Wong Cho Lam Got Too Arrogant?

The success of 2013’s Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!> propelled Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) to greater fame. Not only has Cho Lam earned opportunities to make lucrative appearances in mainland China, he has also gained more endorsement and film offers. The story of Inbound Troubles, penned by Cho Lam himself, was well-received critically, and TVB immediately green-lighted a second series, asking Cho Lam to return as the scriptwriter.

Success has inflated Cho Lam’s ego according to recent gossip reports. During the filming of Inbound Troubles’ sister production Come On, Cousin <老表,你好hea!>, which is currently airing, Cho Lam displayed arrogant diva behavior on set and sporadically changed dialogue during filming, upsetting the cast. Costar Roger Kwok (郭晉安) reportedly voiced his displeasure at Cho Lam’s inconsistency and the two argued on set. Cho Lam was also very willing to reveal spoilers of the series to the media, displeasing the producer.

In addition, the gossip reports claimed that Cho Lam was often absent at promotions due to scheduling conflicts. He did, however, attend a promotion event for the series on October 30, but when the organizers suggested that the cast should dress up in costumes in lieu of Halloween, Cho Lam refused, explaining that he is a Christian and cannot celebrate Halloween. The organizers had no choice but to change the promotion’s theme last-minute.

Despite these rumors, Cho Lam and Roger expressed their eagerness to work together again in a new project at a recent promotional event. Roger praised Cho Lam’s creativity and said filming for Come On, Cousin was very enjoyable.

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I think somtimes fame does overcome in one person and blinds them from being sincere and to think about others but themselves….

    1. rephrase the last sentence

      not to think about other but themselve

  2. dont see the hype with him – i dont find him that funny, more like OTT

  3. I just hope this isn’t true.

    The sources are not aligned with one another, which is odd.

    1. This midget is annoying & overrrated,he is only a class c actor with a class e vanity

  4. He can’t dress up for the event because he’s a Christian, but he can dress up as a woman and many other things on any other given day. Ok, Wong Cho Lam.

    1. He can dress up as a woman for laughs because it is part of his job and he is not promoting homosexuality or cross-dressing so it is OK for him to do so as it does not conflict with his beliefs.

      On the other hand, Halloween has origins from pagan worship which is a definite nono for Christians. He is not being divaish or being difficult, or saying that Christians are better than other people. He is saying on religious grounds, he himself cannot celebrate Halloween but he did not stop other people from doing so. It was the organizers who changed it, not him requesting the last-minute change.

      I think this is a valid reason for WCL to refuse. It is like forcing a Muslim to eat pork or forcibly a vegetarian Buddhist to eat meat.

      I don’t like WCL’s style of acting or comedy, but I do acknowledge his many talents and his singing is very good.

      1. To Cindy:

        As I said, it is OK for him to crossdress as he is not promoting values which are contrary to his religious beliefs. However, the Halloween event, even though it is part of his job, is a nono due to the commandments.

        Say if for an accountant, there can be temptations for them to commit tax fraud or be involved in illegal proceedings. Some people have no choice but to participate even though they don’t want to, some are very happy to do so with no hesitation, and some will rather quit their job. It is a choice between values/beliefs and worldly necessities.

        Some Christians don’t mind participating in Halloween, some do due to the origins with pagan worship as it is against Christian laws. Some mind it but have no choice due to financial difficulties. It depends on how one feels about it and how their relationship with God is. If WCL is not OK with it participating in a Halloween dress up, then I agree with him to refuse if it can be avoided.

  5. Wow fame get into his head! i never like him as a person but do enjoy his work.

  6. After reading the article, I still don’t see him as arrogant.

    The article said he act like a diva but did not specify in what way. Did he need everyone to serve him? Did he often come late?

    “sporadically changed dialogue during filming”

    Many artists do this. Dayo Wong, Wong Hei, Louis Koo etc. Most of the times, the outcome does become better.

    “Cho Lam refused, explaining that he is a Christian and cannot celebrate Halloween. The organizers had no choice but to change the promotion’s theme last-minute.”

    This is valid reason. And why did the organisers only last minute tell the artist of their plan?

  7. OMG. What is so special,about this short ugly guy. Look at him. Look at his nose and mouth. So ugly, And not funny at all. Yeah, if he gets laugh from dressing as Boy George cause he looks ridiculous, not funny. He is horrible? Where did he come from anyways? Not a mr, HK pageant obviously, lol. Ok I’m harsh but honest.

  8. It’s not the first time I heard WCL is arrogant. Many who met him in real life said he’s so different what he is onscreen who is an OTT silly comedian.

  9. Not everyone can stay grounded and remember their roots. A lot of times fame will make someone losses their senses. Some ppl tend to show it off way too quickly, no one guarantees what’s in store for us tomorrow. Always stay humble, if you’re talented I’m sure ppl will find out.

  10. I personally find Come on Cousin to be boring, except the slang that he uses I dont find anything hilarious on that show. I can’t make out a single word that Leanne Li tried to say, I’m glad to hear that there wont be any sequel.

  11. When a person becomes well known, such gossip always follows. Take it with a large dose of salt.

  12. I doubt this article. From what I can see the cast were enjoying themselves in respective roles. Yes with fame comes arrogance but do remember with fame comes rumour mongers eager to paint a successful guy as bad guy more so one who is usurping the role of actor writer and perhaps some day producer and director.

  13. Since WCL proclais that he is a Christian, he should be understanding and not be arrogant or overbearing as that is the workings of the devil. I wonder how his girlfirend is handing this negative pres about him. I don’t think that they will last as a couple. WCL is over-rated just like Ronald Cheng or Stpehen Chow.

  14. Fabricated news. A devout Christian cannot be arrogant. Believe people are making negative news about him out of jealousy and to bring him down.

    1. Devout Christian just like to pretend they are better than other people. But they are all hypocrites and commit all the sins themselves. They have thicker skin than other people since they dare to go back to their god and ask for forgiveness after committing just as many of their forbidden sins daily as any other human being.

    2. Oh please there are loads of so called devout Christians who commit vile actions. Don’t get me started on you preachy Christians with your “if you don’t believe in Jesus you will go to hell” rant.

      1. The most hypocritical thing they do is preach that nonbelievers will go to hell but they can commit all the sins in the world and just ask for forgiveness the same day and all is forgiven and they can go into heaven.

      2. There are two types of Christians – real and fake. Fake Christians are those who call themselves Christians, but have no deeper understanding of the religion. They may be able to recite the whole Bible word for word, but they have not adapted God’s values into their own lives. They just believe that calling themselves “Christians” makes all their sin go away once and for all and they can go to Heaven and while waiting to die, they commit sin and think that God will forgive them. They can be everyday people, or even priests and the pope (as seen in history). Knowledge does not equal faith. They are not truly repenting and unfortunately, comprise of the majority of those who call themselves Christians. They are what gives us the bad name.

        Real Christians are those who are truly repentful and want to turn their life around. In this type, there is a change in their lifestyle and value/beliefs where they try their best. However, they are not sinless or holy and will still commit sin because of human weaknesses. Becoming Christian does not take away desires, but teaches us how to deal with it. We repent and ask forgiveness again and again til we are able to control our mind and actions through faith and prayer.

        A true Christian will not say that they are better than non-Christians, because they will truly understand that all people sin. No one is perfect. Christian or not, we all have our own demons to deal with. But we acknowledge our faults and try to change for the better.

        To Mike and Iawnaek, I am sorry that you have met these “bad Christians” that have given you such a bad impression of us. Their dark side may be all that you associate with our religion, but I am assure you that that is not what we stand for.

        As to whether WCL is a devout Christian or not, only he and God will know. I am not siding with WCL because we share the same religion (Hey, I cringe at his acting), but I am just pointing out some misconceptions that people have about Christians and it pains me to read them. I am not trying to convert you guys, but hoping to make you understand between true and fake Christians.

      3. mike i dont think all christians are hypocrites,many have really a good heart,while other believe in jezus because they hope there is a afterlife or what you said jezus can wash away their sins. but what ever it is,it is a fact that christians stands for good deeds and many of them are doing charity works,thats the most important.

  15. i think he shouldnt have changed the dialoque,if everyone did the same as him then it would be a mess,it also show no respect for the director if you change his dialoque and replace it with your own.

  16. I reckon this series is not suitable for kids under 15. Most of the jokes are not funny and of NO Moral value. WCL’s character is of bad example and influence if/when kids watched it without parents’ guidance…

  17. Don’t really care about WCL however the article does state that TVB asked him to be the SCRIPTWRITER therefore it doesn’t seem too preposterous for him to improvise and change the dialogue during filming. Who knows? It might improve the scene?

    As for the Halloween thing. It’s true. I have Christian friends who also refused to dress up and celebrate Halloween.

  18. I’m Christian and not against Halloween, but I don’t celebrate it cos I really don’t have the time…
    I never knew Christianity was against Halloween though. Why’s that?

  19. Maybe, its just his “white guy” characteristics.. ya know…? LOL

  20. This is what it is – rumors. We don’t know the facts fully. So no reason to discuss it as if it is real.

  21. Ppl like to hate! I would like to thank WCL for bringing Ram and Rita back. That was an outstanding performance. I hope Ram will have his own concert after this.

    1. Oh man! Their song used to be my karoke fav back when i was a teenager!

    2. yes – their performance was truly touching, it is very good.
      really a highlight of the show so far…

  22. He wasn’t funny at all and I hope he quit using the cross dressing joke. It been used over and over again for decades on screen around the world that it starting to feel annoying and boring.

  23. Why his girlfriend like him?? His girlfriend is beautiful and tall 5’9 and Cho Lam is 5’4. I mean walking out with Cho Lam is embrassing. He’s short, ugly etc…he looks like a retarded little boy!!!!

    1. KC,
      Leanne Li felt that Wong Cho Lam’s appearance was not what she initially wanted in a boyfriend either, but their friendship grew into love and she realized that she is not as happy without him in her life. She has accepted his physical “shortcomings” and values his inner beauty instead. The couple has marriage intentions ahead.

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