxedo. Personally, I think men should just wear dark suits or tuxedos and dress shoes for formal events. Don’t like those weird outfits for men.

  12. I thought Carol Cheng looks the best that night, elegant and very appropriate for the event and her status, which is big surprise since she usually does not dress well.
    Like Charmaine’s dress but it doesn’t suit her. Someone taller and with a longer neck will be much better.
    Linda’s overall look mixes well with her accessories but agree that the dress seems loose.
    Jinny should wear something that she can move around more easily.
    Natalie looks pretty in her dress.
    Nancy used to have great choices in her dresses…until recently, be it in this event or the anniversary last month.
    Eliza’s gown looks like some cottage curtain.
    The color of Louisa’s gown is very eye-catching and pretty but it either doesn’t suit her or the dress is just not pretty.
    Elena Kong’s casual dressing (not mentioned here) looks more suitable for tea party than award ceremony.
    As for Josie and Krystal…

    1. Carol Cheng looks like a work of black and white plastic collage in the pic. I won’t call that good let alone best.

      1. Probably a different view as I saw the ceremony on TV first, then the pics.

    2. I also like DoDo Cheng’s dress. It is appropriate and elegant. It suits here really well.

      Nancy Wu’s dress is very outstanding, but she does not have the proper figure for it. She is too skinny and flat for this kind of outfit.

      For ladies, personally I dislike the Kristal Tin’s and Josie Ho’s outfits the most.

      For guys, I only like Roger Kwok’s suits. However, he would look better if he wore dress shoes (instead of sneakers).

      1. Ben Wong’s champagne-coloured tuxedo looked really nice and elegant. I did not see his shoes …… I hope they were not sneakers but dress shoes with black socks.

  13. Kristal is disastrous. Sammy Sum looks dirty and Oscar Leung is horrid.

    1. Totally agree. Sammy must be too disappointed he didn’t get any award and Oscar as usual ott be it in drama or real life

    2. Tavia yeung – How old are you? 50?
      Wayne Lai – why you look plump and fatty?
      Oscar – the WORST! OTT!
      Sammy Sum – the SECOND WORST! Are you homeless?
      Vincent Wong – Are you 50 years old Grandpa?
      Ruco – Get rid of that beanie!
      Bosco – Better than usual but are you going to be military dinner or what?
      Kate – Prom dress. Cheap cheap cheap safe safe safe.
      Linda – Princess? Looks like you borrow May Chan’s clothes. Too loose!
      Mandy – Is that plaincolor bedcover?
      Eliza Sam – Curtain? Mattress cover? Blanket?
      Him Law -THIRD WORST! Clown!

    3. Myolie – Great great great. Shows her tall figure so well!
      Natalie – Wow so demure and sweet. Love it!
      Roger – Look like a winner!

      1. lol this isn’t even a subjective comment you’re just hating on the above artistes

  14. Out of all the males, the only 2 I like most is Roger Kwok and Edwin Siu! Particularly love Roger’s hairstyle; it makes him look young!

    No clear favourite for the females; except for maybe Myolie!

  15. OHH wow!!! i really don’t like Kristal’s outfit at all!!! it’s just Ridiculous! and also i really hate Josie’s outfit!!!!! i really mostly like is Linda,JINNY,Charmaine,Selena,Jacqueline!!!!

  16. Kate’s dress is very simple, but it brings out the elegance in her in my opinion. Her figure is really good too so that dress looks great on her! Yes, it’s very simple unlike the other artistes, but why wear something so complicated (?) when you can look gorgeous in something so simple right? To me she looked the best that night definitely. That being said, I might be a LITTLE biased even though I’ve already tried to be as neutral as possible :(( Just my opinion though.

    1. Yep you might be biased. I agree with the others Kate looks too plain jane and wearing cheap looking gown to the prestigious award.

      Judging from the pictures posted above, Myolie has the most glamorous dress.

      Liza Wang, Carolle Cheng, Charmaine Sheh are failures.

      Josie Ho, Kristal Tin and Louisa So look horrendous!

      1. kate was the most elegant. She looks really good in that dress. Simple yet outstanding

      2. He might be biased on Kate, but you are definitely very biased on myolie lol. Most glamorous dress would be Charmaine, the intricate details, the many different elements of the dress, whereas myolie’s dress is some fabric fold into big blob around her waist… Not to mention the plain black colour, its one of the safest color choice, understandable for that style of dress. if by any other colour, the blob would stand out so much that you hate the dress. If you remove that collar, Charmaine’s dress trump everyone else’s.

      3. @little fishy, lol, but Charmaine did wear the neck collar, so she didn’t triumph. If sure if they added a bit of this and minus a bit or that to their attire , everyone would’ve had a chance to look better over someone else..

      4. Everyone can be considered being bias because fashion is so subjective.

      5. Didnt say Charmaine triumph, merely say myolie’s dress is not that glamorous… In most of other outfit, they don’t wear it right either, hairstyle, makeup, etc. if you want to play with my words, let play the game minus 1 feature of the dress, and see who triumph (mind you, I didnt add). And you can see most of the other dress, you can’t simply do that. Try myolie’s dress, minus the blob or the swirl in front of her chest, and it’s still bad :/

  17. I don’t think TVB artists like Sharon Chan much. The girls probably hate her since she always flash so much skin. Her peers did cheer for her at the awards. You can hear the cricket noise compared to what the other TVB artists received from peers.

  18. I reckon that Ah Sheh wore a Lan Yu dress, but the one on runway look much better. Maybe the neck-piece was smaller.

    I like the dress of Myolie.

  19. We all know Sharon owns a pair of long legs, but does she have to flaunt it in every event? Her dress is good for a nicer Vegas wedding. Charmaine- head in a bowl. I love Eliza’s, but the print seems a bit too casual for a nighttime event. Mandy has a nice basic gown but the color is wrong for her. Bosco has to be the worst of the men, camo suit and sneakers? Leanne is basically wearing lingerie with a longer hem. Kate’s is very safe. Linda could lose the sleeves. Tavia looks good and fits well but a bit matronly. She should wear her hair down to add some youthfulness.

    1. why is Sharon wearing dresses which show off her legs at every event?

    2. Typical Sharon. Other stars find her annoying too. They don’t clap for her and those that had to stand beside her at the award was annoyed. Her dress was in other people’s way!

      1. agreed. sharon don’t seem to have much friends in tvb. her personality must be arrogant besides she keeps showing her legs everywhere. it’s annoying!

      2. @jenny: Sharon has as many friends. Other than the long time sister Christine Ng, she also has Oscar, Sammy, Elaine, Vincent, Stefan Huynh, Bob Lam and else. And Jazz Boon.

        Check her wedding pictures and you will see the fact that she has many friends in TVB.

        It even looks like she has more long time friends than some other actresses.

  20. myolie and natalie’s dress looks the best!
    and bosco is finally wearing something normal LOL

    1. Too decent for his wacky fun style ahahah. He was more normal in London the other day – classic black tux with white shirt and black bow. Unexpected.

  21. Josie Ho doesn’t need improvement, she needs an overhaul! She looks so scary. Was she filming? Maybe like Elliot Yue (and I hope he was filming)??

    1. Did you forget Louis Cheung? Best dressed in my book.

      Did the girls receive notice they must wear white?

      Nancy Sit was fab.

      1. No. I haven’t forgot about Louis Cheung’s outfit. He looked very good in his tuxedo. People will not see his outfit unless they watch the anniversary awards show. His picture is not included in this article.

  22. I think Kates dress brought out her figure and made her look simple and elegant. Love myolies dress, it really suited her, her make up was perfect and suiting. Nancy’s dress was nice too but it was too dazzling. Linda’s dress made he look like a Greek god, made her look innocent and cute- really like her headpiece and earrings. Didn’t like SAMs dress. Selenas dress was really nice and brought her figured out, and suited the formal evening. We all know Sharon has amazing legs but she doesn’t have to show it off every single time. Leanne dress seems like a Victoria secret sleep wear. Tavias dress was amazing, love the design, i think her dress was the best with the open back. Krystal and Charmaine’s dress was so ugly. Charmaine’s dress would of been nice with out the collar. I think Kenneth looked the best in the men.

    1. I agree, tavia’s back detail of her dress looked so gorgeous. Of the men, Kenneth and Roger are the ones who impressed the most to me.

  23. wow, how on earth you can identify those designer clothing, amazing

  24. My favourite dresses were worn by Myolie, Selena, Priscilla and Eliza. There were quite a few actresses who wore white this year, but my favourite white dress was the one worn by Priscilla. I think that Kenneth and Roger looked the best out of all the men.

  25. Alluka I’ve told you before – you wanna attack someone, come right out and say his name instead of sneaking in snide remarks. Obviously you can’t keep yr words about not wanting to comment anymore about Ruco. Do it openly. Dont be a despicable sneak!

    1. And I’ve told you that you make me never even want to say that name out. Yes, that much. I keep my word to never start a comment about that person until you attack other people. And if you still keep attack other people, I will keep the repay for you.

      Fair game. If you stop the attacks to other artists, I will stop accordingly. To tell you, I also dont want to say anything about that person.

      1. You are paranoid. There are people who really detest RL here but they’re not all Ruco fans. Anyway i don’t expect that you’re able to keep your word so it’s fine. Just come right out and mention ruco’s name if you wanna attack him. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Sneaking is despicable.

      2. Lolz, you are denying the fact. No, not only LF but other artists are being detested by some same usernames.

        And I told you, because of you, even mention of that name I dont want

        Thanks. At least Im using only one username dont like you who are sneakedly using several usernames to detest artists. You can say Sneaking is despicable to yourself.

      3. Again, once you can stop that sneak attack, I will never say anything or any word about that person. If you still do the attack, you will still have to see me. But no, you wont never see that name because I dont even want to say of that name.

      4. I’ve already said that you’re paranoid. Truth be told I don’t detest other artistes except RL (got to clarify that i dislike him on a professional basis meaning I don’t like his acting or singing, i don’t give a dam about his personal life with Karena)but I refrain from commenting about him or commenting to you unless you become unbearable with your comments. There are some hardcore RL haters here but I wouldn’t be too fast to point the finger at Ruco’s fans. Some may be pretending to be his fans to stir up hatred among fans. Go figure out if what I said makes sense cos right now you’re just blindly taking potshots at any one you think is a Ruco fan criticising RL. To you, every hate-r of RL is a Ruco fan hiding behind 1001 identities. Tell me, is that being paranoid?

      5. anyways, I can see that you’re not very rational. Just becos you don’t say his name doesn’t mean that you’re not attacking him.

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        If you think your comments are all good and fair, only professional cricisms, might you show any of mine contain personal attack? You think you are better and you have the right to criticize but nobody can criticize any of your idol(s)? You must forget what you said about Ah Sheh. From a tiny issue, you talked like she is a bad person. And how about Kate, Ron, Bosco, Ram, Cho lam, Dayo, etc. Your memory is really that short? And when a fan like Funn Lim doesnt praise your idol like a god, you will say something like that person is acting a fan without knowing the truth. Enough recall of your commenting history?

        The multi name babes are famous here. You yourself know the best. Am I speaking the truth, you know it. I know you will deny, but writting style is hard to change.

        Why you force me to say that name out? To make you feel like a winner? If you can read, i told you many times that I dont want to say that name out . Psttt, It doesnt mean I dont dare to say, But I dont want. Sneak? Ha ha, I Dun deny I intentionally attack that person, as a way to make thing equal to what you do with others.

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      7. You are the 牛皮灯笼 (i know you can read chinese as you grandly proclaimed somewhere)。Is there something wrong with your comprehension? Did I ever say that you (or anyone) can’t criticise Ruco? Right from the beginning of this “discussion” I’ve said that you are free to comment(attack), just come right out and say the name of the person you’re referring to cos it shows what a sneaky person you are to launch attacks on the sly. However now I think this is your personal style to launch sneak attacks not just on Ruco but on any artiste you dislike such as Tavia (how you referred to her as a “good friend” of your god) and how about your attack on Myolie whilst defending Sharon whom someone said doesn’t have many friends)? Dare you to say that you’ve not attacked another artiste? Don’t pretend to be a saint or a victim. It takes 2 hands to clap. How about I tell you that these nonsense comments on your god will stop when you stop your nonsense comments too?

      8. “Kate, Ron, Bosco, Ram, Cho lam, Dayo,”

        If I’ve even made comments about all of them (which I may or may not have since I’ve been here for so long and can’t remember) they’re just my opinion and don’t constitute “attacks”. For example when I said I didn’t think Ram was a good actor, it was just my opinion, how can you call that an attack (go back and read that thread)? An attack is ongoing mindless bashing for no good reason which is what you’re just as guilty of doing as some overzealous hate-rs of RL.

      9. Sorry but I will laugh at your comment. Im known as a fan of Myolie for long ago. And I always prefer Myolie over Sharon, lolz. Moreover, Im not a big fan of the legs show of Sharon.

        Or you must forget your comment that someone watched bad acting too much when someone say that your god has bad acting. Or how you say about other when they criticize your god the same way you criticize anyone you dont like.

        If you call your comments “opinion”, my comments are also “opinion”. No more, even less. I have never dare to judge that someone watched bad acting too long than cannot differ good and bad acting. I reckon the fact that acting is subjective and you can like acting of someone when others dont. In this term of overz–ealous of being a fan or treating idol as god, Im afraid that I cant compete with you.

        Actually it isnt really related to LF. If I saw any unfair comment to anyone, I will like to pay it back even s/he isnt my top favourite artists (for example, Shirley, Sharon or Bosco or Ah Sheh in several cases). You can see that not only me but there are people annoyed with some comments like “giving this/that role to A/B/C/D and A/B/C/D will do better”.

        You are right, one hand cant clap. I will stop if you all can stop the nonsense attack. But if I dont reply to you, you should stay aside or I will have proofs to say that you are using more than the username omg.

        Long post again, but I bet you will never put in head. 牛皮灯笼? Hey, I have to say a thing more than 3 times but you still dont get or dont try to get, so 牛皮灯笼 for me and for you, 象皮灯笼. Lucky you, Im kinda free today to explain that much to you. If Im busy, I will only have one sentence to you: “You receive what you do to others.”

      10. Whoa, did you really keep track of everything i commented before or is this another of your pot shots? Thank goodness you’re free to entertain me no end today. I really love to listen to all your paranoid accusations that we’re just a small group of Ruco fans attacking your god in various disguises. Can’t blame you. You’re in denial that there are actually that many hate-rs here. Like i said, not all are Ruco fans. Many are people who are irritated by how you constantly boast about how much your god is making and all your various PR spins, blah blah blah sort of thing. And a lot more are irritated by reports of his various shopping trips. I can’t be bothered honestly what he does in his free time but I’m ony mentioning it here as an example of why some people feel irritated by them.
        I really loled when you said that i was more over zealous than you. Who’s the one here 24/7 busy attacking every comment which criticised your god? That’s right! You! Go and count the number of comments if you don’t believe me.
        Finally, the same comment to you. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

      11. Haha, thank you for saying my words out. You are saying so well about yourself. I have my hat off for you. I will have my two eyes open to see how har–sh you can be with your crazy love. Overall, you refuse to quit the game, I will accompany you to the end. “Cant blame you because you watched too much bad acting so you cant differ good and bad”.

      12. Trying to reason with you is like hitting my head on the concrete wall. Guess there’s no logic in a fanatic’s mind like yours. We’ll continue with the mud slinging and guess who’ll get the most h-ate comments. Your god is not well liked on this forum thanks to you.

      13. So does your god. But worse, your god is even not liked in TVB with only two votes from the colleagues,and the Panda couple dream crashed when Linda voted for Joe Ma.

        Im not free to childishly create usernames like you.

      14. I thought someone was sleeping on her job when she went for a full day without a single whisper. Must be a hard life having to defend her god against so many hate-rs all the time. Hope she takes care of her health. It ain’t an easy job since her god is so unpopular here.

  26. This years TVB awards are getting lamer and lamer although it use to be more glamorus for exp they ride out in cars and walk the red carpet but through out these couple of years it kinda got how do i say cheap…….as for the outfitts on the aritist as followed

    Roger–I like his suit very meaningful

    Ruco —kinda dress a lil to casual

    Bosco getting beta but what with the sneakers aaccckk

    Him Law —-Omygod what’s with the plaid checkers gettup

    Sammy Shum….no comment yuck

    Charmaine….Ok dress but dislike the collar it looked like she got injured or something

    Linda —looks a lil plain

    Kristin …dressing like she in a rockstar no likey,,,

    Natalie…Very nice dress

    Eliza…her dress looks like something you hand ova the window sorry to say

    Selena….i like her dress

    Tavia ….its looks more like a wedding dress

    Sharon…tired of her always showing off her legs

    Samantha…looks like something you’ll wear to the prom

    Leanni…nice seductive look

    Kate….no comment didnt want to see her

    1. Josie Ho….didnt dress well for the event lookds like she just pulled whatever she had on hand to wear…

      Louisa…Her dress is like something you’ll drap ova the window as well…

  27. WAAAAAAAAAA..Most of them look horrible? haha.. I can’t even compare which is worse?
    Linda Chung
    Krystal Tin?
    Josie Something…
    Gosh, RUCO hahaa LOL..HIM LAW & BOSCO..WTH are you guys going really?

  28. Myolie’s dress looks yucks! What’s with the balloons hanging around her waist? And Sammy! He looked like a hobo in that ridiculous get up with rolled up trousers, sockless shoes and bad haircut topped off with a hat! Never seen worse! Someone pls fire his stylist!

  29. Josie ho’s style is…not to my liking. Idk, stanley ho’s daughters may have been born to different mothers but their style are so weird. They’re not ugly and have all the money to dress however they want and they dress like that. What a waste

  30. Moylie’s dress looks like drooping boobs. Dodo dress reminds me Cruela Devu (sp? in 101 Dalmnations). I like the fabric prints of Louisa’s dress. I actually like Linda’s dress and her hair style is fairy like, pretty.

  31. Moylie’s dress looks like drooping chest. Dodo dress reminds me Cruela Devu (sp? in 101 Dalmnations). I like the fabric prints of Louisa’s dress. I actually like Linda’s dress and her hair style is fairy like, pretty.

    1. Yes, Cruella Deville was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Dodo. There’s too much volume in Myolie’s dress.

  32. I loved Linda’s headband, earrings, and hair. Love the whole Greek theme. But I hated the dress itself…

  33. Before I thought Charmaine’s dress looked strange but it’s actually very sophisticated with the Elizabethan collar. I loved Nancy’s dress and Eliza’s. Best dressed: Roger Kwok.

  34. I’m actually OK with Nancy’s dress and Myolie’s looks fantastic, although the top looks a bit big on her.

    Tavia looks matronly, Linda looks odd, Mandy’s is tacky and badly cut.

    Kenneth, put on some socks!

  35. I didn’t like any of the women’s outfits actually (except for maybe Nancy Sit)….felt most of them tried too hard and ended up looking weird.  Charmaine’s dress would have been a winner if it weren’t for that collar – it was actually kind of hard to notice the intricacy of her dress because that collar was just too darn distracting.

    As for the men – I actually feel most of them dressed nicely.  Roger was definitely the best dressed – that’s already a given.  I liked Wayne’s outfit too…some people say that the outfit made him look short and fat, but I don’t see it…he looked fine too me.  I would have liked Kenneth’s outfit if it weren’t for the too short pants that showed his sockless ankles – top part was fine but bottom part looked way too tacky.

    I’m actually kind of surprised some of the best-dressed guys weren’t mentioned.  Louis Cheung looked awesome from head to toe, Ben Wong was nicely dressed as well (I like the unique color of his suit), Raymond Wong also looked good in his outfit.  Fred Cheng and Alfred Hui looked very handsome as well (I would except the younger ones to not know how to dress but they actually looked way sharper and better dressed than some of the more experienced folks).  Benz and Ram looked great too, as did the senior/veteran artists who went onstage to accept their professional acting award (and these are guys – and gals —  who don’t even attend these types of big formal events often).

    When I saw some of the fashions this year, I was reminded of something my mom would always say – you need to dress to fit the occasion and how you dress is a reflection of how much you respect the event.  Those who “dressed down” for the event (i.e. those who came in casual-looking clothes) or came in what was equivalent to a nightgown / lingerie (or something that was appropriate for home / bedroom but not for a ball) didn’t have respect for the event in my book.

    1. Louis Cheung looked awesome from head to toe, Ben Wong was nicely dressed as well (I like the unique color of his suit)
      Agree, but they were not shown in the above photos I had to find out about their pretty and dressy outfits after watching the show.

  36. Loved Tavia’s look, really elegant and simple! Also liked Leanne’s too. Most shocking was kristal and Charmaine o_0 how does one walk out wearing these dresses and think it looks good ? All my opinions.

  37. the safest for the men would be a black suit…it’s a black tie event after all.

    Kenny wong dressed too casual for the event.

    1. I don’t get why TVB don’t make it compulsory for everyone to wear black suit like other normal awards. Normally award organizers will remind the attendees on proper attire for the event. Many of them are treating this awards just like a TVB anniversary show.

    2. I think Sammy Sum and Ruco Chan are worse with their head accessories and rolled up sleeves and wrinkled clothes. Look too hobo.

  38. I swear Jayne u guys hate Linda for whatever she wears u have something negative comment about her

    1. Iiiivvvyyy,
      “I swear Jayne u guys hate Linda for whatever she wears u have something negative comment about her”

      It’s a fashion review so the opinions are purely based on her look for the event. Nothing personal about the artiste herself. Our site is to share news about the artistes and allow fans to share opinions as well.

      1. Fashion is very personal, same as jewellery. Everyone has different tastes, some people like simple and dull coloured dresses, and some people like fancy, sophisticated and bright colours. Otherwise, how can those designers make a living??!!

      2. Moreover, some people like very stylish and trendy clothes, and some people like classy and conservative clothes. Personally I think a nice outfit should be one that suits the person the best as per her body, frame, face and personality. For example, Myolie is very tall and slim. She can afford to wear very stylish and sophisticated dresses, while Nancy Sit needs to wear simple clothes as she is short and chubby.

        I remember Lydia Shum’s dresses. She was big and chubby, but all her clothes were very pretty and delicately-trimmed. People would forget that she was fat and chubby. I liked her dresses a lot,

  39. I personally adore Eliza’s gown! Love the design! Hate Charmaine’s massive collar!

  40. I think kenny wong tak bun was the best dressed amongst the sea of horrible guys that night IMHO

    1. Raymond cho would have looked good if not for his bow tie. yes…Kenny wong does look nice.

      it’s little strange that hong kong artistes look terrible when fashion is so important.

  41. Him Law’s plaid printed too casual choice is very bad for tv viewing because of too much going on.

  42. I think Nancy is the best dressed and Linda’s white dress is the best among the white dresses because of how she accessorized.

    Worst dressed has got to be Charmaine. What is with the dog cone?! and why would you wear that when you know that you will be TV Queen?

  43. The only guy that looked good was Roger. The rest “failed miserably.”
    At least the girls seem to have more taste.
    I prefer Myolie, Tavia, Sharon, Linda, Eliza, Leanne and Priscilla.

  44. I like Selena Li’s top very much. I like Leanne Li’s dress, very elegant & sexy. Myolie Wu’s dress is sophisticated and Nancy Wu’s dress is alluring.

  45. charmaine’s dress was made for a taller person. The model looked better as the ruff was more proportional to her neck and face, but charmaine just looks overwhelmed by it. It’s the same for Mandy’s dress. On the model, who was very tall and thin, the lilac dress did not look “childish” as mentioned in the article, but feminine and soft, but on Mandy, it makes her look dumpy. People should learn to dress better for their body type. Even Natalie who is wearing an absolutely gorgeous dress, looks somewhat weird in it due to her body proportions, and her head looks huge.

  46. what about lin xiawei? sad she didnt get featured here, i really liked her dress!!

    1. I dont think they ever talked abot Xiawei dress in any event they more into the fadans

  47. For actresses, I like Tavia and Natalie’s dress. Linda has cute hair style and cute headwear/crown.

    For actors, I like Roger and Kenneth’s suit.

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