Wayne Lai “Pressured” About TV King Status

Three-time TVB Best Actor winner, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), is at a crisis. The disastrous ratings and critical reception of his most recent drama, Bullet Brain <神探高倫布>, have pulled down Wayne’s credibility as TVB’s most valuable actor, even earning himself the name “plastic TV King” for his underwhelming take on the charismatic Detective Columbo. The actor admitted, “I’ve never had so many people scolding me before! But they are right; there were some illogical points in the drama, and some parts of it were exaggerated.”

Wayne turned into an unlikely leading man after starring in 2009’s sleeper hit, Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄>, earning and winning his first Best Actor nomination. The 48-year-old won two more Best Actor honors afterwards, including 2010’s No Regrets <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情> and 2012’s The Confidant <大太監>. Wayne became TVB’s next big hope after starring in a trail of successful blockbusters following his Rosy Business gig, such as 2011’s highest-rated serial Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III> and 2012’s unexpected hit The Greatness of a Hero <盛世仁傑>.

Helmed by Rosy Business franchise producer Lee Tim Sing (李添勝) and with Wayne in the lead again, critics expected Bullet Brain to draw in successful ratings. After its 25-episode run, which ended last week, Bullet Brain only drew in an average rating of 24 points in total, even lower than the ratings of TVB dramas that were aired during the early-year “canon-foddler” time-slot. Bullet Brain was also a critical disaster with dreadful word-of-mouth. The 2012 TV King is now at a risk for becoming ratings poison.

Nonetheless, Wayne still has the chance to redeem his status with the upcoming legal drama Will Power<傳愛事務所>, created by acclaimed producer Tsui Ching Hong (徐正康), and No Reserve <巾幗梟雄之諜血長天>, the third installment to the Rosy Business franchise.

Currently in the midst of filming No ReserveEast Week reported that Wayne is “pressured” to do well in his dual role. In the World War II epic, Wayne will portray a pair of twin brothers with vastly different personalities. The older brother was raised in Japan while the younger brother was raised as a guerrilla fighter in China.

“The roles are very difficult,” said Wayne. “Especially when it comes to the psychological aspects of my characters. I will have over 20 episodes of screen time, and I rarely sign on to that many episodes. It is tiring.” Wayne admitted that his No Reserve role is one of his most difficult in recent years, and he has never had such a tiring experience in a long time.

Wayne stars alongside Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), who portrays Communist spy, Cheung Kei Sang. Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) stars as Nationalist spy, Chau Sai Kai, and Sire Ma (馬賽) stars as fallen Qing dynasty princess, Kam Wan Ling.

Source: East Week

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “Wayne will portray a pair of twin brothers with vastly different personalities. The older brother was raised in Japan while the younger brother was raised as a guerrilla fighter in China”

    Sounds like a tamil movie plot!

    Anyway 1 flop does not make an otherwise great actor a flop as well. The script failed him. NOt the other way around.

    1. agree wayne shouldnt be upset his the most popular tvb actor in hk and best actor all the other idol kings are leaving tvb this year

    2. HK audience cannot distinguish what is good script and what is good acting. They always think, the drama is bad because of the actors

      1. Totally agree. Wayne’s performance is great as usual. He should not be held accountable for the failure.

      2. Agree! Like the current saga of no script situation for Sheren Tang.

    3. I don’t agree that Bullet Brain was that bad. I re-watched it again, you will noticed there were many touching scenes although there were a few which were draggy.

      Wayne has done his best but somehow audience may not be able to accept new things though.

  2. oh well wayne tvb favourite tvb drama king dont get too upset just cos of BB being a flip flop of a series u will get better ratings in will power and with number 4 tv king award coming ur way acting king

    1. and its not wayne acting thats rating posion its the script that causes rating posions

      1. definitely agree with u on that. Wayne does not deserve to be called that because of one series that he have taken got poor ratings. It’s the script that ruined the drama. Wayne’s acting was terrific. Not anyone can act in this type of roles.

        There are definitely several tvb siu sungs and fa dans that is worst in more than ONE series

    2. 1 bad series wont ruin his status. But Rosy Business 3 is real killer, if he does suck at that role regardless of a crappy script… its all bad news. I really can not imagine that.

      I want Wayne to do well. He really needs to choose which series to be able to suit for him.

  3. It’s not a big deal.
    Awards isn’t everything.

    1. agree an award is not everything but im a crazy wayne fan im worried wayne gonna be demoted to supporting roles from now on and tvb just use his name as a lead to the series wayne in.. the tv king award might not mean much to actors such as michael mui and michael tse, raymond and bosco but the tv king award is what helped wayne stay as a leading actor or he would have been casted back in supporting roles after rost business

      1. if Wayne goes back to being a support character (definitely he will not)because of that one drama that received poor ratings, then TVB is an ass****. Then how about the other siu sungs and fa dans that did worst in their drama or that they can’t act, then should they become a supporting characters???
        How is this fair for Wayne?? I support Wayne forever. He did his best

      2. i support wayne as well im just saying his first tv king win helped him stay as a leading actor, cos we all know that there has been actors that has gone from supporting to leading a series or 2 then having a flip flop series and then back to supporting we all know that

      3. I don’t think tvb will do that because they are lacking siu sangs.

      4. @lol
        Well, since TVB is losing their talented artists, I believe Wayne will continue on as being the lead in dramas. Right now tvb siu sungs and fa dans can’t really act that well. If TVB actually have wayne back as supporting roles, TVB will fail big time with their current sui sungs and fa dans. It just one drama that received poor rating, the rest of wayne’s performance was a hit and received high ratings, tvb cannot bring him down because of that ONE drama

      5. I don’t see Wayne to be a lead actor much longer at all times. He may be demoted to second lead actor status or so just to keep people happy. He is really not young looking guy anymore and that is the problem with tvb

      6. @ larry 3 agree but tvb will still use wayne name as the lead star of the series but his roles and screen time might be more supporting

      7. Yep, I expect he is losing a lot of screen time just like Detective BoBo series. Better start selling his expensive sport car.

      8. if wayne need tvb awards to maintain his leading status, that states his lack of charisma.

        maybe it’s time for wayne to step down and let kenneth and ruco who shows better audience affinity and potential to take over the tvb king baton.

      9. Don’t worry people. Wayne is a very wise and matured man. His popularity is earned not just based on RB series alone. He has accumulated his hard-work and pleasant personalities from 20 over years ago.

        Not only he is a talented, hardworking actor, his passion towards his works and his great personality are loved by alot of people too. Just look at how he was well received by people especially during the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 award presentation, everyone gave him a standing ovation as a form of respect. Veteran actress, Dennie Yip was so overjoyed when she read out his name as the winner!

  4. For Bullet Brain, I didn’t really think it was his fault because it was the script that was bad.

    1. I think it’s both sides. You can say that the scriptwriter owes 60% of the problem while the actor needs to hold some responsibility. Or vice versa

      1. On the other hand, “Beauty at War” also scores very low viewership ratings. However, we cannot say that the acting of the cast is bad because it is not bad at all. It is more difficult to act period drama series with classical Chinese dialogues and, due to the last-minute script, the artistes did not have time to do any preparation work.

        The failure of “Beauty at War” is mainly due to the poor storyline which is dull, boring, slow-paced, with quick moves from one scene to another, lack of developments and climax. Acting is good though vs. the acting in “Bullet Brain” (all cast members including our 3-time TV King Wayne Lai).

      2. Also the artistes did not know the developments and changes of their character personalities with the last-minute script. Otherwise, we would be able to watch even better acting from the cast.

      3. Beauty At War is somewhat boring. But honestly, the acting is great. You really cannot fault any of the actors (except for Christine Kuo, but thankfully her part is really small so you can over look it). I enjoy the show because the performances are good. Even Tracie Ip whom people complain, I find her better than Sire Ma in Bullet Brain.

        Sire Ma was unbearable to watch. And the rest of the cast are at best mediocre (except for Natalie who is great)

        So it is like Beauty at Way (great acting from all except for one person – minor role) vs Bullet Brain (bad acting from one, except for Natalie).

    2. He is partly to blame. He performed this role, could have done something to improve.

    3. When a drama is popular, actors are the ones that contribute a lot. But when a drama is crap, actors have no fault at all but the writer instead. What a double standard…

    4. “Bullet Brain” …………… I think that the poor viewership ratings and failure were due to script 60%, and artistes’ acting 40%

      1. Full support at your good points, sandcherry!! Hopefully Sire Ma’s acting will improve at the new drama – Rosy Business 3 & with her around, praying that the ratings will not fail again this time!

  5. Most of tvb Siu Sung & Fan Dan did alot of garbage series/drama, and some with poor acting, then they should also be in risk of their current status. Wayne is a talented actor, who is much better then the younger generations. Stupid HK audiences always complain about petty things. It is the audiences problem that Hong Kong dramas are getting poor in quality. This is the ONLY ONE series that wayne have taken with bad ratings, the rest were great.
    I don’t think it’s fair for Wayne to be called rat** pois** because of that one and only one drama. There are definitely several tvb siu sungs and fa dans that is worst in more than ONE series.

    I can definitely name alot of tvb siu sungs and fa dans that can’t act.

    1. Agree with you! Many famous actors have had flops.

      It’s like the Media and HK Audience are in a partnership to ruin TVB dramas and its actors…if they were smart, they would look deeper and attack Management.

      1. The audience are smart to attack the management, they are writing complaints to TVB in the past 6 months, no… FOREVER!.

        They have the right to complain. Unfortunately, TVB does not make changes quickly.

  6. I am so worried about the so called Rosy Business 3. The scriptwriter for this is the same as Bullet Brain. Gosh! I think the drama will be better if Sheren & Wayne were filming this together. Right now the female casts are really weak.

      1. Hi Jen ! I think the same as you! When I saw her name in, what Sire Ma again!! So
        scaring at her poor acting!

      2. You need a miracle for Sire Ma to act like a lead actress.

      3. It was Sire Ma’s so called acting that dragged the drama down. She has stiff facial expressions, or no expression at all. It’s the same throughout the series and very annoying when she speaks, she can’t speak right

      4. That is why I want Sire Ma to go back to TVB Acting Class Boot Camp to freshen up and retrain her acting or else, sell her to ATV when they ever start producing drama series.

    1. Yes, you have the right to be worried. Most of acting crew and production crew are slightly the same. It may carry over or not. TVB needs to stop f*** up.

    2. Somehow it is good to have a poor feedback from the audience from Bullet Brain. At least they will evaluate before it is too late. But I do not think Bullet Brain is that bad la.

      Well, I am not a fans of Sire Ma but I do not think she acted that bad. She is ok
      I love Sheren & Wayne but I will support Myolie & Wayne because as viewers, I want to see new chemistry and sparks! I am looking forward.

  7. Once again… hire a quality control personal and you wont see Bullet Brain -like series sinking ship again.

  8. i only like watch wayne when he plays funny roles.tvb stop promoting wayne as lead and give him supporting roles where he is at his best.

    1. Wayne Lai should be able to act lead roles due to his experience and acting abilities, but he cannot handle every single role. The role has to suit his look, age, built, image and personalities. For example, he cannot act a young handsome guy (under 35 years old) or someone who is smart looking, athletic and agile. He definitely cannot act 大俠, like Chor Lau Heung (characters best portrayed by Adam Cheng Siu-Chau).

      1. but most lead roles are under 35 years old and smart looking,athletic and agile. so there are not much choice for him.so tvb stop promoting wayne as lead because he is too old(48)give him supporting and promoting younger generation actors.otherwise there are no succesors and tvb will definitely sink when new tv station have there license soon.

      2. Hahahaha, Wayne as Chor Lau Heung, so funny. Not just Wayne though, I don’t think anyone can be as Chor Lau Heung as Adam Cheng.

      3. “tvb stop promoting wayne as lead and give him supporting roles”

        well no one likes to be demoted, so it is highly probable that wayne might leave if such a time comes.

      4. Wayne can act 1st lead roles, but he does have a lot of limitations. For example, I don’t think he was suitable to act Li Lianying (a young eunuch) in “The Confidant”. I could not accept him as a young eunuch (under 20 years old).

        Wayne is “too mature” and does not have a good looking face to act some typical siu sang roles. It is hard to impress his audience that he is one.

        However, Wayne is good for those characters, like Chai Gou in “Rosy Business”, and Lau Sing in “No Regrets”. He will be good for those middle-aged, “common-folk” characters or characters with a strong personality but not requiring a handsome and smart face.

      5. Michael Miu was an awesome Chor Lau Heung too.

        (Not saying he’s better than Adam or vice versa. You can’t quite compare them since Adam’s interpretation of CLH was a brooding, serious one while Michael’s CLH was care-free and playful.)

      6. Personally I still liked Adam Cheng best to act Chor Lau Heung due to his 風流氣質 …… the way he talked. Michael Miu was not bad; he was my second choice. In fact, Kong Wah should be pretty good too.

      7. adam cheng is not bad as chor lau heung,but i prefer wong cho lam as the best choice to act as chor lau heung.

      8. Hey, you have a super funny taste ………your best choice is to get Wong Cho Nam to act Chor Lau Heung! Chor Lau Heung is supposed to be tall, handsome and smart. I don’t think Wong Cho Nam is tall, handsome or smart at all. Sorry. I don’t agree with your choice.

      9. hahaha…Chor Lau Heong must have the height and built. I am afraid Wayne may not suit that la….I am a big fans of Wayne & i dont want to see that lo..LOL!

  9. He took a shot at a series that’s not the usual TVB cliche drama and it didn’t turn out as well as he and everyone had hoped. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad actor and it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) determine the success or failure of his future roles. If he does fade into the deep sad darkness of oblivion because of Bullet Brain, then his 3x TVB King status isn’t worth the tissue he sneezes on.

    1. agree with u. Bullet Brain is an unusual drama, wayne is taking the risk of filming in this drama. The drama failed because of the horrible script. I think wayne should deserve more respect than this. Since Beauty at War is also receiving poor ratings, then should Moses or Sheren be put back into supporting roles??? Definitely no. Right now young siu sung and fa dans definitely cannot handle these roles or even leading roles. They can’t act

      1. Personally I don’t think Sheren Tang or Moses Chan acted badly in “Beauty at War” vs. the poor acting of Wayne Lai in “Bullet Brain”. He did not even impress us as a brilliant, smart, and cool Detective Columbo Koo. He was not able to show us the characteristics of his character.

        No one complained about Sheren’s acting in “BAW”, but many people complained about Wayne’s acting in “BB”.

        Moses’ acting was not amazing in “BAW”, but adequate.

      2. jen:
        Why should Sheren and Moses be demoted to act supporting roles? Moreover, these two artistes have been 1st lead artistes for a long time (way before Wayne Lai who was only promoted to act his 1st lead role in “Rosy Business” in 2009), especially Sheren Tang. She was one of TVB’s top fadans in the 80s and was nominated for Best Actress award in almost every one of her drama series in the last few days.

        I hope you did some research before you wrote your comments.

      3. many years does not mean that they can act as lead forever. I definitely do not want Sheren to become supporting characters again.

        But she did demoted as supporting characters before war of beauty was aired.

        Beside Wayne did a better job than Moses

      4. Sheren and Moses are in their 40s, long way to go before they demoted back to supporting status when they reach mid 60s as they get Social Security checks

      5. I am not asking Sheren to act a typical TVB fadan role. She can act some mature characters as well. I am sure that Sheren knows very well what kinds of characters that would suit her, and she will not accept any roles that don’t fit in her face and age. She is very picky in selecting her characters, unlike some artistes. She puts acting first before money.

        Moses may not be the best actor, but his look, age, built and image would definitely give him more room to act different characters, and he is a lot younger than Wayne Lai.

      6. Moses did better in Beauty at War compared to Wayne in Bullet Brain.

        Wayne may be excellent in Rosy Business 1 & 2, but he definitely did not do a good job as Columbo. He is ok as Dai Hei.

        Sharon, Ada and almost all the cast in Beauty at War are actually quite excellent, although the show is a bit boring.

      7. jenny teo
        You are exactly right in your message.

        Though everyone complains about the slow-paced drama series “Beauty at War”, no one complains about the acting. Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Rachel Kan, Christine Ng and Katy Kung all did an excellent job. Even Moses Chan, Kwan Lai Kit, Wai Ka Hung, Kenny Wong, Chui Kook Sung and Vivian Yeo did a good job. Tracy Ip was acceptable. The whole cast (except Christine Kuo) performed very well in “Beauty at War” despite the last-minute script given to the cast. I am sure if the cast members were given more time to think and study their characters, their characters would definitely be more vivid and impressive.

  10. I think he should quit acting and find another job. TVB is finished, and he is getting older and older so it limits his roles.

    1. He should take a leave and go to China (mainland)to film. That’s where all the REAL actors are.

      1. Problem is Mainland is way way way too competitive if he wants to be in full time and now they are limited import actors/actress outside Mainland China, including Hong Kong.

        He is going to be TVB for life.

      2. i wonder what can of roles can he play in china? somehow i think mainland chinese like young/handsome actors
        I mean, look at Kevin Cheng, he is no longer young, but they keep putting him in these young roles (thankfully he is good looking, but to me, it is already pushing it). can you imagine wayne as young ip man?

      3. He really can not play as a twenty or thirty something year old guy. That is out of the question. Unless he has a great makeup team.

  11. he’s now very doggy. i look down on him! yeauk!!!!

      1. you also doggy like this low rated actor lai yew cheung

  12. i like him best in journey to the west.

  13. This is ridiculous. You get a good role and the series receive high ratings, you become their new favourite star.

    And then you land a bad role with low ratings, and suddenly, you’re a plastic TV king???

    Mind you, Wayne has come a long way since his debut days. His acting is definitely up to par and is one of the best at TVB. His dedication and utmost devotion to TVB is way more than enough. I’ve seen actors leave TVB because their careers were going nowhere. Instead of giving up, Wayne did his best and eventually won the audience over. And now because the ratings were low for ONE series, people turn on him?

    Makes no sense to me.

    1. Absolutely right. Most people here know nothing about filming and acting but having too much comments. What a joke!

      1. I totally agree. There are bad days, there are good days. You can’t win it all, so why do ppl expect others to?
        The effort and the willingness to try something new, regardless of what the outcome is, should definitely be praised upon.
        People just need to chill.

    2. Where can Wayne go besides TVB? He knows better than many of you here. As some people said, majority of the actors in Mainland China are pretty young. Can Wayne survive as a 1st lead actor in Mainland China at his age (48) with his current popularity?

      Though many of the good actors in film industries in Hong Kong are about Wayne’s age (such as Tony Leung, Leung Ka Fai, Cheung Ka Fai, Lau Ching Wan, Stephen Chow, Leon Lai), they are already well established and recognized by people. Can Wayne get some roles easily in movie industries as a 1st lead role? The answer is ????

      Personally I think Wayne’s acting is not bad, but only shines in certain roles and not in all. Perhaps we will see more of Wayne’s acting as a 1st lead actor in the next five years if he can show us that he can handle various types of characters, but not now yet.

      1. He could branch out and do things other than acting. But nobody really cares except his family perhaps.

      2. The only thing he could branch out is the movies, he is not widely accepted

  14. Well Wayne, just pull urself away fr dis chai gau character n u will b dynamic! With ur age n outlook accepting fatherly roles mayb to ur advantage, btw.

    1. Wayne Lai may have to act those fatherly or brotherly roles very soon. Michael Miu is doing it now. He is better looking than Wayne for sure, and he is only 2 or 3 years older than Wayne Lai.

      In fact, Wayne looked awful when he was paired up with Sire Ma, Natalie Tong, Nancy Wu or those young actresses. It made him look more unconvincing for his characters.

      1. His acting was decent as Dr Jack Po n as Eva Chow husband.

      2. Yeah, Wayne’s acting was decent as Po Sir, but not amazing.

  15. If Wayne Lai wants to keep his nice status and good recognition by audience, he should be more selective in accepting drama series. He should know his own limits, strengths and weaknesses. Though a good artiste should try all types of characters to gain more experience and exposure to broaden his acting skills, a smart artiste should know how to use his/her limits.

  16. ” The 2012 TV King is now at a risk for becoming ratings poison.”

    One failed series and he become ‘ratings poison’? What about all his successful dramas in the past?

  17. the more series wayne has as a lead the more he show his limit. he’s pretty much one note and not that versatile. he lacks charisma as columbo in bullet brain and as the lead in forensic heroes 3. nancy and natalie overshadowed him in both series as his partner. strange that he only shines when he acts with sheren maybe because sheren as a serious actress lends wayne her skills and credibility without overpowering him and let herself overpowered by him.

    1. Agree. Wayne obviously has his limits and needs a strong actress to bring out his sparkles. This worked when he was paired up with Sheren Tang in “Rosy Business” and “No Regrets”, as well as in “Off Pedder” co-starred with Teresa Mo. With his age and image, he is better paired up with someone close to his age. It would make him more convincing in his characters.

    2. Yea I hv dat thought as well, he works well with Sheren very compatible, mann!

  18. I do not see any actor is better than Wayne; He is the only actor that can express his deep love by face without any word. His acting is excellent even in Bullet Brain.

    1. Oh please, he’s the only one can do that. I can do it too.

      1. Sorry, you are not! If you do think so then go to TVB to ask for a lowest kelete role to prove before making that statement. What a poor Larry! I think TVB will not give any role to you even the rubbish role that nobody want to accept it because you do not have any knowledge about acting. To be an artist is not easy as you think and to be a good artist like Wayne is far more harder. Please mind your comments.

      2. You dont need to act when you are in love. Everybody can do it. Its no different just to make the presentation better. Of course acting is not easy. You can see why Detective BoBo got so many boo boos

    2. I gotta admit, he can do romantic scenes or affectionate scenes. There is a certain tenderness when he does that. Many series illustrates that, even Bullet Brain’s last scene.

  19. Bullet Brain is low rating but it is still higher Season Of love then KM should be demoted to supporting role also.

    1. Why are people still is comparing to Season of Love? Bullet BoBo did even worse at one point… A 20 point rating.

    2. No. Seasons of Love got 24.4 points and Bullet Brain got 24 points. Anyway, winter season got 25 points.

      1. BB got 24 point with 1.55 millions viewers
        SOL got 24 point but just 1.54 millions viewers.
        I do not want to offense Kenneth Ma but if somebody said that Wayne should be demoted to supporting role because of lower rating for BB then all others actors such as Moses Chan and Kenneth Ma should be demoted as well to be fair. KM’s acting is more bad in SOL than Wayne in BB; he cannot act with a stiff facial expression. what a suckling when title of the series is about “love” but Kenneth Ma did not give the audiences a feeling that he is in deep love to his girlfriend at all. Wayne’s acting is far better than Moses and Kenneth Ma in any way.

      2. Bullet BoBo lowest is 20 POINTS!!!!
        Kenneth Ma’s Season of Love (4th week) episodes beat Bullet BoBo (4th week)ratings

        SOL: 25 points, peak @ 27
        BoBo: 21 points, peak @ 25

  20. Larry,
    see this, I copy from a web to showyou that what I said is not wrong.

    Highest-rating serial dramas of 2013
    Rank English title Chinese title Average Peak Premiere Finale HK viewers
    1 Inbound Troubles 老表,你好嘢! 30 37 30 30 1.93 million
    2 Friendly Fire 法網狙擊 28 37 29 30 1.80 million
    3 A Great Way to Care II 仁心解碼II 28 32 26 31 1.79 million
    4 Sergeant Tabloid 女警愛作戰 28 32 28 28 1.78 million
    5 Missing You 幸福摩天輪 26 32 26 27 1.66 million
    6 Reality Check 心路GPS 26 32 24 29 1.65 million
    7 The Day of Days 初五啟市錄 25 29 25 24 1.60 million
    8 Bullet Brain 神探高倫布 24 29 26 24 1.55 million
    9 Season of Love 戀愛季節 24 27 22 25 1.54 million

    1. Your numbers are wrong.

      Bullet BoBo has: 26, 26, 23, 21, 24 (average ratings)

      Average point is: 24
      Viewership about 1.54 million

      1. Larry,
        copy the result and show me to prove that what you said is right.

      2. Your numbers are wrong, where is your proof

    2. Where do you get these numbers?… they are wrong.

      Season of Love: 22, 25, 25, 25 (average)
      viewership about: 1.556 million

      My point still stand BoBo sucks

      1. If you do not have a proof then nobody belieive this result.

      2. You dont believe it, tough luck. It is wildly reported on the chinese websites even the translated to english forum websites.

        Unfortunately Season of Love beat your BoBo on average rating, LOWEST rating point. On the bright side it did reach 29 point at peak and never ever come back up.

      3. Vann/huongg, haiz, why are you still comparing BB’s ratings to small potato SOL’s? And then there is that big matter of their respective timeslots.

        Go check out this baidu tvb ratings thread with computations clearly shown. Even if you don’t understand Chinese the rating statistics table clearly states that of all the series aired to date BB is 2nd last with SOL above it. I didn’t not bother to verify the computations but you probably should.

        BB avg rating = 24.2
        SOL avg rating = 24.4

        BB 1st week = 26 pts (cos’ of high expectation)

        SOL 1st week (Feb 11-15) = 22 pts( cos’ of CNY starting Feb 10 2013)

      4. Wow according to that table on Baidu the top three rated series so far this year are all Leung series.

  21. Larry,
    I copy the resuld above from from web site:

    1. That Wikipedia article is not creditable, it does not have a source and their numbers are off.

      1. I dont even know what are those Wikipedia “editors” calculate the total viewership numbers? They are not correct.

      2. Anyway, if that webside is not creditable it is at least better than you said without any proof to prove you are right.

      3. The rating numbers are taken from the publish reports from the Hong Kong media. I dont lie.

  22. My point of view is KM should be demoted to suporting role if the leading actors are resposible 40% for the series’s failure as somebody said.

    1. WHAT? Then all of TVB acting crew should be demoted as well. That doesnt make sense either.

      1. I just only said “the leading actors” should be demoted to supporting role, not everyone.

      2. Again, everybody would be demoted since all of them have experience low rating show.

    2. SOL have 4 stories, why are you emphasizing on Kenneth? Columbo is the title of the show!!! It is just unfair comparison.

      1. Totally agree.

        1) “Seasons of Love” was a short-story drama series,

        2) there were more than four actors in it, and Kenneth Ma was only one of them.

        Wayne Lai was the 1st lead actor and he was acting “Columbo Ko”. If his drama series was a failure, he should be fully responsible for it. Moreover, his acting as Columbo Ko was heavily criticized by many people in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

        “Beauty at War” may rank # 1 for lowest viewership rating, but none of the lead artistes was criticized for his/her poor acting. Everyone complained about the poor, slow-paced and dull script. Therefore, the artistes do not have to assume 40% the responsibility.

      2. I should have deleted “fully” in the above message.

      3. I saw Kenneth Ma appeared throughout the show as a detective so that i agree with Huongg that KM is reponsible for the failure of the series as Wayne lai. If Wayne should be demoted to supporting role then KM should be treated the same way to be fair.

      4. Vann, Why are you so up tight with Kenneth Ma?

      1. demoted me? no problem! I don’t care because i have no name and nobody even know about me.

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